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News from G&P

G&P Industrial Co. Ltd have mailed in their latest news to us, which includes some material we’ve already posted but is included for continuity sake:

SG004  M870 Sheriff –US $206.72 / HK $1600

GP658 A.I. Pressure Switch–US $16.80 / HK $130

GP670B AK Tactical Conversion Kit (Folding Stock)
(NVG Version)(Black)–US $142.12 / HK $1100

GP670O AK Tactical Conversion Kit (Folding Stock)
(NVG Version)(OD)–US $142.12 / HK $1100

GP670S AK Tactical Conversion Kit (Folding Stock)
(NVG Version)(Sand)–US $142.12 / HK $1100

GP671S Raider Foregrip (Sand)–US $12.92 / HK $100

GP674  CREE LED (P4 Fine Grade)–US $25.84 / HK $200

Best Regards, G&P Industrial Co. Ltd

The 3rd and final review on MadBull’s GemTech range.

Trinity-TalonThis is the third and final installment in the MADBULL’s licensed GemTech product series, although there is a rumor that Madbull is going to release the Blackside, so this could be a trilogy of four!

So to find out more head on over to the readers review section of the forums to read more.

PDI Marui Scorpion barrel (and adapter)

The Scorpion was only out last week and PDI have already released a new inner barel for it:

This is a much better inner barrel.

  • Internal diameter is 6.05mm.
  • Made of Stainless steal 304. 
  • The tolerance ±0.004mm

If you choice the brass barrel,that tolerance would be ±0.02mm even though making minimum.We choice the stainless making out the real tight barrel.So our barrel is the best accuracy.

Tomohiko Nishizono
PDI Co.,Ltd.
Sales Manager

Edit: Tomo also reminded me that they have a new attachment adapter out for the Scorpon:

Airsoft magazine listings updated

The magazine covers on the front page have been updated to reflect the latest issues. I’ve updated the covers for AI Magazine, AirsoftExtreme, NAM Magazine and Inside Airsoft.

The latest issues are AI:

First off, we have a new feature – Staff Shooters. Our aim is to throw as much abuse at our staff weaponry and report back to you on what breaks and falls off, and what the Ai staff have had to do to keep a favoured AEG in tip top shape. We’ve also got an extended AEG review in which two S-Systems go head-to-head, but as a result of our extended feature we’ve dropped Personal Comms and Real-Deal for this issue, but fear not, they’ll be back in full effect next issue. Airsoft International magazine

Airsoft Extreme’s third issue is on the way out soon (source CheckSix):

The 3rd Edition of Airsoft Xtreme Magazine is due this May! Now on its third release, the magazine has come a long way from being a domestic – Philippine focused magazine into an international circulation. With contributions from around the world. Airsoft Extreme

And from NAM:

Exclusive shots of CA’s M14 prototype, what effect the clones are having on the industry as we know it, your votes have been tallied… our first annual Airsoft Achievement Awards – see who you chose as the best, Airsoft Recondo School, Howitzer: up close and personal, Expo Airsoft West

Reviews: CA’s SCAR-Light, Inokatsu’s MK43 Kit, and ICS’s M16 Series M203

Contests: Howitzer’s CA SCAR-Light Giveaway & Ultimate SpecFor Contest

NAM Magazine – issue 13

Inside Airsoft are on issue five now:

Still weighing in at 32 pages we have completely redesigned the graphic appearance of the ezine. Also changed is the double page view of the download to a single page view.

Altogether a much more professional issue, the redesign has resulted in a much easier to read ezine.

These changes have meant an unavoidable increase in the download size to just over 53MB, but I’m sure once you have a look you will know its worth it!

Inside this 32 page issue:

* Reviewed: G&P M4 CQB “SO”
* Skirmish Tips: Delaying and Defensive Tactics
* In Focus: Darknight Society
* Fields of Combat: Combat Games
* Rules of Engagement: Mission – Persuit
* New Section! Workshop: RIS and RAS systems compared. Inside Airsoft

Latest from CheckSixAirsoft

CheckSixAirsoft have the latest CA gear in stock and have mailed over an update from them:

Hello Guys from Arnie,

Just would like to inform you that Classic Army newest aegs are now in stock and is ready for taking.

We now have the:

  • CA SCAR C.Q.C – Black
  • CA M14 Scout
  • CA M14 Match
  • CA M41 SG and
  • CA M41 ES

We are also proud to announce that we are accepting pre-orders for the much awaited Real Sword Products.  Now on PRE-ORDER are:

  • Type 97 Rifle
  • RS Type 56 Rifle
  • RS Type 56-1 Rifle
  • and some of their accessories…

For a detailed description and information, kindly logged in to our website at :

Thanks and more power to Arnie’s Airsoft!

Regards, Elmer,(

Airsoft Direct updates

Mark Lewis, (Airsoft Direct) has mailed over their latest updates, including some serious looking chewing gum (I’ll really have to consider placing an order for my own night shifts):

Latest News from Airsoft Direct, including the new Airsoft International Magazine, STAY ALERT Caffeine Chewing Gum and some great prices on HFC Green Gas!

Airsoft International May 2007 Volume 2 Issue 12 We have with us ready to ship the brand new Airsoft International Magazine Hot off the Press, May 2007’s Issue! To be the first to get a copy of Volume 2 Issue 12 visit one of the links below! At just £4.00 a copy and with postage just £1.00 using Royal Mail 2nd Class Standard and only £1.25 using Royal Mail 1st Class Standard it’s great value! To purchase from either our Online Store or our new eBay Store use the following links:

“In this months issue there is loads of great content, Future Wannabe makes an exciting appearance covering the now famous Ghosts! This article covers all the basics, including great background information and all the right kit which completes the very modern look! In AEG reviews, Classic Army’s stunning CA-25 is reviewed which is a replica of the K.A.C. SR25, there’s also a shoot out between Tokyo Marui’s M4 S-System and the cheaper D-Boys M4 S.I.R. AEG. Also in the new Staff Shooters section you can see how Tokyo Marui’s M4 S-System and G&P’s M4 Special Forces perform out on the skirmish field!…. and much much more…”

Don’t forget that we also have March 2007 and April 2007 issues instock and ready to ship as well, all of which can be seen in our Airsoft International Magazine Volume 2 Section and in our eBay Store.

STAY ALERT Caffeine Chewing Gum Introducing STAY ALERT Caffeine Chewing Gum, a new and innovative product used as a fatigue countermeasure and has been developed and approved by the U.S. Military for use by U.S. Troops and Special Forces. Previously only sold to the Military, Government Contractors, Law Enforcement and Emergency Services, this product is now available from carefully selected retailers such as Airsoft Direct. Produced following 6 years of intensive development by the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research this product is the most safely effective caffeine supplement available to combat fatigue and has been clinically proven to improve physical performance, alertness, thinking, and marksmanship when used by fatigued soldiers and personnel.

Each packet contains 5 pieces of Cinnamon flavoured gum, each containing 100mg of Caffeine (about the same as a strong cup of coffee) which is delivered into the body up to five times faster than any liquid, food or pill, this is because the Caffeine is absorbed through the tissue in the mouth. STAY ALERT Caffeine Chewing Gum is a compact, clinically proven, fast acting and effective product. The STAY ALERT formula was also selected by the U.S. Military for use in the brand new First Strike Rations, as used by the Navy Seals, Army Rangers, Special Forces and other front line U.S. Military Units.

At only £0.99 a Pack it is Great Value! To order please visit one of the following links depending on where you would prefer to purchase from:

HFC Green Gas (1100ml Cans) We currently offer the highly popular HFC Green Gas in large 1100ml cans for just £7.49 each! However for those who like to make savings by ordering in bulk we are offering the chance for you to purchase 10 Cans for only £55.00! That’s only £5.50 per Can of high quality Green Gas! To order HFC Green Gas from us simply use any of the following links:

That’s all for now, thanks for reading!

Kind Regards, Mark Lewis, (Airsoft Direct, eBay store)

P99 review over at

Bob over at has mailed in an update from their information website. is a site designed to help any Airsoft newcomer, covering the basics from the ground up:

This Electric Walther P99 Pistol FPS 150 Blowback Airsoft Gun is called the new replica of the James Bond 007 gun. It is a Fully/Semi Automatic Electric Pistol has a blowback that has a hop up system and 100 free BB. This gun will shoot 150 FPS and has a shooting capacity of 15 rounds. This gun is a real life looking gun with its sleek black features. (Direct link)

If you think your readers would be interested in this, a post in your news would be most welcome.

Thank you. Bob Schmuck, (Owner,

RMW finds a new home

Ting has mailed in an update regarding their website. After wordpress pulled his site for reasons unknown he’s finally got his own domain sorted out which includes his blog and the web shop. Sadly it looks liek the old posts on his original wordpress blog are now lost:

Dear Arnies,

Thank you very much for your great help!  After 2 days non-stop fixing, the new website is now ready to use.

The permanent address is:  “” , the temp website “ “is still valid and redirected to my new site.

I hope the new environment fulfill what you need.  Thank you.

Best Regards, Ting, (Russian Mania Workshop)

New odds and ends from G&P

It’s been posted about in the foruns, so I thought a quick post covering some of the new items at G&P was worthwhile.

First up is the Navy Style Metal Body (B Type) shown below that’s out at most HK retailers. This receiver reportedly allows you to fit G&P’s extended stock without having to modify your AEG.. although you’ll have to fit this receiver first obviously.

For folks that like the tactical AK style of things coming soon there’s the AK Tactical Conversion Kit (Folding Stock)(NVG Version) available in black, sand and OD:

-For Marui AK47 Series
Including Parts:
-AK Metal Body Set (FM Style)(Folding Stock)(Black)(GP651B)
-AK47 Tactical Front Set (Black)
-AK47 Steel Outer Barrel (GP597)
-AK Slant Compensator (GP640)
-AK RAS Folding Grip (Black) (GP513A)
-Top Rail
-AK47 Waffle Pattern Magazine (Black) (150rds) (GP581)

For nutters that like the 870 style of things, they have started taking pre-orders on the M870 Sherif:


Magazine Capacity: 22
Built Main Material: Aluminum,PA & Die-Cast
Power: 1.2J
Muzzle Velocity: 360fps
System: Maruzen System, G&P Custom
-Shotgun M870 Metal Body (GP311)
-Shotgun CA870 Barrel Front Set (Long) (GP389)
-M870 Fix Stock (GP657)
-CA870 Short Magazine (22rds) (GP453)

Shoei’s master passes away

I thought I’d copy Nautilus’ post in the news area on the forums to the front page. Sadly Minoro Matsumoto of Shoei has passed away (you can see more about Shoei here including shots of the master himself at work):

Not strictly airsoft news, but I will venture to put this here as as I know many on these forums honour the work of Shoei’s master craftsmen and will be deeply saddened.

Tomio has informed me that his Father recently passed away after a long illness. He offers his thanks to the airsoft and model gun communities in Europe and America who have offered their support and good wishes to his Father during his illness and to those people with outstanding orders for the MG42 which have been suspended during this time.

The master passed away at home in peace with his family on Tuesday night.

Shoei will begin machining again after funeral observations and they humbly request customer’s understanding in this regard.

Our thoughts are with them at this time. Nautilus

May – a month of Chinese airsoft bonanza!

It turns out that a lot of new Chinese-made airsoft guns will be released in May. First, RealSword revealed the pricing of their products – with HKD3500 (roughly £225) for QBZ97 and HKD2900 (roughly £175) for Type 56, they reach the price level comparable to Tokyo Marui and Classic Army – which, taking the producer’s claim of “high quality” into account, is not absurdly expensive, as some people expected.

Gunner Airsoft has started a pre-order on the new releases from Double Eagle and ARMY – after Tokyo Marui, Classic Army and HFC, the next target for copying by the Chinese is G&G. The Double Eagle UMP will be a copy of G&G ‘UMG’ design, available in the next two weeks with a price tag of £40, while the Army ‘R85A1’ is a copy of G&G L85A1 and should be ready in a month’s time, price estimated at £60.

Also, the A&K M249 Mk2 should be out very soon – to recapitulate, sheet steel body, 400 fps velocity and price announced to be around £220 including shipping. The Mk1 and Para versions should follow soon after.

As for the ‘Rumor Mill’ part, the Cyma M1A1 Thompson (prototype of which was displayed at this year’s ShotShow in Orlando) and JLS F2000 should also be released in May.

A quick site news update – forum changes/updates

 I thought I should add a few words up here to keep people in the loop:

  1. Database fixes: Well so far so good, work went on last night on our hardware and the database, so far after the last batch of fixes and tweaks we’ve had no unexpected errors with the forums. Fingers crossed that is the problem fixed (source).
  2. Forum tweaks: As has been posted in a few places ASC announced that they intend to close in three months time which is a shame. Since then we’ve had a lot of requests for site space, team sections and some redesigns. With that in mind we’ve tweaked our sales area design (source). The sales and wanted areas are now branched out to better organise topics and help people find things.

Want your own forum section? If you want a section set up for your team, retail shop, or skirmish site we’ll set it up for you, but we’ll need some information:

  • Name of subsection  – your team name or retail entity
  • Description –  a sentence that briefly describes your shop/team etc
  • Weblink – your homepage
  • Moderator – the registered nickname you want to run the area

Email that over to and it’ll be added to the big old “to do” list and you’ll be mailed back when your area is complete.

Latest news from IronFoot

The chaps at Ironfoot have some news that they’ve sent over regarding new products that they have in and a new type of biodegradable BB:

Ironfoot has been appointed UK distributor for Super King Bio BB, with over 3 year experience of using Bios on our game site we have found Super Kings products a worthy successor to our previously used, and currently now unavailable Arte Biotechs.

Super King are available in several different colours in 0.20 and 0.25 we tested the rest, and these were the best for quality and performance in our opinion.

Also coming into stock in  the UK around the 6 th of May we have a limited number of the new Vz61 Tokyo Marui Scorpions.

Add on parts are not yet available till later in May.

Sales, (Ironfoot)

RMW not dead, just moved

Yesterday Russian Mania Workshop‘s website was pulled for apparently violating their terms of service. This might be worrying for anyone that’s parted with money, but don’t worry Ting is still around:

Dear Arnies,

It is very sad that my old account is suspended by… I am forced to use my old domain now to continue the service. It is very painful to set up all the things again, but I will try to resume everything asap. At this moment, I can still accept new order as usual. So, I am still here, I didn’t vanish, don’t worry for those who already paid for your order. :) Keep our finger cross!

My temp. new website is:

Best Regards,
Ting, (Russian Mania Workshop)

Expected maintenance downtime 0200-0400GMT

This is an update in relation to the problems we’ve been having with mysql lately (the database behind the site). The technicians can’t pinpoint the problem, but it seems that the most likely problem is a faulty memory card or a problem with the hard drives.

With this in mind I’ve asked them to do these checks for us. At the moment I’ve asked them to pull the rack around 0200 GMT in the morning. This will result in the server being shutdown safely, physically pulled out of the shelf and then diagnosed by a technician. Hopefully we’ll find it’s a memory card that simply needs replacing.

I will update with some news here as soon as I know more.

Update: Downtime 0200-0400 GMT confirmed for maintenance. Server will be offline and disconnected for this period for extended tests.

Update 1111 270407 GMT: Complete hardware check carried out, as a test I’m now recovering all data in our larger tales to new files. We’ve got a complete backup, but as the tables keep corupting themselves without warning a complete data check is in order. This may take a while please be patient. Forums disabled whilst this check is carried out.

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