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Airsoft Medicine – Revision March Spy Contest

Win a pair of Revision Desert Locust Goggles with Dr Airsoft:

Airsoft Medicine – Revision March Spy Contest

Airsoft Medicine and Revsion Military are enlisting the help of Airsoftology, CQB Radio, and Thumpy’s 3D House of Airsoft to give away a pair of Revision Desert Locust Goggles Deluxe Package which includes solar, high-contrast, and clear lenses.  Obtain your orders by listening to the special release podcast from the Airsoft Medicine feed or by searching for Airsoft Medicine on iTunes.

(Dr Airsoft)

New gun review from Airsoft Megastore

Airsoft Megastore have a new video review of the Cyma Cybergun Colt M4 CQB-R AEG rifle:

Hey guys, We’ve got exciting news!  Airsoft Megastore TV has just been able to get our hands on the latest Cyma Cybergun Colt M4 CQB-R AEG Rifle. Below you’ll find our newest episode and review of this gun shot in full 1080P HD for your viewing pleasure.  We’d love for you to subscribe to our channel, and more importantly, connect with us either on Youtube or Facebook and let us know your thoughts about the all-new Airsoft Megastore TV.  We’d love to hear your thoughts, just comment directly on the video or post up your feedback on our Facebook page.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Facebook Link:

(Airsoft Megastore)

Tactical Quartermaster retail store opening in Croydon

imageTactical Quartermaster will be opening their new store in Croydon this Saturday, 5th March:

Tactical Quartermaster Retail Store Opening

We are very pleased to announce the expansion of Tactical Quartermaster in the form of a new retail store.  The store is located in Croydon, Surrey and will be having its grand opening on the 5th March.  Of course everyone is welcome to come and pop in, say hello and have a look around.  As a thank you to all our customers we will be offering a 10% discount to all purchases over £50 on the opening day and 5% off purchases in store for the following 2 weeks.

Please note there may be a delay on any emails to us this week due to getting the shop ready but we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Best regards, Mark Naylor (Tactical Quartermaster)

Airsoft History 101

Tim Ellwood of No Airsoft for Old Men has been reminiscing about some of his earlier days in Airsoft:

Today’s lesson in Airsoft History 101 is brought to you by No Airsoft for Old Men, Journey back with us to those days of yore (Pre AEG) when what is a "classic" now, was new

Blast from the past, SHOT Show 1986 with airsoft. 

(No Airsoft for Old Men)

G&P Stoner at Firesupport

Firesupport have the G&P Stoner & more in stock:

G&P Stoner in stock


also in stock

GP205D GP Flashlight Mount (Fighting Cat)
Mount06 Proud SOPMOD NVG Mount
WP151 GP WA Injection Valve Set
GP-AEG015 GP U.S. Navy MK23 MG Stoner airsoft gun aeg
GP256 M16A1 Grip with Heat Sink End Set (Black)
GP330 SPR Grip with Heat Sink End Set (Black)
CK045 Defender Conversion Kit
GP035 ACOG Type 4×32 Scope
GP175 M16A3 Metal Body
GP375 M-1 Illuminate Scope 3.5-10x40mm
GP422B 3000X Laser
GP487 TA31(A) 4×32 Scope
GP869C OP Type Red Dot Scope with TA31(A) 4×32 Scope
SC26 Elken Scope
GP005A MP5 Handguard with 6P Flashlight
GP077 M16A2 Stock
GP186 M16A1 Metal Body
GP263 M635 Front Set
GP264 XM177E1 Front Set
GP726A M500 Handguard with Flashlight
GP962 CQB/R Aluminum Outer Barrel
GP200 QD M203 Grenade Launcher For RAS (Long)
GP202 Military Type M203 Grenade Launcher (Long)
GP246 XM177 Flashider (14mm Clockwise)
GP896S Magpul Type Metal Body (Sand)
GP446 M14 Tactical Scope Mount Base
GP601B HK416 Type Fix Stock (Black)
GP481 M6 RAS Tactical Light
GP047A Ready Mag
GP523 Military Type 30mm Red / Green Dot Sight
SP008 AUG Metal Hop Up Chamber Set
GP944B 7mm Bushing Complete Gearbox (Back)(Dean Connector)
GP251B 9.6v 3300mAh Battery


New stock at CRW

CRW have some new items in stock:


spr-mk12-modekm557x239ekm spr-mk12-modekm555x240ekmm200-cheytac-gas-sniper-rifle-tan-by-ares-2605-pekm556x239ek


Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: February 27, 2011

  • 乙夜 グアムのワールドガンで拳銃を撃つ Part2
    乙夜がグアムの野外射撃場ワールドガンで拳銃を撃つパート2。S&W M&P.45、コルト ガバメント レイルガン、ロシアン トカレフ1935、FN Five-seveN、MP5 PDW、S&W M&P15-22P、レミントンM597などを射撃。
  • 乙夜 グアムのワールドガンで拳銃を撃つ Part1
    グアムの野外射撃場ワールドガンでハンドガンを撃ちまくり、のパート1 コルト ポケット25や、HK P7、XD-9、Px4、SIG P228、GLOCK17、HK USP、ブローニングHP Mk3などを射撃。
    Moores Creek National Battlefield
    February 26 and 27, 2011

    About Moores Creek National Battlefield
    In 1856, the first efforts were made to preserve the historic site of the first
    Patriot victory of the America Revolution. The first monument (Grady
    Monument) was erected in 1857, commemorating the life lost in gaining
    Independence. In 1899, the Monumental Association (now Battleground
    Association) was chartered to administer the site. The Monumental Association controlled all aspects of ensuring that the park would be there for future generations. In 1926, Moores Creek Military Park was transferred from
    the state to the U.S. War Department, and in 1933, it was transferred to the
    National Park Service under the Department of the Interior, which operates
    under the Executive Branch of the National Government.
    Moores Creek National Battlefield is significant, state-wide and nationally,
    because it:
    •Works to preserve the historical site where Patriots withheld a Loyalist
    attack, securing North Carolina’s fate in their push for Independence.
    The bridge-site and the earthworks are the original remains of this
    18th-Century battlefield (the bridge and earthworks have been reconstructed, but the locations are precise).
    •Works to maintain a portion of the old Negro Head Point Road that
    connected the port city of Wilmington to the inner portions of the
    state. It still runs through the park today and was the reason why
    there was a battle in this area.
    •Preserves and protects the physical and natural resources associated
    with the Naval Stores Industry. North Carolina was the largest producer of Naval stores in the world around the time of the American Revolution, and was the main supplier to England, which relied on naval
    stores to keep their massive navy afloat. The presence of many longleaf pine trees in the park is an example of the NPS’s effort to preserve
    and revitalize the declining population.
    •Offers visitors the opportunity to experience first-hand the environment that surrounded the battle on February 27, 1776. The 87-acre
    park allows the visitor to walk along trails, weaving in and out of forests, swamps, and savannahs, escaping the 21st century and returning
    to a time when America was still small, and life was very different.

  • "BuggetNuster Rocks the Mosin-Nagant" by Nutnfancy
    Rocking a 1927 battle rifle fast and furious is easy right? Well maybe not. You will find the Mosin-Nagant 1891/30 battle rifle takes a bit of commitment to shoot fast and accurately. We find this particular example also had some feeding issues perhaps caused by a sticking magazine spring which I lubed later (and some other inexplicable reasons). But at $125 (or even less) the Mosin is a cheap long range rifle that’s currently affordable to shoot. Long time friend BuggetNuster does a great job manning the gun on steel targets at 115 yards and PFIDude does some good camera work. Some funniness ensues and I just left the re-takes in on this vid for the heck of it. Come on along for another friendly TNP shoot with the crew and see how this Mosin stands up to its reputation. ///////////////// Music licensed from
  • Nutnfancy Gets His Butt Kicked in Shooting
    Sometimes you rock, sometimes you suck. Here friend and crew member PFIDude cleans the "Rimfire Dueling Tree" in proper fashion and brings home the gold in this impromptu warm-up session before running the Sledgehammer Drill. While I rocked the plates at the beginning, in the point-counting run here I was lacking in hits as my trigger presses were rushed…so embarrassing. Sometimes you’re the champ, sometimes the chump! More importantly however we are testing my latest modifications to one of my Ruger 22/45 Mk III pistols: a very cool and affordable grip mod, removal of magazine safety (with inclusion of Volquartsen Mk II hammer and bushing), and a superb Volquartsen trigger, Tactical Solutions Pac-Lite barrel in OD with compensator, and Bushnell TRS-25 red dot sight; all of which are running the first time on this particular frame. The resulting gun is a dream to shoot and is fast, reliable (apparently even with cheap bulk ammo), and accurate. Second kind of cool is off the charts as well. Here we attempt to give a proper demo of its capabilities. Again we see that high quality companies like Tactical Solutions and Volquartsen provide accessories that can elevate your Ruger to higher levels of cool and performance. More to follow!
  • REVIEW: ICS L85 A2 Airsoft Electric Gun Part: 1 -ASTKilo23-
    REVIEW: ICS L85 A2 Airsoft Electric Gun: Part 1 -ASTKilo23-
    a very detailed review of the ics l85 a2. accuracy test and internal review will follow in later videos.
  • 20K Giveaway!
    Thank all of you so much! This is a huge accomplishment! Heres a little way to give back to your guys!


    Thanks to:

  • New Microphone Testing -ASTKilo23-
    New Microphone Testing -ASTKilo23-
    just some random testing footage from the new microphone we are now using. sort of random and stupid. enjoy!
  • Sniper Load-out Accessory Unboxing
    Thanks for watching items purchased from:
  • How To Unlock Your Jammed AEG Gearbox
    I get this question a lot on how to unlock an airsoft gearbox when it is jammed up. This is a very simple process so I thought I would turn it into a 10 minute video!
  • 乙夜 はじめての弾込め
  • 乙夜 はじめての実弾射撃
  • Nutnfancy 2011 SHOT Show: Victorinox Chocolate Rocks!
    Best treats award of SHOT 2011 goes to Victorinox for their awesome Lindt & Sprungli (Lindor) chocolate they had at the booth. Awesome! No we didn’t take it all but we had some fun with it. Once passed that pleasant distraction, we get to work with some new Victorinox offerings. I’m a huge fan of the Victorinox blades and their high value, long term durability, and function make them a favorite all over the world. Witness the new 54839 Dual Pro X one-handed utility knife. It offers similar capes to the 53900 Victorinox Rescue Tool which is a win on most accounts. I will lack a replaceable disc saw and the window breaker but has, in many people’s eyes (mine too), the added advantage of a plain edge blade. It and several other similar knives feature a dual-density red handle. Also discussed are new Classic colorations, a desert Camo Huntsman, some other special editions, the Swisstools, and the Rescue. Becky does a great job as host. Thanks also to PFIDude and his Dad (PFIDad) for coming along! Great blades, great utility, cool colors, and superb quality for less. Victorinox remains a score in TNP as it usually steps up to save the day. /////////////////////// Music: Partners in Rhyme
  • "Light It Up For Less" by Nutnfancy
    The "Nutnfancy" coupon code soldiers on at (PFIDude’s website). Initially this was to be a short run discount from June but response was excellent and demand high. Therefore PFIDude has extended the 15% savings indefinitely (using the code!)…a good deal if you’re needing to light it up. And that’s just what we do in this announcement video!///////////////// Music licensed from
  • Airsoft 3/5
  • Compare the Bang!
    Comparing BFG types at SWAT Urban filmed over various Airsoft Skirmish events. Featuring:
    Dynatec BFG, GR20 BFG and Tornado Impat Grenade.
    Filmed for by Yosser
    Special thanks to Nutz, Titch, Matty, and Hitman – respect guys.
    Checkout the blog
  • SCAR UNBOXING 2-25-11
    Yes, this is the second time this gun is being unboxed, hopefully this one doesn’t break in two days. :()
  • (Airsoft Uncut) squ1d – Legit CQB airsoft action – This is a standard airsoft force on force game with pistols/shotguns only but the rules are slightly different. Players may only cross to the other side of the field by using the two windows in the middle. This game follows squ1d as RAINBOW airsoft dominates the OpFor. This game was filmed at Desert Fox: CQB in Rancho Cucamonga. Enjoy!
  • Inside the Mechbox: G&G Combat Machines M4 AEG Airsoft Gun Complete Upgrade Pt. 2
    Check out Part 2 of the complete upgrade of the G&G M4 Combat Machines Airsoft Electric Gun Rifle. ASTKilo23’s Prodigy shows us how to do a complete internal upgrade of this AEG. In this video he demonstrates the proper installation of a systema m120 spring and systema spring guide in the combat machines m4 airsoft rifle, as well as performance tests over the stock model

    *All Airsoft Guns Require Orange Tips*

  • Tokyo Marui FN Five-seveN Airsoft Gun Review
    Tokyo Marui FN Five-seveN gas blowback pistol. This is an awesome replica with unbelievable performance.

    Please be sure to watch this pistol as it goes thru the Review Project @

New stock at ActionHobbies

ActionHobbies have some new items in stock:

Hi Everyone, We have some great news, we have just received a small limited shipment of the HBX Top Gun M240, Cyma RPK 74 and Cyma 36c. Stocks are limited as we struggled to get this small quantity.

We have also now received many of our new product lines that we had planned for this year and aim to list these on a daily basis on the website ranging from gear to guns

Kind Regards, Paul (ActionHobbies)

Maruen P99 fixed slide & more in stock at Firesupport

Firesupport have some new items in stock:

Maruen P99 Fixed slide and many more items in stock


Maruzen (umarex) P99 magazine FS
Maruzen (umarex) P38 magazine
Maruzen (umarex) P99 Fixed Slide
KWA (Umarex) usp .45 Gas Blowback Pistol.
KWA (Umarex) usp .45 match Gas Blowback Pistol.
KWA (Umarex( usp .45 match mag (System-7)
KWA (Umarex) usp compact mag (System-7)
maruzen (Umarex) P99 GBB
maruzen (Umarex) P99 mag
VFC (umarex) k-pdw magazine
KWA (Umarex) mp7 a1 Gas Blowback


New items at Hobby e-shop

Here is the latest news from Hobby e-shop:

Hi every one, This time , we are going to introduce some hot items to you guys!!check this out!


Please come to visit our site Hobby e-shop and Facebook page to get more Items with an extremely economy price 

(Hobby e-shop)

Opforce DG ak GBB drop in kit

Opforce have a new drop in kit available:

Hi, We now have our Opforce DG ak GBB drop in kit on sale now just 499us. These are one of a kind custom pieces. Nickel plated steel give the internals strength and reliability. Adjustable fps, and rof via the air rig. Uses hpa, hydrogen, or co2. Pieces will be produced in limited runs. With our well known system the GBB kit uses your aeg mag. It can be ran in freezing weather with no cool down effect. A perfect cold weather kit. With rigorous testing, these were made to take a beating. The hardest hitting system with the most felt recoil on the market. We also give you a warrantee.


specs. 140 psi = 450fps with 18 rounds per second. 90 psi = 300fps at 12 rounds per second.

Dealers welcome. (Opforce)

Airsoft Global product update 26/2/11

Here is the latest update from Airsoft Global:

Please check out our new products added daily! Latest Products Update !! Please kind to visit our website ( to obtain more information!



(Airsoft Global)

The Echo1 M240 Bravo: so good, it’s embarrassing

The eagle eyed amongst you will noticed that it’s not Friday but I can assure you that it was still Friday when Tom of Pyramyd Airsoft Blog fame submitted his latest news: 

Hi News Fairy, Happy Friday to you.  As promised in my previous instalment of the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog, I have added a few words along with some photos (ha!) chronicling my time spent introducing my opponents to the Echo1 M240 Bravo (which is now available for sale at during last Saturday’s Airsoft game at Hill559 in Fresno, CA.  It would be an understatement to say that I had a metric ton of M240 fun (hey, that rhymed) last weekend.  I had so much fun, that when I accidentally stepped in cow poop, I didn’t care as much (it still sucked), but would have been way more upsetting if it wasn’t for the fun I was having.  Anyone interested in seeing some great action shots, reading a lot of words about Airsoft or BOTH, can click the following link: Taking the Echo1 M240 Bravo for a spin at Hill559 last weekend

A very special thanks goes to Dave Bakholdin, of Kremlin Photography for taking some fantastic shots of me looking “tactical hot” with my 240 Bravo. 

Thanks, Tom (Pyramyd Airsoft Blog)

Urban Assault MilSim game–Sat 5th March

Urban Assault have sent over details of their MilSim game taking place on 5th March:

Urban Assault Mil SIM game – Sat 5th Mar –

### YOU MUST email us TO BOOK YOUR PLACE ###


** NEWS **
NEW Booking in procedure
all players must email names to play
at site name will be checked off on list to confirm booking

Please let us have your empty bb bags.
** NEWS **

For Milsim Events only Urban FPS limit for AEGs 345fps,Sniper fps limit – 400fps ground floor and 500fps from 1st floor)
Standard mags and Midcaps for AEGs, no ammo limits, 2 long games 1 morning and 1 in the afternoon.

+++ IMPORTANT +++ YOU MUST WEAR suitable footwear – NO TRAINERS to be used to play in.

Firesupport NOW on Facebook join us on facebook

>>>> YOU Need to renew your FFZ membership every year, please make sure you complete a FFZ Renewal form, available from the game site



Only STANDARD and MIDCAP magazines allowed
Support gunners only allowed to carry limited ammo supplies
FOR MILSIM events ONLY – FPS limits 345 AEGs and 500 for snipers
Game fee £25

New number 07925 959398 games days only

Info – See for VCR and membership info
Info – FFZ(UA) membership now available – £5 for membership card, please supply a passport sized photo – with your name on the back of it.
Info – Please read about VCR Bill
Please sign in by by 9am.
For Milsim Events only Urban FPS limit for AEGs 345fps,Sniper fps limit – 400fps ground floor and 500fps from 1st floor)

(Urban Assault)

CQB Radio reviews APS Catapult Sights

There is a review of the new APS Catapult Sights over on the CQB Radio blog:

Hey Arn, Here’s a quick review of the new APS Catapult Sights from

These are a cool option for anyone who wants to make his AEG stand out.


– Carp from CQB Radio

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