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Tokyo Marui AEG offer from Firesupport

Firesupport have sent over details of their December Tokyo Marui AEG offer:

Tokyo Marui AEG offer

During December we are having Marui Madness

10% off any Tokyo Marui AEG and a free FFZ / Urban Assault games voucher

The 10% will be deducted off the web price of any AEG after you have placed your order.



Does it really make it quieter?

Carp at CQB Radio has spotted an interesting video over at eHobbyAsia:

Hey Arn, Found this over at EHobbyAsia.  They claim (and test their theory) in the video to see if it makes the AEG shoot more quietly.

Does it really make it quieter?

Thought your viewers might want to see it and decide for themselves.

– Carp

(CQB Radio)

Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: November 30, 2011

  • Time Lapse: Canon 600D (T3i) DSLR
    Camera: Canon 600D (T3i)
    Lens: Canon EF-S 18-55mm

    1st Scene: Victoria Harbour
    2nd Scene: Two IFC
    3rd Scene: Reclamation Site in Central
    4th Scene: Apple Shop at IFC Mall
    5th Scene: Fa Yuen Street

  • How to Make the Back-to-Back Zipper Sinnet by TIAT
    The Back-to-Back Zipper Sinnet is another fusion knot that points out the versatility and applicability of the "back-to-back" tying technique. In addition to illustrating another addition to the back-to-back genera, I also present a personal fact about my life, that I hope you find interesting. In short this tie has special significance to me and the way I see the world.
  • Pro-Am, Rockcastle Shooting Center, Brownells and Hornady all teamed up to create one of the best 3-Gun events ever developed. With over 500 shooters, this event had both professional courses and amateur courses, which helped introduce a whole new segment of 3-Gunners to the game. 3-Gun Nation cameras were rolling during this landmark event.
  • A&K M60VN Review – Range Test – Pyramyd Airsoft Blog
    A&K M60VN:

    Pyramyd Air Social Media Networks:
    Airsoft Blog:
    YouTube Channel:
    Facebook Page:

    Not real impressed initially, but I know that this gun can do better. The hop-up didn’t seem real responsive, so I’m wondering if something’s out of whack. Stay tuned for the follow-up once my investigation is complete.

  • 3-Gun Nation Episode 10 Trailer

    3-Gun Nation heads to Kentucky for the first annual / Rockcastle Pro-Am. Watch as 3GN goes behind-the-scenes with the father/daughter duo Katie and Joe Harris. 16 year old Katie is well on her way to becoming one of the top females in the game as her Dad helps her along the way.

  • Installation of new version Ajax Customs Shock Transfer System STS in M4
    Ajax shows us how to properly install the new version STS.
  • Airsoft GI – WTF is Bob Doing? Don’t ever put BBs that have fallen on the ground in your gun!
    Don’t ever put BBs that have fallen on the ground in your gun! They can be used for claymores or BB showers but dirty BBs can really mess up your airsoft gun.
  • Airsoft GI – KJW M700 Gas Powered Bolt Action Sniper Rifle (Quick Take-Down Version)

    The KJW is the best bang for buck gas sniper rifle on the market. It shoots hard, doesn’t need upgrading, it’s built well, and it’s very accurate due to the long barrel. This thing really has it all.

  • Airsoft Megastore TV – WE Tech FN SCAR – Gas Blowback (GBB)
    Listen to the sound of this GUN! Gas Blow Back has never sounded SOOO good! Call the Doctor, ‘cuz this WE Tech FN Scar is is #&*@ing SICK!!!!!!!!!

    Link to Gun:

    Join Us:

  • ukulele
  • Tac City Airsoft with Casper from RAINBOW &
    We head to Tac City airsoft to check out the field. This is a video that Casper from RAINBOW airsoft edited together for you guys. Check it out and let us know what you think.
  • BOLT B4A1 EBB – Test 2
    Speed test with 9.6v & 10.4v
  • Stoner MK23 G&P review
    Stoner MK23 G&P review
  • Echo1 MTC1 used at SS Airsoft


    Red Dot: UTG SCP-DS3840W
    Light:UTG 126Lumen LT-ZL168
    Loudener: Socom Gear Noveske KX3 Flash Hider in Black (CCW)
    Lipo: Socom Gear #7 Tri Panel StickLipoly 11.1v 1000mAh. 10c

    Gearbox: Echo1 V3
    Bearings: Modify 8mm Ceramic Bearing Set
    Motor: Echo1 High Torque Short Shaft Motor
    Gears: Echo1 MAX Series Super High Speed Gear Set (13:1)
    Piston: MODIFY Ultra Piston (7 Metal tooth)
    Piston Head: Echo1 MAX Series Aluminum Piston Head
    Cylinder Head: Modify V2/V3 Cylider Head
    Spring: MadBull Airsoft M120 Spring
    Spring Guide: Modify V3 Rotary Spring Guide

  • CYMA MP5 PDW Airsoft Gun Review
    A review of the CYMA MP5 PDW, available here:
    This gun is amazingly solid with a great feel to it straight out of the box. With an included mid cap magazine and folding stock, this gun gets my seal of approval easily!
  • "Inception Sledge" Pt 2 by Nutnfancy
    In Part 2 I field the complaints on the Sig P250. The PFIs don’t like its trigger. I’m actually not a big fan of DAO either but I’ve learned how to stage them for accurate shooting. Without that skillset, you probably won’t like it either (and we discuss the details of that). But in my testing the Sig P250 has proven itself light, accurate, reliable, and affordable (this was its third outing). Somewhere along the way PFIDude pitches the P250 in the dirt, providing more hilarity to me (snap up!). And returning from a trip back to CZ-USA for service, the CZ P07 .40 enters the fray as well. It still fails to go into battery once with PFIDude but it’s fast and accurate with a great trigger and all the shooters like it. Lots of AR-15 shooting and joking around continues as well. The TNP Rock River Arms "Elite Operator2" (whose name continues to confuse me) excels in all phases, once again confirming to me nothing is broke about a DI AR-15. The scope I run on this gun is the excellent Burris Fullfield II Tactical in OD and we find it to be ideal in the course of fire.//////////////////////////Music licensed to TNP from Jason Shaw
  • EvikeTV – Box of Awesomeness Shopping Spree Winner (Ep. 5)

    Check out this mini-series about our Box of Awesomeness winner, Ryan, who won the $500 shopping spree at the Evike Super Store & a all expenses paid round-trip to our store! We took him around LA, showed him some cool airsofting, ate some bomb food, and took him down to Hollywood! Wish this was you? Look out for the next Box of Awesomeness with a "All expenses paid trip" to the Evike store & we could feature you in the next mini-series!

    Stay tuned to EvikeTV for more episodes coming!

  • S.O.TECH – BQETC Load Video – 2
    How to load the S.O.TECH BLOCS Quick Eject Tourniquet Carrier when already mounted on a MOLLE/PALS webbing surface.

    S.O.TECH Home Page:
    BQETC product page:

  • S.O.TECH – BQETC Load Video -1
    How to load the S.O.TECH BLOCS Quick Eject Tourniquet Carrier when handheld.

    S.O.TECH Home Page:
    BQETC product page:

  • Echo1USA Custom Gun Contest

    Follow our facebook page to enter in the latest contests!

Two new videos from Airsoft Megastore

Airsoft Megastore have sent over two new videos:

Airsoft Megastore TV – JG UA-4 AUG Urban Assault Hybrid Field Test & Review Feature

Airsoft Megastore experts David & Vince find themselves pinned down by some heavy suppressive fire, and there’s only one gun that is up to the challenge. The JG AUG UA-4 RIS AEG! This video demonstrates the unique features and versatility of the JG AUG UA-4 Airsoft AEG in a combat environment.

Link to Gun in Video, Link to Scope
Check out the full line of JG AUG AEGs here

Airsoft Megastore TV – WE Tech FN SCAR – Gas Blowback (GBB) Overview

We finally got our hands on the amazing  WE Tech FN SCAR Gas Blowback Closed Bolt Airsoft Rifle, and we are blown away! This Gas Blowback SCAR has a crisp and solid recoil, with a great rate of fire! We just had to show off some of the great features of this WE Tech FN SCAR Gas Blowback Rifle in a video as polished and fun as this rifle!

Link to Gun

(Airsoft Megastore)

AR57 licensed accessories coming soon from Madbull

Madbull are producing licensed AR57 accessories:


Madbull just signed a licensing agreement with AR57!

AR57 is a United States-based manufacturer or rifles and firearm accessories, including upper assemblies, magazines, ammunition, scopes, and barrels.

Madbull Airsoft is proud to begin working with AR57 to adapt their innovative rifle and accessory designs for use in Airsoft replica guns.

This cooperation means that Airsoft players will have a greater selection of realistic accessories with which to build their loadouts. In addition, these accessories will be manufactured to the highest standard to live up to the AR57 reputation. Finally, licensing ensures that the brilliant engineers are properly compensated for their intellectual property.


Classic Army Augs back in stock at Wolf Armouries

Wolf Armouries have the Classic Army Aug A2 back in stock:


After an extremely long wait, we finally have Classic Army AUGs back in. The Sportline A2 short version is available as well as the System 7 KWA M93R gas blowback pistol featuring full auto and 3 round burst fire mode.

(Wolf Armouries)

Redwolf Airsoft – Tuesday is the new Monday – get Cyber Monday deals today too!

From Redwolf Airsoft:

Tuesday is the new Monday!

Did you miss out on our one day only Cyber Monday deals?  Well due to popular demand, we are extending it for one more day into “Cyber Tuesday”.

Check out the big savings on selected brands below!


The list of BRANDED DISCOUNT for Cyber Tuesday:

– 25% OFF ALL WILEY X Eyewear
– 15% OFF ALL KJ
– 25% OFF ALL Cybergun (Including Free Shipping)

*Coupon code discounts do not apply to Cyber Monday Sale.

Stock is going fast so hurry before we sell out!

(Redwolf Airsoft)

D-Boys sniper & electric rifles @Hobby e-shop

Hobby e-shop have some new items in stock:



D-boys KAR 98K Sniper Rifle (Real Wood Version)
D-boys Full Metal M4 CASV Electric Airsoft Rifle (BK)

D-boys SPR Electric Airsoft Rifle

YouTube Channel
Please come to visit our site Hobby e-shop and like Facebook page to get more Items with an extremely economy price 

(Hobby e-shop)

New product from

imageJeffrey of has sent over some pictures of the new CNC 416 receiver for Systema PTW they having coming soon:

This is Jeffrey of

We have got a new product coming up, (Full CNC 416 receiver for Systema PTW)


Depends on different regulations in different country, it will come with or without markings.

When it comes with markings, it will have everything on it. (down to the finest detail)


Op: Homeland–March/April 2012

C3 Tactical have sent over details of Operation Homeland:

C3 Tactical invite you to a very special THREE DAY event coming first quarter, 2012.
Its Civil War once again and the revolution is building and it’s time to decide on you’re allegiance; Parliamentarian or Royalist.


With player spaces at 250 this is to be a truly epic event, spanning three full days and nights of all out war across Sennybridge village in the Welsh mountains.
Forces are split into two sides each with it’s own objectives and command structure. Using a dedicated radio net each side’s C.O. will be able to co-ordinate his sections in the attack and defence of Senny’s 20+ buildings and surrounding woodland across the three day operation. 
With constant gameplay, both day and night, it’s going to be a combination of focus, endurance and strategic planning that will decide the victor.
To determine the future governance of Great Britain; Royal decree or the Public voice you will decide, with your life.

Constant safe zone and sleeping areas will be open at all times for a chance to get heads down or have a pause from the battle. 
On site shop and gun maintenance areas will also be available to stock up on the much needed ammo and pyro to clear the buildings, or to fix any guns that may go down.
The lads from Swindon Airsoft will be running their store at the event so you will get a chance to pick up new toys and try them out first hand or grab last minute magazines or tac-lights for the night ops.

DATE: Final date is TBC still but it should be March/April 2012.
PRICE: £85 p/p
Cammo / DPM or civvy 
Cammo / Multi-Cam only
RULES: Unlimited Mid-caps or one high cap.
Special player roles TBA
Dedicated radio net organisation
More to follow…
CONTACT: with any questions
BOOKING: booking@c3tactical with the name of the event and the side you are booking into as the subject;
i.e. subject: Homeland/Royalist
Then names and numbers in body of the email.

(C3 Tactical)

Airsoft GI Cyber Week specials & special Christmas shipping

Airsoft GI have sent over details of their Cyber Week specials:

We have some awesome special deals for Cyber Monday and Cyber Week! Make sure to check them out right away because some of the shocker specials end at midnight tonight, and the deals are so great they won’t last long!


And we have special shipping guarantees to make sure that you can get all of your awesome new airsoft stuff in time for Christmas! Check them out!


(Airsoft GI)

Blackhawk boots at Wolf Armouries

Wolf Armouries have some new Blackhawk boots in stock:


Lightweight, breathable and water resistant boots from Blackhawk. Featuring steel shank support, Dri-Lex inner lining and durable Vibram sole. Black Ops and Desert Ops models available.

(Wolf Armouries) Cyber Week sale: Up to 50% savings

AirsoftFix are having a week long sale: is now officially in Cyber Week – it’s like Cyber Monday, but the deals last all the way until the end of day Saturday, 12/3/11!

AirsoftFix would also like to point out that all orders, regardless of amount or destination, qualify for USPS Priority Mail and UPS Ground Shipping! Also, because of our location in Anchorage, Alaska, we do not charge sales tax! This means if you live in California, you are saving about 9.25% by shopping with AirsoftFix! Our unique location also allows us to serve you quicker than some continental US retailers, as all USPS and UPS shipments leaving Alaska fly directly to you. On average, our customers receive their orders 4.42 days after they check-out!

With all of the above said, it sounds like ordering anything from AirsoftFix would be a great deal! But, we just don’t know when to stop, and have put out some great Cyber Week deals!

KWA USA 6mm 0.20g Perfect BBs (4000rd Bag) $9.99 @
KWA USA 6mm 0.25g Perfect BBs (3000rd Bag) $9.99 @
KWA USA 6mm 0.30g Perfect BBs (2200rd Bag) $9.99 @
Lonex M4 Series 360rd Flash Magazine $19.99 @
Lonex AK Series 520rd Flash Magazine $21.49 @
Click here to shop Internal Parts @
Click here to shop NiMH Batteries @

We have other items on the site on sale, and will be adding new products to the site during the week, so check back often! Check out the link below for our Facebook page, where you can get the latest updates when we add products or when we make changes to our site.

Click here to Like AirsoftFix on Facebook, where you can stay up-to-date on the latest products and news!

Thanks for reading and happy shopping! (AirsoftFix)

TMC stock update 28/11/11

Tokyo Model Company have some new items in stock:

Dear Tokyo Model Company Member & Customer, Beta Project Tactical AK AEG, RA TECH CNC Steel Outer Barrel for KSC MK23 and RA TECH CNC Steel Outer Barrel for KSC G17 and G19 are ready to ship for Customers now!!!! Other new items are ready to ship too. Please check below link & Picture about the new item please or please visit the web-site(

New Items:



Please feel free contact us to check the item please!!!!(

Please check for other item please.

(Tokyo Model Company)

Nominations open for 2nd Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards

Nominations for the 2nd Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards from Popular Airsoft are now open:

2nd Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards Nominations Now On!

We can now say that the Nomination Period has now started so better start making your list of Nominees for the Awards. In cooperation with Edgar Brothers Airsoft, the 2nd Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards is now open. This is the biggest online event for airsoft players to show their appreciation to airsoft manufacturers, communities, products, retailers, bloggers, publications, new sites, reviewers, and players who without them airsoft would not become as to what it is right now.

Submit your nominees now!


(Note: Arnies Airsoft was voted as the Best English Language Airsoft News Site and Best Airsoft Community/Forum in the 1st Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards)

(Popular Airsoft)

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