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Lots of interesting bits

It’s definately time for me to go around all my links and list the latest updates from around the globe. Sorry it’s been a bit, but there’s a lot to do these days. Several folks sent in emails in relation to the 5 year anniversary; thanks for that as it was much appreciated. I think this site is now the longest serving community website online in the UK now, which isn’t bad at all. Anyway enough waffling, on with the updates.

WA have a couple of variations (well more than a few really) on their Beretta M1943 and Colt IV line, this time with customised ‘AJAX’ grips. Not quite sure why they were named after a cleaning fluid, but there you go. Coming shortly to a shop near you will be the Domestos Accelerator at some point perhaps? There’s not a hgue heap new about them other than the grips that I can see, the entire list of updates can be found here. Also of news is that WA are releasing a cheaper line of GBB 1911 copies, here’s the details from the chaps at AD:

Warrior Black model and Desert Warrior: Combat versions of the famous TLE. The Desert Warrior features desert tan paint. SCW Ver.3 mech.

LAPD SWAT Custom II and TLE II: The LAPD model has been out for sometime now, but they will also be doing the commercial TLE II in stainless finish soon.

"Magnatech" the new series: WA will be releasing the new lines of low cost GBBs under the "Magnatech" brand. While their hi-end SCW series are perfected for their finish and weight, the Magnatech models will be concentrating on functionality. The prices are certainly more reasonable compared to their SCW models, but they have use the same SCW ver.3 mechanism as well as newly designed hop barrel. The first two models will be Government Mark.IV Series70 and M1911A1 MIlitary model. User, (Airsoft Dynamics)

On the subject of GBBs though KSC have a black version of their short M945 out now. The M945 is quite underated really, normally overshadowed by WA releases, but it does hold it’s own well, and the compact model is a decent size for anyone after a small .45 style pistol.

In the rumor mill at the moment are a series of releases.

  • The Maruzen Walther P99 compact is expected to be released in December
  • SIIS are expected to release a DA P990 model in December. It’s hard to tell but I think it’s built on a KWC base.
  • The Electric Tokyo Marui SIG SP2340 is expected out on the 2nd of December
  • There’s a new version of the CA870 out in December (metal folding stock model),
  • The Tanaka M700 AICS is due out in December at a price of 60,900Yen
  • There’s a whole series of v3 SCW pistols from WA due out as well in various colours (you can see these listed on LA Gunshop)
  • Again at LA Gunshop there’s a wierd listing of a "XP-100R" pistol, that looks like the pistol version of a bolt action rifle. It’s hard to tell from the single shot available though.

Over at Airsoft Elite they have some shots of the VFC Barret that is going to be with them shortly.

For those of you into classic gear, theres been some updates at that include two different modifications for the Youth Engineering MP5 (Mag Latch Mod and Foregrip Wobble Fix) written by Renli3d. There’s also some worrying shots of someone’s bedroom. On the subject of news, don’t forget to checkout D53’s pages as they are always a good read.

In the wierd and wonderful department Echigoya have photos of some new Manga based replacement slides for the glock series. They are labelled G18C-AS and SPEAR, Manga gurus will know the relevance of that better than me I hope.

Elfin have finally updated their webpages with shots and details for their small "Lightening" pistol launcher. There’s no much tos ay about it that you can’t see in the photos apart fromt he fact that it’s set to retail at 36,000Yen.

The guys at StarAirsoft are getting busy again. In their next round of releases they plan on doing the complete G36/SL line. No prices or release dates are known yet though. According to their Japanese pages the release details will be announced soon. It’s worth pointing out that they are listed as kits and require a compatible set internal parts (earbox etc). They quote that you should be able to install the needed parts to build the AEG in around 10 minutes. The main complaint about their M249 was that it as too light, so it’ll be interesting to see if these kits fair any different. Here’s the shots:

UTG back in at AirsoftMart

Holly at AirsoftMart has sent over news of their new influx of UTG stock, and an M4 from AIM:

Due to a good trading relationship we have built up with UTG and this being our second shipment we have secured a nice level of stock.

Our UTG shipment is here.
Items we have in include
The UTG MP5 ver2 @ 105.00 spare mags for the UTG MP5 @ 15.00 and the UTG Everblast CQB Shotgun range priced at the following wicked prices
The UTG Everblast CQB Sawed-off Combat Shotgun @ 28.00, UTG Everblast CQB Law Enforcement Shotgun @ 33.00, UTG Everblast CQB Special Ops Shotgun @ 37.00 and not forgetting spare mags for them UTG Blister Packaged Dual Spare Magazines @ 15.00

Next up is the UTG M324 Sniper Rifle which is due the end of Dec start of Jan @ 100.00
We are also bundling in with this gun a 4 x 20 scope and weaver scope mount (IF PRE ORDERED NOW)

Airsoftmart is also proud to announce that they are now the preferred agents for the AIM airsoft brand in the UK. AIM are about to make massive splash in the UK,and also in the USA and should prove to be very popular over the coming months. With the low cost, high quality products such as the AIM AM4 A1 which is a copy of the Tokyo Marui M4 A1. The AIM brand is made in Taiwan by TOP INTERNATIONAL CORP and not to be confused with the current cheaper Chinese brands that are flooding the UK and USA market. AIM pride themselves on quality control, reliability and provide full technical support. Our first batch of stock will be arriving in January.


Who is AIM?
AIM is a brand logo for Top International Corp and is made in Taiwan.
Current product:
AIM AM4 A1 (80% copy of Tokyo Marui M4 A1)
Why choose AIM over Tokyo Marui?
40% cheaper that Marui model Retailing at 110.00,
80% copy of Tokyo Marui M4 A1.
Tech specs:

Model : AM4 A1
Receiver Finish : Matte Dark Grey
Initial Velocity : above 300fps using 0.20g bbs or greater
Weight : 2150g
Hop up: Yes
Full Size 1:1 scale model
4 Position Retractable Stock
Hi Cap Mag : 300 Rounds with winder

Detachable carrying handle
Flat top upper receiver
Up to 70ft Accuracy
Rate of Fire : 750 / 850 bbs a min
Firing modes : Semi / Full auto / Safe
Caliber : 6mm BBs
Barrel Length : 364mm
Battery Type : Mini 8.4v – 600 Mah (Not included)(Charger not included)
Motor : (Hi-Torque Motor)
Whats in the box : Gun / High Cap Mag / Manual / Jam Rod / Sample BBs

For more info feel free email us or visit our website or our forum on Arnies Holly, (AirsoftMart)

New pistol and offer at AirsoftGI

Walter, (Airsoft GI) has a few thigns in that I stumbled across while I was browing. The Homeland Defender from Airsoft Elite is now in stock with him.

In all honesty I thought the AE pistol would cost about double that, but at 66USD for a full metal CO2 blowback pistol I’m really impressed.

Also while I’m at it, Walter is having a Christmas offer and giving a 5USD coupon , so if you buy the Homeland Defender you’ll get 5USD back:

We wish everyone a Happy Holidays. We are giving away free 5.00USD coupon for any orders over 50.00USD. The coupon code is HAPPYXMAS Also, don’t miss out our Super Xmas starting Dec. 1st. Walter, (Airsoft GI)

TactixExpo – Dec 3/4, SoSal USA

Pat just reminded me that there’s an Airsoft Expo going on in SoCal at the beginning of December. Here’s the details:

(USA’s) very first venue that combines Airsoft and Paintball back to back at the Tactix Expo, Anaheim Convention Cntr. California is this weekend (Dec 3,4) –The Q Project, Redwolf, ASH & Impact Games (our special guest), and many more – selling many highend products such as: Best of the Marui Line-up, PDI, X-fire, Prometheus, Laylax, TacForce, Hurricane, etc. Awesome deals for the Christmas holiday shoppers! Lot’s of free raffles!

More details can be found at: Highlights include:

Free Attendee Bag with Giveaways (first 10,000 attendees)
Free Demo Shooting Area (sponsored by leading mfg’s)
Free Paintball Obstacle Course
Free Stock Paintball Quickdraw Shooting Contest
Stock Airsoft Quickdraw Shooting Contest
(Additional Charges May Apply)
Free Autograph Sessions
Free Seminars
New Product Showcase
"Fashion Rage" Fashion Show
Ultimate Model Contest
Airsoft – Close Quarter Combat (CQB)
(Additional Charges May Apply)

Don’t miss Special guest speaker – Jack Ma : “Airsoft Bridging Generations – Applications in the Public, Private, and Government Sector” (TactixExpo)

Fallout Bawdsey – last game 18th December

The guys at Fallout Airsoft have sent in some sad news about their Bawdsey location:

Sad news as December 18th will be our last game at our Bawdsey site as the site will now be developed by the owners.

A big thanks to those who have supported the site over the past year. We are looking into a new site we hope wll be open early next year so please do keep an eye out. Sam, (Fallout Airsoft)

For more information
or to book a place at their December 18th game, email or call their office. Once an early warning missile site, RAF Bawdsey was once responsible for defending us from the threat of missile attacks. Now, the site is put to good use as an Airsoft gaming venue with unique features such as missile pads, crew accomodation areas, radar tower and a huge bunker underneath. Now is your last chance to book a place to paly at this site, so get in quick to grab yours.

New retail/field map at ASR

Aaron (Snicke) at Airsoft Retreat mailed over to say that they’ve added a map of US stores and game fields to their site, that you can find here:

The Airsoft Retreat ( has released a new online tool to help the community easily find walk-in stores and playing fields in their area.

This new database is organized by state and can be viewed by going here: Snicker, (Airsoft Retreat)

X-Fire’s shots from ShotShow Japan

Tomo at X-Fire has sent over photos from their booth at the Shot Show in Japan at the moment. Photos are only of their booth at the moment, but if any other shots of interest are taken by the guys there he’s promised to send them over.

Below you can see shots of their replacement parts, customised end products, pistol grips and their latest products. launched

Kanzen Bearings ( are a brand new company providing a unique line of products to the Airsoft world. Their site launched this evening and, if you couldn’t guess from their company name, they currently specialise in supplying quality bearings/bearing-kits for AEGs and other electric Airsoft products (such as the Marui AEP line). As an aside if you’re into RC cars they also specifically cater for them in a different section of their site. Kanzen are, as far as I’m aware, the first in the world to make ceramic 7mm bearings sets for AEGs.

“KANZEN” is the Japanese meaning for “perfection” and “complete”.

Forged from passion, dedicated to serious amateurs and competitors alike, KANZEN are proud to present a complete lineup of AIRSOFT and RC Products.

Crafted using the finest materials, built to last and improve performances, our bearings kits are exclusively made from high quality carbon steel, while the SERIES-L Lineup includes ceramic components, achieving unsurpassed speed and durability.

In a world of compromises, some don’t. We don’t.

Widen your horizons, reach perfection. (Kanzen Bearings)

Checkout their site and have a look at their products. According to their texts they offer good shipping rates throughout the world, fast order processing and are happy to accept Paypal and Visa/Mastercard online.

Systema PTW Max and Challenge Kit news

Kumi (CEO, Systema Engineering) has sent over details of a revised "MAX" version of their PTW. Here’s the details (you can also view them in PDF format), also included is news that their DIY "Challenge" PTW kit will be out on the 10th of December (PDF here):

A great number of special specifications:

Steel outer barrel standard specifications
Steel front sight post standard specifications
Butt plate with mil-spec bumper
Slide stock of new adapted strengthening material molding
Engine chamber: special specifications with all quenching-treated gear
480 model 2006 version motor
Newly adapted mil-spec strengthening device
120 rounds magazine standard
Appropriate battery: 12V/1300mAh 2/3 model battery (sell separately)
Moreover, special tuning anywhere is treated, this is certainly a fruit of SYSTEMA know-how.

High-spec tuning machine is finally unveiled
Overwhelming live-fire performance and feeling of fire surpassing previous work, complete custom.
Please make sure the real size, the real weight, the real balance, and the ultimate quality Kumi, (CEO, Systema Engineering)

Get yourself free Airsoft hosting

Drew at Aquinox Hosting Solutions has started a new offer just for you guys, basically you can get free non-profit related Airsoft hosting for teams and personal Airsoft websites. Hosting is free, but if you want to grab a domain you’ll have to pay 5 via Paypal which is a darned good deal!

Drew is doing this simply because he wants to help support the Airsoft here in the UK. Here’s the details:

Basically, to sign up, people should go to our online order form ( and order the Personal Package. When asked if they have a coupon code they should enter the code ‘free4airsoft‘ excluding quotes. This will then take off 100% of the bill. I am happy to offer the complete personal package at this time but if it proves to be very popular (which im hoping it will) then I will possibly change the disk space quota down to 250mb. Full details of the hosting package are available at

The only thing people should have to purchase is a domain name which, sadly I cannot offer for free as there are registration fees in place. I can register domains (.com, .net, .org) for 5 per year. To purchase a domain people should send 5 via paypal to and I will get it registered for them ASAP.

I will make all the info available on along with detailed signup instructions and a kind request to add a link to us on their site.

Drew Rathbone, (Aquinox Hosting Solutions)

Update: Please be sure to follow the instructions on, several requests have gone in that didn’t follow the instructions.

AEX holiday sale

AirsoftExtreme are having a holiday sale at the moment (sorry update here is a little behind Im afraid):


Starting November 24th, get 5% OFF AND FREE ground SHIPPING on ALL online purchases



(Not all items in stock at all times. Please order early for timely holiday gift delivery) (AirsoftExtreme)

Gonzatron Inc. custom RAID BDUs

David (david3558 on the forums) has mailed over some details about a chap on eBay that makes customised RAID BDUs. Tony Gonzalez of Gonzatron Inc will make you your own custom BDUs to order with various options available. I’ve just had a look and they look rather good actually. The chap does have a good eBay rep too, so whilst that’s no guarantee of character it is as good as you get online these days. Do checkout their website:

I am pleased to inform you that Tony Gonzalez of Gonzatron Inc. has introduced to the airsoft and military community a cheaper way of getting your own customized RAID BDUs. These are available in many different patterns including but not limited too: Woodland, Desert, MARPAT, ACU, Tigerstripe, OD green, tan, black, and grey. He will also do custom work on your own BDUs if you send them in, and he will supply you with an incredible 3 year guarantee! My own set is in transit at the moment, and you will be pleased to see a review before the end of next month. The details are far too intricate too list over a simple news page or email, so please visit his site here.

I only host and review for him and spreading the news for him to the airsofter community. You can be assured of quality because he has 100% satisfaction on eBay.

I cannot answer your questions until I get my own set. In the meantime, please visit the site for some pictures and many details. These can be full blown RAID configuration or just simply a mod here and there.

For those who don’t know what RAID is, it is the predecessor to the current issue Army Advance Combat Uniform (ACU). Sometimes referred to as the Close Combat Uniform or RAID Uniform. However ACU layout is only available in ACUPAT, the strange grey camoflauge.

Thanks for your time.
David (aka david3558)

Tactical Airsoft Center, SoCal opens 1st March

Bret has mailed in about a new indoor training facility called Tactical Airsoft Center that’s set to open on March 1st 2006 in the SoCal area, here’s the press release from him:

On March 1, 2006 we will be celebrating the grand opening of what is sure to be Southern California’s #1 all AirSoft, indoor training facility.

Catering to the numerous Law Enforcement and Military Agencies along with the growing collector and sports markets we will provide a unique, one of a kind, facility that provides a safe and fun indoor place to train, practice, and enjoy AirSoft.

We will start with 5 unique indoor fields along with 2 outdoor fields along with a retail clothing shop a retail weapon shops and food mart.

Additionally on February 17th 20th, we are kicking things off by sponsoring an outdoor Airsoft tournament with what hopes of bringing positive attention to the sport as well as making it one of the largest AirSoft tournament on the West Coast.

Currently we are looking for companies who would be interested in participating as an additional sponsor of the event.

Several sponsorship packages are available that are tiered to promote your company and products to the many enthusiasts that will be attending this event.

More information can be obtained from the web site and as we are going to print with the event posters in two weeks we would like to know of your interest as soon as you can.

We are marketing the tournament throughout the United States and anticipate a minimum of 500 1000 participants along with their respective non-playing family members over this three day event and know that with our efforts to promote the sport and the product the exposure for those participating will be a worthwhile investment.

We have also recently been contacted by the History Channel who indicated that they will be planning to film the event for a possible upcoming episode of Mail Call(R). We will additionally be filming our own commercial to promote the new facility and the sport to be aired on cable television.

If you are interested in being a sponsor please feel free to contact me with a convenient time to either call you back or respond via email. Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to hearing from someone at your convenience.

Tactical AirSoft Center (R)
36068 Hidden Springs Road, Suite C
Wildomar CA 92595 Bret Hart, (President, Tactical Airsoft Center)

Shots from Evike’s Thanksgiving sale

Ernest sent over some shots from inside and outside from their Thanksgiving sale this weekend. It looks like most of the SoCal players fromt he local area turned up for the sale too. Checkout the supplied shots and the line of peopel outside the store:

The turnout was great! Lots and lots of people… The crowd was very civil, no one or nothing got out of hand. Only thing is that work was nonstop for us all till closing time.

Here is a picture (attached):

You guys are insane (customers). You all showed up before we did!!

But anyway, great turnout guys, and thanks for your business.

Ernest, (

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