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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: August 31, 2012

  • FREE Flyye Industries Paracord Bracelet or Deltaforce MP40 SMG At Airsoft Megastore
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    Who doesn’t like FREE? From August 31, 2012 to September 30, 2012, we’re giving away FREE Flyye Industries Paracord bracelets or Deltaforce MP40 SMGs. It’s such a big deal that we just had to blow up our delivery minivan in this short video!

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  • Sniper team – Oorah
    A bit of footage filmed at RedBarn Airsoft a while ago. I follow (briefly) two of my good friends from the LeatherNecks. Garett(Sniper) and Darren(shotty) move in on the base held by the OpFor!
    These guys are great to play alongside – good fun and honourable players.

    Music – Cut n Run by Kevin MacLeod ( 
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

  • 岐阜 越波村 廃村
  • Airsoft GI – In Depth Search Function Explanation
    The search function on just cant stop improving. However, it make take a little bit of getting used to. Luckily, Bob "The Axeman" Hildebrand is here to help!

  • 2012 08 29 21 05 10
    This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
    This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
  • AEX Tech Tips Episode 29 – How to Break Down an SLR105 AK (TM Type)
    In this episode, Jeremy shows us how to break down a TM Type of an AK with a Classic Army SLR105. This is the most common type of AK on the market.
  • MARIO WARFARE – Official Trailer
    It’s getting close! Huge thanks to for the sweet guns and tactical gear. And thanks to for the prop weapons!

    Directed by Micah Moore.
    Written by Christopher G. Moore and Micah Moore.

  • WELL L96 SNIPER RIFLE ACTION "Section8" Scotland HD
    Im on FaceBook At
    Main Channel
    Alternative Channel
    Im on Twitter at!/YouTubeScout
    Airsoft Gun Reviews

    Section8’s Facebook page is at

    Filmed at Section8 Airsoft which is located near Glasgow in central Scotland, if you wish to play here the game dates and directions etc are on the Section8 website at

    The players at Section8 arrange their games via a forum at the following link

    If you require Airsoft guns in the UK I advise you use
    Airsoft Tiger, based in HongKong

    For more information on playing Airsoft in the UK and elsewhere I recommend you use the forum on the following website
    You will need to set up a login to use the forums, its free.

    Filmed using a Canon SX1is Edited on a 27" Apple iMac using Apple iMovie

    Thanks to all the players and staff at Section8 Airsoft

  • WE ACE-VD GBB Sniper Rifle Review (HD) – RWTV
    WE released a powerful, fairly accurate, and recoil-heavy SVD as seen here – powered by gas. Tim from operations takes a look at this gun to see if it really promises to be the best gas blowback sniper rifle. Tazz is on vacation so Tim goes this alone – but she’ll be back soon.

    Product Link:

  • Tominator Interviews his Brother, The Muffin Man – Magpul AK, HK 417, KWA HK45, & CA M249 MkI
    VFC HK417 by Elite Force:
    KWA HK45:
    Pyramyd Airsoft Blog:
    Pyramyd Airsoft on Facebook:
    Pyramyd Air on Twitter:

    The Tominator sits down for a little Airsoft round table discussion with his brother, Todd Harris aka the Muffin Man. Hilarity ensues.

  • ◀War of the Roses – Medieval Mayhem
    Join SideStrafe for an exclusive look at War of the Roses! Please keep in mind that this is BETA footage, and the developers are working hard to improve the game. **Also note that I have been given express permission from the publisher to release this content.

    SideStrafe on facebook and twitter –

  • Airsoft GI – Labor Day 2012 Sale Announcement!
    Airsoft GI wants you to save money so we are offering the Labor Day Sale. The Coupon code "Greatwork" will get you 15% off of your entire order! Combine that with the savings Trifecta and you have a possible savings of over 20%! For more information visit the link below.
  • Custom Made Airsoft Gun Stencils and Decals! Is Now Open!
    Now you can get your own custom made callsign and team logo decals and stencils to customize your guns and gear! All our products are made with Made In The USA material and are manufactured in the USA! The stencils are made of mylar and are re-usable so you can use them over and over and customize all your guns!

  • Hot Shots Sauce vs Hot Shots Fan
    On our recent shoot in LA a good friend of Hot Shots Calendar tried to impress the girls in make-up by completing a ‘newcomers tradition’ of a cap full of Hot Shots Sauce (Dave’s Premium Reserve 2012).

    On this occasion… sauce won!!

  • Airsoft CAA Roni (Coming Soon)
    The CAA Roni is a conversion kit for your G17 Airsoft Pistol. This will convert your pistol platform in to a SMG style platform. The kit itself doesn’t increase internal performance or range. It uses any of your favorite G Series pistol from TM, WE, KSC, KWA, etc. It also has the ability. The kit is not ATP compatible, and to use an 18C it would require some modification.

    More information coming soon.

  • AirSplat – Guest Review JG KS90 TR Airsoft Electric AEG Rifle
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    JG KS90 TR Airsoft Electric AEG Rifle

    Thank you to Infidel Airsoft Team for doing a review on the JG KS90 TR Airsoft Electric AEG Rifle. This JG KS90 TR has a velocity of 390 FPS (0.2 g BB), range of 160-180 feet, and a magazine capacity of 30 rounds. Battery and Charger ARE included. Join War Junkie and the rest of Team Infidel as they review the JG KS90 TR Airsoft Electric AEG Rifle in more detail

  • Permanently Disable a Household Lock with Lock-Kill
    Join ITS Tactical as Bryan takes a look at Lock-Kill, a way to permanently disable a household lock. Read our entire write-up with detailed photos here:

Bob VS Tim III is coming

Airsoft GI have opened sign ups for Bob vs Tim part 3:

Sign Ups have started for the 3rd installment of the Bob vs Tim Saga. Will Tim quell the rebellion or will Bob overthrow the evil dictator? Be a part of the action this October 6th!


(Airsoft GI)

Precision inner barrel from Falcon

Falcon have sent over details of their latest new precision inner barrel:

Eight Rifling of Precision Inner Barrel for King Arms Blaser R93 LRS1


Strengthening the  accuracy and the Range of attack
Strengthen the gas density and the destruction of the force
For gun type: For  King Arms Blaser R93 LRS1
The Company will continue offering modified products for King Arms Blaser R93 LRS1

Welcome to purchase!  ~ contact Website:


Anti-slip gloves at Get-Reload

Get-Reload have sent over details of the full fingered anti-slip gloves they stock:

Full Fingers Anti-Slip Gloves for Airsoft Paintball – M Size


Production Description

  • Made by anti-slip resistant fiber
  • Non-slip fiber material full fingers of the glove
  • Offer flame protection
  • Light weight and ultra soft, comfort to wear
  • Adjustable velcro strap
  • Design for law enforcement, airsoft war game use
  • Color : Black
  • Size : M(22cm)


Save money during the Airsoft GI Labor Day sale

Airsoft GI want to help you save money with their Labor Day sale:

Be sure to take advantage of the Airsoft GI Labor Day celebration! Use the coupon code "greatwork" for an instant 15% off of your entire order, and combine it with the rest of the Airsoft GI Savings Trifecta for upwards of 20% savings! We will also be releasing a special "Fruits of Your Labor" mystery box tomorrow, so be sure to watch and get one while you can!

On top of that, be sure to stop by our walk-in store for our 20% off Labor Day Sale! Think of the incredible savings!


(Airsoft GI)

New from Madbull: Troy TRX extreme battle rail

Madbull have sent over details of their new Troy TRX extreme battle rail:


Troy Industries is famous for manufacturing advanced small arms components and accessories for the US Government. Their products are widely used by military, law enforcement, special forces, and civilian hobbyists.

Madbull Airsoft proudly works with Troy Industries to adapt Troy’s innovative designs for Airsoft rifles. Madbull’s licensed rails are quality checked by Troy to ensure a high level of realism and build quality.

The TRX free-float Battle Rail is a new handguard system from Troy Industries with a special rotary locking mechanism.

Product Features:
3 Bonus Quick-Attach Rail Sections
New state of the art rotary locking system by Troy Industries
Proprietary patent pending one-piece design by Troy Industries
True U.S. Military Specification M1913 rails
Free floating design that enhances accuracy*
T6-6061 Aluminum Construction
Black anodize (Real steal is Military level III hard coat with Teflon coating)
Blocked gas pipe tunnel to prevent mis-use on real guns

More Info and Photo >>


APS ASR-107 Raptor EBB rifle review

Nuno of Operator7 Airsoft has been checking out the APS ASR-107 Raptor for Popular Airsoft:

Hello again, I am really glad to share with you my review of a very interesting and great looking AEG with EBB: the APS ASR-107 Raptor.


Here is the link to the full review:

Thank you and all the best! Nuno (Operator7 Airsoft)

Two new videos from RA-Tech

Here are the latest new videos from RA-Tech:

RA TCEH GLETCHER KWA SRC TT 33 Comparison Report

RA TECH KC 02 CO2 mag & Charge Handle For WE G39


Platoon Stores mobile shop at The Sandpit game 2/9/2012

Platoon Stores are taking their shop on the road this weekend:

We are running our mobile shop up to UCAP’s The Sandpit game on Sunday 2nd September. If any one needs anything delivered there they can save on postage by ordering online and specify collect from shop (Sandpit)

(Platoon Stores)

Airsoft4You – Free Shipping on all Patches Promo!

airsoft4you logo

Airsoft4You is running another patch promotion!

patch deals3

Versatile Training Grenade 1st look & review from Yosser

Yosser has been checking out the new VTG:

Arnies, From the blog that first brought to the attention of Airsofters INTEL on the Versatile Training Grenade, Yosser from Airsoft Odyssey gets hands-on with the V.T.G. and gives us a run down of the features in this short video:

You can of course catch up with more on the blog about the VTG


The release date for general sale is 9th September 2012 @

Like the Facebook Page for regular updates & more great news to come!:

(Yosser’s Airsoft Odyssey)

Spec Ops / Redwolf Airsoft weekender video

Shaun has sent over a video from the Spec Ops & Redwolf Airsoft weekender:

Footage taken whilst marshaling at the Badlands Spec Ops / Redwolf Airsoft Weekender in Portland, Dorset, Bank holiday weekend 24th – 26th August.

Featuring some awesome Mini gun action, and the Raider Motor Bike and Car Technical Vehicle footage,


New SKILHUNT K series flashlights

Skilhunt have sent over some images of their new K series flashlights:

Hi Arnies Airsoft, SKILHUNT new K series flashlights.


Best regards, Nina (Skilhunt)

Airsoft Megastore: Introducing “The Range”

Airsoft Megastore have launched a new program on their Youtube channel:

Introducing “The Range” and WE Tech X-Tactical Gas Blowback Pistol

imageIntroducing The Range, a new program on our Youtube channel to be featured alongside our current programs (The P.I.T., The Armory, and Arms Deals with Adam). The Range will show you how hard kicking, accurate, and reliable the airsoft pistols we show you are. We get up and personal with a full range of airsoft pistols just to help you choose the right one! Click here to watch episode 1 of The Range:

WE Tech X-Tactical Gas Blowback Pistol


Built with extreme attention to detail, the NEW WE Tech X-Tactical gas blowback airsoft pistol is one of the most realistic and hardest kicking handguns to come out of WE Tech’s factory. This gas blowback pistol features a rugged and durable metal slide and a non-slip textured polymer frame, giving it a balanced and comfortable feel. High grade full metal internal components provide the WE Tech X-Tactical with unparalleled accuracy and range, as well as realistic recoil. The fully functional serrated slide cycles amazingly fast after each shot, and sounds crisp and powerful. Disassembly is nearly identical to its real steel counterpart and allows easy access to the hop-up adjustment, located beneath the barrel. If you are looking for a modern tactical pistol that truly stands out in the crowd, the NEW WE Tech X-Tactical is the perfect gas blowback airsoft pistol for you! Click here to see the pistol

Like us on Facebook:
Watch us on Youtube:

(Airsoft Megastore)

New Tokyo Marui shipment at Pro Airsoft Supplies

Pro Airsoft Supplies have taken delivery of some new Tokyo Marui products:

Hi guys! We’ve got new Tokyo Marui pistols and magazines in!

Glock 17, 18c and 26s as well as Sig P226 E2s, Beretta PX4s, Tactical
Masters, 1911 Night Warriors!


Visit us in store, or online in our Tokyo Marui Pistols section!

Happy Shooting, guys! Andreas@proairsoftsupplies

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