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Morning After 2: The Madness Continues!

logoJust a quick news update to announce that the pinnacle of community airsoft events, Morning After 2 has had its date announced (finally!).

Led by our residant pyromaniac Urban_Ninja and hosted kindly by the awesome guys at Spectre Wargames (a big thank you to Yams for allowing his barn to be invaded for a second weekend of drunk airsofters), game on is for the 7-8th of April (that’s halfway through the Easter holidays, for anyone like me who work at or attend school / college).

Morning After, for the uninitiated, is as much a social event for regulars as it is an airsofting event. Due to the nature of the event you need to either be a recognised forum regular, or seek the authorisation of Urban_Ninja to attend. Oh, and due to the fact that many of us stayed up to 3am at the last one and TRULY made it ‘Morning After’, you will have to be 18 years of age (unless otherwise informed)!

Anyone wanting more information is advised to pay a visit to Morning After’s special own corner of the forums, which can be found here.

Copehill Downs International Mil-Sim Event: Town Assault 4


Wormbyte, the chief organiser of Town Assault has been in touch to announce that the long awaited sequel to Town Assault 2 at the Copehill Downs FIBUA facility has had the dates set, and that booking is soon to commence:

Town Assault is back for a fourth instalment and the concluding part to last years Operation Hammerstrike.

The date of the event has been confirmed and it is Friday 30th March through to Sunday 1st April, and the ticket price is £95 per person. We will be taking bookings in a matter of days on the website,

So with the last of the rebel resistance about to fall inside the town of Stozkovskiv, the Coalition have very little time to celebrate their victory for approaching the town are rebel reinforcements….and a lot of them.
Over the 24 hours that follow the men and woman of the Coalition will be taken to hell and back as they try to repel one wave of rebel attack after another. How long will there defence hold? Will Coalition reinforcements arrive before the town is lost?

Be a part of 24 hours of totally immersive action. Following on immediately from where TA2 left off, this event promises to throw you straight in to the action of an unfolding battle.

Which side will you give your allegiance to? The rebel insurgents officially known as the Ukrainian Liberation Army. Or part of the Coalition Peace-keeping force providing military assistance to the Ukrainian government?
Which ever side you choose; prepare yourself for a rollercoaster ride of action. For Town Assault is no normal airsoft skirmish event. You will have to fight with restricted amounts of ammo and you will be required to work in small squads with a chain of command (sections, platoons and companies). There will be medic rules, POW’s, simulated mortar support as well as fast-air support, and SAM (Surface to Air Missile) launchers to counter them.

This is potential the most intense and multi-layered Town Assault event yet.

Experience the battle
Experience the Town Assault….

Wormbyte (Town Assault)

As a veteran of TA2 I can assure everyone that this event is truly worth the experience, if only for the site itself. And also as a veteran, I would like to make an entirely unbiased announcement:


Inokatsu Galil conversion kit

Ting, (Russian Mania Workshop) sent over news of the Inokatsu Galil conversion kit some time ago, but I’m only just getting through my own emails at the moment (I’m a good bit behind with work here), but better late than never here’s the info he sent over (checkout more on his website: Russian Mania Workshop):

Dear Arnie, I am Ting from Hong Kong, […] Anyway, I would like to let you know that I am the official retailer of Inokatsu in HK, they will release the full steel Galil conversion kit really soon.  I attached the manual for your reference.

They only have 30 pcs worldwide and 20 pcs already reserved.  I got the remaining 10 pcs so that let’s see who are interested in around the world.  If any people interested on it, they can contact me via email  I will post the actual picture in the coming week once I got the sample.  Detail description is on my blog: and Inokatsu will rebuild their whole AK series and I will post them out in the coming week too.

Best Regards, Ting (Russian Mania Workshop)

CA SLR poster from ActionSportGames A/S

Jesper Kabel, (ActionSportGames A/S) has mailed over some posters of the new SLR range, the release dates that he mentioned were published a few minutes ago as they were sent in direct from Classic Army (see the previous post). Some of these may be slight duplicates, but here’s the images and text that they sent in:

Hi there,  The new range of SLR’s from Classic Army is just around the corner.

They should be available from end March – beginning of April, but I will get back to you when we have more information.

Best regards, Jesper Kabel, (ActionSportGames A/S)

‘Thumper TG 6’ Flashbang Training Grenade

Andy, (  has sent over a flyer and newsletter about some new training equipment from them:

Hello, This is Andy Van Der Plaats with Non Lethal Training Munitions, LLC  here in the US. I want to share some exciting news regarding our ‘Thumper TG 6’ Flashbang  Training Grenade.

The Thumper TG 6 is the world’s first reusable, non-PYRO Flashbang Training Grenade.  Instead of using the typical pyro fuse, ours unit relies on a disposable 8 gram CO2 or nitrogen filled cartridge to help generate a safe yet effective 120 dB  report.  Such cartridges, which are available almost everywhere, are typically used in either  seltzer water  or whipped cream dispensers.

To employ the Thumper a user first removes a clip, which serves  much the same purpose as a cotter pin on a typical grenade.  Once released the grenade is  armed and ready to be  tossed.  Upon release, the spring activated spoon opens a small  internal valve, which allows  the gas from the cartridge to enter a disposable ‘burst diaphragm.’ 

Since  the TG 6 is intended to replicate a Flashbang, there’s just a short approximately 1.5  second delay before the diaphragm ruptures, causing the report.

The diaphragm, which is made of light weight plastic, is  extremely light  weight. It is also designed in such a manner so that it remains intact once it fails.   This  adds to the general  overall safety when using the device.  Other advantages that come from  use  of the Thumper,  include the fact that there’s never a risk of causing any fire, or explosion.

In order to make the Thumper even more useful, we’ve also  designed an  options ‘Trip Wire Booby Trap Kit’ for it.  This allows users to transform the grenade  into an  effective training tool for those who might find themselves faced with opponents who have access to   such devices.

Overall, the Thumper serves both as a great addition to any serious   AirSoft players kit, as well as a serious training tool for those in the law enforcement and military   communities. Here in the US, we’ve seen sales of the device to any number of law enforcement  agencies, as well as  to units with the Army, Coast Guard and State Department.

Anyone wishing more information is asked to visit our website  (   or they  can forward a note C/O

Website Address:  
3444 Marinatown Lane, NW
Suite 23
North Fort Myers, FL 33903
Ph:  407/563-3884 FAX: 239/997-2221 E-mail:

Andrew Van  Der Plaats, (Sales, Non Lethal Training Munitions, LLC)

Wiley X and Fogtech

I’ve had an email from Gene at MotoSolutions reference WileyX and Fogtech products which may interest those who are after the ever illusive “unfoggable” goggles:

Wiley X is partnering with MotoSolutions to cure fogging with FogtechR Advanced One-Step Anti-fog.  Wiley X is offering FogtechR wipes to their customers who can’t see under extreme conditions.

FogtechR is unique in that it goes on quickly, under 20 seconds is typical. Because there is no rubbing, it is extremely gentle on expensive optics. Fogtech is available directly at

MotoSolutions focuses on clear vision with innovative products like FogtechR and RaincoatT.  They are based in California, USA and started in 2003. Wiley X began nineteen years ago when the US military elite needed to build the ultimate, shatterproof eye gear. And so, Wiley X was born. Today, Wiley X frames and accessories are standard issue for not only the U.S. martial forces, but also for people who ride motorcycles, hunt, fish, etc.

MotoSolutions (
966 Coral Drive, Rodeo, CA  94572
(510) 799-5100 Office, (925) 287-0080 Cell, (510) 799-6607 FAX

Gene Menzies , (MotoSolutions)

Upcoming ClassicArmy release dates

Heres’ the latest in from Classic Army including a timetable of their future releases:

Dear Valued Customer,

CLASSIC ARMY would like to inform you below new products will be released in Mar 07.  The World Wide Released Days are : 

  • 1st March 07  ~ SLR105 U (Steel Version) (Model no.CA018M)
  • 1st March 07   ~SLR105 A1 Para (Steel Version) (Model no. CA019M)
  • 20th March 07 ~ CA SCAR-Light (Model no. CA020P)

Enclosed pls find the products details. Thanks & best regards, Yan Yip, (Classic Army)

HR428 – US proposal to firearm shaped toys

A friend in the US mailed this one over which I thought was worthy of bringing to the attention of US readers:

110th U.S. Congress (2007-2008) H.R. 428: To require the Consumer Product Safety Commission to ban toys which in size, shape, or overall appearance resemble real handguns

Status: Introduced

This bill is in the first step in the legislative process. Introduced bills go first to committees that deliberate, investigate, and revise bills before they go to general debate. The majority of bills never make it out of committee.

Bill Overview:

Introduced: Jan 11, 2007
Sponsor: Rep. Edolphus Towns [D-NY](no cosponsors)
Last Action: Jan 11, 2007: Referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.
Full Text: View Full Text of Bill

Trigger Happy Release Tokyo Marui G17 Slide

extractorandejectionmm7Trigger Happy Glock 17 Metal Slide .

Saturday January 13th was a happy day for Tokyo Marui G17 owners as Trigger Happy decided to release on to the market an Aluminium CNC slide, now rather than the usual powder coated version available for other brands and models the Trigger happy version is anodised blue/black like the real thing. The other nice detail is just like the real slide the extractor is a totally separate piece that needs to be inserted into the slide before the blowback and loading nozzle can be installed. This again is anodised the correct colour as the real steel counterpart.

The Set comes with Slide, extractor, outer barrel, recoil spring and guide rod. But for this high quality piece of kit you’re going to have to drop the cash, currently in Japan it is selling for around 16,870 JPY which in some cases is actually more expensive than the gun itself that sells new for around 12,000 JPY and currently only available in Japan.

Check out the Mini review here

France-Airsoft troubles

I’ve not kept in the loop with regards the France-Airsoft politics, but I got an email from one of the current admins which detailed that they had lost control over their domain and that their forums could now be found at

If you check the “lost” domain there’s a long letter which in short details how the individual that has control of the domain fell out with the association behind France-Airsoft.

The basic gist of it looks to be an argument over server and service funding which resulted in an internal disagreement and expulsion of the affected party (for those that don’t speak French you can check this translation ).

Obviously this is only one side of the dispute and preceeding story, but the basic story is not a unique one in Airsoft circles.

NEW J.B.Unicorn products at Redwolf

News in from Redwolf Airsoft regarding new items by J.B.Unicorn.

We’ve got our hands on a load of NEW J.B.Unicorn products – it includes 3 conversion kits, a couple of Tactical RAS rails and some rail covers. The conversion kits and tactical rails are all made from high-grade metal and features fully-licensed trademarks from Olympic Arms. The quality and finishing is superb and at very reasonable prices too. Check it out at Redwolf Airsoft!

MIL4 CQB Tactical Conversion Kit F8LCR Sniper Kit OA93 Shorty CQB Conversion Kit
F7R Tactical Rail F8R Tactical Rail Rail Covers

Shot Show Florida!

DSC 0039My contact at the Shot Show in FL has sent me in some images, along with some amazing news regarding goodies for us Airsoft players!

This is what has been announced!

  • Madbull has secured the licence to exclusively make Advanced Armament Corp. products!
  • MagPul will make there very own M4 variant, and an AIRSOFT version of it too! (See take a look here!)
  • Other Airsoft manufacturers have got licence agreements but so far no information has been released.

Also in the thread are some amazing images of MagPul’s variant of the SCAR named the Masada (I’m wondering if this is a biblical reference!)

So take a look at more images and news inside!

The Firesupport £2000 giveaway has 20 days left.

Firesupport banner Sale

Anyone planning to put an order in for the new year might want to take a look at this, you could win a Tokyo Marui M14 Socom! Also anyone who’s placed an order might want to check out the winners list as you might have already won something!!!

The Firesupport £2000 giveaway has 20 days left.

All INTERNET ORDERS OVER £200 WILL QUALIFY for the the DAILY DRAW on the day that the order is placed!

For more information and list of existing winners please see

Some of the prizes that are left include 6 boxes of Excel bb’s, Marui Glock pistols and a marui AEG.

The Main prize for the largest internet order placed in January is a Marui M14 SOCOM

Good Luck


1st Episode of Airsoft News Network

Allen from Airsoft News Network has sent us in news that the first episode of their channel is now ready. Currently only available through You Tube. They are also on the look out for new feild agents to bring news from their local events or shows.

Hello. Just wanted to let everyone know about the Episode 1 of the Airsoft News Network has been posted. Thanks, -Allen


Introducing Nitro Airsoft

It’s always nice when we get news of new shops opening up, Jon at Nitro Airsoft has sent us in some information regarding a new online shop, check them out.


Hello all!

After much work, and quite a few sleepless nights, I think I’ve finally finished the website. At this moment, The only forms of payment we accept is paypal, but by mid-end week our payment gateway should be up, and at that point we can start accepting Credit Cards and checks. Please note, I have more stock than what is listed on the website, but I lost the pictures somewhere on my 200gig drive. The rest of the stock will be posted within a day or two.

I am also working on making the website more flashy (literally – on that note, anybody that knows flash, please contact me!), so don’t worry about appearances too much. Our blog will be up soon as well! If I made a mistake, I sorry, It’s because I’m quite tired at this point, Without any more ado, the url is:

Have fun!

We will be having upgrade parts soon! If there’s a specific item you want to see, PM me and I’ll see what I can do!
Oh yea, When we get our payment gateway online, I will post.
At that point, the first 5 orders will get 5$ off!

Free Shipping!!

Looking for somewhere?
AMNB Podcast
Gorilla Airsoft Radio
Airsoft Medicine Specialist Swedish Military Experience Group
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