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J&T Military Surplus site expands

JT46810002 The guys at J&T Military Surplus have expanded their site (based in Riverside CA – map here):

This is the owner of J & T Military Surplus.

We are proud to announce that we are expanding our Airsoft Field from it’s current size of 3500 sq ft to 9000 sq ft. We are adding new courses and have expanded our playing hours. The new fields are scheduled to open August 17th, 2007. In the meantime enjoy our current field.

J & T Military Surplus is the premier indoor airsoft facility in Southern California. We have been successfully running our field for 2 and half years. We are by far the most experienced airsoft field in the area, and have been innovators in ways to play the game of airsoft.

Field Operating Hours
Tues-Thurs – 10am-6pm
Friday 10am-12am
Saturday 9am-12am
Sunday 12pm-4pm

Our Entry fee is $20 a day, but for the months July & August we have reduced our rates to $5 a day. The first 60 people each night get this special rate.

Field Chrono 350/FPS w/.20. Must play with Field Ammo only.

(J&T Military Surplus)

OPSEC Airsoft Radio Show 28/06/07

Radar (OPSEC Airsoft Radio) has sent in word of their latest wepisode which is now up and ready for download:

Hey Arnie,

We’ve posted up last night’s broadcast for everyone to enjoy is now available for download via iTunes (search for “opsec” in the Music Store) or via direct download at the below link.

*June 28th Program:*
– This Week In SoCal Airsoft
– 5 New Items of Interest
– Airsoft Media Updates
– Main Topic: Field & AO Improvements
– Subtopic: The Old Ones
– Music: Rock & Alternative

*Right Click to Download*
38.9MB, 1h:37m:19s
Show Notes: Link ** WoH Interviews 07

Cheers, Radar (OPSEC Airsoft Radio)

AirsoftGI Summer Give Away

gilogo The guys at AirsoftGI are holding some summer competitions (full information can be found here, or below):

Starting 6/25; Ending 7/30

We have had an increase in the volume of phone calls recently in regards to our sale. The reoccurring question that seems to be on everyone’s mind is, “Why are you only giving way guns to your walk-in store customers?” We didn’t have a good answer, so we thought about it for a while, and here is what we came up with. Throughout the month of July we will be GIVING AWAY merchandise to you, our valued customers.


Here’s how it works:

There will be a drawing once a week from all of the online order numbers from the week prior. The grand prize drawing will encompass the entire month of July.

The more often you buy the more chances you have to win!

5 prizes per week! (Exclude grand prize drawing)

Drawing dates:
July 2nd
July 9th
July 16th
July 23rd

    * Weekly Prizes:
    * 1st Prize JG S-System
    * 2nd Prize AGM L96 (Black)
    * 3rd Prize Bell Full Metal M92FS
    * 4th Prize OE TECH Spec Op Plate Carrier (you may pick the color)
    * 5th Prize Crye Multicam Gunfighter Cap with Airsoft GI patch

    * Grand Prize Final Drawing will take place on July 31st

Offer valid only online. The winning order number will be posted on our website and the winner will be notified via e-mail or telephone. Weekly prize winning order numbers are nullified towards grand prize, one prize per order number per drawing. Prizes contingent on supply. Discount coupons are still redeemable when applicable. Must be 18 or older to win airsoft guns, or with parent/guardian authorization. There is no minimum purchase requirement. If the winner cannot be reached within 48 hours the prize is void. No refunds or exchanges or substitutions will be made with prizes. (AirsoftGI)

New gear at RedWolf

Kai over at RedWolf has dropped in some updates from them:

Hi guys & gals,

You’ve probably noticed it already, but in case you haven’t there are two new pre-orders on at the moment, all pre-orders taken will benefit from a 5% discounted price:

  1. type89fnlTokyo Marui Type 89-F – It’s the Type 89 with a folding stock. The real gun equivalent is used by AFV crew and Paratroopers. This Marui version will have the Version 8 ‘box with the 3 burst mechanism. Click here.
  2. MRZ-P99FS-LnlMaruzen P99 Fixed Slide Set – Ok, so this is not so much a new product, but Maruzen will be re-releasing their venerable fixed-slide version of their much-loved P99. Click here.


AS-SLUGNEWS-WnlThen, just a brief update on the Airsoft Surgeon Slugshot – there’s been quite some interest in the product. The slugshot shells have just been released, along with the slug ammo. The shells come in a box of 5, while there are two versions of slug ammo: first there is the 1.9g type A and then there is the 3g type B, both come in a bag of 50. Shortly, we will be expecting spare O-rings for the slug shells, which are made in Germany to ensure the highest quality. For Airsoft Surgeon Slugshot shells and Slugs click here.

Please note that these shells can only be used with a custom-made Slugshot gun from Airsoft Surgeon, which are available here.

Pictures attached (editor’s note – inserted above).

Cheers, Kai Wong, (Marketing & Advertising. RedWolf Airsoft Specialist Ltd)

FireSupport – Reader’s Online Retailer of ’07

FireSupport have mailed in with news about an award they’ve received from the readers of AI Magazine:

Latest NEWS – Online Retailer of 2007. FireSupport have won the AI Magazine readers survey for the Online Retailer of the Year. We would like to thank all those customers that voted for us.

Classic Army AEGS back in stock and still with the best prices in UK. Postage to UK manland destination still only £5

  • CA SCAR in black
  • CA SCAR in tan
  • CA M15A4 Rifle
  • CA M15A4 Carbine
  • CA M15A4 Tactical Carbine
  • CA M15A4 SPC
  • CA M15A4 RIS
  • CA M15A2 Rifle
  • CA SAR Taktik
  • CA CA33
  • CA MP5 A2 with tactical light
  • CA MP5 A3 with tactical light
  • CA MP5 A4 with tactical light
  • CA AUG A1 Military
  • CA AUG A2 Police
  • CA G36
  • CA G36K
  • CA G36C
  • CA M249 Mk2
  • CA M249 Para

Thanks, Frank, (FireSupport)

Tactical Airsoft & MilSim out July 15

Steve at has sent in an email to introduce their new magazine called Tactical Airsoft & MilSim. Here’s the first press release:

TAMpage1 Tactical Airsoft & MilSim, a brand new full color magazine printed in the US will be out July 15th. You can order yours today at! Tactical Airsoft & MilSim is the only full color US Airsoft Publication. Their focus is on the Military Simulation and Tactical Side of the sport. Tactical Airsoft & MilSim covers airsoft news, weapons, gear, tactics, training, and even airsoft comedy. If you are serious about airsoft, you will definitely want to check out the newest airsoft magazine on the market!

Issue #1has 88 full color pages of explosive information! Here is a list of the amazing articles in this issue:

Airsoft Boot Camp
Military Advancements: Ibis Tek
Airsoft News
Rally Round the Troops
Wisconsin Airsoft Expo
Operation Irene IV
Operation Night Scorpion II
Operation Black Aurora II
Condor Armor Carrier Review
AMP ACOG Replica Review
AMP Tac Laser Light Review
Leapers 3-9 x40 Scope
Multi Cam TRUs Review
ICS-29 CQB Pistol
Strikers Commando
Battle of the Grenades
Madbull Landmine
TM Scorpion Vz 61
How To: KSC Power Upgrade
Tactics: Movement
Tactics: Squad Leaders Notebook
Tactics: Fire & Maneuver
Tactics: Spec Ops Stories with Col. Longgrear
React to Contact Drills
Sight, Aquire, Fire Drills
Shooting Weakside Drills
Airsoft Comedy: Pimp My Gun

On top of all these amazing articles, one lucky customer will win an ICS-29 CQB Pistol, courtesy of Airsoft Arms and Team SD! Details on page 33 of the magazine!

Issue #1 comes out July 15th! Pre order yours today, or contact your favorite airsoft retailer to carry it! For a listing of retailers that will carry the magazine, visit “where to buy” at Steve, (Tactical Airsoft & MilSim)

Mad Bull Airsoft first chrono shots

Mad Bull Airsoft have sent in shots of their upcoming chrono device. It’s different from most uits as it gives not only the speed, but rate of fire and calculates Joules based on a present BB weight:

Dear Arnies,

We finally done the testing. Everything runs very well. We estimated that we can release this item in 1 month.

Retail price will be less than $100.

More description:

  1. Pocket size. Portable chronograph.
  2. Using the latest patented technology: Muti-angle measurement. Better than anyone else in the market.
  3. Multi-function: MPS (meter per second) FPS (feet per second) BPS (balls per second) Joules (0.2g/0.23g/0.25g/0.30g….)
  4. 9 Volt battery. Auto turn-off in 2 mins.
  5. Tri-pod adapter.

DSC_0126 DSC_0131 DSC_0132

(Photo attached. Color is not the finished color.)

Best Regards, Mad Bull Airsoft

New issue of Airsoft International out

Paul ( has mailed us details of their latest issue:

ASG COVER As of this issue Ai is delighted to announce that Action Sports Games have become our exclusive Airsoft Trade distributor to Europe (Except the UK). This is great news as it means that Ai will be available for the first time the the European Airsoft Trade market.

If you?re a European retailer and what to stock Ai pleased contact in the first instance:

ActionSportGames A/S
Bakkegaardsvej 304
DK-3050 Humlebaek
Phone: +45 8928 1888
Fax: +45 4919 3160

So what have we got lined up for you in the latest issue of Ai:

Airsoft News
    keep up to date with the latest developments from around the world
    Ai Industry Awards
    The votes have been counted and the winner announced
    AEG Review I
    Classic Army?s SCAR-Lite
     Two Site report
Wannabe extreme
    TM?s Desert Eagle
    Technical Tips
    Project t Frankston
    Taking care of the power supply
    UKARA listing
    We?re proud to launch the long awaited AIM brand of tactical clothing
    Tried and Tested
    Young Guns
Tactical Tailoring
    AEG Review II
    Top MP40
    Staff Shooters
    Real Deal
    things that make you go Mmmmmm
    A binger?s guide part IIII- Night games
    We?ve got a thing about Camo
    Ai?s look at the world wonderful (Some times weird) world of camouflage
    Airsoft In the real world
    Its not just a game ? Introducing our latest member of the team
    The Good Gig Guide
    Toy Soldiers
     Win a CA SCAR- LITE

Cover featured is the ASG European edition

Paul Monaf
Publishing Director
Airsoft International Magazine
Direct Dial +44 1622 692885
Mobile 07736 809241
On line,in store and in your face

LandWarriorAirsoft updates

Scott, ( has sent in an update from them here’s his latest:

Hi fellas,

Just a quick line to show some of the new releases we have for June:

Jing Gong M4 A1 Para stock version 104.99
350fps, High cap, Battery.

Jing Gong M733 Para stock version 104.99
350fps, High Cap, Battery.

Galaxy MP5K 84.99
300fps, Battery, High Cap

AGM L96 99.99

image001 image002 image004

We have also received our test sample of the Army R85 (L85 A1). We are very impressed and looking forward to receiving the rest of our shipment next week.

Also coming soon we?ll have the Kart Soc16, Double Eagle UMP, FN 2000 & a full metal CQB SD.

Kind Regards

Scott, (

New Dorking Skirmish Site – Chris Ryan there this weekend!

John from the Elite Action Games crew has been in touch with an update on the first game at their new Dorking site, along with some news of the next game coinciding with a visit by The One Who Got Away:

Elite Action Games are pleased to announce the successful launch of Dorking with over 90 players turning up for the opening on the 17th June. It was a fast a furious day with assaults on the US styled Command Post (CP), across the paintball village and fort and several other gaming areas. From the posts on forums, players loved the sited. Just like to take this opportunity to thank all those that came along and hope they enjoyed the day and the free raffle.

Obviously we are still working hard on the new safezone and various other scenarios to vary the days play. Currently there has another 1000 sand bags to be put up around the CP and plans for the VC village are coming along. Still no further news on the 432s and the Chinook bodies, but we will keep you posted on that front.

Lastly, Chris Ryan of ?The one who got away? fame and obviously one of the few known SAS operatives will be at Dorking this weekend (1stJuly) running 100 people over the assault course at Dorking. There MAY be an opportunity to meet him at lunch time or after close of play.

John Clancy (Elite Action Games)

Montenegros Desert Storm VI: Major Spanish Skirmish this weekend!


Alberto from the Spanish Airsoft Federation has been in touch to let everyone know of a major airsofting weekend game occuring this weekend:

carteltmvipublicidaddp7Monegria and the countries we all know can?t get the peace so easily, even when the last event left some order and got the invaders thrown away from the free Monegrian Republic there is always something to care about in this arid desert?

It can?t be in other way, Airsoft Zaragoza is proud to present the Monegros Desert Store in its 6th edition that will take place as usual in Tardienta this weekend, 30 June and 1 July

We do know that Spanish players are not afraid of dust, wind and enemies, but are they capable to face the desert sun with temperatures raising fast up to 40 Celsius degrees? Well, the answer has been told to us a few times and we know they can use their mind and strength their bodies, but they also can like fresh drinks and some shadows, we got a perfect compromise this time.

This edition, seen the nice idea night games are, will have a new torque, during the hot hours in the day we will have crony target range, team battles, sniper search and the usual competitive tasks to let everyone get clear if they rock or not; and for the night time we got a non stop game from about 18:00 in the Saturday to 10:00 on Sunday, there will be no peace for all the night and any electronical device is authorised.

clip_image0021But if you want to know more, we have more for you, this confrontation is held with all the help from the Spanish Airsoft Federation and according to it?s rules, as part of the national airsoft circuit being organised, we also will have the sponsors that have been supporting us and some new ones, Sherman Survival, the best known airsoft store has more than never (if an XM8 is not enough for you), Altus, number one in military and civil equipment in Spain will take here some free stuff including combat and civil first class and airsoft-proof garments, ASOLO another airsoft supplier will take it?s first step with us, Schweppes has a whole deal for us to get fresh drinks and shadowed places to have a rest and War Heat, the magazine, is starting the collaboration, don?t pass the opportunity to become famous!. Of course all this organization could not be held without the Tardienta-Monegros adventure centre that has been giving us a place to enjoy all this time and the main piece in the game, PLAYERS that confide in us event after event.

Yeah, this sound really good, but there is also a place for players; an expert ?airsoft gunsmith? will be here all weekend to help you fix, upgrade and shim your material, players have a place to deal without post cost and we got the biggest deal, we got funds to hire a full moon!! Yes, if you don?t have a night scope we fixed it for you!

Alberto Giovanni (Spanish Airsoft Federation / Airsoft Zaragoza)

Want to know more about The Spanish Airsoft Federation (aka Federacion Espenola De Airsoft)? If so click on the read more button for a letter from its president!

Read the rest of this entry »

CYMA Thompson AEG Reviewed!

Get it first on Arnies! The first English review of the much-anticipated CYMA Thompson is here!

Here’s a peek at what lies in wait:

… upon picking up the gun, the weight and length of the thing become apparent. It’s a heavy bugger of a gun – but it’s solid as hell, and that is pleasing to me, as I usually find that I have troubles with weedy guns that are too small for my man-hands *cough P90 cough*, and the Thompson is suited more to the larger amongst us. Although the Thompson is as long as an AK, the stock is a lot longer…

 Click for the win!

NAM magazine Issue #14 out!

The 14th Issue of NAM is out now!

We know what you’ve come to expect.  Never willing to compromise, we’ve delivered yet another issue packed to the gills with the quality content you’ve come to enjoy.

Here’s what’s coming up this issue:

See what it’s like to play at Tokyo Marui’s CQB Arena in Japan! Although it’s by far the most utilized weapon in the world, how come the AK gets no love? Arnie of Arnie’s Airsoft joins us in The Interrogation Room. Does airsoft make you a better soldier?  Hear what one soldier from Afghanistan has to say. Just how safe is swapping out those .20s for .12s to nab that extra boost?  Trust us when we say you’ll definately be talking about this one.
TSD Tactical’s TSDRPK, KWA’s KG36C, CA’s SLR105 A1 Para, TM’s Scorpion vz.61 AEP and MadBull’s Patriot Kit (long version)
Reader Contests:
MGUYA 2: Metal Gear Up Your Arse-nal returns with even better prizes!
Win Wednesday’s AK: Win a CA SLR105 A1 Para
All this and much, much more!
at the same ol’ price!

Simply click the link below to nab your copy today!
And remember…players that don’t know, don’t.
Players that do, read The NAM!

FireSupport BB offer

Frank, (FireSupport) has mailed in a quick update with an offer on their BBs: Firesupport have reduced the price of Excel and Marui BB’s

£7.50 a bag or £5.50 a bag if you buy by the box.

Postage £5 UK mainland for up to 10 kg

Thanks. Frank, (FireSupport)

Dual-gun and water cooled at AirSharp

New in from Ian (AirSharp) has mailed in news of their latest gear. Here’s his latest update:

We have recently added a dual-gun model, two air-cooled 1919’s together on one pintle/tripod, with two ammo drives. A total of 10,000 rounds without reloading!

lead shot0707 lead shot0707dualgun lead shot wc 0707

Optional barrels and grips are now available. Our guns can be swapped from water- to air-cooled barrel, or pistol to spade grips, in the field, without any tools!

Link to out latest demo video. 16megs, but fun to watch .

AirSharp/Ian Bivens
8273 Holly Oak St.
Citrus Heights, CA 95610
Chat with Killbucket at:

Looking for somewhere?
AMNB Podcast
Gorilla Airsoft Radio
Airsoft Medicine Specialist Swedish Military Experience Group
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