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New gear at Redwolf

Keith over at RedWolf has chimed in with news of new products and gear that they are stocking at the moment, so I thought it was about time I went through their listings and added the highlights here:

First there’s the WE Hi Capa 5.1 (Full Metal), made by Wei-E Tech apparently. It’s the same Taiwanese build that we’ve seen from Armotech just under a different brandname. Priced at 103USD it’s very hard to beat for the money.

WE Hi Capa 5.1 (Full Metal):

Very solid and heavy pistol from this Taiwan manufacturer, the WE Hicapa 5.1 is based on Marui Hi-cap 5.1’s design. Full metal construction with 20mm lower rails for installing accessories such as flashlight & laser unit. Extremely smooth slide cycling action with strong recoil and a pleasant assortment of clicks and clacks when the slide is pulled back makes this gun a lot of fun to shoot. Lead content in slide makes it extremely heavy and solid with a strong kick during blowback. Good for 300fps when using HFC22 TOP Gas! Lots of fun to shoot and highly recommended! (RedWolf Airsoft)

Next there’s a handy replacement gas valve for the KWC CO2 pistol/SMG range that allows it to use propane priced at around 12USD.

KWC Gas Valve for Mini UZI / Sigma SW40F / Desert Eagle CO2 Version:

Install this gas valve into Co2 gas magazines of KWC GBB ( Mini UZI / Sigma SW40F / Desert Eagle CO2 Version ). Use a tool (code : Z50 , not included and will be available later) with screwdriver to take away all the intenal parts from Co2 magazine as small picture.
test result below:
1. UZI delievers 350fps with Top Gas. It can shoot 29rd bbs in semi mode / 15rd bbs in full auto mode.
2. Sigma SW40F delievers 370fps with Top Gas.
3. Desert Eagle delievers 350fps with Top Gas. (RedWolf Airsoft)

Now here’s an interesting one, this is the HFC Desert Eagle, that’s a straight copy of the Tokyo Marui version, but is more powerful and comes in a rather nice case:

HFC Desert Eagle:

The Desert Eagle is undoubtedly the biggest handguns on the airsoft market today. Manufactured by IMI since 1984 in real steel format, the Desert Eagle was actually designed by American firm Magnum Research in Mineapolis, USA. One of the hardest kicking pistols in airsoft, this version by HFC not only kicks hard, makes a loud sound, but also performs at 300fps+ of power! That’s 40fps more than the similarly designed Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle. This HFC version is also wider and more true to dimensions to the real Desert Eagle. Durable ABS construction with rubber finishing grips. Metal parts include trigger, abidextrous safety, hammer, slide lock, safety, and removeable full size magazine. Not designed for small hands, this gun packs a menacing kick on each round – making the gun rock and yaw in your hand (feels very impressive). Strong recoil spring means that the slide locks back into place with a very loud and solid slap! Attractive blowback sound is music to your ears. As seen used by Agent Smith in the movie The Matrix. One of the most gratifying pistols to shoot in airsoft to this day! Exactly the same internal design as the more pricey (but lower powered) Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle. Beautiful alumunium pistol case is included with this gun! Two thumbs up and recommended by RedWolf! (RedWolf Airsoft)

In other news there’s a new HFC M712 (Full Metal) listed, it’s full metal and a powerful NBB by the looks of it, and should be a handy for anyone looking to make Solo’s blaster or as an addition to a reinactor’s closet. There’s a new 3 point battery sling by Milspex too priced at 33.95USD. The new Tanaka SWS fluted barrel version with the extended magazine is out too, but do note that it doesn’t take the older Tanaka magazines for some reason. If you’re after something interesting to bolt onto your M3 shorty, then the G&P folding stock should be pretty high up on your list. As a bit of a blast from the past RedWolf are now stocking the Elfin Knight’s products that I mentioned some time ago on here. The huge 40mm pistol and pistol mount are listed on their pages here, do check it out.

Performance Airsoft up and running

John Casement has sent in news from Performance Airsoft about their website with online store that’s now running for all to see and use. There’s some new offers from them, plus a price guarantee. Here’s the news from him:

Hey Arnie! I just wanted to drop you an e-mail, letting you know about our online store. We are officially up and running, and have worked out all of the kinks over the past 2 weeks. We proudly offer the lowest prices in the USA, even to the point of having a low price gaurantee! So come check us out, we are based in Lees Summit, MO.

Here are a few of our highlighted prices:

HFC 134a: $14.50
HFC 22: $10.99
Red Gas: $22.99
Excel .2 BB’s: $11.99
Marui .2 BB’s: $11.99
KSC G19: $103
KSC G23 Metal Slide Version: $114.99
Marui Chrome Desert Eagle: $150
Marui Desert Eagle Hard Kick: $140
TM AUG Special: $242.00
TM M4A1: $245
TM AK47: $247
TM AK47S: $250
TM MP5A4: $222
TM MP5A5: $222
TM MP5J: $240

Thanks Arnie! John, (Performance Airsoft)

Just a few random bits of news

After the mention of the new Guay Guay GR300 (G&G’s copy of the ZM Weapons LR 300) I’ve had contact and unofficial word from the individuals responsible for that trademark in the USA to confirm that it is an unlicensed copy. A press release will be forthcoming at some point from ZM Weapons stateside.

My understanding is that Guay Guay were previously in talks with the license holders to make a licensed copy of the LR 300, but broke off talks and then decided to make it anyway just under a different name. Needless to say that there’s lots of unofficial copying that goes on in the Airsoft manufacturing scene, however when there’s any form of official dispute things can get a little sticky. For retailers and buyers in the USA at least it’s best to be aware that the G&G GR300 will most likely be highlighted as a trade dress infringement and will therefore very likely suffer from import seizures in the US.

On slightly happier news there’s news over at AD’s site that the fixed slide M93r from Maruzen will be out in July at around 90UKP.

Over at KSC there’s new versions of their M945 GBBs out, actually there’s three in total all coming under the “10th Anniversary Commemoration” (whatever that refers to). Each pistol variant features a lower rail, and there’s a new completion model, silver model and a two tone variant.

Now it’s difficult for me as I have to sound enthusiastic about three new pistols that are really just refinements of a previous model with not a huge deal changed in them, but there you go. If you were desperate for a competition M945 or a two tone model you’ll be happy. smile

The lads at Airsoft Extreme have posted a review of the CA249 on their site. I promised Andrew over at AEX that I’d get the article that they’d submitted here online for them a while back, but it’s just been too busy to sort here (it will appear online shortly). You can find their article over on their pages (there’s also the usual good offers on gear there) in the meantime.

Over at Airsoft Scotland the complete Guay Guay M14 AEG can be found at the bargain price of 299. They don’t exactly praise the versions that they received initially, but the models that they are selling now have had new replacement parts fitted to cover unsavoury issues and each is tested before it’s shipped out. Basically if you’re after an M14 in the UK you stand less chance of receiving a pretty paperweight that smokes quietly on your desk. They also have the new Madbull launchers in stock at the moment.

At Action Sports Games they’ve posted details of CA’s new springs, and photos of the guys from ASG having some fun training with the French Police. They’ve also got some nice shots from Berget 4 mil-sim event too.

Over at Guarder there’s various new products, including new stocks for the M500 series, fatter grips for the M16 range, a range of new cylinders, new vests, and a replacement steel gearbox for the TOP M249. Coming soon there’s a leather sling for the M14, Elken scope (Elcan replica) and 1 1/2″ 3-Point Sling.

Over at J-Tech there’s a minor update with a new chest rig being made available called the “Commander – 6”, and looks to sport up to 6 fitted pouches.

Lastly (I have to stop somewhere sadly) LA GunShop have shots of a few new bits of kit including, an MGC 1911 and a new shotgun from KHC.

Due out on the 3rd of next month priced at 6,510 Yen, the shotgun comes with fixed hop and is fed from a box style magazine.

News of new G&G releases

Guay Guay spotted the news yesterday about their new products so have sent over some more shots and more information about some of the releases:

Dear Sirs/Madam,

We have seen your plentiful web site. And thank you very much for your support with G&G Armament. We would like to offer you more details about our new products and introduce to the air-soft players in your area.

M14 imitation wooden pattern version Features: ABS Imitation wooden pattern stock and Brown ABS/FIBER hand-guard. Specification:

Build Material-Metal / Plastic
Magazine capacity: 80 rounds
Overall Length: 1120mm
Inner Barrel Length: 515mm
Weight: 3800g
Muzzle Velocity: 330-350 FPS with 0.2g BB (Semi Auto)
Cyclic Rate of Fire: 950-1000 RPM with 8.4V 1800mAh Battery
Release date: 2005/7/10(estimate)

S.O.C 16 Rifle


AL 6061 CNC machined scope mount rail with hard anodized, comes with a tactical reflex sight and mount ring, AL 6061 CNC machined one-piece outer barrel, and die-cast flash suppressor and front sight. Specification:

Build Material- Metal / Plastic
Magazine Capacity: 80 rounds
Overall Length: 930mm
Inner Barrel Length: 407mm
Weight: 2860g
Muzzle Velocity: 330-350 FPS with 0.2g BB (Semi Auto)
Cyclic Rate of Fire: 950-1000 RPM with 8.4V 1800mAh Battery
Release date: 2005/7/15(estimate)



Realistic field stripping, unique serial number stamped on the barrel back, bolt/bolt catcher/cocking lever are functional, comes with four rails, cocking lever/magazine release/trigger all made by reinforced nylons as the real things, and AL 6061 CNC machined one-piece outer barrel with hard anodized. Specification:

Build Material: Metal/Nylon
Magazine Capacity: 70 rounds
Overall Length: 452mm/695mm (when stock is extended)
Inner Barrel Length: 205mm
Weight: 2365g (not include the battery)
Muzzle Velocity: 80m/sec (with 0.2g BB bullet)
Cyclic Rate of Fire: 850-900 rounds/min (with 9.6V 1000 mAh battery)
Release date: 2005/7/30 (estimate) (Guay & Guay Armament )

ASG release dates and new photos

Click here to visit ASGMartin Stelling at Action Sport Games has sent over shots of the new gear from Classic Army including the G36K and plain G36 which you can now buy complete out of the box. The MKII 249 is also available and looks rather nice, and there’s the much anticipated CQB there. Here’s the shots and info:

Just some quick news from ASG.

We will have 4 brand new models from Classic Army in the first week of August: CA36, CA36K, M15C.Q.B. and the awaited CA249 MKII. This information is rather precise as our freight forwarder has picked up the goods.

The world wide release date for the CA249 MKII is 20 July and will be available in a few shops in Europe (those who get it by air freight). Only two shops in the UK will have them for this date. Mark, (Action Sport Games)

Firesupport updates

Frank over at Firesupport sent over an email asking for some news of theirs to be added to the front page. New in with them are offers on the ICS range of AEGs:

Firesupport Stock Update: We are now selling ICS AEGs, all metal AEGs

M4A1 (sliding stock) 240 inc postage
M4A1 (fixed stock) 240 inc postage
M4RIS 330 inc postage
M4RIS with solid stock 330 inc postage
MP5A4 (solid stock) 190 inc postage

Also in stock are the G&P range of AEGs.

Classic Army AEG prices as low as any in the country.

Order via web or phone 01733 247171
All major cards and paypal accepted 01733 247171 Thanks, Frank, (Firesupport Ltd)

NAM issue #6 now out

The lastest issue of NAM (National Airsoft Magazine) is out, and below you’ll find the latest update covering the new issue:

The NAM: National Airsoft Magazine Issue #6 Q2 2005

Released: June 15, 2005

We know what you’ve come to expect…
Never willing to compromise, we’ve delivered yet
another issue full of the quality content you’ve
come to enjoy at the same ol’ price:
$6.00 USD

…and much more!

Simply click the link below to nab your copy!

Purchase Issue #6!

Ever wanted something created by airsoft players for airsoft players? Something written entirely in English instead of the Japanese magazines where they have cool items but you just cant read the articles? Tired of the paintball magazines which claim to contain airsoft info but only have a tease amount of airsoft info and products in them? Or how about the airsoft exclusive Ezines, and the CD ROMs? These things don’t define the sport. Finally something that defines the very essence of airsoft! An underground magazine for us, the players! Check out the features:

Unbiased Reviews
BattleTech Challenge

Airsoft Rumors/Latest News
Club Spotlights
Safety Articles
Detailed “How To” GunSmith Section!
Club Locations and Information

If you make one smart purchase for the sport, this should be it! Don’t miss your chance, pick up a copy today! For more information, please stop by our website:


To carry The NAM: National Airsoft Magazine in your store as inventory or to get in on our ridiculously low advertising rates, please click the following link:


Visit us on the web. (NAM)

Anson Tactical updates and new offers

Jason at Anson Tactical Equipment has sent over some news from them. Having a quick skirt around their site myself there’s some new Lava Tropical Combat Trousers in stock there which look to be a great improvement over standard kit. Their special offer section also has plenty of gear listed at new lower prices too including waterproof firearms suits, varous overalls, gloves and more. Anyway here’s the news from them:

We have added a few updates to our online store. We are now stocking the Bates line of footwear including the American Special Forces “Falcon” Tactical boot which performs like a trainer but provides all the benefits of a boot. Ideal for frantic rushing around in urban airsoft scenarios. More products will be added over the next week.

We are now offering a custom smock and clothing manufacturing service. Please call for details on 01323 725333. Jason Blackiston, (Anson Tactical Equipment)

AHG sales updates

The guys at AirsoftHandGrenades have sent over an update via their newsletter system. They have almost completely sold out of their first production of 10,000 units which is pretty good going:

We thanks to all our clients the faith put into or AG-01 grenade, now we only have 10 boxes of 6 units in stock from the 10.000 units manufactured. In 3 moths we are finished our first 10,000 units stock, Thank you!

In this moment we are waiting to receive the new 10,000 units stock of the new version of the grenade, we have modified some things to make the AG-01 much better. For example we have changed the plastic formula in order to make much more eficient the grenade explosion. Other thing changed is the colors, the new version will have a “mate” color and, in the black version the detonator will have the same color that the grenade.

About the mine we want to inform that it is in its final production process, so it will be available soon.

In other way, as you can see, our server problems are fixed so you can contact us in the habitiual mail accounts. Oscar Pedregosa Aznar, (AHG)

New deals at HobbyAsia

Francis Leung at HobbyAsia has some new offers in from them on AEGs, and new prices on the AUG and HG MP5:

2005-June-28th July AEG sale: Remember, buy them in a combo deal
for an even better price! Sale ends first of August and while stocks

AUG for $199 (regular price $212)
for $174 (regular price $184). Francis, (HobbyAsia)

ICS teamed up with Cybergun

In random visits to Airsoft sites today there’s some developments at the ICS camp. Whilst Classic Army are teamed up with ASG in EU, ICS have now settled in with Cybergun. This is leading to ICS’s officially licensed AK74 range (licensed by Armoury USA), and also the use of the Colt trademark, licensed through Cybergun themselves (see here). The news of the licensing for the ICS 74 seems to have dropped off their pages, although it can be seen replicated at Here’s the full text of the Colt licensing arrangement from ICS‘s pages (apologies for the typos in the text, but it’s quoted directly):

ICS for canning make the gun type of M4 and M16 series true and perfect to present gun the fans, The Cyber Gun company authorization uses the trademark of the Colt true gun factory in Europe and Asia (the United States excepted). Therefore, Make the guns of M4 and M16 series engraving the Colt trademark each time all, and the manufacturing serial number of the true gun, not only gave the true soul of the ICS M4 and M16 series gun style, even raised M4 and M16 series gun type to draw up the true degree, Let each gun the fans are like to own personal exclusive M4 and M16 series gun type. Believing this authorizes the trademark, thinking will let necessarily gun the fans more do not want to put it away, settling to the passion degree of the ICS M4 and the M16 series gun type more crazy!

Colt is the main small arms supplier of the U.S. Military (exclusive production through 2009 of the M4 5.56mm Carbine). All branches of the U.S. Military use Colt weapon systems, including the M4 Carbine and the M16A2/A4 Rifle. Colt weapon systems are also used in fifteen (15) NATO countries and more than 80 other countries worldwide. More than 8,000,000 units have been produced so far of which more than 90% remain in service. This represents more than 90% of all weapons produced in 5.56mm.

The weapon of the Colt company the manufacturing has already benefited the experience from have another the realm of the year and fight, the body takes the weapon the manufacturing and abundant experience operation of mission, And the principle of management (QUALITY MAKES IT A COLT) of the persistence quality.

Continuously win the ISO 9000 and ISO 9001,let the M4、M16 and AR-15 series etc weapon system kept on the progress. The American government authorities is to deeply have the confidence to the Colt weapon system that the company produces, Had the affirmation and the support of the American government, More prove the technique of the Colt company weapon manufacturing in the position that the world is second to none.

Think the further understanding Colt company, Welcome to the Colt company website Obtain more related information. (ICS)

Official licensing is certainly the way to go for Airsoft to become more mainstream, and for consumers this means more choices as manufacturing houses and distributors market similar products. In the EU for the moment it looks to be that the ICS/Cybergun and CA/ActionSportsGames camps are going to be in direct compeition.

New complete AEGs at GuayGuay

Guay Guay have updated their site with a flash animation of their upcoming and current products. First up it seems someone at Guay Guay took the advice to sell their M14 AEG as a kit rather than a product, so you can now buy the M14 AEG in a box lacking gears, motor, battery, spring/guide and piston as a DIY product.

Also in from them is the news that they plan on making a ZM weapons copy called the GR300, a new wood stocked M14 (complete I think) and there’s also shots of a custom short M14 and their well known UMP, now called the "UMG" undoubtedly because of copyright issues. There’s also a wallpaper of their M14 lineup for anyone looking to adorn their desktop.

Outdoor Sports Extreme now open

Paul over at Outdoor Sports Extreme (OSX) has sent in word that their new store is now open (both online and the new showroom). Their website is a bit difficult to navigate for me as some links don’t change the cursor under Firefox although they might work in IE5/6, the design looks pretty good though. Paul also sent some new offers for you guys (checkout their website for more details):

New opening special prices:

MARUZEN MP5CQBII 149.99 (with railed fore-grip 159.99)
PROPANE GAS ADAPTOR 24.99 (run your GBB on Propane, See the difference!!)
MEDIUM RIFLE CARRY BAG – 91cm x 28cm / 35 29.99 (10 when bought with Rifle) 2 magazine pouches and 2 accessory pouches.
Soft Rubber Training Grenade, MadBull 6mm 96rds Grenade, MadBull 6mm 120rds Grenade, MadBull 6mm 18 rds Grenade, MadBull 6mm 48rds Grenade, MadBull 8mm 42rds Grenade, MadBull 8mm 60rds Grenade
G&G 450 RD M16 MAGAZINES 24.99 (2 or more @ 22 each)
HA AUTO-WINDING DRUM MAG FOR M16 (3000rds) 84.99
STAR REVOLUTION 30RDS M16 Series Magazine Set (Box of Ten) 37.99
M14 Hi-Cap MAGAZINE 29.99
600 rd MAGAZINE AK47 Series-BLACK 24.99 (2 or more @ 22 each)
600 rd MAGAZINE AK47 Series-BRICK 24.99 (2 or more @ 22 each)
500 rds MAGAZINE FOR G3 22.99
200 rds MAGAZINE FOR MP5 22.99
High capacity magazine for M16 series. Dual magazine design holds 900 rounds and electric drive. 9V battery powers a motor which winds the loading feed mechanism automatically. No more manual winds means no more getting caught off guard by opponents charging while you wind till your fingers go numb! Cheaper than Hero Arms Version and holds more rounds!!
M14 SCOPE MOUNT 39.99 (29.99 when purchased with M14)
Full Range of Tokyo Marui, ICS and Classic Army Rifles & Accessories also available upon request.

Standard Delivery 3.99 on any order.

We will also aim to beat any price you have been quoted anywhere else in the UK and abroad!
Showroom open 09.00 to 16.00.

Ring 01206 843223 to order, and for any queries
look online at (full site coming 22nd july)

Out of hours call
Paul – 07921887568,
Rob – 07961985581. Paul, (Outdoor Sports Extreme)

Couple of updates

Kei Kimura (based in Tokyo, Japan) has emailed over a link to a prop site ( that has made some of their own custom grips in the style of those seen on the gold 45s in the film Face Off. I’m not sure where they got the gold decals from that are shown however the photos detail the mould casting using some SV grips and then the making of some black plastic (?) grips from that cast. Checkout the link for images and more text (translation doesn’t work that well on it mind you).

Cathine at G&P has emailed in to say that they now have the new
GP386 Shotgun CA870 Aluminum Extended Buttstock listed on their site. It’s quite a nice looking beast actually and should make the CA870 a bit more personal. The set is made from pretty standard 6063 aluminium, has four fixed positions and comes with two new fiber/polymer grips.

New stock and updates at CopShopUK

The guys at CopShopUK Ltd have sent in some news from them. They now have the Magnum Viper boots in stock and they have also updated their line of Casio watches to cover the newer 2005 range. Also in with them are the Peli range of torches.

The Peli torches come in a wide price range and pretty much look to cover every need, whilst there’s a heap of decent timepieces in the Casio line. Magnum boots are always a reliable choice and are priced on their site from around 35UKP and up. Head on over to their site to see what else is there if you’re after some gear.

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