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Merry Christmas and festive greetings

I just wanted to add a quick update while I was near a terminal to say Merry Christmas to all. I’m afraid that updates haven’t been in huge abundance around here as I’m not anywhere near home right now (I’m actually out in the US), and more specifically last week I caught the bug that was going around. I’ll get back to cleaning out my inbox and getting updates up as soon as I can. Have a good holiday!

Latest offers and sale this Saturday at AirsoftGI

Walter is having a sale this Saturday at his store (AirsoftGI). There’s going to be discounts and gifts and the usual festive offers that you’d expect. You can see all the latet stock over at the store online here.

I recommend checking out the new UTG sniper, and the RK104 which are both in stock at the moment.

Oh there’s the usual set of upgrades in stock there including the new Systema one piece gearboxes.

Make the most of the offers while you can as there aren’t that many shopping days left before the 25th now.

Just a few random things

I’ve had a bit of time lately to play with some new Airsoft toys that have hit the shelves recently and (for example) to compare the new CA AK to the GG AK. They are both pretty nice bits of kit. The Guay Guay model clocks in at 350-360fps out the box pretty consistently and the only two criticisms so far are that the back sight is fairly loose and the stock plastic texture feels a bit wierd to the touch. The CA model is obviously not a copy of the exact same model as the GG model so is larger, and also comes with good looking Arsenal logos and decals.

The ATOZ SVD is a pretty nice bit of kit and the optional scope is of decent quality, the wood grip sets certainly give it a good feel and look. I’ve also had a look at the Hurricane Strike conversion kit too, and that is pretty much what you’d expect from Hurricane, it’s heavy, realistic and well built. I’ve not had a chance to take photos but I’ll get some done later on and add them when I get a chance. Oh before I forget the Homeland Defender from Elite Airsoft is a nice bit of kit (thanks go to Walter for letting me play with one). It takes a CO2 bulb in the grip and includes adjustable hop-up, decent power and a full metal construction – I’ll post some range tests sometime over the weekend.

New offers at AirSplat

Click here to visit AirSplat
Kent got an offer on over at AirSplat including some pretty mad buy one get one free offers. Things are going mad as we’re so close to Christmas at the moment:

For those of you who do not get what you want for Christmas, AirSplat have something just for you.

1. They have a Classic Army Socom Sniper Rifle Raffle for only $0.99 per ticket. Drawing will be held on December 26, 2005, so get them while you can before the raffle is over.

2. They also have 2 different “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” Specials*. Both offers are only valid for 48 hours, on Dec 25-26
– All orders over $75 receive a FREE Soft Air S&W M3000 Shotgun or FREE Soft Air Famas Spring Rifle. Coupon Code: 1FREER
– If you’re interested in pistols, all orders over $25 receive a free HFC P226, P228, or P229 spring airsoft pistol. Coupon Code: 1FREEP

* Not valid with other promotions or offers. Free item should be added to order and coupon code used to discount gun to free. Kent, (AirSplat)

RAP226 appears

It looks like the RAP7 has received a major facelift and re-release. The RAP226 is a 11mm/43cal CO2 pistol and all metal. I have used the previous model (the RAP17) in the past and to be honest it had some huge shortcomings and design flaws.

The new design is a copy of the SIG, but I’m pretty sure that the shot on the site is of the real pistol rather than a production version. It’ll be interesting to see if it will be licensed or suffer the same problems that the previous Glock copy had. Checkout the RAP4 website for more information.

Kre8tive Airsoft

The Darren at Kre8tive Airsoft dropped in an email to introduce their shop, so I thought I’d add some news up here for them.

Kre8tive Airsoft Shop UK stock Marui gear, plus are a Bolle stockist. Checkout their website for more info, which you can find at

Just as a quick note.. yup I’m running behind in updates, but then again I had an excuse as I was jetlagged :)

Airsoft International reader discount offer

I was having a chat with Paul (Airsoft International Magazine) and they’ve decided to do an offer for readers of this site. In order to qualify you simply have to be a registered member of this site.

Under the offer you can get an annual subscription for 25 UKP, or a single issue for 2.50 UKP. Normal issue price is 3.50 UKP so you can see the obvious saving there. I can’t be certain that those prices will carry for international subscriptions, so you’ll have to mail Paul to confirm details if you’re not UK based.

To take advantage of the offer please contact Paul through this form on the forum. You will need to be registered and logged in order to access that page (this is simply a simple method to ensure that you do have a valid account here). Please only use that method to take the offer up.

Airsoft International is the only dedicated Airsoft UK magazine in existence and your support helps spread the magazine and promote UK Airsoft. They are also dedicated towards having the magazine stocked in newsagents (VCR Bill allowing). As a small side note if you’re a game field and want to stock the magazine please do email Paul direct at

Star L85s at Wolf

Click here to visit WolfWolf Armouries have the new Star L85s in stock right now. They were predicted to be slightly more expensive than a standard AEG because of the overall build quality, but at 400UKP for a full metal L85 complete with hardcase they look like a pretty decent deal:

The NEW STAR SA 80 / L85s are at here. One of the hottest new AEGs from star is now in stock. Be one of the first to get your hands on this gun. We have both the A2 rifle, and A2 carbine versions in stock. Order now and have it tomorrow, only 399.99. The guns come complete with metal bodies and hard plastic gun cases and upgraded gearboxes. For our first impressions and latest info check out our website at

Also in, no SA80 would be complete without a full metal 4 X SUSAT for only 99.99

Also back in stock the STAR M249 Mk11 and M249 Para only 369.99 Max, (Wolf Armouries)

AirsoftGuide DVD vol1 in at AA

Here’s something I spotted over at Airsoft Armoury’s website as a new addition. They have a new Airsoft related DVD in stock by the name of Airsoft Guide. The text for the DVD says:

The first instalment of AirsoftGuide on DVD has now arrived, and it has something for everyone – from detailed takedowns of TM Armalite AEGs, to the cunning combination of an AK47 Electric Rifle, and 25 gallons of water!

More information can be found at:

I’ve not seen the DVD myself yet, but I’ll track down a copy shortly. They’re on offer at £9.99 a copy at the moment and by the looks of the description there’s loads of content there for all. I gather they have them in stock at both AA branches and obviously you can order them online. I wonder how long it’ll be before we get cover DVDs with Airsoft magazines?

New improved RAP5

Click here to visit RAP4 Over at RAP4 have some shots and details for their improved RAP5 system. They’ve managed to loose the unsightly bottles and incorporate a cylinder int he grip with an easy recharge mechanism. There’s also a chap making a 6mm conversion kit for the RAP5 if you don’t want it chambered for paint or rubber:

Introducing the second generation RAP5 with Rapid Recharge System. The RAP5 Gen2 is full size, 1-to-1 replica of the HK MP5, the most commonly used sub-machine gun by U.S. Navy Seals Teams.

The RAP5 Gen2 has the newly designed Rapid Recharge System. As the primary air source for the RAP5 Gen2, the Rapid Recharge System has two parts. The main component is a built-in rechargeable CO2 storage tank inside the grip of the weapon, and the second component is air charger itself, which connects to an air tank. The beauty of this system is that it can be used with any standard-size CO2 cylinder and takes less than ten seconds to recharge. With each recharge, the RAP5 Gen2 gets between 30 and 40 shots. The Rapid Recharge System completely eliminates an external air power source and allows the RAP5 Gen2 to operate as a stand-alone system. This new design allows the RAP5 to take the 3-position retractable stock and makes the unit as light, compact, and versatile as possible.

The Rapid Recharge System can also be used in conjunction the built in secondary air system for an additional 200 to 300 shots, depending on the size of the CO2 tank implemented. The secondary air source houses a refillable 45g or 60g cylinder inside the solid butt stock. With the secondary air system air cylinders hidden in the butt stock this way, the RAP5 Gen2 becomes an extremely effective training aid. Operators can choose the best air capacity for a particular training session to maximize their training effectiveness. Although both air systems are independent of one another, the RAP5 Gen2 can operate on either air source or both at the same time. Both air systems are built in and are standard features of the RAP5 Gen2.

Another remarkable feature of the Rapid Recharge System is that it is also adaptable for use with compressed air and disposable CO2 cylinders. This is a great solution for the many agencies with remote locations where refillable CO2 is simply inaccessible.

RAP5 Gen2 is currently available in the LE series, with a muzzle velocity topping out over 400-450fps (feet per second) and an effective range of 30 yards. The system functions similarly to all previous RAP5 models, operating with a 20-round detachable magazine and ejecting a shell casing after each shot.

In the ever more realistic and ever higher performing world of realistic paintball games and tactical training, there is a new name to be reckoned with. The RAP5 Gen2 is sure to change the face of the game.

Key features of the RAP5 Gen2:
– dual air system, usable separately or in conjunction
– dual stock system, retractable and solid
– completely stand-alone
– no external air source
– option for high air capacity
– light and compact

Package includes:
1x RAP5 Gen2 LE
1x Magazine
1x 45g CO2 Cylinder
1x 3-position retractable stock
1x Solid stock
1x Recharge adaptor
1x Permanently Glazed Orange Muzzle
1x Cleaning Kit
1x Tool Kit
1x Marker Oil
1x Manual and warranty
1x 250c RAP4 Paintball KT, (RAP4)

4th Airsoft Supplier update

Luke and Ben have sent in their fourth major news update (Why am I counting? I dunno.) from their site over at AirsoftSupplierUK. Here’s the new details they’ve just sent over:

Hi Arnie,
We will be launching our new website very soon with a great new look and improved customer features, but more to come for that later this week, we’ll email you more details about the launch.

We were wondering if you could stick it up on the news that we have:

-G18c AEP hicaps in at 19.90 each

-M93r AEP standard mags at 14.50 each

-TM AEP batteries in at 12.90 each

-TM AEP M93r under rail mount (please email for details)

In preperation for our new website launch we’ve lowered prices on ALL products, and implemented new guaranteed postage methods.

We have a good stock in now, of G&P red dot sights in currently that include flip up covers and a mount for just 43.50, via the website. That’s hideously cheaper than many retailers in the UK, some who sell it at over 70!

We’re still running our G&P midcap madness multibuy special offer.

We also will have Proud Grip-Pods and RAVs (CB and OD) in stock in the coming weeks, as we’ll be an official Proud supplier soon. All the Proud range will be available through the new site.
Also, we have new items available such as G&P canadian style midcap.

We have Multicam BDUs available via the website, and Multicam Boonies in stock now, size large. Luke and Ben, (AirsoftSupplierUK Team)

RedWolf Airsoft raffle

RedWolf Airsoft are having a Christmas and New Year’s celebration and giving away lots of stuff. They also have some holiday offers on so rather than two separate posts I’m putting them up as one. Here’s the details from them:

RedWolf Airsoft is celebrating this Christmas and New Year’s with our customers by giving away thousands of dollars in free gifts! Make any purchase from November 24, 2005 through January 10th, 2006, and you’ll automatically be entered into our raffle drawing for one of the valuable prizes below.

Raffle Prize Value (USD)

1 RWC L96 Sniper Rifle (USD 1778) $1778
2 ACTION Micro Galil Conversion Kit for Marui AK47S $960
3 King Arms Dragunov SVD Rifle $519
4 RWC M700 Desert Sniper Rifle $499
5 G&G GR300 (Long Version) $472
6 G&G GR300 (Short Version) $472
7 G&G RK104 $330
8 GB-TECH Sopmod M-203 DX Version 9 Inch $296
9 GB-TECH Sopmod M-203 DX Version 12 Inch $296
10 Madbull AGX Launcher $203
11 KJ M700 Sniper Rifle (Police Model) $192
12 KWC Mini Uzi CO2 Version – (Export Version) $188
13 RICO Alpha 9 Tactical Light $169
14 KWC Deluxe Sigma SW40F Silencer Version (CO2) $132
15 IASUS NT Sniper Throat Microphone $115
16 HFC Full Auto M190 (Full Metal) $115
17 Wiley X Romer II Glasses (Polarized Smoke Green) $108
18 HFC M712 $82
19 HFC Glock 17 (Nickel Metal Slide) $79
20 HFC Glock 17 (Black Metal Slide) $79
21 Milspex NSN ACOG Style Scope $72
22 Madbull RG108 Grenade Shell $65
23 Milspex Phoenix HSV Vest – Black $65
24 Milspex Phoenix HSV Vest – OD $65
25 Wiley X PT-1 (1B) Glasses (Blue Ice) $63
26 VFC M116A1 Simulator Hand Grenade (Gas Charger) $32
27 RedWolf Baseball Cap & Patch (50 Winners) N/A

– Eligible to retail customers only
– Purchases must be paid for in full before January 10th to qualify to entry into raffle drawing. Pending unpaid orders do not count.
– Each individual purchase qualifies for one entry, so the more purchases you make, the more chances of winning!
– If a prize becomes unavailable at time of drawing, RedWolf reserves the right to replace the prize for something of equal value.
– Winners are responsible for shipping fees on prizes
– Drawing will occur on January 20th and all winners will be announced then

RedWolf makes this X’mas perfect for airsoft enthusiasts! There are dozens of special package ready for you in this winter holidays, from AEG, sniper, shotgun to spring pistols. Big savings! Act now!

1. Spring Pistols Holiday Package Many High quality hot spring pistol models with holster, BBs , spare magazine and BB loader. These spring gun packages include everything you need in a super attractive price.

2. AEG Holiday Package Many High quality hot AEG models from Tokyo Marui & G&G, come with charger, sling, spare magazine and everything you need! Buying these AEG packages can save a lot compare with purchasing same product seperately, please click in for more detail.

3. Shotgun Holiday Package Super value holiday package for a famous shotgun used by Schwarzenegger in the Terminator series – M1887, come with sling and spare shells.

4. Sniper Holiday Package – Four hot sniper model packages for Redwolf customers, come with sling, spare magazine, bipod and bbs.
Keith, (RedWolf Airsoft)

Updates on the way

Well it’s been busy as usual here. I’m busy packing for a trip and doing my best to ensure that I get everything tidied up and sorted before I jump on plane plus making sure all I need is on my laptop for the trip.

I have way too much email to answer as ever so if you’ve sent something in to me via PM on the forums, or via email and I’ve not replied then sorry about that, you’ve not been ignored I’ve just not go to yoru email as of yet. There’s a bit of a queue of stuff to add and sort out, but I guess it’s always nice to be busy.

Get your site/field listed in the January issue of AI for free

Airsoft International are due to publish a profile of skirmish and game sites in their January

and Paul over at AI has really would like some input from gaming sites.

I hasten to add that this is FREE, all you have to do as a site owner is to contact Paul via email at They are looking to product a 200 word profile on each site in the UK in the January issue.

Also of note is that I’m told that they are now publishing AI monthly with a view to going to the news trade in April/May although this is obviously highly dependant on how the VCR Bill affects Airsoft in the UK.

Looking for somewhere?
AMNB Podcast
Gorilla Airsoft Radio
Airsoft Medicine Specialist Swedish Military Experience Group
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