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Airsoftology Radio second podcast out now have got their second episode online:

The Airsoftology Podcast: Episode #2 is Available.

Hey Arn,

We’ve put together another show for the airsoft enthusiasts out there, and this one won’t disappoint. The show covers all of the current airsoft news, gear, gun reviews, and tech tips…along with a healthy dose of irreverence.

Don’t forget, we want to hear comments and questions from our listeners. Visit the Airsoftology website at to see how you can be a part of the show!


In This Show:

  • We discuss the latest in airsoft news and rumors from around the web.
  • We announce the winners of the Super Gun Pole giveaway!
  • Tim, Jonathan and Chris answer your questions and talk about the listener "loadout of the show".
  • We review the Echo1 MP5 Master Series and the TAD Gear Ranger Hoodie v4.0.
  • Chris demystifies motors in his Tech Tips segment; we cover the break-in process and the common problem of motor adjustment.

Where to get it: Episode 2 is available from all the usual sources: Just search for "airsoftology" on iTunes or follow this link: iTunes Page. If you don’t have iTunes, you can download directly from the link below:

*Right Click to Download*
Show notes are available here.


Forum news digest for Jan 31, 2009

The latest news posted by our readers in our forums

First and Only: new FIBUA site near Birmingham

First and Only are opening a new huge FIBUA site outside Kidderminster:

First and Only News: First and Only are proud to announce our new and biggest urban (FIBUA) site we have opened so far!!!

It is called the Asylum and is based just outside Kidderminster near Birmingham. It compromises lots of buildings both large and small to play over and in, road networks, woodlands and everything you would expect from a top class urban site.

image image
image image

We are holding our first open day on Sunday 22nd of February, with a member’s day for first and only members on Saturday the 21st.

As well as our new site First and Only also run weekly games at our other sites:

  • Matlock Woodland
  • The Factory (Manchester Urban)
  • Manchester Woodland
  • The Academy (Manchester specialist site) 

More information on all these sites and details of how to book on to games can be found on our forums.

Cheers, The First and Only Team

Strike-Hold – Granite Gear and Crye Precision news

Lawrence at Strike – Hold! has posted further updates about some new Granite Gear  and Crye Precision products:

Hi Arn, Have just posted further updates about Granite Gear’s line of MultiCam stuff sacks and interlocking ammo pouches, and a link to a review Crye Precision’s Gen2 Combat Uniform:

Lawrence., (Strike – Hold! )

T&T now Tokyo Marui distributor and service center

T&T have sent over an update to say that they are now a Tokyo Marui distributor and service center:

If you are a shop or local distributor looking for Tokyo Marui then contact us.

The Official European Tokyo Marui Distributor and Service Center is (T&T).


We give 2 years guarantee on all products sold in accordance with EU legislation.

T&T only serve wholesale to retail and local distributors.

We also have other products and brands with over 3000 different items in inventory.

Register your business on our web site. Once your account has been approved you will gain access to pricing and availability.

Meet with us. We will be at the following trade shows:

  1. IWA – Nürnberg, Germany – 13 to 16 March 2009
  2. EXA – Brescia, Italy – 18 to 21 April 2009

Thanks for your support,

Stefano, T&T
International Business Development

Spartan now stocking the Blammo Kill-Marker

Spartan Imports have sent over an update:

image Spartan Imports Update: BLAMMO KILL-MARKERS, the ONLY true marking Airsoft BB!

Introducing the Blammo Kill-Marker, now distributed by Spartan Imports! The Blammo Kill-Marker is a true marking Airsoft BB designed to perform flawlessly in any type of Airsoft gun, from high end AEGs down to the simplest spring gun. The Blammo Kill-Marker is a high performance, solid plastic BB with an intensely pigmented, dry lubricant coating. This space ag coating is designed to stay on the Kill-Marker until it impacts on its target, whereupon the coating is transferred to the target, leaving a clearly visible mark.

[Click the image to see the full release] (Spartan Imports)

UTG 30MM Long Eye Relief CQB Scope

There’s a new scope out from Leapers:

image Accushot 1-4X28 30mm Long Eye Relief CQB Scope

  1. High Tech for Fly Hunt, Drive Hunt and CQB Missions
  2. All Emerald Lens Coatings for Best Light Transmission
  3. Etched Glass Instant Lock Mil-Dot Reticle for Reliable and Effective Range Estimating
  4. High Quality RGB Side Wheel Illumination for Most Accurate Shooting under Diverse Light Conditions
  5. Flip-open Lens Caps Included
  6. Absolutely Must-have to Meet the Non-compromising Requirements of Long Eye Relief and Widest Field of View for Most Natural and Accommodating Shooting Positions
  7. Innovative Instant Target Aiming (ITA) Technology with Precise and Wear-resistant Click-stop Feature to Deliver Optimal Performance Under the Most Demanding Shooting Conditions


Shoei manufacturing MP44 ready Feb/March

image Tomio, Shoei Seisakusho Inc., Japan has sent in an update:

Dear Friends,

Thank you very much for your continued patronage.

We are manufacturing MP44 model gun now. Those sale is being planned in the end of February – the beginning of March.


When there is an order, please tell me about it. Although I feel sorry, those who have already reserved also need to place an order anew for a check.

We will not manufacture most except the number of the orders.

Moreover, some of MP44 air blowback BB gun are in stock. When required, please tell me about it.

I apologize for having become mail troublesome for those who are not interested in this notice.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you always.

Greetings from Japan.

Best regards,

Tomio, (Shoei Seisakusho Inc., Japan)

P.S. Next, FG42 Type 1 model gun is manufactured.

More photos after the break

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Foam simulation munitions from MilSim Labs

image Here’s an interesting product idea from MilSim Labs:

Good day,

Mil-Sim Labs has just released a new line of replica ordnance, cast in soft foam. No longer do players have to resort to using children’s toys, such as fined footballs and rubber balls to simulate ordnance on the battlefield.

Most of the molds are made from inert ordnance yielding a very realistic looking product, but looks are just the beginning!

All of the foam ordnance accepts our new ACTIVE IMPACT SYSTEM tm .

The AIS triggers on impact, firing off a safe cap gun cap. Now players will KNOW a mortar round just landed next to them! First to be released is our “Heritage” series of WWII Ordnance

Available now:
50MM French, M-37 Mortar Round,
5CM German, Leichte Granatwerfer 36 Mortar Round.
German Stick Grenade
In production  (ETA late Feb)
Mills Bomb Grenade
US Pineapple Grenade


On the drawing board for future projects, Panzerfaust Projectile, Bazooka Rocket, and a British 2” mortar round.

On the modern end of things, we are looking @ 81 and 60mm US mortar rounds, M26 Hand Grenade, Claymore Mine, and a RPG2 Rocket.

The mortar rounds fit a 2” PVC barrel., dropping down the barrel smoothly. The M-37 has an optional tip that holds 10 grams of powder. For the modern player it also fits 40mm launchers.

The soft foam and lack of internal core makes this product much safer then the toy fined footballs currently used to simulate ordnance @ many events.



ICS SIG 551/2 and ECHO1 MTC details from Airsoft GI

Airsoft GI have sent in photos and a video of the Echo1 MTC:

imageMany new releases are now available at Airsoft GI, first up, the Echo 1 MTC.

A spin off of the Echo 1 G36c, we at Airsoft GI have made a video that covers the special features on the MTC and a quick comparison with the G36c:

A full write up comparing the MTC to the G36c is in the works.  In the mean time be sure to keep an eye on our YouTube Channel ( for next video review.

image  image

Another exciting release is the ICS SIG 551 and 552, and Airsoft GI has plenty of both models.  The ICS Full Metal SIG (Swiss Arms Licensed) has been a long anticipated release, and it is everything you thought it would be. ICS has easily outdone Marui with their full metal body, high quality plastic hand guards, official licensing, and performance. This gun is fantastic, it feels real, it looks real, and its all done for the price of the Hurricane 552 Metal Body that is made for the Marui. This gun comes with 2 High Capacity Magazines, the trigger guard swings out of the way for use with gloves, and the bolt catch is functional with a stiff spring for a great sound. The SIG is a unique looking, versatile AEG for both indoor and outdoor play. ICS has been on a roll with their latest AEG releases, and from the looks of the new SIG, there’s more to come. (Airsoft GI)

Forum news digest for Jan 28, 2009

The latest news posted by our readers in our forums

Forged Hybrid shorts

Forged Clothing have some new gucci looking shorts out:

January 2009, Issue No. 13

Order the newest from Forged Clothing:

Forged Hybrid Shorts: We designed these shorts as a versatile hybrid between board shorts and dedicated fight shorts. They also work extremely well for Crossfit. You can roll on the mat, knock out a CrossFit PR, and then cruise the board walk in the same pair of shorts.

image image image

Made of stretchy 100% Polyester, they feature a secure overlapping velcro closure as well as a drawstring. The large flat pocket has drain holes and a velcro closure so it’s out of the way when not in use. It’s also the perfect size to safely hold your cell phone and wallet if you have to run around town.

Forged Headquarters
5694 Mission Center Rd.
San Diego, California 92108
Suite 602-424

New footwear at Ridge Outdoors

imageRidge Outdoors have sent in an update:

January 26, 2009

Greetings. I would like to let you know that Ridge Outdoors has new models for 2009.

Added to our current line of Police, Military, Fire, Duty Footwear are

  • Evolution
  • Big Buck
  • Diamondback

Please visit our website at: If you would like more information and distributor pricing, please contact us today. 

We look forward to your reply. Kind Regards,

Anthony Mora
Ridge Outdoors
8880 Benson Avenue Suite 119
Montclair, CA 91763 USA
Phone: 909 949 4226

Butler Patches – want patches? Mention us get money off have got in contact for the  first time and sent over some news and a reader offer. Do you want to get some team patches set up, or some for your favourite website or game site? Whatever your needs if you’re after patches why not try these guys, mention this site and they’ll give you a discount too: is offering a 10% discount off our price list for custom embroidered airsoft patches, for all members of We offer free setup and design, unlimited edits, free shipping and a turnaround time of 8-12 days or 2-4 days rush delivery. We guarantee that we have the lowest prices in the custom patch industry, and will match any competitor’s price by 10%.


Please visit our site at and fill out the free quote form, mention and we will quote you a 10% discount from our price list.

Best Regards,

Bryan Flores
(Marketing Manager,

Forum news digest for Jan 27, 2009

The latest news posted by our readers in our forums

Looking for somewhere?
AMNB Podcast
Gorilla Airsoft Radio
Airsoft Medicine Specialist Swedish Military Experience Group
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