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10% off ICS in November at Firesupport

Firesupport are offering a 10% discount on all ICS products ordered from them during November:

10% off all ICS products ordered in November


We manually alter your orders before charging so that you get 10% off any ICS products ordered (Firesupport)

Review of Madbull tracer device

MadBull have sent in a review of their new tracer device by People Airsoft:

Thanks for the review of MadBull tracer Device from People Airsoft

Quote: We have been fortunate enough to get this amazing new tracer unit in sooner than expected.  It is undeniably the best tracer unit on the market, we used an AEG that is rated at 25 BB’s per second and the tracer performed flawlessly.

The MadBull Airsoft tracer unit is rated to 35 BB’s per second, this product is for sure something to have on your shopping list for any night game or operations.

Link to the review:

Link to MadBull Tracer Unit

Link to MadBull Tracer BBs


Airsoft Center’s weekly update 31st October2010

Here is this week’s news from Airsoft Center:

New items have just arrived in our warehouse and ready  to be shipped across Europe

WE tech:


Magpul PTS:

(Airsoft Center)

Boots at Intelligent Armour

Intelligent Armour have sent in details of some of the boots they stock:

imageBlackhawk Warrior Wear Black Ops Boots
Comfortable non-metallic boots with waterproof SympaTex® barrier – Blackhawk Warrior Wear Black Ops Boots are fast, light, comfortable, non metallic and entirely waterproof. Waterproof SympaTex® barrier and gusseted tongue keeps out water.

Excellent traction on irregular surfaces – Blackhawk Warrior Wear Black Ops Boots feature Vibram® ‘Multisport’ oil resistant TC4+ compound outsole has large, open lugs for traversing debris and provides excellent traction on irregular surfaces.

Blackhawk Boots – Breathability – Blackhawk Warrior Wear Black Ops Boots have a unique open cell structure that enables air to travel through and around the insole creating a cooler environment inside the shoe. OrthoLite® foams offer up to 95-100% breathability for maximum ventilation in and around the foot.

Price £119.26 Including VAT (Excluding Delivery)

imageBlackhawk Warrior Wear Desert Ops Boots
Great desert combat boots from Blackhawk – These Blackhawk Warrior Wear Desert Ops Boots are ideal for the riggers of Iraq or Afghanistan and are used by the Military and private security sector.

Waterproof, light and durable – Blackhawk Warrior Wear Desert Ops Boots feature water resistant Cordura® and high abrasion suede upper for rugged durability. Cordura® panels breathe for comfort and help to reduce weight, a must for tactical operations.

Blackhawk Warrior Wear Desert Ops Boots have Vibram® ‘Multisport’ oil resistant TC4+ compound outsole and have large, open lugs for traversing debris and provides excellent traction on irregular surfaces

Price £117.50 Including VAT (Excluding Delivery)

imageLowa Combat GTX Boots
Functional boot with higher leg and Gore-Tex, one of the best combat boots in the world – The Lowa Combat GTX Boots is a functional Gore-Tex® special boot corresponds to the Lowa Mountain GTX Boot in all its properties and design, except the Lowa Combat GTX Boot is designed with Lowa’s AWP (Asymmetric Walking Position) and has a slightly higher leg.

Lowa Boots, Extra support
The higher leg of the Lowa Combat boots gives additional support to users requiring that little extra confidence when tackling those ‘above the norm’ duties. In fact, the Lowa Combat GTX Boots are widely purchased by dog handlers and firearms teams, plus Military, Police and Close Protection units worldwide.

Price £133.95 including VAT (Excluding Delivery)

imageLowa Supercamp Boots (Non Gore-Tex Lined Lowa Combat Boot)
Lightweight military, police or close protection duties – Lowa Supercamp Boots offer support and flexibility and as with all the Lowa boot range the Supercamp is recommended on a regular basis by Doctors wishing to fit servicemen and woman in a correctly fitting boot; the Lowa Supercamp Boots are better for your feet, ankles, knees, and back.

The Lowa Supercamp Boot is in use today with a number of military units worldwide, and is the boot of choice for Royal Marines, due to the weight and quick drying properties of this Lowa combat boot.

This model of Lowa Supercamp Boots is a hybrid of the old Lowa Super Camp and the Patrol boot, in that it has a leather lining at the front half of the Lowa boot where the foot perspires the most, and a Cambrelle® lining at the back half of the boot where most of the wear tends to take place.

Price £123.38 Including VAT (Excluding Delivery)

imageDanner Desert Acadia Hot Military Boots in Mojave Olive
Danner Desert Acadia Hot Military Boots in Mojave Olive are suitable for use in Desert/Green zones, such as in Afghanistan, where desert turns in to farmed fields and compounds.

Built to serve, and USA-made the Danner Desert Acadia Hot Military Boots in Mojave Olive has a full-grain leather and 1000 Denier nylon exterior for rugged durability. Dri-Lex® lining provides excellent heat mitigation.

With Rough out, full-grain leather upper the Danner Desert Acadia Hot Military Boot offers serious protection and toughness and is designed specifically for hot weather conditions, providing mildew resistance, breathability, and low water absorption.

Price £123.38 Including VAT (Excluding Delivery)

(Intelligent Armour)

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Mugen2 EU model on sale now

Dr Mugen has sent in details of the new Mugen2 recoil shock EU model:

image[3]DEAR ArniesAirsoft, Mugen2  recoil shock  EU MODEL .Now on sale

Information: Mugen was the European Union model. I’ve got the latest model
More stable!
A more powerful shock!

Rretail shop : Italian Tango SoftAir (

8.4-9.6 volts can be used spec
Firing rate of more than 18 above operational
Increase in shock.

best regards, vision (Dr Mugen)

Airsoft Global product update

Here is the latest product update from Airsoft Global:

Dear Sir, We have got some new items released. Please kind to visit our website ( to obtain more information!





(Airsoft Global)

Platoon Stores end of season sale extended

Platoon Stores have extended their end of season sale:

Hi Guys – just to let you know that we have extended our end of season sale for another week. We have TruSpec and 5.11  trousers from £20.  5.11 Jackets to clear from £20.


There’s loads of deals in the shop or if you cant make it to us check out the clearance section of the website. Cheers Pete (Platoon Stores)

AEX: New Javelin AEG’s & last chance special on Softair Sigs

Airsoft Extreme have some new AEGs in stock and a special offer on the Softair P226:

Javelin Airsoft Works electric blowback guns


Full metal, electric blowback, 60 day warranty, battery and charger included!

image[27]Last chance savings on the Softair P226!

We are down to our final inventory of Softair P226’s with free hard pistol case at our special price of 109.99! Once this special price inventory is sold out, the gun will go back up to $150! We also have P229’s in stock for the same great low price. Magazines are also available, check gun details for more information. Get yours today!

Have a safe Halloween! Airsoft Extreme Halloween PSA

Halloween is fast approaching and we just want to wish everyone a fun and safe holiday this year. Please take a moment to watch our PSA from last year and enjoy!

(Airsoft Extreme)

The pig, the ducks & the slick black thing that goes bang bang!

Here is the latest from eHobbyAsia:

AABB Steel Shooting Target System
— Full Metal Construction
The target duck is made by steel
You can shoot the central target to renew the duck ( make them stand up again )


WE-Tech G39 Gas Blowback Rifle
— Replica of G36C (Commando)
— Realistic Bolt Lock & Release
— "The Strongest Recoil Kick Back among all WE GBBRs"
— Ambidextrous weapons with folding stock
— Gas Operated real-steel-like capacity store 30 rounds 6mm BB

And lasty, The PIG
we still have a little over dozen units, but the are HOT and wont last long!
A&K M60 VN SAW type Heavy Weight Light Machine Gun
— FULL METAL Airsoft Electric AEG
— Adjustable rate of firing by the Voltage Chip (Turn Gas Muzzle on front)
— Detachable Barrel Assembly / Quick Change Spring


Recon-Rag Christmas edition news

Don’t panic, it’s not quite Christmas yet but the folks at Recon-Rag are already thinking about what will be going into their bumper Christmas issue:



Magpul PTS ACRs & FPGs at Spartan Imports

Spartan Imports have complete Magpul PTS ACRs and FPGs in stock now along with Javelin Airsoft Works AKs and M4s:

Magpul PTS ACRs and FPGs are now in stock! Order today!


[MPTS603] Magpul PTS ACR Masada AEG just landed! Available right now in black, dark earth, and foliate green! Get them while we’ve got them!


(Spartan Imports)

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KABUTO: new jackets

imageKABUTO online shop have some new jackets. These are the militia style jackets that will eradily hold pistols or magazines in the outer pockets:

Civilian Vest  Coyote Brown

Here is a size chart(approximate data)
CHEST : 120cm
WAIST : 120cm

Using cotton twil as same as CIA Kameez series.
3 pockets(Upper is a little small)
Not Replica.



Upper pocket is a little small than lower pockets. You can put iPhone into the pocket easily


Militia Vest BK

Color : Black
Front pockets are fit to AK-47 / AKM & AK74 MAG (Toy) 
Not Replica.
Here is a size chart(approximate data)
CHEST : 120cm
WAIST : 120cm


Using with Velcro. In case of Toy AK MAG, it can be put into the pocket. A pistol is also put into the pocket.

best regards, Tomo, (KABUTO online shop)

Magpul PTS price reductions at Firesupport

Firesupport are offering discounts on most of their Magpul PTS stock:

The retailer with the largest range of Mapul PTS products in Europe has gone mad. Whilst stocks last – price reductions on most Magpul PTS products. See the prices and what we sell.

Description & Price

Magpul PTS Ergo Grip Airsoft 2008 Version Black £23.00
Magpul PTS Ergo Grip Airsoft 2008 Version DE £23.00
Magpul PTS Ergo Grip Airsoft 2008 Version OD £23.00
Beta Project AK Magazine Black £14.00
Magpul PTS Marui Mod Sling Adaptor £20.00
Magpul PTS WA M4 / Sys PTW Mod Sling Adaptor Set £40.00
Magpul DVD: The Art of The Dynamic Handgun 4-Disc Set £62.00
Magpul DVD: Magpul Dynamics Aerial Platform Operations £31.00
Magpul Dynamic Logo Patch Dark ACU £4.50
Magpul Dynamic Logo Patch Desert Tan £4.50
Magpul Dynamic Logo Patch Dark Green £4.50
Magpul Dynamic Logo Patch Light Green £4.50
Magpul Dynamic Logo Patch Red/Black £4.50
Magpul 5.56 OD £2.75
Magpul 5.56 Black £2.75
Magpul 5.56 Dark Earth £2.75
Magpul 7.62 OD £2.75
Magpul 7.62 Black £2.75
Magpul 7.62 NATO Dark Earth £2.75
Magpul 9mm OD £2.75
Magpul 9mm BK £2.75
Magpul 9MM sub gun Dark Earth £2.75
Magpul XT Texture Rail Cover FG £12.00
Magpul XT Texture Rail Cover OD £12.00


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