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New stock & offers at Dingodogs Airsoft

Dingodogs Airsoft have sent in details of the new items they have in stock and also a couple of special offers:

Just a quick news update for all our present and future customers

imageWe are now stocking Helikon Camogrom which is used by the Polish special forces and has similar properties to Crye Multicam at a fraction of the cost! In stock we have Camogrom Soft Shells £49.99, SFU Pants £29.99, Field Parkas £69.99, ECWCS Gen II Parkas (waterproof & breathable) £74.99 & SFU BDU Shirts £26.99! Check them out before they all go as our last stock was sold out within a week!


imageWe have been told the long awaited **UK SPEC**  & UK WARRANTY Magpul Pts Masada (ACR) Will be arriving in 2 weeks time for all you lucky people Who have pre ordered!

Right last but not least we have some offers to tell you about. If you spend over £60 at our online store you will receive free shipping by entering the following code at the checkout : freeshipping   this code is valid until 27th October.

If you spend over £30 on Magpul Pts products you will receive a free pack of Die Cut Vinyl Magpul Pts stickers whilst stocks last (colours will vary)! We have vast stocks of Magpul pts so if what you want is not listed on the website give us a call and it may well be on our shelves in the retail store!!

Look forward to dealing with all your orders very soon!

Best Regards, Dingodogs Airsoft & Tactical Supplies Team (Dingodogs Airsoft)

Officially licensed H&K MP5 now @ Airsoft GI

Airsoft GI have the officially licensed H&K MP5 in stock:

The G&G PM5 was good, but now that it’s officially licensed by H&K it’s even better!

HKS, also known as Hong Kong Style, shows us his Magpul Dynamics skills with the FMG4A3. He’s seen all of the ‘Art of the tactical ___’ DVDs at least 1000 times.

There are only a few days left until the Airsoft GI Boneyard Blowout, you will save more at this boneyard sale than you ever have at any other boneyard sale.


Best Regards, Tim Seargeant (Airsoft GI)

Airsoft in Merseyside – Delta Team 3

imageDelta Team 3 have sent in some information about their group, an event taking place in Southampton this October and their new forum:

DT3 – An introduction
Delta Team 3 was originally set up by two Ex-British Army Parachute Regiment soldiers to provide a friendly but authentic experience for those wanting to airsoft in the UK. After establishing a ~30 acre woodland site up in Skelmersdale, roughly 30 minutes drive away from Liverpool’s City Centre, Roy returned home to Southampton which is where DT3 South play – at Sopley Camp, when it’s available.

Since being established, DT3 North now has approximately 30 regular skirmishers, holding events at least once, perhaps twice every month on a Sunday, and provides a wide range of scenarios including Fort Defence and Convoy Ambushes to give even those most experienced players a taste of something different. Some of the best features must include the price, which is a flat fee of £20 Walk On (which includes camouflage BDU hire if required), as well as bags of BB’s for £8 on site (for 5,000 qty 0.20g) and gun hire for £10. The walk on fee also includes a light snack at midday as well as plenty of fluid to keep you hydrated for the situations that follow. We also allow the use of all different types of pyrotechnics, including Blank Firing Grenades, but insist that all guns must follow the 350/425/500fps guidelines for them to be used.

Our next scheduled event is the 24th October. Please arrive on site by 1000 hours. We normally finish around 1600 hours.

Phil aka Yosser wrote a review about us, which can be viewed here.

Weekender Skirmish in Southampton – 8-10th October

Roy (DT3 South) is hosting a Weekender, between Friday 8th October 2010 and Sunday 10th October 2010 at Sopley Camp, Southampton. This is the same urban site that was used by Ground Zero, so lots of CQB combined with Woodland.

Here’s a few details – please go onto UK Airsoft Zone or Delta’s Airsoft Forums to view more information and updates as they come to me.

The Price will be £65, but that includes accommodation with hot water, electricity, beds with mattresses and meals throughout the day. So unlike other weekenders, you won’t need to bring your Tent, Sleeping bag and cuddly toys on this one. (Well the last part is always an option!) We’ll be skirmishing from Saturday morning until late Saturday night, with a possibility of some night skirmishing. It’ll be an early get-up on Sunday morning, with skirmishing continuing until around 1500 hours on the Sunday. Please check on the forums listed above for updates etc. For more information, please contact Roy on 023 8089 9369, or Alan on 07986053076. Thanks.

New Airsoft Forum


I’d also like to introduce Delta’s Airsoft Forums

Here’s just a few features to tease you:
* Free Sign-Up * Facebook Connect – Log into the forum by using your Facebook Details. * Active updating sidebar with latest forum threads, latest forum posts and contact us section. * Unique style relevant to the armed forces/ airsoft. * Various sections, including General Talk, Gear and Kit talk, Technical Help and Advice, Reviews etc. * Classifieds section so you can sell off your gear – also has Active restriction settings. * Itrader rating system whereby you can rate recent trades with a member. * Automatically Updating News Section from the RSS Feeds offered by news sites. * Facebook-Like Chat system so that you can instantly message any of your friends that are online. * Automatic Image Resizer to prevent large images slowing down your page viewing.

(Delta Team 3)

One year of Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft

Congratulations to imageThumpy the man behind Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft where he is celebrating the site’s first birthday. He should be very proud of his 1 year old ‘baby’ and what it’s brought to the online airsoft community. Have some cake!:

Special Thanks to Arnie and all the crew at Arnie’s Airsoft…you were our inspiration and the support, encouragement and constructive comments and criticism have made us better…we LOVE ARNIE’S!

That’s right…its  THUMPY’s first birthday…and you can read all about our FIRST AMAZING YEAR at the 3-D House of Airsoft



Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft  LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS!!! Send e-mails to: or comment on our ThumpMaster6 YouTube channel, on VIMEO or the FACEBOOK PAGES! (Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft)

Boltcatch issue 6 out now

The latest issue of Boltcatch (previously Red Dot magazine) is out now:

Issue 6 of German publication BOLTCATCH Magazine is available now:


Event report: OP BORDER WAR 2
Weapon review: G&G M14 EBR Long
Airsoft International: Airsoft in Schottland:
Weapon review: VFC H&K 416 GBB
Interview: Tom Weber (MILPictures)
Weapon review: G&G G96
Event report: Jugend trifft…
Weapon review: Ares PPSH 41
Got Tools: Schutzbrillen für Brillenträger
Weapon review: WE T91
Got Tools: Garmin 301&401
Weapon review: WE M14
Got Tools: BE-X Kangaroo II
Weapon upgrade: CAA RONI Glock17
Column: Knuts Leseecke
Weapon review: Umarex H&K MP5SD6
Posters: MILPictures by Tom Weber
Cover by Jonathan Marmand


New Tokyo Marui stock at Tokyo Model Company

Tokyo Model Company have some new products from Tokyo Marui:

Dear Tokyo Model Company Member & Customer, Tokyo Marui have new stock for M4 Electric Blow Back Series. Please check below link about the new item please.

New Item List: 
Tokyo Marui Voltor EMOD Stock for Marui M4 EBB(Black)

Tokyo Marui Voltor EMOD Stock for Marui M4 EBB(DE)


Tokyo Marui Crane Stock for Marui M4 EBB(Black)

Tokyo Marui Crane Stock for Marui M4 EBB(DE)


Tokyo Marui Short Fore Grip(DE)

Tokyo Marui Short Fore Grip(BK)


TANAKA M66 Combat Magnum 2.5inch .357 Revolver(Jupiter Finish)


Please feel free contact us to check the item please!!!!(

Please check for other item please.  (Tokyo Model Company)

Pearls from BB Bastard

BB Bastard have brought another innovative BB to the market:

imageBBBastard is proud to announce another innovative product from BBBastard Labs.

As part of our scouring the globe for new and innovative BB materials, we found some options that brought about the NITES product line. Now we have released another product based on the same technology. We have had thousands of requests for a BB that is .43g or better, with the same hi quality construction our Styrene products have. As part of that search we stumbled across these. Not the solution yet, but we figure we’d throw them our there and see if anyone would want to try them out!

imagePEARLS are super heavyweight airsoft ammunition geared towards non-human target sniping competitions. Each BB (like our NITES Product) is CNC machined from a latice-based molecular material to achieve consistent size, shape and distribution to and overall accuracy of 2 microns.

This is a new super heavyweight airsoft round for those snipers and purists walking way out past the edge. Take your high end rig to a whole new level. Our early adopters are getting great results with these out to 350 feet with their gas sniper rifles. Airsoft sniping competitions against non-human targets can now come a bit closer to realistic engagement distances.


As they are made of a material that mimics the tiles on the space shuttle, PEARLS are so hard that you can capture them in a home setting and reuse them. The material they are constructed from ranks third in overall hardness (GPa) behind only diamond and boron nitride, so a quick wash and dry, and right back into the chamber they go. Perfect for accurizing your airsoft rifle.

Each bag of PEARLS contains 8 rounds and cost 11.95 CDN. Get yours at BBBastard! (BB Bastard)

Introducing Greek distributor Airsoft Center

imageAirsoft Center are established European distributors for a wide range of airsoft products and have just launched their new e-shop:

Airsoft Center is the largest Airsoft distributor in Greece with experience in selling the highest quality products. At the moment we offer over 2500 products for your war-game needs.

Visit our web site and we are certain you will find many interesting products from the largest airsoft manufactures including Tokyo Marui, G&G Armament, Vega Force Company, ICS, King Arms, WE tech, Classic Army,  SOCOM GEAR, MADBULL, KSC/KWA, Tanaka Works, Airsoft Innovations, WileyX and more!! 


Our new e-shop is open and waiting for your orders, the first 50 orders will receive a surprise gift. (Airsoft Center)

Dr. Airsoft Oakley SI Tactical FR Gloves video review

Dr Airsoft has a new video review, in this one he assesses the Oakley SI Tactical FR gloves:

See our video review of the Oakley SI Tactical FR gloves in less than two minutes at

Good: protect against knuckle hits.
Bad: inhibit finger dexterity (when handling 6mm bb’s).

(Dr Airsoft)

WA new releases & more at eHobbyAsia

eHobbyAsia have the latest products from Western Arms in stock and more:

Western Arms have done it again and there superior quality shines through again with their latest additions to their family. With Beautifully crafted grips slides and frames, combined with their reliable internals and a history of quality products. Carbon Black with Mock Worn Vintage Finish, Royal Blue, or Gold Paint, there’s something to suit every one.

Western Arms SCW3 M1914 Kongsberg Vintage Edition
Western Arms Para M1911 Wild Bunch
Western Arms Bob Chow Special Gold Edition
Western Arms Colt Government M1911A1 Kuribayashi

ProWin GI 30 50rd Gas Magazine (Version 2) for WA M4 GBB
the best M4 GBB mags available! And be quick, as they are selling fast!

Magpul and G&P “WOC-X series” combine to make this stunning example of a modern battle wagon weapon. With a beautifully finished Magpul body, plus rounded figure of the MOE hand guard and MOE stock, making this a comfy yet sturdy assault rifle. Adding the quality internal of G&P X series and you now have a long lasting beautiful, comfy assault rifle that would be an asset to any fast moving airsoft unit.
Magpul and G&P at their best.
The new range of G&P “X series” providing all the quality, history and experience with aluminum internals. Giving the internals a light and a little more flexibility mechanism, then the steel alternative. Also providing a little saving to your pocket.

MAGPUL (G&P) M4 Carbine MOE GBB Rifle

Shooters Design Magazine Base With Logo for Marui G17/G18C (Foliage Green)   SHDS-GSMS918FG
Shooters Design Magazine Base With Logo for Marui G17/G18C (Dark Earth)   SHDS-GSMS918DE
Shooters Design Magazine Base With Logo for Marui G17/G18C (Black)   SHDS-GSMS918
Shooters Design Metal Rear Sight for Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 (Type C)   SHDS-GSMS929C
Shooters Design Metal Rear Sight for Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 (Type B)   SHDS-GSMS929B
Shooters Design Metal Rear Sight for Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 (Type A)   SHDS-GSMS929A
Shooters Design Metal Rear Sight for Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 (Type D, Green)   SHDS-GSMS929G
Shooters Design Metal Rear Sight for Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 (Type D, Red)   SHDS-GSMS929R
Shooters Design SV/STI Real Grip for Western Arms Hi-Cap SV (Red)   SHDS-GSMS990RD
Shooters Design Stainless Steel Bushing For WA Government Series (Silver)   SHDS-GSMS970S
Shooters Design Stainless Steel Bushing Set For Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 (Silver)   SHDS-GSMS975S
Western Arms Rambo M1911   WA-GMGE
Western Arms Face Off M1911 (Silver)   WA-WLUQ
Shooters Design CNC Steel Hammer for Marui Detonics .45 Combat Master   SHDS-GSMS978S
Shooters Design Steel Military Hammer for Marui M1911A1 Government   SHDS-GSMS976
Shooters Design OP Red Dot Sight Base for Marui Hi-Capa 5.1    SHDS-GSMS985B
Shooters Design OP Red Dot Sight Base for WA Expert Series   SHDS-GSMS986B
Shooters Design Limcat Phantera Knife Metal Slide w/ Comp for Hi-Capa 5.1 (Silver)   SHDS-GSMS415S
Shooters Design SV/STI Real Grip for Western Arms Hi-Cap SV (Blue)   SHDS-GSMS990BU
Shooters Design SV/STI Real Grip for Western Arms Hi-Cap SV (Purple)   SHDS-GSMS990PL
Shooters Design SV/STI Real Grip for Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 (Purple)   SHDS-GSMS940PL
Shooters Design SV/STI Real Grip for Western Arms Hi-Cap SV (Grey)   SHDS-GSMS990GY
Shooters Design SV/STI Real Grip for Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 (Black)   SHDS-GSMS940BK
Shooters Design CNC G21C Slide & Barrel Set for Marushin G21 (Titanium)   SHDS-GSMS395TI
Shooters Design CNC Caspian Slide & Barrel Set for Marushin G21 (Titanium)   SHDS-GSMS394TI
Shooters Design CNC Caspian Slide & Barrel Set for Marushin G21 (Silver)   SHDS-GSMS394S
Western Arms SCW3 M1914 Kongsberg Vintage Edition   WA-GMGH
Western Arms Beretta M1934R Machine Pistol   WA-BTCU
Z Tactical Bowman Elite II Headset (Tan)   ZTAC-HS-Z027-TAN
Z Tactical Bowman Elite II Headset (Black)   ZTAC-HS-Z027-BK
Z Tactical Selex TASC 1 Headset (Black)   ZTAC-HS-Z028
CYMA AIMS Romania Wood EBB Rifle (CM-050)   CM-050
Shooters Design CNC Metal Slide for Marushin Kimber Gold Match (Black)   SHDS-GSMS396B
Shooters Design CNC Metal Slide & Barrel for KSC USP .45 Match S7 (Black)   SHDS-GSMS397B
Shooters Design CNC Metal Slide & Barrel for KSC USP .45 Match S7 (Silver)   SHDS-GSMS397S
Shooters Design CNC Metal Slide & Threaded Barrel for KSC USP .45 XM S7 (Black)   SHDS-GSMS398B
Shooters Design Barsto Precision Metal Slide For Marui Hi Capa 5.1 (Black)   SHDS-GSMS419B
Shooters Design Barsto Precision Metal Slide For Marui Hi Capa 5.1 (Silver)   SHDS-GSMS419S
MAGPUL (G&P) M4 Carbine MOE AEG (Dark Earth)    GP-AEG008-DE
PDI HD Precision Palsonite Cylinder for Tokyo Marui VSR-10   PDI-PALCS-HD-VSR
Tanaka Walnut Wood Grip for M1917 Revolver   TKW-GR-M1917-WLT
Tanaka Fighting Grip for M29 Revolver   TKW-GR-M29-FTG
HurricanE Multi mock silencer for All AEG   HURCN-SD-01
Western Arms US M1911 Springfield Armory (Royal Blue)   WA-WLUV
Western Arms Bob Chow Special Gold Edition   WA-GMGG


SOCOMGEAR Cheytec licensed 1:1 scale M200

The Socomgear Cheytec licensed M200 will be available shortly:

The only Cheytac licensed M200 with 1:1 external scale.
Bolt action with bullet shell
8 MM bbs



S-Thunder product reviews

S-Thunder have sent in some of the reviews for their recently released products:

imageS-Thunder’s new product release, the Short Barrel Composite Grenade Launcher item # AGL-SB01 has been tested by media reviewers in Ireland, Hong Kong and Canada.

In OddysAirsoft’s video from Ireland, they comment that S-Thunder’s grenade shells are "…damn effective pieces of equipment" and "…most frightening device that been available for airsofters…".  Continuing in their review, they state that S-Thunder Composite Grenade Launcher is "…absolutely wicked…absolutely love this…will revolutionize use of 203 grenades in airsofting…" and he gives it a "10 out of 10 for S-Thunder" as seen here,

Hong Kong’s eHobbyAsia demonstration video of S-Thunder’s Short Barrel Composite Grenade Launcher, but they also demonstrate the versatility of the grenade launcher as it can accommodate virtually all 40mm M203 grenade shells in the marketplace and they also offer a sneak peek of S-Thunder’s new "Short Barrel Grenade Shell" which can all be seen here,

imageIn Canada, Bean of Airsoft Canada offers a detailed review of S-Thunder’s Short Barrel Composite Grenade Launcher and like OddysAirsoft, Bean utilised the grenade launcher in the playing field to give readers a first hand experience of using the launcher and Bean’s review can be seen here.

CrazyNCman of the USA released the first in a series of reviews of S-Thunder’s products.  With over 7,000,000 views on YouTube, CrazyNCman first S-Thunder review is a M203 style Shocker grenade shell which can be seen here,

Airsoft International of the United Kingdom has published a detailed review of S-Thunder’s Short Barrel Composite Grenade Launcher and Foam Ball Grenades.  Jack the Airsoft International reviewer of S-Thunder’s Short Barrel Composite Grenade Launcher notes "I used it I with great success from a tiny hiding place at Urban Assault in Upwood, taking out two bad guys in one shot – the compact form makes it really easy to swing around in tight spaces, or to pop around a corner and let them have it… far more user-friendly than my underslung M203…"


Yu-Hon Li, Director of Business Development comments "We are very pleased that the airsoft community has welcomed the new Short Barrel Composite Grenade Launcher so favourably with open arms and the feedback we have received from the media and players have been fully considered and incorporated into improving the performance and durability of our current product lines as well as new upcoming product introductions."

Through eHobbyAsia’s demonstration video, a sneak peek of S-Thunder’s new upcoming "Short Barrel Grenade Shell" is provided.  This new M203 style grenade shell is a compact and stubby version of the standard M203 grenade shell which will be offered in packages of two (2) grenade shells.  Being smaller, the new grenade shell is light, compact and therefore easier to carry and load for grenadiers.  Mr Li notes that "as seen in our recent introductions with the Composite Grenade Launcher and Short Barrel Grenade Shell, S-Thunder’ goal is to not necessarily offer the same products that others are producing, but offer new and innovative products and engineering to a range of products.  Though some of our products may appear the same as others from the exterior, the innovation lays in the inside of the product which is hidden at first.  Similar to the old saying that one cannot judge a book by its cover only and S-Thunder’s products can only be differentiated from others when they use or see them in action.".

The S-Thunder TEAM (S-Thunder)

Free emagazine Field of Fire to return in Devember

Lukas at Field of Fire magazine has dropped us a line to let us know what is happening with the email magazine:

I would like to inform all that I am changing the way the email magazine is to be sent out….

I have recently been really unwell and unable to complete the magazine to be sent out for the last issue and also this months will also not be completed… I am so sorry for all on the mailing list and submitters to the Ezine.

The new and improved way will be every 3 months(quarterly) starting from December (jan-march)…. I am giving myself a few months to redesign and hopefully gain even more interest in the EZINE…

Again this is still going to be free to Subscribe, Submit and also advertise… all I ask is if people are still interested and would like to help (as i am the lone ranger behind the Magazine if you can pass on the information to all…)

To subscribe for your free EZINE
To submit your group in the groups pages, etc and also advertising

I am updating my website soon so please keep an eye.

I am so sorry for any problems this my cause but want to deliver the best Ezine that can be done… (Field of Fire)

Dr. Mugen recoil test video

Dr Mugen have sent in their recoil test video:

0.2 BB
FPS 320


EAiming AimPoint magnifier at Tiger111HK

Tiger111HK have sent in details of one of the EAiming products they stock:

EAiming AimPoint 3X Magnifier with QD Twist Mount –BK

#Include Quick release Lever 30mm Scope Mount allow fast installation and detachment without taking off the mount base
#Fits for 20mm Standard Rail System


* Elevation Level (Focal to Rail): 30mm
* Length :110mm
* Objective Diameter :20mm
* Tube Diameter :30mm
* Magnification : 3X
* Built Material : Aluminum & Rubber

See more details, please click this link.
US $41.21 ONLY BUY IT NOW!!!!!!

For more details, Please VISIT our website. We do international shipping. (Tiger111HK)

Looking for somewhere?
AMNB Podcast
Gorilla Airsoft Radio
Airsoft Medicine Specialist Swedish Military Experience Group
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