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King Arms news from NL Airsoft

image NL Airsoft have some new videos up from King Arms:

Here is some exclusive KA video material with inside details of the new KA SIG556 shorty and the King Arms Galil ARM! Check the movies below, we also listed the details of the new KA SIG556 shorty!

Regards, SlickAxe

Blackhawk gear at reduced prices at Tactical Kit

You can now get up to 50% off Blackhawk tactical gear at

Blackhawk Omega Tactical Vest #1-Mesh 30VT03

imageThe BlackHawk Omega Tactical Vest-1 is extremely versatile, functional, comfortable, and highly efficient. The BTS webbing on the back is for attaching gear with A.L.I.C.E. Clips or duty pouches for convenient fit and exchange of gear and pouches. Wt: 2 lbs 6 oz.


Made of heavy-duty nylon mesh for maximum breathability
Adjustable for length and girth; up to 6” length, add’l 32” girth
Emergency cut away shoulder strap system and robust drag handle
#10YKK® Vislon® zippers; side release buckles for rapid wear
Padded HawkTex™ Sniper Shoulder for secure rifle seating
Two large internal zippered map pouches
Interior BlackHawk Hydration reservoir pocket (reservoir not included)
Adjustable flap magazine pouches for tall or short magazines
Shoulder D-rings for accessory attachment
One compass/strobe/ GPS / small radio pouch on shoulder
Two horizontal accessory pouches
Six M-16/M4 magazine pouches hold twelve magazines
Hook & loop strip for ID patch
Heavy duty webbing on back for attaching duty pouches or gear with A.L.I.C.E. Clips
Belt loops secure vest to any web belt (not included)

RRP 139.99 Our Price £89.95

image Blackhawk STRIKE Commando Recon Chest Harness

Based on our Commando Chest Harness platform, this cross-back design modular harness takes it to the next level. S.T.R.I.K.E.™/MOLLE attachment allows the user to configure pouches as needed for speed, comfort, or mission-specific requirements.

Tucked into the storage pouch is a pull-out bib that attaches to the D-rings on the shoulder straps.

This not only increases the surface area to provide more room for pouches, but you can fit up to a 10×12-in ballistic plate in elastic and webbing suspension system inside the bib and harness.

Shoulder straps have double D-Rings and elastic/webbing loops as additional attachment points, and are padded with closed-cell foam for comfort.
•  Front plate pocket with inverted “T” elastic keeper can also
  accommodate bib when plates are not in use for a lower
  profile rig
•  Plate pocket holds Level IV plates up to 10×12
•  Cross-back design can be replaced with a plate carrier
  back-panel (37CL41)
•  S.T.R.I.K.E.™/MOLLE attachment allows the user to
  configure pouches as needed
•  Shoulder straps have double D-Rings and elastic/webbing
  loops as additional attachment points, and are padded with
  closed-cell foam for comfort
RRP £124.99 Our Price £ 74.95

Blackhawk Gladius Night-Ops Strobe Flashlight
RRP £230.00 Our Price £149.99
image The Night Ops Gladius is the most innovative handheld tactical illumination tool to ever arrive on the scene – imported from the USA and produced by the Blackhawk Group. The Gladius will revolutionize the way you think and operate in hostile reduced light situations. There has been nothing like it on the market before. Don’t let it’s somewhat familiar exterior lead you to some early false conclusions!

This is not your ordinary flashlight…From its inception, the Gladius was designed from the ground up to be immersed into the realities of close quarter conflict and should significantly enhance the capabilities of those operating in low light environments.

The Night Ops Gladius is born of years of operational low light experience. Night Ops have spoken to and listened to those that go into harms way on a professional basis. Based on this constant dialog, the unique capabilities of this feature rich package simply outclass the competition. Front to back, inside and out, this light has performance written all over it.

The Gladius gives you maximum flexibility from very low levels of light (fully adjustable), to it’s unique high-output Strobe function. The particular application of strobe light is a first in a small handheld/weapons mountable tactical flashlight. The Gladius Strobe channel is specifically designed to give you the reactionary gap you need to prevail against a wide variety of threats. The Strobe is extremely disorienting to those on the receiving end, yet allows the operator to maintain excellent situational awareness.

The more familiar momentary and Constant ON switching are quickly and easily accessed all with one-finger operation. The Gladius flashlight features a unique lock-out system that is useful for tactical operations. The Light can seamlessly and securely Locked-out to avoid needless battery and potentially compromising light discharges. The Gladius can be reactivated under duress literally with a snap of your fingers.

-Superior UCL Glass
-Consummate Fit and Finish
-Excellent Balance and Ergonomics
-Fast Action Multifunction Capability
-Intelligent Digital Power Management System
-Intelligent Digital Thermal Management System
-Extended Runtime
-Exceptional Beam Quality with a High Intensity Output
-Shock Resistant for Combat Applications

image Blackhawk STRIKE M4/M16 Double Mag Pouch (holds 4)
Blackhawk 38CL03CT-GSA Strike M4/M16 Double Mag Pouch, Speed Clip, Coyote Tan
Blackhawk was founded in 1993 by former Navy SEAL Mike Noell. BlackHawk’s meticulous obsession with quality has made it the ops gear of choice for Special Operation units worldwide.

Adjustable lid design. Holds 4 x M4/M16, two .308 or AK-47 magazines.

Blackhawk 38CL03CT-GSA Strike M4/M16 Double Mag Pouch, Speed Clip, Coyote Tan Features:
• Made In: Viet Nam

S.T.R.I.K.E. M4/M16 Staggered Mag Pouches

This pouch holds M16, M4, .308 and AK-47 magazines. Choose your capacity below for 2, 4 or 6 magazines.NOTE: Capacity "Holds 2" = Single Pouch = (2) M16/M4 mags or (1) .308 mag or (1) AK-47 mag Capacity "Holds 4" = Double Pouch = (4) M16/M4 mags or (2) .308 mag or (2) AK-47 mag Capacity "Holds 6" = Triple Pouch = (6) M16/M4 mags or (3) .308 mag or (3) AK-47 mag
RRP £34.99 Our Price £22.95

Kind regards Ian, (Tactical Kit)

All the latest from Elite Action Games

John from Elite has just emailed me:

What going on at Elite

Firstly I would like to apologise for the issues with our website and the confusion around dates. We had a problem or two and had to rewrite the website recently as all the source code was lost. On the plus side we now have included photos to tempt even more of you to come visit us.

We have big plans for Dorking in 2009 as we intend to continue growing the site and add more features. Plans include a second village, radio out post more bunkers and a third section to the safezone. Guess I know where I’m spending my weekends.

On an unpleasant note we have unfortunately had to re introduce “martial law” at Dorking as some player thought they were “coated in Teflon”.  Any player caught cheating will be ejected from the site and banned from Elite for life. In addition to this we have doubled are staff, in short we take cheating very seriously at Elite and will do everything we can to eliminate it.

Your browser may not support display of this image.
At last we have released issue 2 of Elite Warrior a free download magazine written by Airsofters for Airsofters. This in no means tries to compete with the glossy Airsoft mags or professional online mags. It is basically a newsletter that grew into something more.

If you enjoy it and would like to contribute we are always looking for articles from Airsofters points of view, don’t worry about formatting it just send the text and any photos that you have the rights to and we will try and include them.

I’m about to start on the next issue, which means it’s time to hassle all those who promised me articles.

Lastly I would like to thank everyone for all the support we have had over the winter. I’m a great believer that the players are the ones who make a great Airsoft site and you guys are doing a fantastic job. Tom and I will continue to make interesting stuff for you guys to fight around.

Cheers, John (Elite Action Games)

SunnyHQ Intl Ltd

SunnyHQ Intl Ltd. have introduced themselves:

Dear Sir,

Nice to meet you and my name is Sunny, i am the owner of SunnyHQ we are locate in Hong Kong.

We have make a brand call COMBAT GEAR to make some Top Grade of Qualty’s Gears for Military and Police. For Tan, Black, OD and US Woodland Color, all the gears (Pouches and System) are made in 100% 1000D Codura Material, we have very high grade of accessories and material inside products to make our combat gear products in the Great Quality Level, all of the pouches are Water-Proof and i believe they can be use for 10 years at least. all of our produces are in USA Military Standard Quality. We now need help from Overseas Shop for promotion.

image image

The best I can tell you about Combat Gear Brand is we are just available on the REAL and most updated Real Multicam Patten from the material of Crye Precision USA. which the material are all ANTI-IR (Inferate, night vision) it means, please check for the information and pictures from the attach files too.

If you are interest in our products, please feel glad to contact me, so that i can explain to you more.

I look forward to hearing from you.

WBR, Sunny.

Sunny Chan
SunnyHQ Intl Ltd.
Tel: (852)97471596
Fax: (852)28859004

Ridge Outdoors – New Tactical Boot Styles for 2009

Ridge Outdoors have new boots in:

Greetings, I would like to let you know that Ridge Outdoors has new models for 2009.


Added to our current line of Police, Military, Fire, Duty Footwear are

  • Evolution
  • Big Buck
  • Diamondback

Please visit our website at:

If you would like more information and distributor pricing, please contact us today. 

We look forward to your reply.
Kind Regards,
Anthony Mora
8880 Benson Avenue Suite 119
Montclair, CA 91763 USA
Phone: 909 949 4226

Evolution Airsoft at IWA 09

Evolution Airsoft will also be at IWA 09:

Dear friends, the countdown started, two weeks to the IWA 2009!

at Evolution International S.r.l. we look forward to meeting our airsoft friends at our stand no. 3-623 in the Hall 3.

image image

Among tons of new products and giveaways we will have on show the prototypes of the new exciting guns CLASSIC ARMY will release during the 2009:

  • LRWC PSD (version 1)
  • LRWC PSD (version 2)
  • Blowback M15A4 Carbine
  • Blowback M15A4 RIS
  • P90 TR Pro version
  • SLR105 A1 Tactical Rail Version
  • SAR Kurtzkarabiner
  • MP5 PDW
  • L96 Sniper Rifle
  • SVD Sniper Rifle
  • CA-UMP
  • M14 EBR
  • CA 17 Blowback
  • CA 19 Blowback
  • M134 Minigun

… and if this is not enough for your eyes we will unveil at the show other unbelievable guns that for the moment are … TOP SECRET

If you are at the show don’t miss to step by our booth, Hall 3 stand 3-623. Take your camera with you!

Evolution International S.r.l.

Classic Army #1 European Partner


The Caerwent Incident II – The Fightback 23/24 May

There’s a new big game coming from Dragon Valley:

The Caerwent Incident II – The Fightback Begins takes place over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend, 23rd-24th of May.

The original Caerwent Incident event in August 2008 saw The Strangers wrestle control of the mysterious ‘Area 52’ from The Locals and the might of the US military. The Locals were driven into the woods and have been scratching out an existence on a diet berries and cajun squirrel. They’ve now formed an alliance with the military to launch a counter-attack against the Strangers; to take back Area 52, to get back their land and most importantly, to rescue the cows!

The Caerwent Incident II – The Fightback Begins –

Price for the weekend is £85 – more information is available from the event website at or from our forums at

New gear at Airsoft Atlanta

Airsoft Atlanta have some new stock in:

image Tons of new stuff from Japan in stock at Airsoft Atlanta:  Japanese KSC (not KWA) new gas guns: Auto 9-C (Robocop?); P10SD ‘System 7’ ; USP .45 Tactical ‘System 7’.  Marushin: 8mm M1887 Terminator 2 Shotgun; M1 Carbine; M2 Export Carbine (higher FPS, illegal in Japan); 6mm Sig P210 (licensed trades from Sig). Tokyo Marui Detonics chrome and black handguns, SOPMOD – back in stock.  Mags for everything above in stock too.

Also from Laylax:  Scope protector shield; L96 thumb screw sets.

We’re proud to carry the highest end products in the USA – at prices around the same in Hong Kong. (Airsoft Atlanta)

iSniper, Inc. at IWA, Nuremberg DE

iSniper, Inc. are going to be at IWA 09. Here’s the news from them:

Hello Arnie!

Representative from iSniper, Inc. will be with Amchar Wholesale, Inc. to present our Virtual Target system at IWA & OutdoorClassics 2009 in Nuremberg, Germany.


For those who are planning to attend please stop by and particpate in the shooting contest.

The best 10 shooters will receive free iSniper Virtual Target System.

Hall 5/5-105 USA PAVILION.

UTG: Bug Buster 3-9X32 Compact CQB Scope

There’s a new scope out from Leapers:

Bug Buster® 3-9X32 Compact CQB Combat AO Scope


  • TS Platform to Meet Most Demanding Requirements
  • Most Innovative Parallax Adjustment from 3 Yards to Infinity
  • Mil-Dot with High Tech RGB Dual Color Side Wheel Illumination
  • Precision and Stay Zero Technology to Deliver Most Dependable Performance


Highlander Fed 09 newsletter

aHighlander have sent in their first newsletter of the year:

No.01 / February

Dear ArniesAirsoft,

New Products in Stock

We have recieved a whole host of new clothing over the last week. The following items are now on the shelves and ready to ship out.

Contact our sales team on 01506 438 438 to place your order.

TRADE: £2.99
RRP: £6.99


Quick drying baselayer. Constructed from ribbed polyester for comfort and high wicking ability without excessive weight.
Fabric: 140gsm 100% Polyester
Colours: Black, Olive
Sizes: S-XXL



TRADE: £6.50
RRP: £14.99


All Season baselayer perfectly suited for any outdoor activity.

Fabric: 180gsm 5% Bamboo, 30% Tencel, 5% Spandex

BAMBOO has natural anti-bacterial properties, allowing moisture to be absorbed and passed away from the skin, and is biodegradable. TENCEL has excellent absorption properties and is soft to the touch. SPANDEX Aids retention of the stretching properties of the garment


Sizes: S, M , L, XL, XXL
Colours: Black




Sizes: S, M , L, XL
Colours: Blue




TRADE: £4.99
RRP: £11.49


Using the latest innovations in camouflage design, Tree Deep ® offers a mult-layer pattern that creates an illusion of depth as well as breaking up your outline. Highly effective camo for hunting and in the right environment will make you almost invisible to the human eye.

Colour: Realistic Woodland Camo
Fabric: 100% Cotton
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL


TRADE: £5.49
RRP: £12.99


Using the latest innovations in camouflage design, Tree Deep ® offers a mult-layer pattern that creates an illusion of depth as well as breaking up your outline. Highly effective camo for hunting and in the right environment will make you almost invisible to the human eye.

Colour: Realistic Woodland Camo
Fabric: 100% Cotton
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL


TRADE: £4.99

RRP: £11.49


Colours: Digital Desert , Digital Urban
Fabric: 100% Cotton
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL


TRADE: £9.99

RRP: £22.99

Colours: Black Camo
Fabric: 80/20 320gsm Jersey Fleece
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Heavy weight hoody
Zip up front
Drawstring hood 
Elasticated cuffs


RedWolf: Magpul MBUS and USP Tactical .45 Match

RedWolf Airsoft have one for Tomb Raider or movie fans:

Hi, this is Toni from Redwolf Airsoft again.

This week comes the USP Tactical .45 Match, it was made famous by none other than the voluptuously bodacious action babe Lara Croft, the fictional character from the Tomb Raider video game series. 

Unfortunately this hot & sexy stuff has been sold out overnight, but will be coming up in stock very soon~.


Product Lists:

Magpul PTS Back-Up Sight (MBUS) (Black) (PRE ORDER)


Colors also available in Foliage Green, Olive Drab and Khaki~

image image image

Being a Magpul product, the quality of this product is every bit as good as it looks, with a durable DuPont Polymer construction that makes this one solid sight. Magpul have spent some time fine-tuning this product to make it perfect and it’s finally here and available for PRE-ORDER. Make your PRE-ORDER now to ensure that you can get your hands on this lovely piece. Check out the following websites for more details:…26366…26367…26369…26368

KSC .45 USP Match (System 7)

Due to the metal muzzle weight, the KSC .45 Match is much easier to control than the stock USP pistols,

providing you with a much steadier grouping.

That and the sweet sound of the very robust ABS slide hitting the metal muzzle weight leaves very little to be desired!

For more magazines, also take a look at the KSC .45 Match System 7 dedicated magazines.

KSC Magazine for USP .45 Match (System 7)

image image image
image image

Thank you for your valuable time and attention. […]

Yours Sincerely,

Tony Chan
Product Management
RedWolf Airsoft Specialist Ltd
Unit A-C, 7th Floor, V GA Building
532 Castle Peak Road
Cheung Sha Wan
Kowloon, Hong Kong

T: +852 2857 7665 Ext. 302
F: +852 2975 8305

Lots of news from Airsoft GI

I have a heap of updates to add from Airsoft GI (i have a few days of email to clear so bear with me as I get to the bottom of my inbox):

We have just received a lot of new tacgear from OE TECH; including more colors of the iPouch, EMT glove pouch, and a flashlight pouch.  Also brand new is the G&G SCAR Flash Hider/Barrel Extension, we have them in black and tan.  The Well G-11 is here as an alternative to the discontinued KWA M11.

WELLg11a GGscarhiderext  OETflshlightPchTAN

Finally MagPul has release an instructional DVD titled, “The Art of the Tactical Carbine.”  This DVD features 3 discs covering basic carbine use to advanced team tactics and skills. This disk is designed for use with real guns but can also be applied to airsoft. A list of contents are as follows:

MPtheArtDvdDisk One – Fundamentals

  • Gear Placement
  • Optics and Accessories
  • Establishing Battle Sight Zero
  • Iron Sights and Electronic Optics
  • Effective Shooting Stance
  • Proper Weapon Grip/Recoil Control
  • Admin/Speed/Tactical Reloads
  • Press checks
  • Solving Malfunctions
  • Shooting on the Move
  • Natural and Improvised Shooting Positions
  • Choosing the Position for the Task
  • Individual/ Team Barricade Drills

Disk Two – Advanced Skills

  • Individual and Team Live Fire Stress Drills
  • Rapid Thread Analysis and Acquisition
  • Transition to Secondary Weapon
  • Advanced Shooting on the Move
  • Multiple Target Engagement
  • Weapon and Reaction Side Barricade Drills
  • Individual/Team Barricade Drills
  • Shooting around Vehicle Team Drills
  • Advanced Failure Drills
  • Drawing the Pistol

Disk Three – Drills

  • Weapons Nomenclature and Accessories
  • Weapons Disassembly and Maintenance
  • Weapons Storage and Travel

OETipouchBLK OETsideplateBLK OETgloveEMTod1

Airsoft GI is proud to announce the creation of the Perfect AEG!  The Airsoft GI PTT is another fusion between real steel parts on airsoft AEGs.  The base gun is a Top Tech M4, which has the pneumatic blowback gearbox. Top Tech already makes a great quality, reliable, AEG; however our goal with this custom model was to make it as realistic and reliable as possible for hardcore airsoft players and/or military or law enforcement training. Therefore the internals have been tuned with Systema Gears, G&P M160 Motor, Modify S120 Spring, and a Super Core Piston.  This gun is built from the very best real steel and aftermarket airsoft parts, internally and externally; it is built for the most enthusiastic airsoft players and professional training personnel. The reason we used such high quality parts it to provide a durable/reliable training gun that’s more realistic and usable than the blue rubber gun, and also cheaper than the Systema PTW. This AEG is also more reliable and consistent than gas blowback rifles. This gun is among Airsoft GI’s best crafted AEGs, this gun is…perfect.  For more information on this rifle click HERE (link to gun)

We also have a new version of the TSD G36.  Also, Madbull has a new type of Noveske 10" Free Float RIS, this one has been cut out to accommodate the front iron sight on the M4.  Finally, new gear from OE TECH and a new Blowback MP5 from Cyma.

F8 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7

We have just received the Classic Army M15A4 blowback AEG.  Unlike other pneumatic blow backs, the action on the Classic Army M15A4 is crisp and solid. The finish of the body is darker than previous models, which gives the gun a more realistic look. The charging handle and bolt catch are functional. Classic Army has also included a sling mount at the rear of the body. The magazine release has been changed to the real gun style button. Classic Army has been on a roll recently, and this new gun just gave them a bit more momentum.

f11 f7 (2) f4 (2) f1 (2) f8 (2) f5 (2) f2 (2) f9 f6 (2) f10 f3 (2)

The following is a short video displaying the new CA Blowback in action:

(Airsoft GI)

Forum news digest for Feb 28, 2009

Spartan Imports – CA Blowback Series, New Details and Pictures


Spartan Imports, was kind enough to send over new pictures and details of the upcoming CA Blowback line. 

AR024M outline (op)  AR026M outline (op)

AR025M outline (op) AR027M outline (op)
AR028M outline (op)

Looking for somewhere?
AMNB Podcast
Gorilla Airsoft Radio
Airsoft Medicine Specialist Swedish Military Experience Group
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