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Airsoft Global product update 30/7/11

Here is the latest product update from Airsoft Global:

Please check out our new products added daily! Latest Products Update !! Please kind to visit our website ( to obtain more information!




(Airsoft Global)

Intelligent Armour product update

Intelligent Armour have sent over details of some of the products they stock:

Intelligent Armour Limited is a UK manufacturer of lightweight specialist body armour and ballistic helmets

Under Armour HeatGear Tactical TShirt

a_003The Under Armour HeatGear Tactical Full TShirt, with a crisp, clean crew neck design. Holds its shape ensuring uniform compliance at all levels. Under Armour’s second skin fit and signature moisture transport system provide the ideal base layer under the vest or uniform.

Price £22.20 (Including VAT, Excluding shipping)

Mechanix MPACT Covert Gloves

a_005Mechanix MPACT Black Covert Gloves, anatomically designed

Mechanix MPACT Black Covert Gloves are anatomically designed for a comfortable fit. The flexible, bonded TPR finger ribs and knuckles supply critical protection. When you require a greater degree of sensitivity, reinforced finger bands resist impact in high exposure areas. Secondary foam padding covers inner index finger and thumb for added protection in high-wear impact areas

               Price £27.00 (Including VAT, Excluding shipping)

Blackhawk Warrior Wear Light Tactical Trousers

a_004Blackhawk Warrior Wear™ Light Tactical Trousers, lightweight yet rugged tactical pant with Teflon® DWR coating.

Blackhawk Warrior Wear™ Light Tactical Trousers have many of the popular features found in the original Tactical Trousers but in a rugged, lightweight package. Constructed of durable 65% poly / 35% cotton ripstop fabric with Teflon® DWR (durable water resistant) fabric treatment to resist stains.

                     Price £39.00 (Including VAT, Excluding shipping)

(Intelligent Armour)

Pyramyd Air AEG special offer

Pyramyd Air have a special offer on some of their AEGs:

We have a huge special on 3 of our AEGs. Packages are 30% off regular retail price, include 16,000 bbs, battery and charger. Plus – with the additional 10% off coupon we’ve supplied – customers will get a total of 40% off regular retail price for these three guns! While supplies last.



(Pyramyd Air)

Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: July 31, 2011

  • ASF Build off Entry Magpul Masada PTS
    This is my Masada, most of you have seen it, but this vid is for entry into the summer Build Off.. This is Entry #1 for me, I have the "Budget Build" that I am going to enter as well, but it is not done yet.

    Custom Paint
    Magpul AFG 2
    James P Magwell Grip
    Masada Rail
    Wii Tech Hop Up
    Systema Bucking
    Chrono Xcortech
    Folding Stock
    Magpul Silencer

  • 3PX4 HK PX4 Custom GBB Pistol (Black)
    3PX4 HK PX4 Custom GBB Pistol (Black)
  • 3PX4 HK PX4 Custom GBB Pistol
    3PX4 HK PX4 Custom GBB Pistol
  • ar Tool: Removing and Installing an Airsoft Motor Pinion Gear -ASTKilo23-
    AGM Pinion Gear Tool: Removing and Installing an Airsoft Motor Pinion Gear -ASTKilo23-

    Prodigy from Airsoft Team Kilo23 shows you how to remove and install an airsoft gun’s pinion gear.

  • How to Tie a Japanese Omamori (御守) Tassel Knot by TIAT
    Omamori (御守) are small paper or fabric packets received in exchange for donations given to a Japanese Shinto or Buddhist temple. The front of the packets, which are not to be opened, show the name of the temple at which they were received. And the back of the packets show a benefit gained for possession of the packet. Omamori are typically sealed with a Japanese Tassel Knot, which the following video will show you how to tie.
  • Airsoft Review – G&G FN Herstal SCAR-L
    Awesome airsoft replica of the FN Herstal SCAR. Made by G&G and licensed by Cybergun. For complete information on this airsoft gun please visit Godfather Airsoft at the following link.

    Become a fan to my Facebook fan page for the chance to win some cool prizes!

  • VFC/Umarex H&K G36C GBB
    VFCのガスブロG36Cです。(日本国内バージョン)安売り広告につられて購入。w ライセンスを取得しているのでしっかりとH&Kのロゴが入っています。箱出しの状態で0.65~0.7J(29°C)、0.2g弾だとホップ最弱でも浮き上がる場合があります。
  • "The Beautiful Bark River Bowie" by Nutnfancy
    The beautiful Bark River Bowie knife is a fighter. It would be easy to be taken in by its good looks and superb quality and perhaps think it to be a collectible only. These Limited Edition 2009 Bark Rivers follow classic Bowie lines and achieve engaging looks. But close analysis, as shown in this Nutnfancy review vid, shows the essential fighting elements to be securely intact. The 8.5" .190" thick A2 tool steel blade provides reach and wicked slash and penetration cutting capabilities. The A2 steel is triple tempered, vacuum quenched, and cryo-treated to achieve an extremely find grain structure. It is truly razor sharp out of box…be careful. This keen Bowie clip blade, featuring a precise tip and excellent belly, will slice and cut most materials with ease. Convex ground, it may hold that edge a little longer as well but will take special resharpening technique. The handles of the 2009 Limited Edition Bark River Bowie knives were offered in Coffin or Sabre styles, both of which offer excellent and secure grip in all presentations. They are long and don’t crowd large hands either, a hugely welcome feature in a fighting blade (also capable of non-lethal impacts too). Handle materials varied and are all superbly executed. Three favorites are shown: Natural Canvas Micarta, polished Green Micarta, and the strikingly beautiful Desert Ironwood. Even when wet the Micarta usually gives excellent traction for a presentation handle material. The polished solid brass guard is perfection, offering complete hand protection. The double quillions extend high but not too high as to be ridiculous. In hand the Bark River Bowie knife feels light, balanced, and fast. If you choke up as shown, its faster still. Its pedigree as a fighter is evident and it personifies the best of the breed from the 1800s. Yep it’s a fighter. But of course the primary POU of this blade will be as collectible, its lucky owner deriving satisfaction and enjoyment from this pedigree and capabilities while admiring the equisite level of quality. Value is high in these 100% USA-made blades; around $200 depending on handle material. They will increase in value. The semi-production Bark River Bowies have high levels of fit and finish on par with custom versions costing exponentially more. Its classic good looks are enhanced by a superb quality Sharpshooter Sheath Systems leather sheath. Heavy saddle leather, quality stitching, waxed and rounded edges, good looks, and snug fit make it the perfect companion to these gorgeous blades. It personifies the bygone era where the well-made Bowie knife was a favored around tool and weapon of comfort. For classically designed, semi-production high quality Bowie, the Bark River version is the best in world at its price level.//////////////////////// ////////////////////Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 10 out of 10
  • Ares Armor Company Promo Video
    visit for more details!
  • Airsoft CZ75 Pistol Spotlight (ASG)

    The new line of CZ (Česká zbrojovka) pistols from ASG!
    – Fully licensed Česká Zbrojovka Trademarks
    – Co2 Cartridge in the grip for easy replacement. (Co2 cartridges not included)
    – Built-in Weaver-style Rail for tactical accessories.
    – Blowback Design
    – Full Metal slide
    – Individual Serial Number
    – Innovative slide design for low weight
    – Adjustable Hopup
    – Threaded Barrel for Mock Silencer (Tools required, not included)

    Check out the full line of CZ pistols by ASG here:

  • How to Make a Stitched Solomon Bar (Bracelet) by TIAT
    The Stitched Solomon Bar (Bracelet) is a slick way to add double stitched lines to an otherwise standard bar. Relatively simple make, the tie is super easy to fit to your wrist for a bracelet (no need for pre-determination of bracelet length, prior to starting the tie). Just keep tying until the length you need is acquired. Video production by JD of Tying It All Together.
  • Matrix Iron Face "Striker" Gen4 Mesh Full Face Mask: After Testing -ASTKIilo23-
    Matrix Iron Face Carbon Steel "Striker" Gen4 Metal Mesh Full Face Mask – Land Camo -ASTKIilo23-

    Prodigy from Airsoft Team Kilo23 talks about a good quality mask with good creeper potential, as well as problems with it, and the goods and bads.

  • Airsoft Channels to Check Out!
    Check out these cool airsofters! (Also on FACEBOOK)


  • Echo 1 XCR (Modded)
    Here is a list and links to all the mods on this gun so far.

    Element Max Speed (Med) type Motor

    SHS 15 tooth Piston:

    Deans Plugs (Clones) from Dealextreme:

    I also did the AOE on this gun. The AOE adjustment brought the FPS down from a consistant 390FPS to 370FPS.. I eventually want to get it to 350 for everyday use.

    BB’s used in Testing are the Echo 1 .20’s I won in the Fathers day Contest Echo 1 had back in June.

    Dont forget to check out

  • Inside the Mechbox: Snow Wolf M99 Upgrade Part 1
    In this Video, ASTKilo23 and AirSplat provide an in depth look at the internals and upgrading of the Snow Wolf M99 airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle. There are many features that let this gun stand apart from the rest, including an immense metal frame, extra long barrel, and ability to take many standard v2 airsoft upgrades. In this Video Prodigy installs a deepfire 6mm reinforced gearbox and full size oilless bushings.

    **All Airsoft Guns Require Orange Tips**

  • G&G Tracer Unit
    We take a look at the new G&G Tracer unit available in tan and black. Supplied for review by
  • Bravo, Crazyncman, Combat City.mp4!/crazyncmanfans!/Bravo65!/pages/Combat-City-Airsoft/136080446405634

Echo1 on tour: 8/27/11 Vanguard Paintball & Airsoft, AZ

Echo1USA are taking to the road to show off their wares:


Echo1 Airsoft Tour – August 27, 2011 – Vanguard Paintball & Airsoft in Gilbert, Arizona

The first stop on the Echo1USA Airsoft Tour is going to be Vanguard Paintball & Airsoft in Gilbert, Arizona. Brian, the Echo1 Tech, will be there in person shooting at you and getting shot by you. This is going to be one EPIC event you don’t want to miss. Huge raffle prizes, giveaways, and fun times! More information about the field and event available at


New Madbull Stark Equipment SE-3 vertical foregrip

Madbull have sent over details of their new Stark Equipment SE-3 vertical foregrip:


The SE-3 Vertical Foregrip has been designed to enhance weapon control, reinforce accurate shooting form and support multiple hand positions.
The SE-3 attaches easily and securely to tactical rail systems. The SE-3 is fully ambidextrous with a flared base, providing a secure grip which accommodates all hand sizes.

– The SE-3 is also available with a switch pocket for weapon mounted accessories
– Textured surfaces for a reliable grip
– Resistant to weather extremes, chemical exposure and abuse
– Includes a Grip Plug for storage inside the grip
– Standard Colors: Available in Black, Earth and Green

See all colors and additional info:


A-TACS combat shirts at The Shop at the Grange

A-Tacs combat shirts now available for pre-order at The Grange:

Propper is happy to introduce the new A-TACS Combat Shirt.

Shop at The Grange, are taking orders NOW. Tentative shipping date October. Be the first to get the new A-TACS Combat Shirt from Propper.

: 0121 288 2248

(The Shop at the Grange)

Yosser’s ITW Fastmag review

Yosser has a new review of the ITW Fastmag:

Hey Arnie & fans, I have checked out the ITW Fastmag and given you guys a FULL review of this great looking & valuable asset to any loadout here.


"These look good with just one or two FASTMAG® used within a ‘normal’ loadout with existing pouches……FASTMAG® is made of a lightweight polymer consisting of two molded clamshell halves attached to each other via a rivet. Retention is provided by the flexing of the riveted halves plus a strong adjustable rubber band."

Don’t forget you can keep up to date with all the happenings on the blog via twitter

Yosser (Yosser’s Airsoft Odyssey)

Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: July 29, 2011

  • Inner Barrel Upgrade for Airsoft – RFR Workbench Episode 3

    Upgrading the inner barrel in your favorite airsoft gun is an easy project with a high payoff in the long run. Rapid Fire Review show you how to choose and replace the inner barrel to increase the velocity and accuracy of your airsoft weapons.

    Always remember to review your manual and/or manufacturer’s directions prior to attempting any airsoft modifications.

  • Shwells Piston Vid
    Here are the links to the Pistons and gearset in this vid.. Trying to make the search easier for you guys.

  • Airsoft gun eHobbyAsia Products Express 29 July 2011
    Beta Project 30rd MAGPUL PTS EMAG Magazine for WA M4 GBB (Black)
    Beta Project 30rd MAGPUL PTS PMAG Magazine for WA M4 GBB (Black , Dark Earth)
    Upgrade parts
    Precision Air Soft Line Upgrade parts series for VFC MP5
    Combat Gear
    MIL-FORCE Multi Function Survival Whistle (OD)
    MIL-FORCE Camo Face Paint Compact with Mirror (5 Colors)
    MIL-FORCE Water Resistant Survival Whistle (Orange)
    Mil-Spec Monkey Patch
  • FN Herstal Airsoft Review of the Minimi M249 / F2000 / P90 / Scar L
    Review of the Minimi M249 Para, F2000, P90 and Scare L by FN Herstal.
    Film Maker: Olivier Pouret – Produced by: Astiko-prod
  • 6 Top Smart Choices for Vietnam Era Weapons (HD) – Redwolf Airsoft – RWTV
    We show you 6 types of primary weapons that do well as Vietnam theme specific games but also extend to other time periods either as is or with only minor reversible modifications. This means you can put your money into a gun and mods that can be used for Nam games as well as other time periods afterwards.

    Product Link:

  • 2980円の格安グレネードカート入荷!
  • Classic Army LWRCM6 gun review
    Mark takes a look at the Classic Army LWRCM6 after using it for a day’s gaming at RedBarn. Supplied by
  • TNP Tenacious Special Edition
    Signed and numbered there’s only going to be 50 if these knives worldwide. Each TNP Tenacious in this release features a "Desert Dragon" DuraCoat finish meticulously applied and comes with
    certificate of authenticity. Price is $110 and they are sold at I’m very happy how these cool blades, true TNP collectibles, turned out. ////////// Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 10 out of 10
  • Kung Fu Action: Fist of Cheese
    Kick ass Kung Fu ACTION!…. its so cheezy that its Awesome !

    Wondering who the awesome long haired dude was_

  • This IS Airsoft!- [Season 2] Episode 1 (Army Birthday Combat Experience)

    Check out this first episode from Season 2 of This IS Airsoft!
    TO submit your footage for the upcoming episode, please submit it to: – include your team logo & RAW footage only!

    We are very excited for this new season and we hope to get excellent footage from all over the world to share with the entire airsoft community! Get out & play and bring us back some awesome footage to share with the world!

    EvikeTV – This IS Airsoft!

  • Airsoft Megastore TV – AMS TV In Your Neighborhood Hollywood Sports Park Kids Day – July 24th
    AIrsoft Megastore TV was up in Hollywood Sports Park holding a clinic for "Kids Day" on July 24th in Bellflower, CA. Raffle items, give-aways and some hands on demo and instruction for the younger crowd.
    Join Us:
  • Airsoft John Lu & OLCMSS events for 2011 (Interview)

    John Lu was gracious enough to stop by Studios and interview with Matt about his exciting up coming events for the rest of 2011!

  • Airsoft New Product Update (7-26-2011)

    Check out this week’s new products @!

    Intellect 8.4v Butterfly Battery:

    Magpul G&P ACR RIS:

    Matrix AK to M4 Front RIS Adapter:

    Matrix 2" Stubby 14mm Threaded Adapter:

    "Scream Faster" Medic Morale patch:

    Magpul Dynamic patches:

    Evike Circle patch:

  • Airsoft GI – Employee Game at SC Viper with Jet from Desert Fox Fields
    Jet opened up SC Viper for us to get in a few games last week. We had a lot of cameras present and tried a new look for the GITV action videos. Tell us what you think in the comments.
  • Spokane Airsoft: Squad Tactics III – TC Kings Mission #1
    Squad Tactics III was a squad-based mission held by Spokane Airsoft at Nitehawk Field near Reardan, Washington on July 23, 2011. In this mission, the TC Kings are tasked with clearing three strongpoints within 20 minutes.

    On the web @
    On Twitter @
    On Facebook @!/pages/Spokane-Airsoft/131729216912
    On Flickr @

  • RA TECH WE ballsitic test
    RA TECH test the original WE gbb ballistic. Including 4168,m4a1,t-91,cqbr,m16a1,g39e,g39 ras, & m14.and calculate the ctc.
  • Spokane Airsoft: Squad Tactics III – Team Boot Mission #1
    Squad Tactics III was a squad-based mission held by Spokane Airsoft at Nitehawk Field near Reardan, Washington on July 23, 2011. In this mission, Team Boot is tasked with clearing three strongpoints within 20 minutes.

    On the web @
    On Twitter @
    On Facebook @!/pages/Spokane-Airsoft/131729216912
    On Flickr @

  • VFC G36C GBB test video
  • Prototype 2: Homecoming
    Nuevo tráiler de PROTOTYPE 2.

    La secuela del exitoso videojuego de Radical Entertainment de 2009, PROTOTYPE 2 muestra la historia de la persecución por acabar con el prototipo original, y continúa la experiencia para generar las armas más letales, hasta alcanzar el objetivo final… ¡matar a Alex Mercer!

    Más info en

  • Airsoft Stuff Unboxing – RS Magpul Gear, mmm shiny…

Tactical trousers at Intelligent Armour

Intelligent Armour have sent over details of some of the tactical trousers they have in stock:

Intelligent Armour Limited has a great range of tactical products for Soldiers, Bodyguards and Airsofters alike. Here are some of our tactical trousers from Blackhawk and Fjallraven; tactical trousers that will help you stand out from the crowd.

imageBlackhawk Lightweight Tactical Trousers
Lightweight yet rugged tactical pant with Teflon® DWR coating.

Blackhawk Lightweight Tactical Trousers have many of the popular features found in the original Tactical Trousers but in a rugged, lightweight package. Constructed of durable 65% poly / 35% cotton ripstop fabric with Teflon® DWR (durable water resistant) fabric treatment to resist stains

Price £39.00 (Including VAT, Excluding Shipping)

imageBlackhawk Warrior Wear Tactical Trousers
Light and hard-wearing cotton trousers.

Blackhawk Warrior Wear Tactical Trousers are durable wrinkle, fade, and stain resistant 8.5 ounce cotton canvas with double layering in the seat and knees for increased wear and protection and crotch gusset allows increased movement.

Price £42.00 (Including VAT, Excluding Shipping)

imageBlackhawk Performance Cotton Pants – Black
Great Police or Shooting Trousers from Blackhawk.

New for the 2010 season, the Blackhawk Performance Cotton Pants in Black are suitable for Police or Shooting use as tactical trousers. Packed full of features, these Blackhawk Performance Cotton Pants in Black are smart, stylish and well manufactured.

Price £38.40 (Including VAT, Excluding Shipping)

imageFjallraven Greenland Trousers
Quick drying, windproof casual trousers designed with the outdoors in mind.

Fjallraven Greenland Trousers made from G-1000 are windproof, very durable and quick drying. Fjallraven Trousers have been designed with the outdoors in mind; they are great for hiking, walking, wearing in the mountains or as tactical trousers for close protection – or even just as great casual trousers.

Price £84.00 (Including VAT, Excluding Shipping)

imageFjallraven Reivo Trousers
Cool G-1000 fabric trousers, suitable for walking, trekking and hiking

Fjallraven Reivo Trousers are classic Fjallraven trousers, ideal for walking, trekking, hiking and suitable for close protection.

Fjallraven Reivo Trousers feature a pocket with flap on the rear and zippered safety pocket on the inside; two bellow leg pockets. These Fjallraven Reivo Trousers are sold in raw length.

Price £102.00 (Including VAT, Excluding Shipping)

(Intelligent Armour)

AirSplat August summer specials

Here is August’s update from AirSplat:





Back in Stock Electrics and snipers!






Back in Stock Gas guns!





Back in Stock Accessories!





New Videos!

New AirSplat on Demand! & New AirSplat on Demand!
New Inside the Mechbox! & New Inside the Mechbox!
Don’t forget! Find us on:


RA-Tech test videos featuring WE PX4 & other WE models

RA-Tech have two new test videos featuring WE models:

Hello, RA-TECH has new videos to share about recoil test, silencer kit for WE PX4, and ballistic test of all WE models. Check it out.


New J-TECH Gear video: J-Tech pistol cases

JTech have a new video showing off their pistol cases:

Pistol Case-Medium
The Pistol Case – medium conveniently stores one pistol with an attached optic and two magazines.
1. Holds a pistol with attached optic
2. Two magazine pouches
3. Made of 100% Nylon

More information:



FireSupport sole European Milspec Monkey distributor

FireSupport is THE place for Europeans to get their Milspec Monkey products:

FireSupport – are NOW European Sole Distributor For Milspec Monkey Patches and accessories. These are probably the best quality patches to be found on the web.


We have just received our latest delivery of over 5000 patches, T-shirts, caps and bands. These are for sale to retail customers and Trade customers throughout Europe. Attractive prices for Trade customers. Trade enquiries please email us for a trade price list and account setup

We hold in stock almost the complete range of Milspec monkey products.
Patches – such as, over 100 different patches in up to 6 different colour variations


and T-shirts

Other Gear


Javelin Airsoft Works – Video Demo Day 07/24/2011

Video interviews from Javelin Airsoft Works Demo Day on 07/24/2011.  Thanks to all who participated!
JAW Demo Day–07/24/2011
Looking for somewhere?
AMNB Podcast
Gorilla Airsoft Radio
Airsoft Medicine Specialist Swedish Military Experience Group
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