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Titan Imports stock update 28th February 2013

Here is the latest stock news from Titan Imports:

clip_image002clip_image002 (1)

(Titan Imports)

Free 2013 cap with 5.11 tactical pants from Tactical Kit

Tactical Kit have the 2013 limited edition cap to give away with purchases of 5.11 tactical pants during March:

5.11 March Promo Offer.

Tactical Kit are offering a FREE limited edition 2013 cap with any purchase of 5.11 tactical pants.

5.11 PROMO 2013

(Tactical Kit)

PTS MagLink

PTS have sent over details of their MagLink:

The PTS MagLink is designed as a coupler for PTS PMAG GEN 2 and GEN 3 (M3) airsoft magazines which allows users to attach two airsoft magazines together for more efficient speed reloads. This also can keep an additional magazine accessible on the training weapon at all times. The PTS MagLink features a two-piece bolt together design and durable, lightweight construction reinforced with renewably sourced polymer. With smart design and great material, we proudly announce that PTS Maglink is now available.

maglink 14 feb 2013


  • Fits PMAG 30 GEN 2,GEN 3, PMAG (KWA M4 GBB), PMAG(KWA Hi-Cap)
  • Durable, lightweight reinforced RS polymer construction.
  • Wide-set, two-piece bolt on design resists flexing.
  • Integral grooves interface with PTS PMAG ribbing to eliminate slippage.

The above product is not design for PTS PMAG MID-CAP (Gen 1), PMAG 20, EMAG, PMAG 30G, PMAG 20LR, PMAG Gen 1 Hi-Cap (G&P)

Remark: For further details of this renewably sourced polymer, please refer to our website


Madbull SWR airsoft suppressor (Dummy)

Madbull’s SWR dummy airsoft suppressor is now available in the USA and Asia:


SWR is a design and manufacturing company specializing and famous in suppressors and small arms development. SWR now has a proper R&D staff to develop innovative product and a manufacturing line to ensure the innovation is produced and available nationwide. Madbull licensed SWR barrel extension is compatible with a diverse range of airsoft guns. It pairs with everything from Airsoft pistols, rifles, and sniper rifles making it the most light weight, versatile, and durable barrel extension on the market. It has fully licensed trademarks and a unique design for easy disassembly and user serviceability.

Package include:
Barrel Extension

– Durable one piece high tensile strength aluminum construction
– Fully Licensed Trademarks 
– Light weight at only 6 oz.
– Has multi-capability for Airsoft pistol or rifle
– Easily mount

Click for more info and photo>>


Custom paint jobs at Black Ops Airsoft

Black Ops Airsoft are now offering custom paint jobs via their website:

Hello Arnies Airsoft, We’ve been offering custom paint jobs for several years now in the shop and today we’re happy to announce that this service is now available for the web! For the longest time hydrographics was only reserved for real firearms, but today we’re bringing it to the Airsoft world.


Hydrographics technology is the best way to apply any graphic design to your gun. Even the best spray paint job is nowhere close to the quality and precision of hydrographics. Hydrographics allows the pattern to perfectly mold to the shape of any object it comes in contact with and the bond is incredibly strong. This gives you the perfect finish that will last many years to come.

Click the following link to learn more!

(Black Ops Airsoft)

Yosser: M1 Garand ICS or G&G?

Yosser has a comparison of the M1 Garands from ICS and G&G:

So M1 Garands are like buses – none for ages than 2 come along at once, but which one to choose from

ICS OR G&G – the MadBadger Airsoft spies have been reporting back with the intel from Shot Show 2013 and you can find the intel on Airsoft Odyssey here:

So which one is worth your hard earned cash?

ICS Garand

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(Yosser’s Airsoft Odyssey)

Airsoft Megastore: 30% off boneyard & more

Airsoft Megastore have a coupon code to get you a limited time discount in their boneyard:

banner_facebook_boneyardnew30% Off Boneyard and More

Get 30% off all Boneyard items for a limited time. Coupon expires 3/5/2013 at 11:59PM EST. Click here:

The advantages of purchasing boneyard airsoft guns are numerous, and include:
– Getting airsoft guns that may be easy fixer-uppers at a FRACTION of the cost of a new one
– Getting airsoft guns and using them for DISPLAY only (a lot of the airsoft guns in our boneyard are in great cosmetic shape, but just don’t fire) — they’d look good on a display stand or as a collector’s piece
– Getting airsoft guns and using them for their vital parts, many of which are functional (there may be a busted motor but the gearbox is still working just fine, or vice versa)
– Spare parts
Click here:

Also do don’t forget that this week, we’re giving away a free CYMA M14 EBR. Click here for more details:

In addition to all our website giveaways, we’ve teamed up with Elite Force for a third giveaway. Stay tuned on our Facebook page to find out more. Click here:

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(Airsoft Megastore)

BCB military camouflage cream at IWA

BCB will be bringing their military camouflage cream to IWA:

Military camouflage cream in sight for IWA visitors

At this year’s IWA Show in Nuremberg, Germany (8-11 March), visitors will be able to try on Camouflage cream used by Armed Forces worldwide at BCB International’s stand (Hall 6 Stand 427).

IMG_0794For several decades, UK-based survival equipment specialist, BCB International, has been making camouflage cream for many thousands of soldiers worldwide.  Arguably the pick of the bunch is BCB’s Chameleon compact three colour camouflage cream which has proved to be a great success with service personnel and is currently issued to troops by the UK Ministry of Defence as well as being used by most NATO Forces.  Provided in a strong and durable plastic case with an integral acrylic mirror in the lid, it is non-irritant, infrared reflective and provides a high sun protection factor.

BCB International’s spokesperson, Philippe Minchin, said: “Here at BCB, we have built up an expertise at making and supplying camouflage cream to armed forces worldwide.  We were the first in the world to develop the only camouflage cream with a proven infrared reflective formula which reduces the chances of soldiers being picked up by infrared searching equipment.

“We are proud that each year many thousands of armed services personnel throughout the world use our camouflage creams to stay concealed from the enemy and get on with their job.”

BCB will be exhibiting its range of products at stand 06-427


Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: February 27, 2013

  • EvikeTV [The Locker] – Mesh Hydration Vest
    Welcome to the 6th episode of EvikeTV’s – The Locker!

    This particular series of videos will be talk about the many different gear options we have as Airsofters/Milsim Players. Gear is one of those things people will consistently change and talk about, so here that’s all we’ll talk about. This series will be a weekly episode and it will run all the way until June 2013. We will be releasing [The Locker] episodes every Tuesday!

    Please feel free to comment below on anything you would like to see covered and the comment with the most thumbs up may be the next episode!

    Stay tuned for more series on EvikeTV this year:
    Monday: The Gun Corner
    Tuesday: The Locker
    Wednesday: The Training Center
    Thursday: Rail Space
    Friday: TBA

    Product Link:

  • Airsoft GI – FMG4-A3 Next Generation Full Metal M4 Carbine Airsoft Gun
    ►►► Enjoy the video? Follow the link to subscribe: ◄◄◄

    The Airsoft GI Full Metal FMG4 is a new direction in the journey of the G4 AEGs. The current G4 is well known in the airsoft industry for being an amazing value and being built to a high standard. Now we have embarked on journey to create a full metal G4 line up with higher standards in mind. This new Full Metal FMG4 has an exquisite exterior, the metal parts are made of the same type of aluminum real guns are made from. The body is a cool matte finish with beautiful laser etching on the side. The Airsoft GI crest is clearly visible on the left side of the magazine well. However, we didn’t just stop at a wonderful exterior, the gearbox is fitted with high quality parts from Lonex. This is an all-around amazing rifle. This is the FMG4-A3 Next Gen. Carbine which means it comes with an Airsoft GI 7" Quad RIS rail, Echo 1 Flip Up Front Sight, and B-2 Rear Sight for airsoft. This rail system adds even more versatility to the FMG4, and it doesn’t look half bad either. Only Airsoft GI can offer you such an amazing full metal gun and save you so much money in the process.

    Product Link:

    Internals Link:

  • Airsoft action at Insight Interactive indoor with KWA MP7

    The airsoft KWA MP7 is an awesome little gun that packs a pretty sweet punch. We got to play with it a little at Insight Interactive airsoft field in southern California.


  • AirSplat – New Arrival! MAGPUL PTS PDR-C AEG
    Coming Soon to AirSplat – The Magpul PTS PDR-C! Pre -Order yours now!

    New AirSplat Airsoft Items!

  • WE F226
    Heres an unboxing of a trade between myself and Maximus MJG.
    my apologies as my slow motion program took a dump on me. I will do it once cleared up.
  • Airsoft Team at X-site: The Outpost
    My Airsoft team Deniable Operations Executive at The Outpost run by the guys at X-site!
  • G5 use 134A
    G5 can use 134A??

    full review:

  • GHK G5 Prototype
    Testing of the GHK G5 Prototype!!

    on market at the end of March!!

    pre-order yours now!!

  • KWA KRISS Vector Review – Part I – (HD)
    Buy the KWA KRISS Vector:

    Buy extra mags for the KWA KRISS Vector:


    Tom takes us through some of the features of the highly anticipated KWA KRISS Vector Airsoft Submachine Gun.

    For a more detailed look at the KWA KRISS Vector, visit our award-winning Airsoft Blog:

  • Airsoft GI – FMG4-A1 Spec V Next Generation Full Metal Carbine Airsoft Gun
    ►►► Enjoy the video? Follow the link to subscribe: ◄◄◄

    This is the FMG4-A1 13" Spec V Gen. Carbine which means it comes with a VTAC 13" rail for airsoft. This rail system adds even more versatility to the FMG4, and it doesn’t look half bad either. Only Airsoft GI can offer you such an amazing full metal gun and save you so much money in the process.

    Internals –

    Product –

  • EvikeTV [The Gun Corner] – G&P Magpul Masada AEG
  • Airsoft Cheaters: The "Not Gonna Call It!" Guy.
    What would you have done if this happened to you? Did Jonathan (the guy recording the video) act correctly? Comment below!

    And yes, this is the Firing Range Map from Black Ops turned into a field, check out the fantastic CQB field at


    Now we’ll be the first to admit it: We’ve all been shot before at a distance or running and didn’t feel it (we know we have), or you’ve shot at someone that you swore you were hitting, and really weren’t. But we try VERY hard to make sure we follow all game rules whenever we play.

    But, in the days of helmet cams, it’s tough to deny real video of a cheater in the act. And that’s what we caught on film at a local game.

    Now before the field comments begin: The field we shot this at is an awesome place, the owner and refs do an outstanding job and they are good people (and why it shall remain nameless)…but it’s impossible for refs to be everywhere.

    And that’s when cheaters show their true colors.

    We’re sure that most of you have seen this happen on any given weekend at your local field, and this isn’t a call-out video meant to shame the offending player in the video…. We wanted to make this a "what would you do" video so we could have an open conversation about the different types of cheating and unsportsmanlike like behavior.

    So, if you were in Jonathan’s shoes, what would you have done? Did he do the right thing? Comment below!

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    Airsoftology Web Store:
    FB us, we don’t bite:
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  • MOV 0976
  • ◀Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – Mostly Dead
    More Future Soldier with a few insanely close calls!

    ◀Facebook -
    ◀Twitter –

  • Mark 12 Mod 0, ~500 yds, suppressed
  • WE KAC Knight Hawk M1911 & Kimber warrior review
  • KJ -09 CZ 75 GBB review by
    KJ Works KP09 Gas Pistol (No Marking)
    -Built Material: Metal Slide, Frame & Outer Barrel / ABS Grip
    -System: Gas Blowback
    -Magazine Capacity: 24+1 Rounds
    -Length: 205mm
    -Barrel Length- /mm
    -Muzzle Velocity: 300-320 FPS w/ 0.2g BBs & Top Gas
    Package Includes: (Gas pistol, Gas Magazine , Manual)
  • WG NAGANT M1895 CO2 Revolver
    WG NAGANT M1895 CO2 Full Metal 6mm Revolver (Black)
  • WE G26 & G18c GBB review by

Team ASG 10K LIKES competition

ASG are celebrating reaching 10,000 likes on Facebook by giving away a Dan Wesson 2.5” gold limited edition:

Hi Guys, 10K LIKES Competition!
You guys helped us get 10.000 LIKES here on Facebook – so celebrate that, we are having a new competition.


To enter all you have to do is LIKE+SHARE and you have a chance to win a Dan Wesson 2,5” Gold Limited Edition *bling bling*

Starts: 27/02/2013
End: 06/03/2013


Gunman Airsoft March newsletter

Here is the March newsletter from Gunman Airsoft:

Welcome to Gunman Airsoft News

Dear Arnies Airsoft news, Hello and welcome to the 2013 GMA newsletter.

Hi all and a warm welcome to the busiest February ever.  The worst month of the year and we hit record numbers at Eversley and Tuddenham’s open days.

Standard membership will cost £10 a year.  Payment can be made via PayPal ( and quote your number and/or your name) or cash on the day.  UKARA memberships will not get renewed unless this is paid.  We have supported the UKARA since its start but it’s becoming more time consuming hence the £10 a year fee.

RETAIL – Target Action Supplies
Another huge restock before the end of 2012 has seen the shop swell back to its original glory.  See here for more info
We also offer a repair and up/down grade service.

What’s coming up?

Read the rest of this entry »

More on the Airsoft GI custom PTT line

Airsoft GI have sent over more details of their new PTT line:

A welcome addition to the up and coming Perfect Tactical Trainer (PTT) line of Airsoft GI customs. The PTT series will sport Hand guards and Rail systems made for real firearms. ……… Maybe Josh aka the preditor will finally buy his SCAR……
The coupon code 205OFFDAILY to save up to 20.5% off will be ending shortly. Hurry in and make your order today!


Check out Bob with the new ICS CXP-16! The all tan furniture is great for desert style game play! Stay tuned for more details soon to come!


(Airsoft GI)

Thumpy: Thanks for helping us to another milestone, Arnie!

Thumpy is celebrating another milestone and no it’s not his birthday:

Yup, another milestone today…we hit 100K on September 4th, 2012, just 8 months after diving in to curate Airsoft and MilSim news for the USA and the World.

Now, just 5 months later, we’ve DOUBLED UP with 200 Thousand Views here on the News SCOOP, and kick in almost 5-k more with the 3-D Airsoft Events and Sites SCOOP.IT!

We have no idea how many more views have happened on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, the Thumpy YouTube Chan or WordPress Blog that tie back into this….but easily tens of thousands more….

‘Can’t say it long enough, loud enough or far-and-wide enough, THANK YOU to the players, businesses, sites, stores and EVERYONE who’ve said a kind work, an atta’boy or hit us with corrections or ideas to make this whole thing better.  This is FOR YOU, ABOUT YOU and BY YOU…we just push it out all day, every day to bring us all together!

WE PLAN ON BEING HERE FOR AWHILE.  PULL UP A SEAT, you are always welcome at the 3-D House!

(Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft)

Guarder AEG springs & 6.02mm tightbore barrels @Raptors

Raptors Airsoft have replenished their supply of Guarder AEG springs and 6.02mm tightbore barrels:

Raptors Airsoft is a USA Airsoft distributor of airsoft upgrades and accessories. We recently restocked Guarder AEG springs and 6.02mm tightbore barrels.. Visit our Wholesale Airsoft page to find out more information about our wholesale program and to apply for a dealer account.


We strive for excellence in customer service. All orders ship within one business day (often times the same day) using USPS priority mail. Our website allows for easy ordering. Just login, add items to cart, checkout, and track your orders. We also have knowledgeable customer service reps on hand to help you with order issues, questions about products, or anything else.

Become A Dealer: To become a dealer, simply fill out our wholesale application and we will approve your account within one business day.

(Raptors Airsoft)

Mercenarios Airsoft e-magazine launched in English

1-Portada revista nº7 - 2 INGLES Mercenarios Airsoft have released their latest magazine issue in English:

I present the new English version of my magazine airosft Mercenaries.

Hope you like.

Best regards,


(Mercenarios Airsoft)

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