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Madbull Megafins Key-Mod handguard rail 7" 9" 11" 13"

Madbull have sent over details of the Strike Industries Megafins:


The Strike Industries Mega Fins hand guard rail is an ultra light weight handguard rail with a plethora of features. The Mega Fins rail is named after the "fins" in the interior of the rails that aid in dissipating heat from the barrel. The Mega Fins features a full 7 sided (heptagonal) Keymod system which allows for maximum modularity in rail placement. Strike Industries have taken every step to insure our hand guard is ergonomic and supremely light weight without sacrificing durability or quality. The Mega Fins come is a variety of lengths: 7” 9” 11” and 13”.

Package include
1 x Mega Fins handguard rail
1 x Barrel nut
7 x Screws
1 x Allen wrench

Supremely Lightweight
Full-length 7-angled Heptagonal Keymod system
Mega Fins Heat Dispersal Technology 
Continuous 1913 Picatinny Top Rail

Click for more info and photo>>


AirSplat weekly update January 31st 2014

Here is all the latest news from AirSplat:

AirSplat’s WHAT THE BUCK II! Guns that Don’t Suck for a Buck! (WEEK 3)


AirSplat’s Take Our Money Sale! $60 OFF!
We want you to take our money! Starting February 3rd, you can get $60 off your order over $150! That is up to 40% off! Spend over $150, add your $60 Gift Card to your cart and use coupon code TAKEIT at check out and you can TAKE OUR MONEY!


BRAND NEW GUN Coming Soon to AirSplat! – PTS Aggressor-T


Coming Soon to AirSplat! – King Arms Tac21


Socom Gear Limited 24k Gold 1911 GBB $184.99


Coming Soon to AirSplat! – King Arms VSS Vintorez


Coming Soon to AirSplat! – PREDATOR 38 x 168mm Barrel Extension – 14mm Counter Clockwise



New Items from H&K & Umarex @Jag Precision

Jag Precision have some new items from H&K and Umarex in stock:


HK MP5 K 2278072 Black rs

Elite Force H&K MP5K Competition Series Black
more info

Walther PPS Airsoft 2272804 rs

Umarex CO2 Walther PPS Blow Back Pistol
more info


Umarex Walther PPS CO2 Magazine – 14rd
more info

(Jag Precision)

Airsoft Squared hub pages

Airsoft Squared have added a couple of new features to their website:

Hi, Airsoft Squared just released a couple of new functionalities and we wanted to tell you about it :

1. As more and more brands and bloggers come on Airsoft Squared to communicate about their new products, we created "Hub" pages for brands. Hub pages let users follow all the news and reviews about their favorite brands. Example with a these manufacturers :

Tokyo Marui (link is
King Arms (link is
G&G (link is
WE Airsoft (link is
KWA : (link is
Classic Army (link is
Cyma (link is

But it also work with the most famous retailers of Airsoft guns such as :
Redwolf (link is
Evike (link is
eHobby Asia (link is

And many more

With time, the Hub pages will be improved and there is a chance that we will soon implement videos about the manufacturers, photos about its products and more…
2. Maybe you have missed it, but we have created 2 great goodies :

– An Airsoft map of the players and companies in the world (link is
– A visual feed of photos and videos of Airsoft (link is

3. Airsoft Squared is improving its accessibility worldwide and the site will soon be available in 22 languages. We are in the debugging phase right now.

We hope you’ll like it.

Cheers, Thomas (Airsoft Squared)

Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: January 31, 2014

  • Kitanica – ShotShow 2014
    Kitanica presents their latest WASP – Women’s All Season Pant and Mark VI Jacket
    Brought to you by:
  • Short Range Tactical Pack | VooDoo | SHOT Show 2014 | Airsoftology
    VooDoo Tactical has created a lightweight, sturdy pack that wears comfortably and (the best part) won’t sweat your back up.

    Learn more at

    Airsoftology Website:

  • HK – Heckler & Koch – ShotShow 2014
    HK celebrates 50 years of the MP5 and gives us a nice history lesson.


    Brought to you by:

  • MEGA Arms MKM GBB review
    Lets hear the steel sound when you charge the rifle.
    Made by KWA with all steel internal.
  • Ace 1 Arms Osprey Suppressor/Threaded Barrel + Dytac Baseplate Mini Overview (HD)
    Ace 1 Arms Gold Threaded Barrel:
    Ace 1 Arms Osprey Suppressor:
    Dytac WE M&P 10-8 Base Plate:
    Bought all of these bad boys from Boomarms! Yea buddy!
    Go check out Ace 1 Arms as well,
  • Review of the AR57 (AEG) (unboxing gearbox and discounts)
    Facebook Page:
    Fan Page:

    Buy the AR57 here:

    AR57 – JP 85

    Use the discount code here:
    watch the video for the code and what it does, not complicated but will help you out :)

    The Easter Eggs will show you how to become king of the field and what is needed to F up a bunch of targets or noobs.

  • Airsoft – Matt’s Mind – Episode 8: Best Food For Airsoft!
    Enjoy the video? Follow the link to subscribe:

  • Bob’s State of the Union TVB Address – In-N-Out, Krispy Kreme, and much more! | Airsoft GI
    ►►► Enjoy the video? Follow the link to subscribe: ◄◄◄

    Bob, after returning from vacation, wanted to give a little speech to let people know a couple things. One, he loves In-N-Out and Krispy Kreme. Additionally, Bob’s rebels have the great opportunity to join with Bob in airsoft and play at Game Pod Combat Zone in Antioch California on Feb. 8th. It will be a great day and you will have the chance to be taught by active military personal. Be sure to get your tickets sooner rather than later, and the best part is, lunch is provided!

    Game Ticket:

  • 軍艦島2002年冬
  • Maxpedition – ShotShow 2014
    Maxpedition shows what is new and coming for 2014
    Brought to you by:
  • RAND CLP – ShotShow 2014
    Mike Lamb gives some basic AR cleaning advice and explains why he prefers RAND CLP
    Brought to you by:
  • Get 15% More Power & Higher Accuracy – RedWolf Airsoft RWTV
    There has always arguments on whether tight bore or wide bore inner barrels help with power AND accuracy but they never seem to blend together. Tight bore guarantees power, wide bore helps with accuracy. Airsoft Surgeon has found a way to have a Precision Barrel set help with power AND accuracy. Watch this and you’ll see why!

    Link to Products:

  • 511 Tactical – ShotShow 2014
    511 Tactical shows us the latest including an expansion of their footwear, collaboration with Strider Knives, Zero-G belt / plate system, and Storm Grey color offerings.
    Brought to you by:
  • ◀The Strafing Run – Tanks A Lot
    I discuss World of Tanks, War Thunder, and DayZ on this episode of The Strafing Run!

    Missed the World of Tanks live stream? –

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    ◀Twitter –
    ◀Twitch –

  • Emerson Quick Adjust Tactical Airsoft Sling Overview

    Today we have a basic overview of the Emerson Quick Adjust Tactical Airsoft Sling; overall, this is a basic sling that gets the job done. I’m not a huge fan of the snapless attachment points, seeing as how this thing is difficult to get onto slim sling mounts. Quick release buckles are a plus as well as a nice padded center, so there’s no biting into your body. The quick adjust system works well when the sling is off your body, but I was a little disappointed that it doesn’t work too great when actually in use. Otherwise, this sling gets the job done.

    Thanks for watching!

  • Airsoft "Not So Round Table" Talk Show – Episode 10 – Evike TV
    Do you choose Cookies or Bacon?



    The following video contains the opinions of personalities, and does not necessarily reflect the views of or other organizations.

    Comment below if you have a question. New episode EVERY WEDNESDAY!
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  • TommyBuilt Tactical – ShotShow 2014
    TommyBuilt Tactical presents their SL8 to XM8 conversion
    Brought to you by:
  • My Light Everyday Airsoft Loadout -ASTKilo23-
    This is what I typically run every weekend when I play Airsoft. For larger major games, I’ll use my plate carrier and more pouches for increased mag capacity.
  • Airsoft Accessories
    All the accessories in this video are available from MainIrishAirsoft

    Check them out and go to –

    and if you are on Facebook – check us out

    Cut n Run by Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Big price slash at Patrol Base

Patrol Base will be launching a series of flash sales next Friday with announcements on their Facebook page:


As of next Friday we are going to be launching FLASH SALES. This will happen once a week, where we will slash prices on one particular item! BIG PRICE DROPS!

We will give you notice the day before this will happen but you need to be armed ready at your PC, Mobile or Tablet for when we release information on the time the sale will take effect!

We will only release ‘sale start information’ on our Facebook page. SO, share this around, like, tag a friend and let them know that BIG SALES are coming on optics, guns, ammo, clothing, gear and more

Stay tuned for further updates!

(Patrol Base)

Specna Arms M16A3 with heat-shield @Airsoft Armoury

Airsoft Armoury have the new M16A3 from Specna Arms in stock:

Hi Guys, Just a quick heads up, we’ve now got the new Specna Arms M16A3 with M203 and heat-shield in stock at £250!


Don’t forget we’re also running a give-away on Facebook:

Cheers, Mylo (Airsoft Armoury)

Feel good February 10% off all products @Para2 Airsoft

Para2 Airsoft are offering 10% off all products throughout February:

Hi All, Its feel good February here at Para2 Airsoft and throughout February there is 10% off all products (excluding current offers & promotions), so if you are looking for a new Umarex weapon now’s the time to get one!


We also have a few clearance items, so if your after a bargain now’s the time to get one!

saved_resource(2) saved_resource(3) saved_resource(4) saved_resource(5)

Don’t forget that using the UPS Shop 2 Shop service reduces the cost of postage.

(Para2 Airsoft)

JG MAC-10 AEP Airsoft Atlanta video review

Airsoft Atlanta have uploaded a video review or the new JG MAC-10 AEP:

New JG MAC-10 review video at Airsoft Atlanta:

(Airsoft Atlanta)

Visit Crosman at the Great American Outdoor Show

Crosman will be showing off their range of airsoft products at the Great American Outdoor Show:

See the Newest in Hunting Airgun Technology, Innovative Optics and Airsoft Products

gTIodu6Jwo9B7JYDgZkMfUyw6spqa_zAVgXKKZkVg-EVM37xBrJYlHDz1LzFb3-CEySFnAaQ7q0eOZbRtUwQoZjV9Iz_QX1JS-SETHxFCI5btUO6Dp-a1Q285O9M=s0-d-e1-ftROCHESTER, New York, (January 30, 2014) – Attendees of the Great American Outdoor Show at the Farm Show Complex Feb. 1-9 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania will be the first to see the groundbreaking Benjamin Trail with Nitro Piston 2 alongside new airgun, optics and airsoft products from across the company’s family of brands.

UTr6kPEt-uYXat1crsQWh6Yq3k4OR6T62GAlEaCpqG6MN_P6mhFsmck7O8H3mOShfLVohzXzGOW9u16cR66cmRHUrpv3AYkLWOl4iskuLoTORObebPpdDShP1BtOvGhiq6q8v_Blsx9G5tcHWg=s0-d-e1-ftVisit Crosman Corporation in the Shooting Sports Hall, Booth #736 to see these exciting new additions for hunting, shooting and backyard fun.

“Crosman is leading a new era in American air power at the Great American Outdoor Show,” says Crosman Vice President of Marketing, Jennifer Lambert. “We are excited to tell the world about the incredible benefits that Nitro Piston 2 offers – more speed, more power, more accurate, easier to cock, and assembled right here in the USA,” she said. “Be among the first to see the newest Benjamin Trail air rifle featuring cutting-edge Nitro Piston 2 powerplant technology when visiting our booth,” she added.

WBjUzA6gAk5Jk26QpUVngu-FmNh00ygwWPQhOw7MmLblGyynEH0FDDSlEfN3YKJpH2alxY5WJhjQo23YWHWkfnqGIfeHyKGU_1f8jJZRH5GEDeEt6BGe8-J5Wznhme2MRU5x=s0-d-e1-ftAccording to Crosman Shooting Services Manager and Prostaffer, Mark DeBoard, “We’ll be there every day to share the most exciting innovations in airguns, optics and airsoft products, and encourage you to take advantage of our exciting Show Specials,” he said. “A portion of the proceeds from each sale made during the show are going to the American Legion Marksmanship program,” he added. “The local American Legion chapter helps introduce young people to the sport of shooting and the proceeds will aid in the purchase of Crosman Challenger competition air rifles for their program,” DeBoard says.  

“Crosman prostaff will be on hand in the booth to talk with you about hunting with Benjamin airguns,” said Lambert. “So come on by and talk with them face to face.” For a chance to win a Crosmaniac Prize Pack, spend a moment and take a photo with Crosman Prostaffer Mark DeBoard while you’re in the booth. “Post the photo to Twitter with hashtag #takeitoutside to enter the contest,” Lambert said.

For additional information visit, or write to Laura Evans, Marketing Coordinator, Crosman Corporation, 7629 Routes 5 & 20, Bloomfield, NY 14469, email her at, or call her at (800) 7 – AIRGUN (724-7486). For up-to-the-minute news from Crosman Corporation, follow us on Twitter ( and Facebook (


Battalion AirSoft Arena gets Elite Force BBs on TV in FL

Elite Force’s BBs have appeared on TV in Florida:

Battalion AirSoft Arena gets Elite Force BBs on TV in FL. The owner talks about his airsoft arena and promotes the sport in a very positive way.

Please re-share. Video –

(Elite Force)

NAM: back and issue#20 released 24JAN14

imageAlex over at NAM (National Airsoft Magazine) has let us know that their magazine is back and issue #20 is now out (there’s some more details on their Facebook pages). Here’s the release below:


After a 3 year hiatus from the publishing world, the magazine that set the standard for the entire community is back in print and better than ever!

Go to their website ( to find out how to get your FREE limited commemorative copy of Issue #20 or download the .PDF of the magazine to your tablet or smartphone . . . FREE!!!

Did I mention both options are FREE???

What are you waiting for!?!?! Get your copy while supplies last!!!


Inokatsu Sig Sauer P226e2 at have sent over details of the Inokatsu Sig Sauer P226e2 they are stocking:


Spartan Imports Europe

For dealer application, please write to


New Welsh eco-friendly fuel sparks interest

BCB have produced a new gel fuel:

New Welsh eco-friendly fuel sparks interest

FD range_02 [s]Visitors to the Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show in London (Excel Centre, 13-16 Feb) will be able to snap up a new all-weather gel biofuel made from UK sourced ethanol which can be used in multi-fuel outdoor cooking stoves, barbecues as well as indoor ethanol fireplaces.

FD range_04 [s]Cardiff-based outdoor living and survival gear specialists, BCB Adventure Ltd, will be launching its 250 ml and 1 Litre bottles of ‘FireDragon’ Gel fuel which are produced at a dedicated fuel manufacturing facility in Llanelli.

As BCB Adventure’s Fuel Development Manager, Dr Stephen Hughes, explained the FireDragon gel fuel has enormous merits: “We formulated and developed the FireDragon gel to help people who venture in the great outdoors cook their rations and boil their brews quickly, safeguard their health, while protecting the environment. Our fuel is non-toxic, non-drip and made from 100% natural ingredients including ethanol sourced from UK grown grain stocks.  It is easy to light, burns cleanly and our research shows that it boils quicker than meths.

“The FireDragon Gel fuel is an ideal companion for all outdoor pursuits. Whether in driving rain, the freezing arctic or searing heat, the fuel will perform in extreme conditions.”

BCB Adventure Ltd will be displaying and selling the FireDragon gel on its stand (OU135)


Thyrm: Switchback. Make your torch finger spinning tactical

This one popped out at me in the Shot Show round ups. It’s a product from a company called Thyrm called the Switchback.

The concept is pretty simple, it allows you to spin your torch on your finger and keep it separate from a firearm giving your torch more flexibility.

Now rather than try and explain it in great detail their latest YouTube video (added today) explains it:

SwitchBack Backup : The SwitchBack turns your SureFire Backup Flashlight into a flexible tactical tool. $16.99


Product Description The SwitchBack turns your SureFire Backup Flashlight into a flexible tactical tool.

After taking a look at all the options available for flashlights and weapon-lights we realized that there was a big disconnect: Weapon-lights are great for shooting, but they create a lot of liability when searching. Flashlights are better for searching, but they require awkward grips to align the flashlight and firearm. SwitchBack allows the user to rapidly deploy the flashlight for searching or single-hand shooting techniques, but then reorient the flashlight for use with a two-handed grip just like a weapon-light. We also made sure users could perform reloads and clear malfunctions without having to stow or hang the light. Overall, the SwitchBack allows military, law enforcement and responsible citizens to deploy their flashlights faster, search more safely, and shoot better, without having to own a drawer full of illumination tools.

The SwitchBack fits between the flashlight’s body and the tail cap, making it secure regardless of impact, moisture or heat/cold changes.

The SwitchBack is black and includes an optional o-ring, which may reduce rotation on some models of flashlights.  Flashlight not included.

Designed in collaboration with Chris Costa, Costa Ludus.

SwitchBack Backup is compatible with:
SureFire EB1 and EB2 Backup Lights with non-shroud tailcaps, but
NOT the E1B (100 lumen version)

Designed and manufactured in the USA. (Thyrm)

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