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I can’t guarantee how fast the news updates will be posted for the moment (commitments elsewhere mean I have limited free time again). If you’re waiting an email reply and I’ve not got back to you yet, sorry I’ll try to reply as soon as I can. It’s nice to see the site being so heavily used at the moment, and to see all the great feedback from everyone. Should my news updates become sparse from there’s still plenty of fresh content to be found on the site:

Submissions to the links area and reviews system are checked before publication by the moderating/staff team to prevent abuse of the system so there may be a delay in their appearance.

ASH Bash 2006

News is now up for the 2006 AshBash (Airsoft Hawaii Birthday Bash), with work already underway for the next event.

Airsoft Hawaii, Combat Enterprises, and ARMS Magazine are proud to present the 2006 ASH BASH California. All the fun and excitement of the ASH BASH brought to the woods of Northern California’s Sequoia Airsoft field.

ASH BASH California will be held at the Sequoia Airsoft field on July 29th, 2006.

In addition to the game itself, there will be booths for sponsors and vendors from all over the world, as well as side events.

All players age 13 and over are welcome.

Velocity limit will be 400fps with .20 gram BB’s.
No rentals available.
Battery charging station available ($2.00 fee per battery).
Lunches, snacks, sodas, and bottled water will be available for purchase.
ASH BASH California Event Shirts will be available (pre-order only).
Field ammo only.

Vendors welcome, please contact Pat.
Registration information and more details coming soon. Pat, (ASH)

Kung Hei Fat Choi

I’ve just been reminded that the 29th of January is Chinese New Year. This post is a little pre-emptive, but given that China is a good few hours ahead of us it is New Year there already! :) I believe the correct words at this time are Kung Hei Fat Choi!

For those that don’t know how Chinese New Year is named:

January 29, 2006 is the first day of the Chinese new year.

There are three ways to name a Chinese year:

1. By an animal (like a mscot).
This year is known as the Year of the Dog.
There are 12 animal names; so by this system, year names are re-cycled every 12 years.
2. By its Formal Name (Stem-Branch).
The new year is the year of bingxu.
In the ‘Stem-Branch’ system, the years are named in 60-year cycles, and the Name of the Year is repeated every 60 years.
2006 is the 7th year in the current 60-year cycle.
3. It is Year 4703 by the Chinese calendar.

[A few Chinese astrological/zodiac websites believe this year should be considered as Year 4704 for zodiac calculations.] (

Wolf Armouries price drop

Wolf have sent in word that they are having a massive sale at the moment. By the looks of it you can save around 5-30UKP per AEG, have a look at their pages to see the price drops.

The Wolf 2006 January price drop!

We have decided to welcome in the new year by dropping a whole bunch of Tokyo Marui AEG prices.

This offer will end on the 31st of January 2006

For the list of prices that have been dropped please go to

our pages here.

The Wolf Pack, (Wolf Armouries)

UNCompany’s photos from BH06

UN Company have added a heap of photos that they took at BlackHole Show 2006 online on their website, which you can find here. They also have a series of movies online there that you can download. Checkout their pages for more info.

ICS AK-74M at Monda Inc

James over at Monda Inc sent me an email to say that they have updated their website with a few pictures of the new ICS AK-74M that they now have in.

There’s loads of shots on there so checkout their site for all the latest photos at

Lihyng T-65K2 Full Metal AEG at WarIV

James at WarIV has sent over news of a new Taiwanese T-65K2 rifle replica that they have in stock now. Here’s the news direct from him:

Dear Arnies,

How are you again?

We have arrived a New Brand to introduce to your members. Good Out-looking and with High Power but low price.

It is made of Full Metal Body and comes Hop-Up
Its internal design is New Gear Box System,
so it’s easy to dismantle. Lihyng T-65K2 Full Metal AEG, Taiwan made $ 300.

Please upload to your website, your members will be exciting so much.

Have a nice weekend!

Best regards
James, (WarIV Toys Intl)

New book out from AirsoftPRESS

Mike over at AirsoftPRESS sent me an email to let everyone know that they have a new book available about the v2 gearbox found in AEGs:

Hi all,

Just wanna quickly introduce our latest Airsoft AEG Upgrade title to you all: V2 Mechbox Assembly & Troubleshooting.

Mechbox VERSION TWO is arguably the most popular gearbox platform as it is currently in use by the newest releases of M4, MP5 and G3). The Advanced V2 Mechbox Assembly and Troubleshooting Guide teaches users how to properly put together and troubleshoot a V2 mechbox.

Unlike most guides out there which base solely on the trouble-free TM implementation, our guide has been developed based on the assumption that users will be using a mixture of mechbox parts from different manufacturers, that there will be all sorts of compatibility & fitting issues and pitfalls (MANY of them) which have to be properly addressed along the assembly process.

Instead of solely focusing on gear shimming, we pay close attention to MANY small and frequently-ignored details (in addition to shimming) that are in fact critical to the smooth operation of every V2 mechbox.

Please visit for further information. A FREE First Chapter PREVIEW is available for free download through this link.


Mike, (Editor, AirsoftPRESS)

New NAM DVD and forum competition

Okay two new bits to add up for the guys at NAM, first there’s a new DVD out from them, entitled "OPERATION: BIOHAZARD II DVD"

October 23, 2005…

TROCAR Chemicals, Inc., under the
close supervision of the CIA’s
Biological Warfare Department,
resumed environmental impact
experiments of their deadly.

R.I.P. virus &

Testing was conducted deep within the
hills of the small town of San Juan
Bautista, California.

This is a digital record of events
which transpired on that chilled
autumn day.

Get “infected” today. (National Airsoft Magazine)

In other news from them they are running a competition in our forums to win a free copy of the DVD shown above:

We’re giving away a free OPERATION: BIOHAZARD II DVD and all you have to do is be the first to answer the winning question.

1) Find the “RED” theNAMmagazine post.
2) Be the first to post the correct answer.
3) If you win, email your address to:
4) Sit back and wait as your DVD will ship the same day!
5) Pop it into your DVD player and enjoy!

Here’s the topic link.

Visit us on the web. (National Airsoft Magazine)

Airsoft Dynamics – closed and in hiding

I thought a quick post was in order, concerning Airsoft Dynamics (AD) and their apparent lack of communication since the start of this year. In short it’s pretty clear that despite any official word AD are history; the staff and shop have disappeared.

From a couple of conversations I’ve had it’s clear that the guys behind AD are still alive and kicking, reading material and customer complaints that have been posted online in the forums here and elsewhere. I understand that the premises that they used to occupy are empty and vacant, and that this was a planned closure. The staff have effectively gone into hiding, not posting on any of the forums.

As far as I know AD’s website is still taking/processing orders at the moment, and given that the staff for the company have vanished the only real recommendation that can be made at this time is not to place orders until the current state of affairs changes and to pass the word on to your friends.

My understanding is that AD were registered as a sole trader with Paul Jones as the listed owner whilst they were operational. I would urge all that are owned money or goods to exchange details and get organised to recover what they can right now. Whilst it may well not be possible to get a full refund for goods not delivered, you can at least be hopeful that any of your equipment that you sent in to AD for repair/upgrade still exists and hopefully hasn’t been thrown in the nearest skip. Given that the shop has been closed should you wish to speak to them your only course of action would be to politely attempt to contact the shop’s owner(s) at their home address. It’s also probably worthwhile making contact with the nearest Police department to AD to ask for help. In short.. get off your behinds now and do something together before it’s too late.

Anyone from AD (Paul, James, or Yuki) are welcome to place a post on the forums to correct any of the above text. It is sad to see this chosen course from staff that are/were much liked players in the UK Airsoft scene.

AirsoftRadio now live

Lance at has dropped in an email to say that their site is now live and that there’s already some shots to grab. There are podcasts that you can subscribe to if you’re an iPod/iTunes user. Here’s the news from him:

I’m Lance from I’ve been into Airsoft for a long,
long time. Some of you may have heard of me or my show before, some of
you may not. started in January of 2004, and
unfortunately we had to stop the show for a while. But we are back on
the Internet again.

We are advertisement free, we finance our own show, and we truly speak
freely about everything having to do with Airsoft. We have worldwide
distribution on the Internet, and even before people knew what
Podcasting was we were getting thousands of downloads per month (which
continued even after we stopped producing new shows). Since we have
worldwide distribution, we take on a huge subject: the international
Airsoft scene. We include all countries, and all topics.

I don’t like sending out e-mail to large numbers of people at a time,
I’d love to register on every web forum and introduce myself. But time
has always been the limiting factor in our show. So if you are
interested in our show, we would very much appreciate some type of
mention on your website. We are rebuilding our website, so if you are
interested in a link exchange then we’ll have that up soon. As much as
I’d like to pay for advertisements, we don’t make money on our show. We
only create the shows because we are passionate about Airsoft. So if
you would do us the honor of mentioning us, we would really appreciate

You are all very different organizations, yet are linked by one
thing–you thoroughly enjoy Airsoft. Our new show is going to be
greatly improved over our old show, and we would like to include
interviews with groups and companies doing interesting things with
Airsoft. I’m fascinated by what I’ve seen on some of your websites. If
you are doing something interesting with Airsoft and want to do an
interview on our show, contact me and we’ll set up a meeting. We’ll pay
for the phone call, so all it will cost you is your time, and you will
get worldwide attention to your organization. We archive all our old
shows, so your interview will never go away. And since we do not accept
advertising you are free to talk about whatever you want, we believe in
free speech.

I truly want to hear from people all over the world, I want to know what
you are doing where you live, and I think the rest of the world wants to
know also. I don’t think most people understand how big Airsoft really

If you want to know what we are all about, check out our show. And if
you used to listen to us in the past, I hope you’ll come back and try us
again. Lance (

TM Mp7A1 news and scans from Endoshoji

Click here to visit EndoshojiThe guys at Endoshoji have sent over some scans/shots of an article covering the MP7 as there is an obvious interest in the new product:

Update: Jan 27-2006
Tokyo Marui have all new version maschinen pistol “MP7A1” will be available in Feb 2005. It has few upgrade points. Such like 20mm Rails on top and both sides to suitable for mounting accessories/ New type safety swity switch/ Folder vertical foregrip/ Slither Stock/ Removable folding KSK style sights/ Hop Adjust Dial in Ejection Port ….etc. Endoshoji

AI Mag issue 4 out

There’s a new issue of Airsoft International out (issue 4). I gather that that the new issue is bigger than before with 10 more pages and several essential guides.

You can find the issues for sale over at Airsoft Scotland.

In the new issue you can find:

On test: budget red-dot scopes
On test: UTG Navy Seals MP5 & Everblast shotgun
On test: CA-AK
WIN: A UTG Shotgun and MP5
Essential guides to: Pistols, AEGs, Retailers, ‘So You Wannabe’
10 more pages of excellent content

I don’t have a complete list of stockists, but if you want to find your nearest email

ICS AK74 pre-order at AirsoftGI

Walter over at Airsoft GI dropped me a line to say hi and to let folks know that he’s had a sample of the new ICS AK74 in to have a look at. He’s also now running a pre-order offer on the new item:

Available mid to late Feburary
preorder now and get free UPS ground shipping and a standard AK mag.

Gearbox type: ICS Type 3
Magazine capacity: 68 rounds
High Cap: 600 rounds
Length: 875mm
Muzzle velocity: 280fps
Accuracy: 120 feet
Battery pack size: Large battery
Package includes: Manual, Two 600 Round High Cap Magazines, Cleaning Rod, 1000 High Quality .20g BBs

Description: This excellent airsoft electric gun is manufactured by the popular electric gun maker ICS. Finally the ICS AK 74 is ready to hit the market, they redesigned the gearbox to work with Tokyo Marui style and Systema aftermarket parts. This gun shoots at 280 fps out of the box, it boasts a full metal body and comes with TWO 600 round high capacity magazines.

Matte Black finish, Full Metal Construction, Steel AK Style Side Scope Mount, Steel Flash Hider, Steel Ladder Sight, CNC Machined One-Piece Outer Barrel, Realistic Bolt and Gas Piston, Realistic field stripping and 600 Round Hi-Capacity Magazine. Walter, (Airsoft GI)

Airsoft in Your Local News

I got a mail in from Brian about his blog website. On his blog he covers stories that appear in the news mentioning or dealing with Airsoft, and asked for a quick mention. Here’s the news from him:

I have a blog that is updated daily on airsoft events or occurences in local news. Some examples are the suicidal student in Florida who was shot (including the follow up article) or the class video of a carjacking being mistaken for a real one.

Recently there has been an increase in negative articles, but hopefully that will change. Brian, (Airsoft in your Local News)

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