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WE Tech – M4A1 AEG

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Happy Friday guys! and yep, that’s right… They’ve just released their first AEG and possibly many more to come. Introducing their first AEG, the M4A1, with a patented spring decompression function integrated to the safe position of the fire control.


Here’s the quick spec sheet given by WE Tech:

Dimensions: 770MM/850MM
Color: Black
Weight: 3050
Thread: 14mm CCW
Body Materials: Aluminum Alloy
Outer Barrel Materials: Aluminum Alloy
Gearbox: Zinc-Aluminum Alloy
Gear Set Materials: Steel
Piston Materials: Nylon polymer 30%
Motor: 8.4V 25000RPM
Firing Modes: SINGLE, FULL AUTO + spring release on SAFE
Hopup: Adjustable
Power: 360-380 fps
Magazine Capacity: 300/400 BB
Package Includes: M4A1-AEG
Recommended Battery: 8.1V-11.1V


A review has been written on the forums here. WE has not set a retail price yet but have said it is going to be way under US$200 and rumor has it that it will be similar to G&G’s price but time will tell where the retail figures will actually be. Is this WE Tech’s reaction to the limited supply of China AEGs? What more will WE bring to the market?


For wholesale enquiries, please contact for further information about this product.

Expect this AEG reaching your retail shops very soon within the next few weeks!

(WE Airsoft)

Review: ICS Butterfly Holster

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and completed a lengthy review complete with a video edit and use of YouTube (I had to dig out and dust off my video camera for this one). We’re kick starting a new review section with reviews written by staff members using the new site design. The old review section will of course remain but my intention is to add new reviews and videos on a regular basis here with videos.

Today I’ve published a review of the ICS Butterfly Holster. Included in the review is a quick video review.


image14The Butterfly Holster from ICS is a simple design that allows the wearer to fit it for left or right handed use and to customise the shape for a variety of different sized framed pistols. The holster fits a pistol and two magazines and is easy to wear and remove.

You can find the full review here.

Forgive my simplicity when it comes to video editing. I do promise to improve video quality next time around however our new video camera is due to arrive tomorrow and wasn’t here for this review. I’ve also now received a heap of decent music we can use for the next review, sadly YouTube won’t allow me to strip and replace the audio stream now the video is online…

Gunfire M4A1 reviewed

1249299926 ChrissyG on the forums has been kind (and lucky!) enough to be given one of Gunfire’s new range of rifles to review.

You’ll have to read the full review for all of the details, but here’s an extract:

Photo0105Recently, a package arrived at my door containing a new gun which I am reviewing on behalf of Gunfire in Poland ( The package was to contain a brand new M4-A1 clone which retails for the price of 195.83 Euros (around £177). As with every time any of us recieve a new gun, I tore open the box to find a brow plain cardboard box with some "Gunfire" advertising on it and lifted the lid…

ChrissyG (Arniesairsoft)

All in all the rifle looks quite promising, with the inclusion of a mosfet as standard quite a selling feature given the increasing popularity of them in all high-performance AEGs.

To read the review in full click here. Alternatively, feel free to go shopping at Gunfire’s website at

GHK AKS74 Review

27072009911 As promised, here’s the start of my review of the newly released GHK AKS74 variant:

While on my recent visit to Redwolf in Hong Kong, as unfortunately chronicled here, I was lucky enough to be shown around. One of the main things that caught my eye was some of the first of the freshly released GHK AKS74 and AK74M variants, which I covered in a recent news post. I couldn’t leave without buying one of them, and with my recent love of all things Afghan War era, it had to be the AKS74 I went for!

To make things more interesting I compared the GHK AKS74 to the Dboys Variant upon which its externals are based.

To read the full review, click here!

OffWorld Manufacturing Inc. M2019 – user review

imageDelmustator has sent in a review of the Off World Manufacturing Model 2019 Blaster replica that you can find for sale on the internet (seen back in 2006 in our news pages). Click the link through to read the full article:

OffWorld Manufacturing Inc.
MODEL 2019 B.R.U. “Hero Version”
User Review by Delmustator

Today, we are reviewing the OffWorld Manufacturing, Inc., Model 2019 Blade Runner Unit (B.R.U.) 10mm prop blaster. The pictures used in this review are from the actual OffWorld Manufacturing, Inc. eBay auction due to their high quality. However, this review is based on an actual hands-on unit purchased from OffWorld Manufacturing, Inc.

I received the M2019 from OffWorld Mfg after waiting over a month for delivery. OffWorld Manufacturing, Inc. indicated in their eBay auction that this was the last run of these prop blasters. We will see if this ends up being the case.

Read the rest of this entry »

Deepfire M4A1 review – now with added Titanium!


Cazboab has posted his first official Arnies review for the site on the new Deepfire M4. I’ll leave it to him to explain more:

Hi there folks, we’ve got a second review this week, not quite as exclusive, as Marlowe’s kashni-thingy, but Deepfire have sent us one of their new M4s for a look-see, its got titanium gears, titanium piston teeth, titanium coated other buts and I’m pretty sure the titanium is made of titanium.


Anyway on the outside its got replicas of some of the fanciest aftermarket AR-15 bits around and German made plastic bits(the only parts on the gun I’m relatively sure haven’t got much titanium in) inside its got Deepfire’s lovely titanium bits, so have a look at the review here. (Cazboab)

To watch a crazy Glaswegian talk about his armali-thingy, click here.

LCT Airsoft (Ryh Yeou) AMD-65: Exclusive Review!

LCT Airsoft have kindly sent us a review sample of their first public released rifle: the soon to be released AMD-65 AEG. You can read my full comments on the rifle here (apologies – there’s a lot of them, and photographs to boot!), but here’s a sample:

I have to confess I was somewhat ambivalent when first asked by Ryh Yeou to review their new AMD-65, but once the rifle arrived, I have to say I quickly started to find myself developing a soft spot for the AKM’s ugly brother.

However, one thing which struck me about the rifle as I removed it from its packaging was how timeless in design it seemed, in the flash. Without the laminated wood which so dates its Soviet kin, the AMD-65 could easily be passed off to the unaware as a CQB variant of an AK, with the only hint at its past being its traditional ‘47’ style ribbed 7.62mm magazine and upper ribbed receiver cover.

Another strong impression was of the weight and solidity of the rifle. Ryh Yeou worked previously as a manufacturer operating on behalf of Inokatsu, and this association shows. Upon first impressions, there is very little to separate the rifle from an Inokatsu AMD-65, either in weight, quality of materials or finish. Unlike Inokatsu clone manufacturers such as Unicorn, the AMD-65 has a smooth and glossy finish to the receiver (in contrast to all other Inokatsu rifles I own, which have a matt and textured finish), with all components feeling solid and sturdy. All metal components appear to be solid steel (including the barrel and flash hider), with the plastic pistol grips both having a slightly rubberised, high quality feel to them. I was further impressed by the inclusion of what appear to be appropriate Hungarian trademarks on the receiver – no Izmash factory brands from a Russian AK, as you might find on a home-made alternative!

You can read my full comments on LCT Airsoft’s first major release here. Expect a review of their AK parts (such as their RPK receiver) soon!

TSD Tactical/SRC 416 review

Jeremy has mailed over a review of the TSD/SRC416 AEG complete with lots of images, as usual click the link to read the whole article:

TSD Tactical/SRC 416 review
By Jeremy Hendricks “Booligan”

1Table of Contents:

Real Steel History
First impressions
Gun Specifications

2Real Steel History: HK416 is a gas operated, selective fired weapon of modular design. It uses short-stroke gas piston that operates the 7-lug rotating bolt. Receiver is made from high grade aluminum alloy. Combination-type safety / fire selector allows for single shots and full automatic mode. Hk416 retains all M16-style controls, including last round bolt hold-open device, rear-based charging handle and magazine release button on the right side of the magazine well. HK416 is fitted with four Picatinny rails as standard, and may accept any type of sighting devices on STANAG-1913 compliant mounts. It also can accept modified HK AG36/AG-C 40mm grenade launcher, which is clamped directly to bottom rail. The buttstock is of typical M4 design, multi-position telescoped.

Courtesy of
Real HK416 image, photo taken from

Ordering: I was fortunate enough to receive a pre-production sample of the TSD/SRC 416 directly from TSD, for the purpose of writing a review. The sample I received does not have all of the TSD requested modifications, namely an M120 spring, 6.03mm tightbore inner barrel, and a high strength piston, so the performance of mine will be less than the production models. Pricing wise, TSD’s website, has the price listed as $398 – $420 USD, depending on barrel length, but my experience with TSD’s listed MSRP is that the actual price is lower. I expect this to come in at less than $400 USD for all models. The model, like all of TSD’s models, includes a warranty, which is 60 days in this case. The 416 is available in three barrel lengths, 10”, 14.5”, and 16”, and will soon come with two stock options, a standard LE stock, with the battery in a mock VITAL-2 laser box, or a Crane stock, with the battery housed in the stock. The model I will be reviewing is the 10” barrel, LE stock version.

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King Arms TROY A3 CQC Compact Complete Review


Complete Kit The year has just begun and I’ve been working hard trying to get these reviews finished in time. My first review of 2008 is on the new CQC release by King Arms. This model is based on TROY ind. A3 receiver set and comes with a array of accessories that make this replica ready to skirmish straight from the box!

Also the model features the new M4/M16 receiver sets which have some amazing features not to be missed!

So head on in to the forums and read the full review here.

Alternatively if you are not a registered member of the forums you can read the full review in our database here.

Review line up for 2008

arnie sig

Well 2007 was a pretty busy year for writing reviews and some of you have asked me what the line up for reviews for 2008 will be.

First of all I would like to thank all the manufacturers who supported Arnie’s Airsoft in 2007.

Without their contributions we wouldn’t have been able to bring you the many scoop’s and prerelease reviews as we did in 2007 and it looks like 2008 will be another great year for Arnie’s.

As you know I have no idea what products will be sent us but I can tell you the line up that will be reviewed over the next month or so.

With plenty more to come, as you can see the initial lineup for 2008  is very Russian influenced! So sit back and enjoy what should be a very eventful year in the Airsoft community!

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