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Specna Daniel Defense MK18 SA-E19 EDGE | AMNB Review

The guys at AMNB have been checking out the Daniel Defense MK18 SA-E19 Edge:

Hi Arnies, We have a new video review up on our YouTube Channel. This time, the Specna Arms Daniel Defense MK18 SA-E19 EDGE is up for a closer look.



AW Custom HX select fire

AW Custom have shared a video for their new new Hi Capa select-fire edition:


(AW Custom)

MEC PRO trigger installation tutorial | AMNB guide

The guys at AMNB have made a video tutorial for the MEC trigger:

Here´s a new video tutorial we did for the MEC Trigger.




LCT Airsoft: special news for PP-19-01

LCT Airsoft are encouraging you to modularize the PP-19-01:

Have any idea for PP-19-01?


(LCT Airsoft)

Airsoftology: Unboxing the best airsoft sniper rifle of 2020?!?!

We love the Airsoftology channel and their videos and you can’t beat a bit of sniping equipment, in this video they are taking the Archwick Airsoft Mk13 to task (subscribe to their channel here).

CRW Airsoft: WE Hi-Power Mk3 GBB

CRW Airsoft have posted a review video of the WE Hi-Power Mk3 GBB

Airsoft Mike: S&T STERLING MK5 L34A1 Unboxing Review / ST-AEG-66MK5

Airsoft Mike has posted a review of the S&T STERLING MK5 L34A1 Unboxing Review / ST-AEG-66MK5:

NITECORE P20i Flashlight video review

We love Nitecore products here and Beamer Philipines has a new video up of the P20i.

If you like his videos, check out the rest of his channel. While you’re at it, if anyone can recommend a torch that can be mounted on MOLLE and used whilst attached to armour send me an email!

GBLS DAS GDR 15 | AMNB review

AMNB have made a video review for the GBLS DAS GBD 15:


Here´s our video review we did on the GBLS DAS GDR 15.


ShooterCombatGear: ShowGuns Kingsman Pistol Shotgun (KPS)

Shooter Combat Gear have a video and page up for the Showguns branded Kingsman replica. We all love a video, so have a lookey:

At 459USD it’s not cheap but the build looks good and for a prop replica that functions correctly it’s on par cost wise.

APS Speed Draw Holster, new video

APS have anew video out for their Speed Draw Holster, check it out:

AATV Live EP002: Real vs Repro | Clearwater Airsoft

AATV were live a few hours ago, here’s the stream in full:

NPO: disassembly of the 9A-91 by NPO “AEG”

NPO have posted a video showing a teardown of their 9A-91 AEG, always good to see what is inside and how it’s built!

Airsoft replica 9A-91 by NPO “AEG”

Anyone fancy a NPO 9A91? Here’s a new overview of the NPO AEG by the manufacturers themselves:

APS: Phantom Extremis Mark VI

APS have a new video of their Phantom Extremis Mark VI up now:

APS Phantom Extremis Mark VI

  • Power up to 350 FPS
  • Rate of Fire 600-650 (8.4v)
  • CRS Buttstock
  • Dynamic Handstop Type B
  • Sound blaster Type B
  • 6” Evo. Tech. Handguard



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