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Special Swedish MilSim Group Mil.Sim & Mil.Ex podcast have released their first podcast: has started a podcast about SSMG MilSim, SSMG Mil.Ex., airsoft, extreme airsoft, survival, educational, tips and tricks, mindset, gear etc.

Listen to our first airsoft podcast:

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Are you an expert within a field or just has lots of knowledge within something and wouldn’t mind being phone interviewed for the podcast? Please contact SSMG by email at: podcast @ (our url)


August Airsoft Medicine podcast

Dr Airsoft talks eye penetration injuries or rather lack of them in airsoft with a special guest in this month’s Airsoft Medicine podcast:

August Airsoft Medicine podcast

We have a very special guest from the world of Airsoft Ophthalmology join us for our August Airsoft Medicine podcast. 

Dr. Timothy Chou of the State University of New York, Stoneybrook, discusses the only known case of eye penetration by an airsoft bb.  The ironic point made by Dr. Chou is the remarkable safety record of the airsoft sp0rt demonstrated by the rarity of this unique case.  He notes that enucleation (removal of the eye globe) is more commonly a result of serious paintball eye injuries.  We also again emphasize the need to wear adequate eye protection when playing airsoft, and even when target shooting. 

Rangemaster Larry provides an update on SB 199 which has since passed the California Assembly Appropriations Committee.

(Airsoft Medicine)

Airsoft Medicine March podcast

Dr Airsoft has released his March Airsoft Medicine podcast:

The Airsoft Medicine Podcast for March is posted.

We give an update on SB 199, discuss how not to connect batteries to the APS PMC AK47, and speculate about TippMann Airsoft.

(Dr Airsoft)

February Airsoft Medicine podcast

Dr Airsoft has uploaded his February Airsoft Medicine podcast:

We cover product reviews for the Cetacea Pistol Lanyard and the PDT-Tech protective gear package along with announcing our US listener give-away of a pair of ESS Profile Turbofan goggles with Cortex Clip.  We also review operation: Bob’s Rebel Training Camp that Airsoft GI executed at Gamepod Combat Zone in Antioch, California.  Rangemaster Larry provides an update on SB199 and what action to take.

(Dr Airsoft)

Gorilla Airsoft Radio #83

Gorilla Airsoft Radio #83 is now out:

Gorilla Airsoft Radio #83 is available for download. In this episode we discuss more SB199 news. We listen to several listener voicemails, and we conclude the show with an after action report of Operation Disposable Hero’s. Enjoy.

(Gorilla Airsoft Radio)

Gorilla Airsoft Radio #81

Gorilla Airsoft Radio’s 81st podcast is available now:

On episode #81 of the Gorilla Airsoft Radio Podcast we discuss California SB199, New Jersey’ tough Airsoft laws, and we review the Marushin FN Five Seven and the Echo 1 Igor. Enjoy!

(Gorilla Airsoft Radio)

December Airsoft Medicine podcast available now

Dr Airsoft’s December Airsoft Medicine podcast is available now:

Don’t miss the December Airsoft Medicine Podcast.  Rangemaster Larry and Dr. Airsoft go over details of Senator de Leon’s response to the recent polic shooting of a boy carrying an airsoft gun.

Also, be ready for same-day video coverage of Shot Show, January 14 -16, at

(Dr Airsoft)

November Airsoft Medicine podcast

Dr Airsoft’s November podcast is available now for your listening pleasure:

The November Podcast is posted. Learn about safety, health, and personal protective gear issues we consider when it comes to endurance ops. We also touch on Yosser’s blog regarding proposed UKARA changes and the recent police shooting of a child in Santa Rosa (Thanks to Beast for the tip.)

(Dr Airsoft)

September Airsoft Medicine Podcast

Dr Airsoft has released his September podcast:

The September Airsoft Medicine Podcast is posted.  Hear us discuss a recent video of an airsoft eye injury posted by Thumpy, Airsoft in Texas, and first thoughts on the Matrix MG42.

(Airsoft Medicine)

August Airsoft Medicine podcast

The August Airsoft Medicine podcast is available now:

The August Airsoft Medicine podcast brings word from the US TSA on travelling by air with airsoft guns and an update from he ASTM on standards for airsoft.

(Dr Airsoft)

Gorilla Airsoft Radio #75

Gorilla Airsoft Radio’s 75th podcast is available now:

Episode # 75 is now available on iTunes and This weeks topics include the possible end of Magpul PTS, a review of the new Elite Force Co2 powered UZI, and an AAR of Expanding Empires 6. Plus More news and listeners email. Enjoy!

(Gorilla Airsoft Radio)

June Airsoft Medicine podcast & video

Dr Airsoft’s June Airsoft Medicine podcast is available now: The June podcast is posted.

Hear about Larry’s visit with Thumpy and his opinion on the HT CC holster and the Edge Tactical Blade Runner.

The supplemental YouTube video is also posted:

(Dr Airsoft)

May Airsoft Medicine podcast & video

Dr Airsoft’s May podcast is available now for your listening pleasure:

Dr. Airsoft and Rangemaster Larry have posted the May Airsoft Medicine video:

and podcast (Larry’s bAK):
Watch and listen to learn about our experience with the DBoys RK-03 AK74.

(Airsoft Medicine)

April Airsoft Medicine podcast & video

Dr Airsoft’s April Airsoft Medicine podcast is now available for your listening pleasure:

Please find the podcast (, episode titled, "Enough Ballistics,") and companion video

We provide reviews of the G&G GR4 G26 and the Smith Elite Boogie Regulator goggles.  There is also discussion of a video from Uruguay comparing the effect of airsoft on human skin and ballistics gel which Thumpy told us about.

(Dr Airsoft)

Airsoft GI: live show tonight 1630hrs ST

imageAirsoft GI are hosting a live show tonight:

We will be having a live show today @ 4:30PM PST. It will be a Q and A night so tune in!


[link to the show]

(Airsoft GI)

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