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Printed airsoft related publications updated

I’ve done a bit of housekeeping and updated the magazines that are included on our front page.

We aim to keep all active publications represented on the front page. Those that we’ve had no update from for a period of some months have been removed and the new publications that have recently started up have now been included.

We now include the following publications to include Red Dot, Chairsoft Magazine, Airsoft Magazine and Recon-Rag:

 reddot chairsoft airsoftmag reconrag

We’ve also updated the following covers:

 aimag_small tam airsoftkombat Print

If you have a publication that you’d like included here, please just drop us a line and we’ll look at including it. The same goes for any material you’d like to suggest, just drop us a line through the usual email or contact page channels and we’ll look into it and get back to you as quick as humanly possible.

Bulle Molle tactical gear back in stock at Tactical Kit

Tactical Kit have sent in details of some of the Bulle Molle tactical gear they have back in stock:

Tactical Kit has re-stocked with Bulle Molle Tactical Gear including mag pouches, hydration pouches, chest rigs and many other products. Please visit to see the full range of Bulle Molle gear.

image MLE Harness £25.00

The MLE harness is one of the most versatile MOLLE rigs available in the Bulle range, and its low profile enables it to be worn on its own or over body armour as a quick way of carrying hot-swapping different types of loads if required.

image Rapid Dump Pouch 

The Bulle MOLLE Rapid Dump Pouch is the answer to empty magazines which need to be stowed on the move or in high intensity situations. With the always open top, there is no need to pull a drawstring to get magazines or other items into the pouch. This pouch is 29cm x 25cm x 10cm which makes it perfect when you have to secure numerous magazines.

image Hydration Pouch £14.99

MOLLE hydration carrier by Bulle. The hydration carrier is large enough to fit a 3 litre hydration bladder inside, and is constructed with a double layer of cordura nylon to provide insulation and protection from sunlight in hot, dusty conditions. The hydration carrier is provided with MOLLE crosswebbing on the rear to allow pouches to be attached onto the front of the hydration carrier. The rear of the hydration carrier has four separate MOLLE button-down straps that may be interwoven for a sturdy fit onto either a full body MOLLE base, such as a CIRAV, FSBE Body Armour Vest, Interceptor Body Armour Vest or Plate Carrier.

Kind Regards, Ian (Tactical Kit)

Forum news digest for Feb 28, 2010

The latest news posted by our readers in our forums

New AEG from China at CRW

CRW have the new JL SR16 E3 URX full metal AEG from China:

We finally has new model after the long Chinese new year holiday, and we have a surprise gift. The new and impressive look of SR16 E3 URX rifle, it is manufactured by JM in China. We highly recommend it.

We also have very small quantity 98K scope. Please be quick!

image image image


Chairsoft Magazine issue 1 out now

There’s a new bi-monthly magazine out by the name of Chairsoft Magazine:

ChairsoftMagazine_issue_1_thumb-231x300 Hello Everyone, My name is Bryan Giammatteo and I would like to present Chairsoft Magazine to you. A Bi-Monthly USA based internet magazine. Our website will provide little quotes from some of the articles in the magazine with a like to download the whole thing. I know that there seems to be an influx of internet airsoft magazines as of late and this is something that we have worked hard on for the last few months.

We have full media partnerships with:

*Airsoft Innovations
*Pantac USA
*Echo 1
*Classic Army
*Spec Ops Gear
*Jag Precision
*and More

What does this mean? It means that these companies will be providing us new product to review and field test.

April Issue will be a "Gearing up for National OPs" issue with interviews from Crossfire (of OP Pine Plains in NY), John Lu (of Lions Claw events) as well as gear reviews, discussion of the games, and some great gun reviews (classic army LWRC to name one).

It is my sincere hope that you all find our premier issue as interesting and excited as we did when we were making it. (Chairsoft Magazine)

Forged: Blitzkrieg tees and hoodies

The latest rather awesome Forged Clothing tee and hoodies are now out (the hoodie is limited edition run so grab one quick):

Blitzkrieg: When classic meets cool, you need to make a bold statement. Stripped down and stylish, Blitzkrieg respresents what we stand for. Announce that you’re a member of the United States of Forged.

154 155 153

100% Cotton Hoodie features raw edge seams, fitted cuffs and an device pouch with earphone grommets. *Please note: Hoodie is LIMITED EDITION

(Forged Clothing)

Rumours and misinformation quoted as fact in the name of “counter terrorism”. How one store fell prey to media spin and the ATF

Before even mentioning the quite obviously overhyped media spin that’s apparently called news on King5 (as found here and also reported here) which concerned an incident with Airsoft Outlet NW, it was appropriate to wait for the affected retailer to post up their thoughts on what’s gone on.

First here’s the original article that was posted on King5:

Posted on February 24, 2010 at 1:46 PM

TACOMA, Wash. – U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers seized a shipment of 30 machine guns that arrived in an ocean container at the Tacoma Seaport last October.

Officials say the shipment of M-4 automatic rifles, manifested only as "Toys and Parts," was valued at nearly $10,000 and was shipped from a manufacturer in Taiwan.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms found that the rifles were tooled to shoot plastic balls, but replacement of internal components with original machine gun components would render the rifles capable of firing live ammunition.

"These rifles could have had far-reaching and potentially devastating ramifications if they had gotten into the hands of individuals who wanted to do harm in the American population," said Customs and Border Protection Area Port Director, Rolando Suliveras, Jr. "This was a good interception by our officers."

The guns will be destroyed. (

To the skim reader that might sound like a good bit of news, after all terrorists were stopped importing illegal firearms, weren’t they?

Sadly this story is not about real firearms, but a shipment of airsoft WE M4 GBB replicas. From that single point of misinformation the author has then hypothesised what might happen should ne’er-do-gooders get hold of the believed killing machines that were being imported. It does somewhat remind me of a poor scientific hypothesis based on two points of collected data on a graph.

Complex import laws and the ATF’s seemingly irregular implementation of such legislation provides the perfect springboard for media channels to promote doom and gloom for their latest terrorist related story.

The victim of this media spin is Airsoft Outlet NW, a home grown store trading legally within the US. There’s now been a response from Airsoft Outlet NW. As you’d expect it is a well written article and explains a bit more about what was going on in the background:

We had 30 WE TTI M4 GBBR’s seized by the Port of Tacoma customs because they thought they were "machine guns". This is our response.

You can read their full response after the break and on their website here.

Here’s the story covered in their local TV channel:

There’s also a discussion about this in the news forum here.

Read the rest of this entry »

Save up to 42USD with UN Company

UN company have a special offer on some of their China made AEP, AEGs and GBBs:


Dear All, Some of the China made AEP, AEGs and GBBs are now in special offers:

(UN Company)

Product update from Airsoft Global

Airsoft Global have some new products in stock:

Dear Sir, We have got some new items released. Please kind to visit our website ( to obtain more information!

a_006 a_003a
Name: JM SR16E3 IWS 10.5 inch Electric Airsoft Rifle
Product No.: JM-AEG-903-AG
Name: -In Stock- KSC MP7A1 Gas Blowback SMG (SYSTEM 7 / Tawian Version)
Product No.: KSC-SMG-MP7S7TW-AG
Name: BSA Scope Alignment Device
Product No.: BSA-SC-BS30-AG

a_004a_002 a_005
Name: Element Nov Free Float 7.25 Inch Handguard
Product No.: EL-RIS-EX151-AG
Name: Systema 120 Rds HW Magazine For PTW M4/M16 (6 Pcs Pack)
Product No.: SYS-MAG-NM16AC011HW-AG
Name: V-Tech MK18 RIS II 7.0 Rail Handguard (CB)
Product No.: VT-RIS-BD0262-AG

Best Regards, Mujiadam (Airsoft Global)

Oklahoma Invasion V 1st/2nd May 2010

Fancy a bit of a mil-sim game? Well this is the fifth year for the Oklahoma Invasion and it looks bigger than ever:

Web-Invasion-Poster The fifth year for the annual Oklahoma Invasion just got BIG!

For the fifth instalment, we have a cast of new teams, a new Area of Operations (AO) and working Military Vehicles have been set. This two-day game will have more than 17 hours of gameplay, including a night operation.

This established event will thrill and challenge everyone from the beginner to the hardcore Mil-Sim player. The progressing stroyline will utilize over 750 acres that include a network of roads, townships, bunkers & DFP’s, bridges, blown-out vehicles and an airport. Each side will have its own set of Military Vehicles and a VIP Commander that has served and made a career in the US Armed Forces. They’re also heavily experienced with large game Airsoft Command.

The wildcard mix consisting of a Unit of Contractors hellbent on making money, civilian role players living their lives in a warzone and a United Nations Task Force will enhance this already dynamic weekend. This has become the most attended game in the central U.S. with attendees from coast to coast again in 2010!

This year, we are laying it down for Mil-Sim… You picking it up?

(Oklahoma Invasion)

Forum news digest for Feb 27, 2010

YouTube video updates for 26th February 2010

Here’s the latest list of updates on our YouTube subscriptions this week:

New Videos from TheAirsoftReviewer1

New Videos from 0ddba11s

New Videos from AIRSOFTGIdotcom

New Videos from UNCompanyAirsoft

New Videos from deathcoreairsoft

New Videos from scoutthedoggie

New Videos from redwolfairsoft

New Videos from evikecom

Mines and grenades at RAP4

RAP4 have a range of mines and grenades to enhance your arsenal:

Real Action Paintball is proud to be your partner in battlefield simulation and creative defensive strategies. When you need dirty deeds done in style, you need our full line of compressed air powered simulated mines and booby trap-ready grenades. These special-purpose tools will eliminate your opponents in altogether new ways that will leave them nervous to get anywhere near your end of the field.

The RAP4 Pressure Activated Landmine is a reusable, compressed air powered, simulated landmine. A player stepping anywhere on the four inch diameter pressure plate will release the onboard charge of compressed air into a powder tray, blowing smoke simulation powder around their legs with a dramatic report. You can recess the mine an inch into the ground so it lies flat, and obscure it with a few leaves, or deploy it hastily in the corner of a bunker where they’re likely to stick their foot.

Want to establish a minefield? The RAP4 Pressure Activated Landmine is available in quantities of one, two, three, five, or save big on a purchase of ten. Pick up RAP4’s Mine Charger with 12gram Adapter for only $24.95, and recharge your mines and grenades up to fifteen times from a single 12gram!

The reusable M80 Landmine comes standard with smoke simulation powder, and optional burst tubes to add a really loud bang when this mine is detonated. Completely safe and paintball-compliant, they are designed to be buried shallow, and then set off with pressure from feet, vehicles, or objects being moved against them (like closing a door or moving an obstacle out of the way). The M80 is available at two price points, by size and features, to exactly meet your needs.

When you need to cover a large area with a single mine, or a series of them, check out RAP4’s M18A1 Claymore Mine. The M18A1 shoots 200 6mm airsoft BBs at a time, covering up to twenty meters upon “detonation”…and a single remote can trigger up to four mines individually.

When you need to rig a tripwire to cover a doorway, detonate a charge when a prop is removed, or otherwise surprise your opponents, look into the RAP4 Hand Grenade.


The RAP4 Hand Grenade is as real as you can get to a pineapple grenade, but completely safe and paintball-compliant. Charge it with the Thunder Grenade charger or the Mine Charger with 12gram Adapter, install the explosion-simulation powder disk, make sure the safety pin is holding the spoon down, and you’re ready to install the grenade in a sneaky location. Run a tripwire from the pin to a permanent anchor, and when it’s pulled, the pin comes out, the spoon flips up, and boom – they’re eliminated. You can adjust two internal pressure screws to make the delay from activation to detonation instantaneous, or several seconds long if you intend to let a room fill with opponents before eliminating them all at once.

RAP4 also carries the Mastermine, a refillable, reusable mine that sprays six ounces of liquid paint over a large section of trail – or a large room – to eliminate anyone who gets marked with even a drop. Rigged with a tripwire, this is a great option for games that require mines to leave a mark on opponents rather than merely simulating an explosion in their vicinity.

Whatever your scenario, RAP4 has a mine, booby trap, and grenade option just ready to be incorporated into your defensive scheme…

…and to keep your opponents guessing every time they reach for a prop. (RAP4)

Review of S&W homeland security folding knife

Italian website Airsoft Community have another dual language review for you:

Hello! I’m Marino aka Mazariol, and I wish to report the latest review posted at Airsoft Community ( ), the Italian airsoft portal.

This time the subject it is not strictly connected to Softair practice, but it is a useful tool both for softgunners and outdoor life and sports: the Smith & Wesson – Homeland Security folding knife. Of course, it could be carried observing the local laws.

The review has also English language text, in order to be more friendly to non Italian readers.

Here you could read this review

Many thanks, and my best wishes. Mazariol (Airsoft Community)

A range of boots at Intelligent Armour

Intelligent Armour have sent in a boot update:

image Blackhawk Warrior Wear Black Ops Boots
Blackhawk Warrior Wear Black Ops Boots, fast, light and comfortable non-metallic boots with waterproof SympaTex® barrier

Blackhawk Warrior Wear Black Ops Boots are fast, light, comfortable, non metallic and entirely waterproof. Waterproof SympaTex® barrier and gusseted tongue keeps out water.

Excellent traction on irregular surfaces – Blackhawk Warrior Wear Black Ops Boots feature Vibram® ‘Multisport’ oil resistant TC4+ compound outsole has large, open lugs for traversing debris and provides excellent traction on irregular surfaces.

Price £108.00 (Plus VAT & Shipping)

image Blackhawk Warrior Wear Desert Ops Boots
Blackhawk Warrior Wear Desert Ops Boots, great desert combat boots from Blackhawk

These Blackhawk Warrior Wear Desert Ops Boots are ideal for the riggers of Iraq or Afghanistan and are used by the Military and private security sector.

Waterproof, light and durable – Blackhawk Warrior Wear Desert Ops Boots feature water resistant Cordura® and high abrasion suede upper for rugged durability. Cordura® panels breathe for comfort and help to reduce weight, a must for tactical operations.

Price £104.00 (Plus VAT & Shipping)

image Magnum Elite Spider 8.0 Boot Leather & Nylon
Magnum Elite Spider 8.0 Boot Leather/Nylon, Lightweight boot for military, police or SWAT and MoE operations

The Magnum Elite Spider 8.0 Black Boot Leather/Nylon is manufactured from durable composite non-metallic hardware, making the boots ultra lightweight and durable. With Vibram outsoles and lightweight vertical build system, this ultra lightweight boot is suited for most urban environments and tactical assault.

3D2 Max contour for tactical comfort
The boots also feature 3D2 Max contour, this enables the boot to mould to the feet of the wearer, giving a hightened feeling of comfort and reduction of rub and blisters.

Price £63.00 (Plus VAT & Shipping)

image Lowa Urban GTX 2 UK Boots
Lowa Urban GTX 2 UK Boots, urban military combat boots for military, police or close protection

Lowa Urban GTX 2 UK Boots are chosen for extreme temperature and wet climates, urban combat, medium duties, light training and running.

A step up in duties from the previous Lowa Seeker GTX, and giving complete underfoot protection in a combat boot. The Lowa Urban GTX 2 UK Boots are sturdy, water repellent 1.8mm full grain leather with Cordura® inserts.

Lowa Urban GTX 2 UK Boots also feature Cambrelle® lined, with a Gore-Tex® backing for outstanding comfort and waterproofness. Vibram® ‘Anaconda’ sole for improved grip and shock absorbtion.

Price £104.00 (Plus VAT & Shipping)

(Intelligent Armour)

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