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Vouchers and offers from AD

Paul over at AirsoftDynamics has sent in the latest from the guys there, including new Inazuma offers and some new gift vouchers from them:

Belt fed blowout:

Howdy ho,

Once again I bring you news of stupendous deals and bargains galore, but onto that in a second. The keen eyed among you will have noticed the Gift Vouchers now available from the website, these are currently only redeemable in person or over the phone but will shortly be fully integrated into our site.

Our vouchers are the perfect gift idea this coming holiday season, not convinced? Well allow me to persuade you – not sure what to get your Great Aunt Mavis? Well why not treat her to a nice gift voucher so she can make her up own mind, Glock or Berretta, TM or KSC the choice will now be hers!

Please take a second to check out our gift vouchers by clicking the link at the bottom of this news article.

Did I mention some stupendous deals and bargains?

Oh yes thats right as the title suggests we have slashed the prices on our belt fed collection and placed them on an Inazuma offer! Save up to 130 on an M60!! All versions are on special now.

We have also added the M16A1 VN and the MP5 A5 to the Inazuma, remember these are in stock and come with free next day delivery to the UK. These represent the very best prices in the whole wide world for UK airsofters.

As is the nature of Inazuma offers get them whilst there hot!

Till next time. Paul, (AirsoftDynamics)

Hurricane M82A1 Conversion Kit

Click here to visit HurricanEHurricanE have added news to their site of their new M82A1 Conversion Kit that fits the Marui M16 (you’ll need an M16 lower/gearbox donor for it). Made of the reported 6061 alloy spec it should have a very nice finish and quality to it, however like any M82 kit it’s not cheap coming in at about 1000UKP before tax/shipping etc:

Product: M82A1 Conversion Kit Product No: HE-M82-01 Desctiption: Fits Marui M16 series! Material: 6061T6 Aluminum Die Casting with Hard Anodize finish Length: 146.2cm Weight: 6kg Including: M82A1M M1913 long rail for optimum optic accuracy and alignment, Quick Release Carry Handle, Outer Barrel Flash Suppressor, Metal Upper & Lower receivers, Bipod and Magazine case ( for M16 190 shots). It will be available around Christmas! Price: USD1,850.00 (Hurricane)

New APS Maruzen accessories

Clikc here for full size imageMaruzen have some new APS styled accessories lines up for release shortly (source LA Gunshop).

New with them is a new automatic scoring target with remote digital display and control unit priced at 5,229Yen.

There’s also some shooting glasses called “Performer” that look very similar to those recently launched by Guarder. The glasses come with in three lens colours (smoke, yellow and clear) and are priced at 4,179 Yen.

There’s also an electric plate (the typical fall down setup) with remote reset for easy target practice, no price is listed yet.

J-Tech latest products

The guys at J-Tech (manufacturers of tactical and survival gear for the police and military) took the time to add their website to the weblinks section on site here, so it seemed only fair to add their latest news to the front page while we had a moment.

Click here to visit J-Tech

New on their site is a milspec ID wallet, and a black fleece jacket (as seen in the promo image, presumably in the Middle East somewhere). There’s loads more in their products pages, unfortunately no list of suppliers and dealers/retailers that stock their products at the moment.

SL8-1 and SIC93 at Sanken

Gunshop Sanken have news of a new SL8-1 kit for the TM G36c from PDC. Unlike other kits out there this one provides a replacement for the main body as well, although markings can’t be made out in the shots available.

There’s also shots of Tanaka’s new M93r copy – the SIC93. The SIC93 comes with a 36 shot magazine, is made of heavy weight ABS and is a replica of the 1st version M93r. There are no markings on the pistol even for the fireselect although the safety mechanism has the red dot decal inset. Semi and triple shot can be seen, automatic fire cannot be confirmed.

RRP for the SIC93 is set at 13,800 Yen and the price for the SL8-1 kit is 49,800. Oh the SL8-1 comes with two magazines in the box too

New products at Laylax

Laylax have released another of their Nine Ball products called the HiCap 5.1 SAS Front Kit. This new front end is similar to the previous systems, but this time comes with a threaded muzzle.

Also on the Laylax pages are details of a new GBB valve key that they’ve released and Zero Trigger units for the Tokyo Marui VSR10 series.

GB-Tech M203 Masterkey Standalone available

Bill Nup dropped a line in to let everyone know that WGC are began stocking the M203 Masterkey from GB Tech was released at WGC in HongKong last week.

This comes in two variants available built from metal and AB plastic. The regular comes in at 800 USD and deluxe version costs 900 USD and weighs 2600g. Both packages include a 40mm shell. The main difference seems to be that the deluxe version has a reflex quadrant sight. Airsoft videos online

Continuing the video theme, Gregor sent over word that he’s added a video of the Shoei MG42 online on his website. The video is around 40megs in size and 3mins in length and is a basically a visual review of the replica itself. There’s also a video of a skirmish that took place on the 7th of November. Nice work Gregor!

New videos at

The guys at have dropped in a line about a new video that they have online of some game footage:

Just a small note to let you know that has put together a second video, this one of game footage, it can be found on our site though the video quality is not the greatest. If you have not seen our original video it can also be found online, this is also filmed at night but much better quality, but is a 858QRT recruitment video. J.M.L. (

Classic Army release the first of new springer line

Thanks to Lumin in our forums for the latest, Classic Army are going to release their own springer rifle (the M15A4 springer). Most likely the first of more to come from them.

Sure there’s loads of spring rifles out there, but a few more can’t hurt, they make decent cheap props.. office toys etc.

The springer features accurate ArmaLite markings, and is primed either by pulling back the handle hidden inside the foregrip that flips down or using the normal charging handle under the carry handle. The stock is also functional with power output in the region of 0.5J.

Sadly there’s no details at all about price or further specs (metal parts etc), although it’s listed as available at the Classic Army website.

Offers at OnPatrol

The guys at On Patrol have offers on for the period of November. They tend to cater for paintball, but the gear and equipment (save the markers) is equally as applicable to Airsofters:

Special Offers for November
TAC-M7 Assault vest – Same quality as vests twice its price – modular system – 69.95
Double Deck Gun bag – With backpack straps, carries two markers and Zeus! only 35!
Replica ECWS jacket – Made from Nylon Taslon – Waterproof –29.99 Delivery Expected very soon.
JUST Replica MICH TC-2000 Helmet – Brilliant copy – 45
Back Pack Hydration – brilliant copy of Molle II version but with better hydration bladder 19.99

Classic Army in talks with Systema

Brad (aka Darkstar) of Airsoft Ohio has sent over interesting news about Classic Army and some possible dealings with Systema that could produce some lower cost yet more advanced Airsoft training rifles:

We were told that Systema has been in talks with Classic Army for a few months now, as CA has expressed interest in Systema‘s new PTWS and it’s gearbox design.  CA has expressed their wished to build out CA PTWS style guns and have Systema provide the gearboxes for their guns.  We were told Systema is considering the offer, but is also considering making a downgraded gearbox geared for the hobbyist market to sell to CA at a lower cost.

While talks are currently in their infancy, it seems promising that something will develop in the coming year.  This would evolve into a lower cost alternative to the PTWS for the hobbyist market, unless Systema decides to crack that market as well.  Systema, however, seems intent on sticking with the law enforcement and military training markets for the time being. Brad (Airsoft Ohio)

Looking for custom clothing?

Click here to visit LogosowI’ve just had a handy tip sent in from Nick, with a link to a supplier by the name of Logosow who can produce embroidered fleeces and shirts for teams. They come recommended as he’s just ordered from them to supply his own security company.

Have a look through their products lines, as there’s a heap of outer wear, shirts and headwear and other gear and examples of their work online. Check them out if you’re after some personalised gear.

5.11 Tactical Gear now available from UK stockists

Mike at Edgar Brothers has sent in word from them of their latest products and popular items that can be found in stock with their biggest retailers at the moment.

Click here to visit Nitron EquipmentClick here to visit PolimilClick here to visit Edgar Brothers

The full 5.11 Tactical Range is now available to buy online at Polimil and Niton Equipment who both hold 5.11 stock.
You’ll see that the price structure is much better than you’d expect. Gone is the straight USD/UKP conversion of simply swapping the Dollar for a Pound sign that you normally see elsewhere.
The US retail price on 5.11 pants is 69USD and here in the UK they are pricing them at 31-35UKP.

The 5.11 clothing range are proving to be highly popular, for example the Backup Belt System found in their clothing products was made in conjuction with Blackhawk Industries.

Inert ATF spec AT4s spotted in the USA for sale

Click here to visit RPB USATimothy over in the USA sent in word that he’s seen spent AT4 Anti Tank Launcher units (inert) for sale in the US.

Legality regarding the use of these spent munitions ranges from country to country; but if it’s legal to build where you are the AT4 can be a decent base for a custom Airsoft launcher project.

The AT4s are available through RPB Industries at a price of 150USD. Military issue AT4 anti-tank rocket launcher tube.
These items are listed as being inert and demilled to ATF specifications and are missing the rear sight.

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