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Epowersports – an introduction

Elliot Takane (EpowerSportsLLC) dropped in a line to introduce his company based in Hawaii. The video inset that they sent over shows the level of some of their custom gear (remember that this isn’t a UK store so the power levels can go somewhat higher):

Epowersports -Custom Airsoft Guns

Aloha from Hawaii! Epowersports is a custom airsoft gun shop located in Honolulu, Hawaii that specializes in building high performance custom airsoft AEGs, sniper bolt-action rifles & gas powered pistols for the serious & advanced airsoft player. We can build field legal (350-400 fps) guns all the way up to extreme FPS (650fps – AEGs / 750+fps – Bolt Action) or extreme ROF (40+ bb/sec) custom weapons! We have been in the business of crafting these weapons for 2 years now and many of our guns are in the hands of satisfied customers throughout the U.S. We also feature unique and hard to find airsoft guns, parts & accessories.

Here are a few images of our guns:

Here is a video of our Custom Airsoft Gun Christy aka GANG BANGER:

1320 Kalani Street Honolulu, Hawaii 96817 USA

Latest dEFCON / Fire-Support competition announced…

Steve of dEFCON Airsoft has been in touch to let everyone know of the latest competition he’s running in conjunction with Fire-Support:

The Fire-Support Frenzy – The Big 2007 Give-away!

Fire-support, in association with dEFCONAirsoft, have lined up some New Year madness for you all, with the big 2007 giveaway! Santa knows what good boys and girls you’ve been this past year, but we feel that a box of chocolates and a new pair of socks just doesn’t quite cut it… So to extend the Christmas joys into 2007 and to celebrate 5 years of Fire-Support, those nice chappies have some excellent prizes that they are simply giving away, yes giving away…

Every day in January, for all Internet (that is Internet only!) orders of £200 or more, you will automatically be put into Fire-Support’s prize draw for one of their fantastic prizes. There will be a draw every single day of January… so there are a massive 31 prizes to be won! But your order must be received by 12pm on that day in order to qualify… Orders received after 12pm go into the following days draw…

Here are the list of prizes waiting for you (please note, the prize you receive will also be chosen at random):

1 x Marui FAMAS
2 x Marui Glock 17’s
3 x Boxes of STAR VN mags (M16 – 20rnds)
6 x Boxes of Excel bb’s (10 bags per box – a huge 37,000 rounds in total!)
3 x Batteries (size dependant on requirement, e.g Mini / Large / Stick)
1 x Box of Cybergun Winter Gas (6 bottles)
3 x Marui Hi-Cap magazines
3 x Marui Pistol magazines
1 x Marui Prolight
1 x Marui Reddot
4 x Gun Bags
1 x 4×32 scope
1 x 3-9×40 scope
1 x 4-16×40 scope

But wait… that is not all… for the grand finale… At the end of January, the person who placed the largest Internet order (in monetary value), will win themselves a brand spanking new Marui M14 SOCOM!! (worth over £270).

Now if that’s not worth spending your Xmas money… I don’t know what is!

If you can’t wait to find out whether you’ve won yourselves one of these prizes, check dEFCONAirsoft for details, as we’ll be posting details of the winners as they are drawn. Due to the Bank Holiday the 1st draw results will be issued on the Tuesday morning. Orders At the weekend will be drawn on Monday (3 draws).

For UK mainland entries there will not be any extra postage costs
For UK non mainland and ROI there may be an extra cost for postage up to a max of £15.

(Firesupport reserve the right to amend the rules and prizes should it be necessary)

So what are you waiting for, get looking at… and as usual dEFCONAirsoft for your reviews, news and technical info…

Steve (dEFCON Airsoft)

The NAM New Year’s Give Away

The National Airsoft Magazine (NAM) sent us in some info on their New Year’s give away, it seems your going to have to hunt around looking for images and information which will win you prizes! Well read below for the full details.



Alright airsofters, it’s that time again! Here’s your chance to get those mitts on all the goodies we collect throughout the year. Some of it we give away through issue-based contests and some at events we host. But most of it, whether donated for reviews, sent as schwag, collected at the expos, you name it, stays stacked around in the office which is packed to the gills with airsoft goodies! Even ol’ Sarge is tripping over it, and complaining about the “incredible butt-load of stuff literally lining the halls!” Well, here’s where you come in. Throughout the 10 days, several lucky winners will score a prize from this huge lot.

Here’s what you need to know: Over the course of 10 days, from January 1st through January 10th, we’ll be torturing you guys in a grueling series of LRPs (Long Range Patrols) throughout our websites, forums and MySpace pages (all accessible via the main website) to locate certain images and score your prizes! These prizes will range from posters, BBs, gas, batteries and ball caps, to year subscriptions, sold-out issues, subscription packets containing every issue ever published, NAM Girl autographs, grenade launchers, claymores, rifles and AEGs, with the Grand Prize being the ICS-27 Prototype reviewed in Issue #12! So what’s the catch? You won’t know what, you won’t know when and it will be entirely up to you guys to find the where. We’ll be dedicating a thread in the forums to this event so that you guys can communicate, rant, harass, post clues to each other and beg for clues from the staff. May the best and most diligent airsofters win!

For complete details, rules , see the official contest link:

Visit us on the web:

More Chinese AEGs coming to the market

Elmer of Checksix Airsoft has been in touch (via his Canadian e-mail account, due to the continuing issues Hong Kong is having as a result of the recent seismic activity) to state that his shop will be stocking the two following new Chinese AEGs which Arnie covered in a previous post. Thanks go out to Mike_West for his assistance in locating the brand names:

I am attaching two new China aegs that is out in the market. The Galaxy MP5 ‘PDW’ priced at USD75.00:


…and the JG M733 priced at USD85.00:


Merry Christmas to you and have a Happy New Year!


Elmer (Checksix Airsoft)

DS16 updates

Dave from DS16 T Shirts has sent in an update from him (his company have a sub forum in the forums here):

Hi, Its been a long time since the last update in products as I’ve been very busy on other projects.  Anyway I am back into DS16 T Shirts now and have lots of new updates including:

  • Kimber Tshirt
  • M249 Tshirt
  • M249 para Tshirt
  • P226 Tshirt
  • M16a4 Tshirt
  • CQBr Tshirt
  • AK74 Tshirt
  • 1911 Tshirt
  • P99 Tshirt
  • MP7 Tshirt
  • M14 Socom Tshirt
  • Huey Tshirt
  • Hummer Tshirt
  • Armalite Logo Tshirt
  • And lots of other airsoft themed Tshirts.

 All of the T shirts on DS16 are available in a variety of colours as well as over 20 different products.  Not just t shirts, we have hoodies, caps bags etc etc.  When you find a design you like click on the “This design on another apparel” to see the design on a hoodie for example.

Don’t forget that all products are covered by a 14 no quibble money back guarantee.  If for any reason you are not happy the printing company will give you a full refund.  So what are you waiting for, order your T shirt today.

Check out my Arnies Airsoft Forum for samples of all of the new T shirts or check the image to the right.

Also if you have any Team requirements or just want a one off design created drop me an email at and we can discuss your needs.  I am happy to create designs for you based on your ideas and even if you already have a design i can convert that to a t shirt of any other garment for you.

Thanks for looking. Dave, (DS16 T Shirts)

Chinese MP5 PDW clone coming

There’s a new TM MP5 PDW clone coming to a store near you. Those of you after a PDW copy, or just dead eager to grab cheap spare parts can now rejoice.

Made by “Galaxy” (whoever they turn out to be), it looks to be a pretty straight copy of the TM version although looks to come with both the folding stock and the solid rear plate:

More details are available in the forums here. Thanks go to boen for posting them there. As for the iguana in the first shot.. not a clue.

Earthquakes knock out Taiwan/HK websites

I admit that on the surface it does sound a bit far fetched, but it is actually true by all accounts. Thanks go to Guinness in the forums for the links and heads up.

Recent earthquakes in Asia have disrupted a major undersea fibreoptic cable causing massive connectivity issues and causing problems with 98 percent of Taiwan’s communications with Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong. It is expected that the communication systems swill take up to three weeks to get back to normal. For more information checkout this link to AHN. According to the news reports there has only been one death and some minor injuries associated with the event.

Here’s the note from WGC

Emergent Note : Six under-sea cable systems in Asia were damaged due to the earthquake in Taiwan. Thus, the internet links were disrupted. Normalcy is expected in few days. Meanwhile, if you cannot receive our emails, please contact us again few days later. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. [sic] (WGC

…and a similar one from RedWolf:

“URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT: An earthquake in North Asia has knocked out a major internet fiber-optic cable that connects Hong Kong servers to the rest of the world. During this time, our ability to answer emails and process orders quickly will be affected. You may also experience slow performance on this site, and also recommend you select PAYPAL as form of payment for smoother processing. We have been told that emergency repairs are underway and things should be back to normal in 3-7 days. Thank you for your attention!” (RedWolf Airsoft)

Expect similar downtime and issues with your usual retailers/dealers in Asia. Two significant earthquakes have been felt in Taiwan in the past 48hrs both pretty sizable. The first was a 6.9 the other was a 7.1 shortly after. These two earthquakes sadly happened within a day of the second anniversary of the 2004 tsunami.

New issue of AI out 28th January 2007

Paul Monaf, (Publishing Director, Airsoft International Magazine) has sent in the latest from them covering the new issue and coming developments plus a look back over the past year:

AI is the only full colour commercailly avaiable airsoft publication in the world- the worlds biggest selling Airsoft magazine.

What a difference a year makes: Hello, did you all have a good Christmas? I can’t tell you if I did because its late November as I’m sitting here writing this forward. By the time this issue hits the shops Christmas would have come and gone and no doubt you will already thinking about your first skirmish of 2007.

Looking back to last January’s issue we were looking forward to taking AI monthly in our run up to news trade distribution and I was speculating on the out come of the VCR Bill- What a difference a year makes- Last year I was talking about mile stone, this year is no exception as AI have teamed up with a number of companies to launch the AI 300. I can’t go into too much detail, but it’s going to be one hell of a 48 hour game which will include the largest amount of working military vehicles ever seen on a skirmish field. Believe me when I tell you its going to be the biggest and most interactive “Big Game” that the UK has ever seen. Don’t worry if your one of our overseas readers, because the plan is to take the AI 300 in Europe and then the US. One bit of good news is that AI subscribers and IFF patch holders will receive discounted booking rates; this really is going to be a big game you wont want to miss  so keep an eye out for further announcements in AI or at

We had a fantastic response to our B.A.P S. (British Airsoft Players Survey) I would like to thank all of those that took part; the results are staggering and paint a very healthy picture of the British Airsoft scene and you our readers.

It seems ages since AI launched in the US (3 months ago), we can’t keep up with the demand, and our first two issues have completely sold out. So to celebrate that fact we welcome a new member of the team this issue Alan Covey who joins us as our US correspondent, Alan kicks off this month by reporting on Command Decisions War games Centre which once was the training ground for the US Green Berets. Over the coming months we will be publishing site, reviews, retailer and team profiles. If you want your site, shop or team to be featured in Ai, drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do for you.

Talking about what I or in this case we can do for you, how’s about a Wannabe and gear special?   Plans are on the table to launch a one off special (annual) concentrating on? You’ve guessed it the very best from So you wannabe and Real Deal which will include the definitive guide to world camo.

This month is crammed full of all of your favourites, Jay taking a first look at CA’s shorter than short SEAL CQB, Project Ghost continues as Jay does something with the internals (Don’t as me, its all far too technical) turn to page 48, 49., The AI crew go on an away day to Spec Opp’s, our US coverage kicks off, Mark does what he does best and reports from the test labs on another pistol. This months Wannabe is on location with our take of the US Navy SEAL’s. This months Real Deal is all about what you wear on your hands, plus much, much more

Stay around have some fun and enjoy the ride. Paul Monaf, (Publishing Director, Airsoft International Magazine)

Just some random Civilian Labs stuff

Just some random stuff I found that I thought I’d post up. It’s not directly airsoft related but will suit the outdoor types and those looking for useful bits of kit for duty gear or hiking:


Just a couple that I thought I’d post were a handy item for attaching a dispoable bottle of water to webbing or a belt, and a milspec folding mountain bike (dead handy for sticking in the car boot). Both products are from a company by the name of Civilian Labs. Their products can be found here in the UK through Civilian Labs handily accept PayPal payments for their online cart system.

There’s more useful gear there, and anyone looking for more directly relating airsoft related gear will like the range of lamps and tools available at Heinnie impressive – the Dark Ops Hellfire X11 is pretty hard to find in the UK for one.

Airsoft News Network – Pilot Edition

It was about time that someone started an Airsoft podcast video, and the Airsoft News Network have added their first video to YouTube for everyone to see:

Couple of interesting videos

Just before getting to the usual updates I thought I’d add a couple of video links. These are from YouTube (specifically sniperx’s account) and show various blowback escort bits of kit including a blowback M60 replica and “project x”:

This is the “Project X” video:

As ever for videos you can find any interesting videos that we come across on our YouTube account, and various content providers linked to on our subscriptions page.

Merry Christmas

Well this is just a quick note from me really (I am working over Christmas here).

All the staff here at ArniesAirsoft would like to wish you all a safe, happy and enjoyable Christmas Holiday. I’m off to get some sleep here then see if I can get my wrapping done and the turkey cooked in five hours time ;)

1st review in a series of MadBull’s GemTech kit

Over the festive period I will be writing a series of reviews on MadBull’s GemTech Licensed products that have been released over the course of 2006. The first in the series of reviews is on Madbull’s GemTech G5 silencer that was only released by GemTech this year.

items (Medium) (Small)

This year Madbull secured the rights to manufacture Gem Tech licensed products based on factual equipment made by the company. This is the first in a series of reviews on MADBULLS, Gem Tech licensed products that are hitting the market.

But first, a little information on who Gem Tech actually are. GemTech is recognized as the world leader in modern firearm silencer design. They maintain a staff of experienced designers and production engineers to bring you the latest in silencer technology for government, law enforcement, military and qualified civilian applications.

I will also be reviewing the following items:

Along with other new products, such as the new “Shark Accelerator” Hop-up bucking set. We will finish the series with an Arnie’s Airsoft exclusive interview with the top-man himself.

In depth Review Of Tokyo Marui’s New M14 SOCOM

boxFor those of you that might not have already seen it, I have written an in-depth review of the new Tokyo Marui M14 SOCOM that was released this month. I have compared the bodies to the original renditions of the M14, and as the thread progresses we talk about turning it into the M1A.

Tokyo Marui M14 SOCOM
C.Q.B Rifle .308

Tokyo Marui has kept this latest offering under wraps for a while now and finally it’s been released. Rumors here in Japan was that it was supposed to be released shortly after the original M14 was released, but decided against it due to internal marketing strategies here in Japan. Never the less it has finally been released just in time for Christmas, or for you Asians out there, New Years! (FarEast)

SWAT Xmas opening times


Eliot of SWAT has been in touch to let everyone know of the store’s opening times over this festive period:

SWAT Christmas Opening Times are as follows:

Friday 22nd – 10am – 5pm

Saturday 23rd – 9am – 4pm

Sunday 24th – Tuesday 26th – Closed

Wednesday 27th – 10am – 4pm

Thursday 28th – 10am – 4pm

Friday 29th – 10am – 4pm

Saturday 30th – 9am – 4pm

Sunday 31st – Monday 1st – Closed

Normal Times Resume from Tuesday 2nd January

Loads of special offers going on throughout the Holiday period including:

  • 10% on ALL Surefire Torches
  • Free 5.11 Baseball Caps with every purchase of 5.11 Tactical Clothing including the Complete Set of Digital Woodland TDU’s which are currently priced at £60

Plus our usual supply of Coffee and Cakes throughout the festivities.

We now offer a local next day delivery service throughout Gloucestershire on any item for just £5.00.

Elliot (SWAT)

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