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Firesupport January £3500 prize giveaway

Firesupport have £3500 worth of prizes to give away during January:

Firesupport News January 2015- £3500 prize giveaway

firesupportindex jan 2015

Firesupport £3500 Prize Giveaway Jan 2015.

Main prize Marui 416 upgraded with 2 extra magazines
G&G (Plastic) (Blowback) GR4 G26 Standard Airsoft Gun EBB

ICS-234 G33 (G36)
ICS-235 G33 (G36)
ICS (Tan Metal) M4 R.I.S Airsoft Gun AEG
ICS (Tan Metal) M4A1 Retractable Stock Airsoft Gun AEG
ICS Transform4 CXP-UK1 EBB AEG Airsoft Gun *New*
ICS Transform4 CXP-UK1 RIFLE EBB AEG Airsoft Gun *New*
G&G (Metal) GF85 S Airsoft Gun AEG
G&G (Metal) SG552 Airsoft Gun AEG
Black Bear Raider Tan mesh mask with ear protection
Black bear Ak flask mag x 2
ICS (Clear Plastic) M4A1 Fixed Stock Airsoft Gun AEG
Airsoft BB Blaster 0.20g 3000 pcs bottle x 3
Guarder black gas 2L x 2
MSM Tshirt x 2 MSM Tshirt x 2 MSM Tshirt x 2
Firesupport Upgrade voucher £100
AI magazines 8 back issues
MSM patches x 6
MSM patches x 6
excel .2 x 10
guarder gas 1L x 6
marui hicap mag
marui hicap mag
marui pistol mag
marui pistol mag
Black Bear Reaper OD Green mesh mask 
32 prizes over 31 days

All internet orders qualify in the draw.

32 prizes. Total prize value £3500
Every day a winner is drawn from the qualifying orders that day.
At the end of the month all qualifying entries from the whole month then go into a final draw to win a Marui Hk416 upgraded and 2 mags

Entries open to all countries, . UK or World,

Gun prizes in UK can only go to members of insured airsoft sites or UKARA registered players, rest of Europe can win any prize
(additional postage will be needed from non UK mainland winners).

Prize winners and prizes announced on facebook every day.
Please LIKE fire support on Facebook to get the latest updates of prizes


eHobbyAsia New Year mega sales all item up to 60% off

eHobbyAsia have sent over details of their New Year sale:

eHobby 2015 New Year Mega Sales all item Up To 60% Off !!



Action Custom SL-MK4 AEG airsoft Star Wars gun video

AirSplat have sent over their latest new video:

New video up. Please LIKE and SHARE.

Action Custom SL-MK4 AEG Airsoft Star Wars Gun


A.C.E. review: WE XDm GBB Pistol

The guys at Airsoft Community Europe/Airsoft & Military News Blog have been checking out the WE XDm GBB pistol:

Review – WE XDm GBB pistol

The Springfield Armory XDm, much like the Glock series pistol range, is a striker fired polymer pistol which is ergonomic, reliable and features both the safety mechanisms as the Glock and 1911 series of pistols. The pistol is closely related to its predecessor, the HS2000 which is widely known in the US as the XD series. The entire series is manufactured in Croatia by HS Produkt. But enough about that, we are here to review the the WE XDm series 4.5″ GBB pistol.


Read more…

(Airsoft Community Europe/Airsoft & Military News Blog)

Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: December 31, 2014

  • Shoot Further Than You Ever Imagined: T-N.T APS-X Hop-Up System – RedWolf Airsoft RWTV
    When it comes to range and accuracy, the combination of Hop-Up and Inner Barrel have to in tune with each other and absolutely perfect. The T-N.T APS-X Hop-Up System promises to allow your AEG, GBB and Sniper Rifle to shoot further than ever before. Too good to be true? Watch the video and find out!

    Link to the T-N.T APS-X Hop-Up System:

  • ICS PAR Mk3 Airsoft Demand (Spanish Edition)
    Video of the ICS Mk3 PROARMS.

    PAR Mk3- La perfecta combinación del arte de la República Checa en la maquinaria y en su calidad de mano de obra. Marca autorizada por PROARMS Armory. Construcción totalmente metálica. PAR Mk3 es una réplica de metal en escala 1:1 con el arma real. EBB(sistema eléctrico Blow Back). Función para liberar el resorte. Espacio para la batería en el tubo de la culata. Rápido y fácil remplazo en la bacteria. Gearbox partido.

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  • ICS PAR Mk3 Airsoft Demand (Japanese Edition)
    Video of the ICS PAR Mk3 PROARMS.
    ICSの最新作PAR Mk3のご紹介

    PAR Mk3 – 歴史が深い中欧のチェコ共和国から生まれた。実銃PROARMS Armoryのライセンスを取得し、PAR Mk3のロゴ刻印を再現。メタル材質の構造、ハンドガードは実銃同様の寸法を採用。EBBシステム搭載(電動ブローバック)。セレクターレバーをSAFTYに戻すと、自動的にピストンを開放し、スプリングのへたりを防止。バッテリがストックに内蔵されて、バッテリの装着は簡単。独自の上下分割メカボ。

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  • ICS PAR Mk3 Airsoft Demand (English Edition)
    Video of the ICS PAR Mk3 PROARMS.

    PAR Mk3 – The perfect combination of Czech Republic art, machinery and quality workmanship. Authorized PROARMS Armory markings. Full metal construction and 1:1 Scale replica of the real steel PAR Mk3. EBB(Electric Blow Back system) and Spring release function. Fast and easy battery replacement.

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  • Nova Sai1911試槍和改下身Hi~capa
  • CRW test fire Nova Sa1911 customs and Hicapa lower
  • RA TECH Custom GHK M4 GBB
    Upgraded with RA Challenge DIY Pack for GHK M4


    Photo Album:

  • RA TECH Custom G17 GBB

    *original Frame for MARUI G-17/18C (EU. Black)

    *serial No. Tag for MARUI /KJ GLOCK Series (Early Type)

    *New Age Steel Trigger set for WE Glock Semi series GBB

    *RA New CNC Steel Slide & CNC steel Outer Barrel

    Photo Album:

  • Update: Ken’s Props Shop ZEV Glock//4.3 RMR Platform (HD)
    Super excited to get these guys up and running…and buying more stuff from his shop…Check out below for links
    Shapeway Store:
  • ICS CXP .08 60k Giveway (Airsplat)
    Thanks so much for helping us reach 60k Subscribers!
    Follow the rules in the video to be entered in our giveaway as well visit:

    Have a Happy New Year and we’re looking forward to 2015!

  • LAST Live Show for 2014!!! – Airsoft GI
    ►►► Enjoy the video? Follow the link to subscribe: ◄◄◄
  • OP: Ironclad – This IS Airsoft
    Enjoy the video? Follow the link to subscribe:

  • Action Custom SL-MK4 AEG Airsoft Star Wars Gun – AirSplat On Demand
    Action Custom SL-MK4 Full Metal AEG – $499.99

    – Velocity: 300 FPS (0.2 gBB) / Range 100-120 Feet
    – Barrel Length: 7.5 Inches / 20 cm
    – Magazine Capacity: 40 Rounds
    – Full Steel Receiver
    – Polymer Grip and Aluminum Internals
    – Full Auto Fire Mode ONLY
    – Battery & Charger NOT included (Micro Deans)

  • Kimar Mod 92 9mm PAK
    Firing 5 rounds with the Kimar Mod 92 chambered in 9mm PAK.
    NOTE: I do not own this weapon.
  • Nova Sai1911 CRW customs
  • G&G GEC 36
  • G&G Armament Lucky Draw December 2014
    G&G’s replica is attached with the tag which contains "authentication code" & "serial number."

    G&G give away 1 free gun each month! And on March 2015, the final big prize "Free trip to Taiwan" will go to 6 winners who registered the tag!

    Two easy steps to grab your chance for winning the big prize :
    *1st – Become G&G’s web member on
    (demo here… )
    *2nd – Log in and register your tag at the same page
    (demo here…)

    Good luck!

    CQB world cup –
    facebook –
    twitter @ggarmament
    Instagram @ggarmament
    google+ guay2tv

  • G&G ガンタグ・マンスリー 日本限定特別企画!!2014年12月抽選!
  • UAC TM M&P Sights + Trigger + Prototype Hammer Set Overview (HD)
    UAC Facebook:
    Big thanks to UAC for the prototype…sorry for the long video but at least you guys get to see it as I do it…no covers! Bought the items from WGCSHOP.

Tinywind boxing week sale

Tinywind are having a week long sale:

Up to 50% OFF Boxing Week Sale! Update Everyday until Jan. 5th, 2015 @tinywind


– News Page:
– Worldwide Free Shipping
– No coupon code required
– Update Everyday through Jan. 5th, 2015

Tinywind also prepared Saving Coupons for you all airsofters.

Get news and freebies on Facebook:


RA-Tech custom G17 & desert storm CNC steel slide

Airsoft GI have sent over details of their custom G17:

RA Custom G17



Original Frame for MARUI G-17/18C (EU. Black)
series No. Tag for MARUI /KJ GLOCK Series (Early Type)
New Age Steel Trigger set for WE Glock Semi series GBB
RA New CNC Steel Slide & CNC steel Outer Barrel
RA Desert storm CNC Steel Slide for WE G17 (BK)

Photo Album

RA Desert storm CNC Steel Slide for WE G17 (BK)



Patented two-piece extractor
Outer barrel with corresponding serial number of the slide

Photo Album

(Airsoft GI)

Happy new year from Airsoft GI / GI Tactical

Airsoft GI will be celebrating the new year with a new mystery box:

Airsoft GI / GI Tactical would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year from our family to yours!

New Year, New Resolutions, NEW MYSTERY BOX!

The Airsoft GI New Year’s Arsenal Mystery Box will be going live on New Year’s Day! The grand prize of this mystery box will be a $1200 gift card, as well as other top of the line airsoft guns from Elite Force, Krytac, VFC, and more!

Although Christmas has passed, the savings go on. Use ‘xmas25’ on to save up to 25% on qualifying items!


(Airsoft GI)

Krytac PDW AEGs at Airsoft Atlanta

Airsoft Atlanta have the Krytac PDW AEGs in stock:

Krytac PDW AEGs are in stock at Airsoft Atlanta.  They also made a Youtube review of these new guns here:

(Airsoft Atlanta)

Brown ‪Magnum viper‬ boots & Maxpedition sitka

Military 1st have sent over details of the brown Magnum viper boots and Maxpedition sitka gearsliner they are now stocking:

New at Military 1st: waterproof & lightweight brown ‪Magnum Viper‬ 8.0 Boots.

Made of sturdy Magnashield leather, with Clarino Microfiber collar, high traction slip & oil resistant carbon rubber outsole, EVA midsole Moisture-wicking lining & M-P.A.C.T. response insole.

Available now at

FREE brown boot polish with every pair!

maxpedition_SITKA_DARK_BROWN_ALL_1New at Military 1st is Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger.

Maxpedition Sitka is water & abrasion resistant tactical sling pack which can be carried on the back when walking or running, or at the front for quick access to all horizontal pockets. Made of 1000D ballistic Nylon it is fully CCW & hydration compatible, can easily accommodate laptops, tablets or netbooks, and goes with ergonomic & heavily padded shoulder strap, MOLLE webbing & a number of functional & spacious pockets.


Visit Military 1st at for details. Now also in Dark Brown colour.

(Military 1st) – Happy new year! 2014 airsoft recap have been taking a look back at 2014:


Traditionally we finish the year with a recap of the best read, most popular and special news items of the year. Here a quick tour through the airsoft year 2014. Enjoy this flash back!

We wish our readers a prosperous new year 2015! Lot’s of Airsoft, lot’s of fun!

2014 Airsoft Recap:

A prosperous, happy and healthy new year to all of you on behalf of the NLAIRSOFT.COM webteam!

Kind regards,

CEO/Editor in Chief (

0241Tactical balaclavas

0241Tactical have sent over details of their balaclavas:

0241Tactical Balaclava’s are made from 100% USA made materials that expose only part of the wearer’s face. Our Balaclavas can be rolled into a hat to cover the crown of the head or folded down as a collar around the neck. Additionally 0241 designed our Balaclavas to accommodate eye protection. Available in A-TACS AU, FG, LE and Multicam!

Check them out at



Hyde Definition PenCott Snowdrift night session by SCDTV

The SCDTV team at Straszydlo have been out in the dark wearing their PenCott Snowdrift patterned gear:

Hi guys,

here’s a link to our FB gallery NIGHT DRIFT where you can see some nice night shots of PenCott Snowdrift pattern from Hyde Definition.


SCDTV Team (Straszydlo)

RedWolf UK after Christmas sale online and in store

RedWolf Airsoft UK are having a post Christmas sale:

Enjoy UP TO 15% OFF Normal Retail Prices and UP TO 80% Off selected items


Visit our RedWolf UK shop or contact us for more details

Unit C1, Northway Trading Estate, Northway Lane
Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire GL20 8JH, UK
Retail shop: Monday – Saturday 9:30am – 5:30pm
Telephone: +44 (0)1684 273070 (Option 1)
Fax: +44 (0)1684 273052

(RedWolf Airsoft UK)

Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: December 28, 2014

  • Toys For Tots Pistol Competition @ HSP CAYJUN TERROR (HD)
    Thanks to everyone who helped out, it was fun no doubt and for a good cause!
  • Zeroing Rifles with A&A (Vid 666)
    Adam and Adam joined me at Big 3 Training Center to do some Rifle Testing. But Silly Shwell didnt Zero the Optics before hand. So we spent the Afternoon Zeroing the Rifles. I will be Testing them in the Near future.

    Specific testing will be on the Radical Arms Barrel I purchased during the Primary Arms Black Friday Sale. I paid $75 shipped for the Barrel. Based on our results during the Zeroing Process, I think I have a Winner!

  • How to Make a Cascading Water Bar (Paracord) Bracelet by TIAT
    Pre-Order Link: The Cascading Water Bar is an elegant combination of diagonal crossing half-hitches and alternating (open looped) overhand knots. The overhand knots lock the half-hitches in place and add to the cascading water like appearance on the opposite side tied. This said…I wish you all a very happy New Year. See you in 2015!

    Genre: Paracord Bracelet
    By: Tying It All Together
    Design: JD Lenzen

  • Tokyo Marui M&P Breakdown Upper/Lower (HD)
    Hopefully this will help someone out there looking to upgrade their TM M&P…I know I’m doing it finally haha…so no reassembly for a bit…will be doing some videos on the parts I bought for the TM M&P! Wasn’t cheap haha
  • ASG DSA Licesed SA-58 OSW AEG Airsoft Rifle – AirSplat on Demand
    ASG DSA Licesed SA-58 OSW AEG Airsoft Rifle $264.99

    – Velocity: 400 FPS (0.20 g BB) / Range 90-120 Feet
    – Barrel Length: 14 inches / 35 cm
    – Magazine Capacity: 500 Rounds
    – Real DS Arms Logo with Unique Serial Numbers
    – Version 3 Metal Gearbox
    – Quad Rail System for Lights and Grips
    – Battery and Charger NOT Included (Small PEQ)

    **ENTER THE ASG + AIRSPLAT GIVEAWAY! Win over $570+ in product from ASG!**

    Check out ActionSportGames on social media!

  • Airsoft War Tokyo Marui FN5-7, ASG Scorpion HD
    1 of over 500 airsoft games videos at by the No1
    YouTube video maker in Scotland, over 160 MILLION hits.
    Scout on Instagram

    Scout is on FaceBook At

    Scout on Twitter

    Scouts 2014 Playlist, every YouTube video I have made in 2014

    For Airsoft advice, use the forums at Arnies Airsoft

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