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Marlowe on Redwolf TV

A repeat I know, but I thought you’d all like to get a second nosey at my ugly mug being humiliated on Redwolf TV. 

Whilst on holiday in HK I was asked to pay a visit to Red Wolf Airsoft’s Headquarters. I didn’t quite expect a full Top Gear-esque interview and challenge – especially with a pistol I’ve never used before in a climate I’m unfamiliar with and with a whole other arsenal of excuses to boot, but…Hey, just watch the video.

I should warn you that there’s a lot of talking. If you’re the type who flicks through a book and just looks at the pictures, skip to the actual challenge at 6:00 and prepare to be…er…amazed. :)

Embarrassing, yes, but it speaks for itself really. I also bought a GHK AKS74 whilst at their HQ – I couldn’t resist, with them lying around. The review can be found here.

New AATV episodes released

Gregor from AATV has been in touch with details of their latest two videos:

Number 1:

AATV reviews the AGM M4 Gas Blowback:

As always, you can watch it on or directly on Youtube:

Number 2:

AATVs first Gear Review and it’s a special one: The S.A.S. 80s Style Retro Gear by CRW-Airsoft:

As always, downloadable from or watch in on YouTube:

AATV is now using Twitter. Follow us on for sneak peaks and information on upcoming videos, recent AATV releases and random airsoft & gun chatter :)


Gregor (AATV)

Forum news digest for Jul 31, 2009

The latest news posted by our readers in our forums

Forum news digest for Jul 30, 2009

The latest news posted by our readers in our forums

Forum news digest for Jul 29, 2009

Airsoft GI – VFC, LCT and KJW Updates

VFC makes some of the best looking guns on the market and now they are trying their talents on the good ol’ fashioned M4 and its many cousins, check it out:

airsoft_VFC_FlipSights_M4_A airsoft_VFC_M4_A

We also have a very beautiful, very limited edition, AK Pistol from LCT:


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GHK AKS74 Review

27072009911 As promised, here’s the start of my review of the newly released GHK AKS74 variant:

While on my recent visit to Redwolf in Hong Kong, as unfortunately chronicled here, I was lucky enough to be shown around. One of the main things that caught my eye was some of the first of the freshly released GHK AKS74 and AK74M variants, which I covered in a recent news post. I couldn’t leave without buying one of them, and with my recent love of all things Afghan War era, it had to be the AKS74 I went for!

To make things more interesting I compared the GHK AKS74 to the Dboys Variant upon which its externals are based.

To read the full review, click here!

Forum news digest for Jul 27, 2009

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Forum news digest for Jul 26, 2009

Forum news digest for Jul 25, 2009

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Association of British Airsoft

AOBA_enter There’s been a lot of speculation over the Association of British Airsoft (AOBA), the latest in a series of UK airsoft organisations to spring up in the wake of the Violent Crime Reduction Act, after a number of people wandered across its website address.

Mathew Jarmain, Director of the new organisation has just forwarded us a press release by their Secetary, which hopefully might help clarify the purpose and intent of the organisation:

I would like to introduce ourselves and announce the formation of the Association of British Airsoft the
Your association is brought to you by airsofters like yourself.
Mathew Jarmain – Director (
Phillip Bromley – Secretary (
Mark Bromley (Not related) – Artwork/Airsofter
Freddie Drennan – Junior Airsofter/Graphics/Film

The Association of British Airsoft is run by players, for the players; the non-profit organisations main aim being to bring benefits to Airsoft players; whilst also educating the public and promoting the sport as a whole.
Membership with the AOBA brings a whole host of benefits for players, including full and comprehensive personal insurance, all members will be provided with an authentic registration card that will allow you to avail yourself of the VCRA defence and permit you to buy RIF’s. Also available is free legal advice to any player who finds themselves needing it.
We are working closely with retailers to provide tangible benefits to members with guaranteed high discounts to all members, and we want to get game site’s involved and both listening to and working with you the players.
We are the first group set up purely for the benefit & promotion of the players and the sport. Pre registration is free to join and we want to give players the opportunity to have their comments heard but more importantly listened to.
The Association of British Airsoft will be working with individual players as well as Teams, Game Site’s and Retailers. Our aim is to provide a voice for the players first and foremost because without you in the field playing our wonderful sport there simply is no Airsoft.
We are sure you have many questions and queries and we ask anyone who does have questions to forward them to us with the corresponding email address to obtain the correct information. We want to reduce as much unnecessary forum speculation/rumours.

We have made our website public to show you the players that we are here and on the way. It will take some time to become fully established and we ask if you have any ideas or suggestions or feedback however constructive, to contact us directly.
Please note our constitution will be available shortly.
Please go to and sign up for the pre registration. Remember this is your sport so have your say…

Phillip Bromley (Secretary, Association of British Airsoft)

The Battle of Dawes Hill – Charity Event

We’ve been contacted with details of an airsoft two day event being run on behalf of the veterans support charity Help for Heroes:

In association with and by kind permission of Mr & Mrs Parry, we are proud to present- THE BATTLE OF DAWES HILL!

The event will be held on the 19th & 20th of September and all proceeds from this event will be donated to the Help For Heroes charity.

The 2 day event comprises of missions in woodland areas and in specially constructed night game arenas, featuring special effects from TLSFX events team.

The setting is a varied site, in the shadow of Rampisham Down Radio Station in Dorset. The area incorporates – deep woodland, saplings, tall trees clearings, many natural and man made defences and an open "no mans land" area for night game which be filled with various obstacles.
Two opposing teams will fight for control of the woods whilst simultaneously completing missions to gather information & missiles to eliminate the enemy. non combatant actors will be in action throughout the weekend to add extra realism to the event.

Ben Parker

For more information view the event’s website.

Forum news digest for Jul 24, 2009

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Forum news digest for Jul 23, 2009

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Forum news digest for Jul 22, 2009

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