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Yosser: UKAPU interview @ AAF5

Yosser has sent over a video interview with Matt Furey-King from the UKAPU filmed at the recent Airsoft Arms Fair:

Arnies, Airsoft Arms Fair is more than just UK airsoft buying and selling, its about meeting your airsoft buddies and all getting together for the good of the sport/hobby.

Airsoft Odyssey’s latest video from the event is an interview with UKAPU Chairman Matt Furey-King and he tells us all about what UKAPU are about and how they are helping UK airsofters.

Checkout the blog:


"I urge all UK airsofters to post the link or embed the video onto their forums or websites and help spread the news about UKAPU" – Yosser

Cheers Arnies and the UK Airsoft Community for helping get behind this!


Airsoft tactical angle sight at Get-Reload

Get-Reload have sent over details of a 360º angle sight they are stocking:

Airsoft Tactical Angle Sight 360º Rotate For Dot Sight (Black)
Airsoft Tactical Angle Sight 360º Rotate For Dot Sight (Tan)


Production Description

Right angle sight allows aiming and firing around obstacles and corners, without having to put your life in the line of fire

Dual path optics allows the shooter to immediately transition from a concealed shot to a standard shoulder aimed shot without repositioning the optic on the weapon

Delivers a new capability to the urban combat tactical environment for safely identifying and engaging targets

Rotates 360º and allows the shooter the flexibility to hold the weapon and aim through the side port at any direction: left, right, above, etc.

In training, the side port allows an instructor the opportunity to see what the shooter sees and aid/coach as needed

Fully ruggedized 1x optical sight that is compatible with a wide variety of weapon sights including 1x tactical scopes, laser sights and iron sights

Compatible  with 20mm weaver / picatinny rail

Entirely optical, requires no zeroing

Optics: Dual Path, line of sight and 90º, BK7, AR coated

Optical aperture: 1"x1" (24X24 mm)

Housing rotation: 360º


Flyye Molle system BLS belt at Tiger111HK

Tiger111HK have sent over details of the Flyye Molle system BLS belt and accessories they are stocking:

It allows you to carry holsters, thigh rigs and pouches easily and comfortably.
Combining the benefits of lower back support with flexible armor protection, the BLAST Belt is an extremely stable and comfortable load carriage platform.
Fast release buckle at Waist Belt for easy release when needed.


BLS Belt is able to attach any Molle system pouches.
For the pouches , we’ve stocked FLYYE iCOMM Pouch
A pouch for small electronics, like iPhone, iPod, compact digital cameras and such as.
It also fits the BC8 battery case as well.
The pouch features one compartment,fully padded for maximum protection,and angled top flap with Velcro and D-ring,that allows wires to exit the pouch.


And we have FLYYE EDC Small Waist Pack
The small bag is perfect for storing phone, camera or other items with similar size, as well as a number of accessories.
Fearturing Mil-Spec. Velcro & nylon sewing. YKK zippers. UTX snap buttons.


More Detail & Product Url :
FLYYE EDC Small Waist Pack

More Flyye Product:


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Airsoft GI: Updated search function & KWA LM4 stress test

Here is the latest product update from Airsoft GI along with news of an updated search function and a video of the KWA LM4 being stress tested:

Airsoft GI is proud to announce our improved search function! No longer will have issues finding any product on our site! Simply type in what you are looking for, select a category and you are done!


Airsoft GI – KWA LM4 GBBR M4 Stress Test Gauntlet – FPS/Accuracy/Sideways/Ice Cup Tests
The KWA LM4 PTR has spent the last two years in research and development, now that it’s finally out on the market we put it through a series of test to see how it stacks up against other GBBRs. After all, KWA’s model is "Engineered to Outperform", it seems only fitting that we stack it up against the well established King Arms M4 GBBR and the WE SCAR.


  • UKARMS M70 SPR A4 Bolt Action Airsoft Gun 
    The UK ARMS M70W SPR A4 Bolt Action Airsoft Gun is a hard hitting, ergonomic, and innovative airsoft gun that is the perfect option for any airsofter who enjoys playing the sniper role.
  • G&G Full Metal TR16 lineup
    G&G’s lineup of Top Tech TR16’s boast numerous features that set them apart from other airsoft guns, and there are quite a few different options of them to pick from.
  • A&K M4 RIS AEG Airsoft Gun with Rail Covers
    The A&K M4 RIS AEG Airsoft Rifle with Rail Covers is a perfect addition to any player’s collection, no matter what the caliber.


(Airsoft GI)

Hakkotsu grenades at ACM Gear

ACM Gear have some new items in stock:

Hello, Here are some ACMgear new products, we are stocking all the hakkotsu grenades:

Don’t Forget to visit our Facebook ( page and leave your feedback on our wall, discussions page or our review page. All comments are welcome as without them, we cannot improve our shop.

(ACM Gear)

New products from TD: Tactical Research, Casio & more

Here is the latest product update from


Belleville’s Tactical Research boots deliver a higher level of performance and durability. With Superior materials such as Gore-Tex fabric and Vibram outsoles, these boots stand up to any test. Check out the "Khyber" lightweight mountain boot, the 6" Range Runner boot & the 8" Flyweight boot.

Tactical Distributors has just restocked on Casio G-Shock!! Lots of new styles including the "Blackout" & "Whiteout" series!!

Reliable Purification, Whatever the Destination. CamelBak "All Clear" microbiologically purifies water in 60 seconds. Utilizes proven UV technology to effectively neutralize microbiology contaminants to EPA standards.

Camping equipment never looked so good! June Gear girls go camping!!! Coming soon….


Gens Ace airsoft batteries restocked at Raptors Airsoft

Raptors Airsoft have sent over details of the Gens Ace batteries they stock:

Raptors Airsoft is a USA Airsoft distributor of airsoft upgrades and accessories. We recently restocked Gens Ace airsoft batteries. Visit our Wholesale Airsoft page to find out more information about our wholesale program and to apply for a dealer account.



We strive for excellence in customer service. All orders ship within one business day (often times the same day) using USPS priority mail. Our website allows for easy ordering. Just login, add items to cart, checkout, and track your orders. We also have knowledgeable customer service reps on hand to help you with order issues, questions about products, or anything else.

Become A Dealer: To become a dealer, simply fill out our wholesale application and we will approve your account within one business day.

(Raptors Airsoft)

Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: May 30, 2012

    SHEW FINALLY HERE!!!! UPS is horrible to wait on lol
  • ◀Red Orchestra 2: GOTY Edition, Achtung Panzer!
    I try my hand at some more RO2 Classic Mode, this time we get involved in some armored combat!

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    E-Lite is a new product of Advanced Identification Marking Module(AIMD) Silica gel construction with Velcro on backside, could attach on any cloth or BDU with Velcro on it. Identify your teammate at night battle,a safty signal and direction pointer at night walk.
  • SCDTV REVIEW DIVISION – Zeta Lab Mosin Nagant airsoft
    Another thrilling airsoft review from SCDTV Review Division! This time hosted by Irek and Adi who molested Zeta Lab’s Mosin Nagant gas rifle.

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    AirSoftCommunity – Recensioni, tecnica e novità dal mondo del Softair



    Popular Airsoft:


  • Op Ice Thunder Pt3 – Repair the APC – Airsoft MilSim 1st Person Commentary
    The British forces, on the back foot all morning, attempt to regain the initiative from the Argentinians by getting their Armoured Personnel Carrier running.

    The 3rd video in a short series following MjrClangers recent Milsim game.

    Filmed at
    Gonzo Airsoft Facebook Page

    by Kevin MacLeod

  • Rad with BoE Airsoft & (Ret) Col Danny McKnight (Black Hawk Down) Signed Book Give Away
    I have had the pleasure to get to know Col McKinght during Airsoft Wargames at the Lion Claws events . This year we teamed up to give a signed copy of his book away to a random post made on this video below. We have two signed books to give-A Way . Pleas go to and you can order your own copy of the "Streets of Mogadishu" written by (Ret) Col. Danny McKnight U.S. Army Ranger Commander, Battle of Mogadishu Somalia 1993. YOu can also visit to support the Col and his book. Thanks for taking the time to watch and support us!
    Thank y ou to Col McKnight for his great sportsmanship in all the years I have fought him..Salute!
  • 魔Hop-Up Bucking Review (HD) – RWTV
    The Devil hop-up rubber from A+ Airsoft is all the rage right now with a substantial gain in BB velocity as well as distance. This new hop-up rubber can give your gun an immediate increase of 10% – 20% in FPS, and almost double your range with its higher performing hop-up. The design concept is simple yet we wonder why no one ever thought of it before. Watch this video as Tazz explains what the craze is all about.

    Products Link:

  • 美南ひなたさんインタビュー
    男性多数を占めるミリブロ・ブロガーの中、突如新星として現れた女性ブロガー・美南ひなたさんが綴る日記「ひなたコンティニューM」。サバイバルゲームとエアガンの魅力にハマった可愛らしい女の子の日常が日々配信されるとあって、登録後 早くも注目のブログとなっている。ミリブロ読者の 90% 以上 (いや集計するタイミングによってはヘタすると限りなく 100% に近いかも・・・) が男性なので、紅一点 女性ブロガーは注目の的となるのも仕方ない・・・、ついついポチッと新着記事のサムネイルをクリックするのは、男性ゆえのサガである。

    さて今回は、最近にわかに注目の集まるブロガー 美南ひなたさんへのインタビューをおこなった際のレポートを掲載。笑顔の素敵な彼女の魅力に迫る!!

  • "SOG Blink: HOF EDC" by Nutnfancy
    Go to–Nutnfancy-Specials–914 for the special pricing. Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 9 out of 10 (at the arranged $30 price for Black, 10 out of 10)
  • King Arms FN P90 Airsoft Gun Chrono/Shooting
    The performance test of the King Arms P90 Airsoft AEG with full trades from FN Herstal; overall, this is a solid performing gun that is in the end crippled by a poorly-feeding magazine. Buy it here:
  • Hazard4 Tactical DSLR Camera Bin & Jelly Roll Lens Pouch – Combat Photography Gear
    Airsoft Tactical Gear:

    Better late than never, I suppose. The Tominator found some footage from Shot Show 2012 back in January, featuring a very cool company called Hazard4. Tominator talks to Josue, from Hazard4 about their "Forward Observer" tactical DSLR Camera bin, as well as the Hazard4 Jelly Roll padded MOLLE lens pouch, each designed for the tactical or combat photographer. Or just regular photographers who like to use awesome MOLLE gear to carry their camera gear.

    Hazard4, Civilian Labs, Hazard4 Forward Observer DSLR Pouch, Combat Photography Gear, Hazard4 Jelly Roll Camera Lens Pouch, Tactical photography gear, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Lumix, iPhone, Airsoft tactical gear, Pyramyd Air, Pyramyd Airsoft Blog, Tom Harris, Tominator,

  • ◀Limbo – Eerily Beautiful
    Steam manages to lure me into yet another game, this time outside of my usual preference. I take a look at Limbo.

    Get Limbo -

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  • Too much Hop up for Echo1 MTC, ASC, M4, AK , SOB –

    MTC or SM parts:

  • more
    Rosie Jones and India Reynolds reveal the secrets of being a Hot Shots Calendar Girl
  • The Strafing Run – May 29th, 2012
    The Strafing Run is your look into the world of SideStrafe, what games am I playing, looking forward to, or just generally ranting about? Stay tuned each week for a new episode!

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  • The world’s best Airsoft trip wire Grenade? – We think so!
    I take a look at the new APS Hakkotsu trip wire grenade. I take a look at this über cool trip wire grenade. This device expels a 130+ decibel ‘bang’ when it goes off so care needs to be used in the placement of this device – i.e. preferably outdoors or on the outside of entry/exit points of buildings.

    For further information check out


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    This video was filmed at Hilltop Airsoft in Co.Wicklow

  • UTG Golden Image 4×32 Airsoft Scope Overview
    Just a quick overview of the UTG 4×32 Metal Airsoft Scope; this is a very nice scope for the price but besides the nice packaging, it’s really the same as any other on Airsoft Station. Buy it here:×32-scope–mil-dot-reticle–1-4-moa–1–tube–weaver-rings.html
  • ◀ArmA 2: DayZ – Morning Bean Run
    Enjoying another morning in the world of DayZ, the latest patch raises some very interesting questions.

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  • CAW M134 Tripod Test pt.2
    メンテ完了したので作動テストを兼ねて久しぶりにトライポッドを引っぱり出してきました。首を振りやすいようにベアリングを入れたら今度は軽すぎて違和感が。w 強風で砂埃が凄く途中で終了。計8000発ちょい撃ちましたが快調。

UFPRO Sniper Garment System in PenCott Camo

imageHyde Definition have sent over details of the latest products using their PenCot-GreenZone camouflage:

Slovenian clothing maker UFPRO have updated their website with up-close detailed photos of their Sniper Garment System made from Hyde Definition’s PenCott-GreenZone camouflage. They are also manufacturing the ensemble in Badlands. UFPRO designed and supplied the current Slovenian Army combat clothing ensemble, as well as garment systems for the Slovenian Customs and Prison services.


Visit the UFPRO website for further details about their Sniper Garment System:

Visit Hyde Definition’s website for further info about the PenCott Multi-Terrain Camouflage Pattern Family:

(Hyde Definition)

SCDTV review: Zea Lab Mosin Nagant gas rifle

Michał of Straszydlo has sent over the latest SCDTV video review:

Hi again! Here’s a link to our latest video review:

It’s in English so, we hope, you’ll understand what Irek said :D

Cheers, Michał

CYMA US Army M14 SOCOM AEG @Get-Reload

Get-Reload have sent over details of the CYMA US Army M14 SOCOM AEG they are stocking:

CYMA US Army M14 SOCOM AEG Black (CM032A-BK)


Production Description

  • Manufacturer: CYMA
  • Metal Upper receiver, front sight, adjustable rear sight and cocking handle
  • 400 rds hi-cap magazine, cock to open bolt (not electric blowback)
  • Reinforcement polymer stock
  • Compatible with Tokyo-Marui Parts
  • Adjustable Hop-up


Gladstone Boots: Last Day For FREE Delivery

Gladstone’s offer of free delivery ends today, get your SWAT Boots (for example) now to enjoy free delivery:


Op: Steel Talon, July 20-22nd, Bennett, CO

Colorado Milsim have sent over details of their upcoming event, Operation: Steel Talon:

Operation: Steel Talon
July 20 -22, 2012
Bennett, CO
WHEN: July 20th-22nd, 2012
CHIEF OF STAFF: Colorado Milsim
LOCATION: Bennet, Colorado
PLAYER REQUIREMENTS: Must be 13+ and Registered for event
REGISTRATION / SIGN UP: OP: Steel Talon Registration
American Republic(Green)
Tiger Stripe
Russian Uniforms (Ex. Kamysh)
United States Forces(Tan)
Desert 3 Color
Desert Tiger Stripe
RULESET: OP:Steel Talon Rules
OP: Steel Talon Rules
Operation Steel Talon takes place in the Red Shadow world.


Premise: The US Forces were able to prevent the American Republic forces from securing their base which halted the advance south towards Colorado Springs. This stalemate in the mountains has caused the American Republic to focus on other strategies. And the siege of Denver has begun. The US Forces were forced to expend too much man power and still is not receiving the reinforcements it needs. Highways, rail lines and airfields have become a commodity that must be protected if the US hopes to take back Denver.


Casey Meraz

(Colorado Milsim)

Airsoft Megastore goes to Lion Claws XI–pre op videos

Here is the latest news and video update from Airsoft Megastore:

Airsoft Megastore Goes to Lion Claws XI – Pre-Op Videos
Which in-game character would you choose?

We’re excited to announce and release our pre-Lion Claws XI video. This is our very first official loadout video. Our loadouts consist of Flyye Industries tactical gear and Airsoft Megastore Armory M4 variants. All which are exclusive to only Airsoft Megastore and can be purchased from us online. Gamers excite!

We are the exclusive American dealer of Flyye Industries tactical gear and AMA M4 aegs:


From the battlefield to the airsoft field, Flyye Industries has gathered a reputation for making ultra-durable high grade tactical gear capable of enduring the most stressful combat environments.  Flyye Industries’ tactical gear is made with 1000D Invista Cordura Nylon and features reinforced double and triple stitching in high stress areas, which is why soldiers and contractors around the globe trust and use Flyye tactical gear.  Flyye Industries supplies their high grade tactical gear to private military contractors, special forces, military, and law enforcement groups worldwide.   Flyye Industries also uses Crye Precision and DCS A-TACS trademarked fabric, granting a variety of camouflage and concealment options.  Airsoft players have embraced Flyye’s high quality tactical gear, recognizing its superior construction and relatively low price tag.  Flyye Industries even won the title of “Best Tactical Gear Maker” from Popular Airsoft’s Player’s Choice Awards!  If you are looking for the most authentic and high grade tactical gear to complete your airsoft loadout, Flyye’s line of top-tier military grade tactical gear is your best option.

Click here for our full line up of Flyye Industries tactical gear


Airsoft Megastore Armory AEGs are designed from the bottom up with one goal, to provide airsoft players with the most realistic and fully upgraded premium performance AEGs for the best price. We feel that we have succeeded in our mission with our line of full metal electric blowback, factory upgraded, and MOSFET enhanced AEGs.

Click here for our full line up of Airsoft Megastore Armory M4 variants

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New products for WE G39 from FG-Airsoft

FG-Airsoft have sent over details of two new parts they have produced for the WE G39:

Hello, We have just added on our website two new products for the WE G39.  I hope they will interest you and your readers.

Ref 50067 and Ref 50068: Barrel nut for WE G39


The barrel nut for WE G39, will increase the accuracy of your WE G39 by allowing an efficient tightening of the barrel on the body. It’s made of phosphated steel, CNC machined

Light or dark gray finishes are available.

   – products pages:

   – video:

Ref 50069: Barrel nut tool for WE G39


Barrel nut tool for WE G39 made of stainless steel
    – product page:

   – video:


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