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Airsoft Extreme – 4th of July Sale

4th of July Weekend SALE

4th of July Weekend SALE 2011Starting Thursday June 30th through Monday July 4th. 


USE coupon code: JULY4AEX

Click image to start saving

FREE AEX Sticker Pack, Kill Rag and Patch!

AEX 4th PackageIncluded in EVERY online purchase during our 4th of July SALE.

AEX Torrance Private Game

AEX Private Game

Another AEX Private game at Hollywood Sports Park on July 24, 2011

Click on images to see more information.

Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: June 29, 2011

  • Redwolf Licensed RWL Stag Daniel Defense M4 SOCOM (HD) – Redwolf Airsoft – RWTV
    Redwolf License guns combine proper licensed parts in non-standard ways to offer you pre-customized weapons with exotic builds. In this case, its an affordable gun with a combination features you do not see all that often.

    Product Link:

    To see how we customized our RWL, check this Facebook giveaway prize!

  • EFFIN-A Comp Promo Video
    The soon to be released EFFIN-A Comp.
  • D Boys M4 CQB
    We look at the D Boys M4 CQB from
  • Umarex VFC MP5A2 GBB SMG by eHobby Asia
    Umarex MP5A2 6mm GBB SMG (By VFC)
    — Except The Handguard, Receiver Grip and Fixed Buttstock this GBB is entirely made of Steel
    — Official H&K (HECKLER & KOCH) Licensed Authentic Marking on Body
    — The most realistic MP5A2 Airsoft SMG in the market
    — 32 Rounds Steel Made Magazine
    — Powerful Weapon Over 400FPS MUZZLE POWER
    — Fully/Semi Automatic Shooting
    — Black Color
  • MilSimJunkie Gear Giveaway Winner + Announcments

    About 500 entries were counted and 3 winners were picked. Thank you to all that entered


    Desert Locust Fan Goggle Kit
    Congrats to –

    Bullet Ant Goggle Kit
    Congrats to –

    Exoshield Extreme Low Profile Eyewear Kit
    Congrats to –


    Magnum’s NEW blog:

    Magnums $1000 Giveaway:

    July 31, 2011


    Please visit:

    Please follow:

    Please like:

  • Airsoft Lion Claws X action footage

    This is kind of a late release…but here it goes for your enjoyment!

    Operation Lion Claws X – George Air Force Base (AFB) in Victorville, CA
    Full building to building CQB action packed event!

    Stay tuned for Operation Blue Cloud coming up in July!

  • G&G GR16 Rush CQW DST
    We review the G&G GR16 Rush CQW DST from
  • Echo1USA Visits the Tac City Boot Camp |

    Brian stops by the Tac City Boot Camp in South El Monte, CA to have the kids check out and test out the new Echo1 ASC-H in Black and Tan, you know what it is – the best gun for CQB!

  • Airsoft Station Unboxing 6/28/11
    All of these provided by:
  • G&G M4 Airsoft Action Scotland 1080p HD
    One of almost 300 Airsoft War videos filmed in the UK you can see more at or Google "Scoutthedoggie"

    Almost 30,000 people are subscribed to my FaceBook page at

    I have two Airsoft video channels, the other is at

    Filmed at "Nomad Airsoft" which is located near Kilmarnock in Scotland, if you wish to play here the game dates and directions etc are on the Nomad website at

    UK based retailers that I buy from, as far as I know they only ship guns inside the UK, but contact them for more info on where they will mail to. "FOR BREN AND STEN GUNS"

    For more information on playing Airsoft in the UK and elsewhere I recommend you use the forum on the following website
    You will need to set up a login to use the forums, its free.

    Filmed using a Canon 550d Rebel DSLR type camera, recorded at 1080p HD, 24 frames per second, edited using Apple iMovie 11, edited on an Apple MacBook Pro

  • Airsoft RA-Tech wood upgrade kit for KJW KC-02

    Original gun:

    The RA-Tech is only a upgrade kit that includes the wood stock, inner barrel, and fluted outer barrel. The main components of the gun like the mag and gbb system are NOT included. You have to purchase the KJW KC-02 and do a conversion. From our tests, this kit provides optimal performance and looks a lot better if you don’t like the M4 style look on the original gun.

    Kit will be posted on the website shortly – coming soon!

  • AirSplat Sponsored Games: Fallout Escape From New Jersey
    Video from an AirSplat Sponsored Game, hosted by Filforce Tactical and Moondog Industries. The theme of the event was the Post-apocalyptic setting of the video game Fallout. Various teams and factions from the game universe fought it out in the wastelands of post-nuke New Jersey. A fun element of the event were goodie boxes filled with random prizes. AirSplat provided tons of free swag, such as giveaway airsoft guns, bags of bb’s, Tactical hoodie sweaters and other great prizes!
  • How to change recoil kits for GHK GKM – 6/28
    How to change recoil kits for GHK AKM.
    如何更換GHK AKM 後座力套件.
    1.Original recoil kits weight about 50g

    2.Full steel recoil enhanced kits about 145g.

    3. Remove the original kit.

    Remove the original kit. (including plastic connection part)

    4.Assemble and tight steel kits two main part together.

    5.Connect steel kits and original bolt carrier together.

    Connect steel kits and original bolt carrier together.
    (Remember to install plastic connection part back to bolt carrier first)

    6.Make sure kits and bolt carrier connect tight enough.


    8.Remove the original recoil spring by using the tool into the hoop and move down c clip.

    9.Remove c clip and replace the original spring.

    10.Install new strengthens spring and pushes down then install c clip.

    11.Move c clip to its original position

    如果取下槍機轉接環有困難時,可用吹風機加溫一下, 使用工具逆時針取下轉接環.
    If you have difficulty removing bolt carrier connection part , use hairdryer heat up
    a little then use tool spin anti-clockwise to remove the part successfully .

  • Airsoft GI – The Guns of ‘Axed’ Montage
    Magpul PTS Masada –
    Echo 1 XCR –
    H&K 416 –
    KWA KG36 – C
  • More goodies to give away! Thanks JDM!
    In addition to the ICS M4, has added a Solarforce L1 Flashlight with Optional Mount and Pressure pad.

    320 Lumens

    Very solid build, and retails for over $80 with optional Accessories.

    So we have an ICS M4 provided by Shwell, BB’s from Hailstorm Airsoft, and this Shweet light from…. How Shweet is this? Dont forget that Airsoft Barracks sent us!

    Next vid will have everything in it..

  • SoftAirNJ Promo
    SoftAirNJ, Manchester NJ
    NJ’s Premier Outdoor Airsoft Field
    This site also sells parts and guns, all of which are assembled in the USA.
  • JagTV – Madbull Airsoft ACE Stocks
    Jonathan from Jag Precision reviews the Madbull Airsoft Fully Licensed ACE Stocks. They come in many versions and are extremely light and strong. They feature a thick rubber butt pad that’s easy on the shoulders. They allow you to fit a LIPO battery inside the buffer tube for clean installation.
  • JagTV – Madbull Airsoft Rail Mounted Sling Adapters

    In this video, Jonathan talk about the new Madbull Airsoft Rail Mounted Sling Adapters. They are made of 6061 T-6 Aluminum. Come in a vertical loop, horizontal loop, and push pin quick-detach style.

  • AIRSOFTCON 2011- Largest airsoft sale in the USA!

    For everyone who couldn’t make it out to AirsoftCon 2011, here’s what happened!

  • APS ASR-107 M4 CQB
    Mark and l look at the APS ASR-107 from

High Ground: HG830 modular pack with quick-release waistbelt

In the words of Matt Smith “Backpacks are cool”, and let’s face it add the words tactical, modular, and quick-release to that and gear heads for miles are taking note.

High Ground have launched their new HG830 quick release belt system. It looks great and the video explains everything better than a bunch fo words can:

Finally this revolutionary Quick-Release, Weight Distributing Gear Belt makes it easy to keep your tac belt on while still distributing your HG830 Modular Pack weight to your hips!

This patent-pending design was inspired by countless operator requests for a weight distribution belt that you wouldn’t have to ditch every time you got into an MRAP or arrived at a Sniper Overwatch Position.

Connect this never-before-seen belt technology with our Modular Pack system and you have the most Comfortable, most Customizable, and most Accessible assault pack on the market. Ever. Now you can easily remove and re-don your pack, without removing your pistol belt – by yourself, in the dark, while wearing gloves.


The flexed, internal-frame fits perfectly over body armor to better distribute weight to your hips and the slick MOLLE panel give you limitless cafeteria options to customize your kit so everything is instantly accessible unlike anything you’ve ever used. Make anything from a slick JTAC rig to the perfect Breacher Backpack to the first ever Rocket/Mortar pack. Your battlefield needs can be met, without crushing your shoulders.

Additional Features/Specs

• Quick-Release Waistbelt
• Internal Pocket will hold 4 ergonomic mag-pouch inserts (5.56 or 7.62)
• Flexed and rigid internal frame: designed specifically to be worn over body armor
• Cable-routing, zippered shoulder straps: designed to collect the clutter of hydration hoses and cables to keep you from getting snagged
• Internal hydration pocket: accepts most 2 to 3 Liter hydration bladders without bulging into your back plate

(High Ground)

SKDTAC: 30% off the new PIG hydration carrier

SKD Tactical have the PIG Hydration Carrier in stock available in all the usual patterns, and until July 3rd you can get 30% off the price (65USD) by using the code “AQUAPIG”. Here’s the full details:


***From now to July 3rd, we are offering a one-time introductory special of 30% off of the PIG Hydration Carrier. Just enter "aquapig" in the discount code box at checkout to take advantage of this special pricing. This code cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount code. Promo ends at midnight (CST) on July 3rd. Do not be that one guy who missed out on this deal!***


PIG Hydration Carrier: Designed for the Source WXP 2L Hydration Bladder, the PIG Hydration Carrier offers innovations that will increase performance while minimizing bulk and weight. The wide-profile mouth offers easy access to your hydration bladder for refilling and maintenance. A 4" elastic band adds compression to the bottom of the bladder which serves to counteract the "fat belly" effect as the bladder empties. The bottom of the back panel is made of mesh, to aid in drainage and evaporation of condensation. Hydration ports are in the top corners, allowing directional routing to either shoulder.

8.4 grams of sex-appeal have been added to each carrier, making this one of the best looking pieces of kit you will attach to your host molle platform. Attaches via 2 Long and 2 Short Malice Clips, which are included. Source bladder pictured is NOT included with this carrier and must be purchased separately. Made in the U-S of A, biyatch. (SKD Tactical )

CQB Target Systems, an introduction

imageCQB Target Systems have sent out their first newsletter to introduce their company and products, great if you’re bored of the standard fig11 target or need some variety for practical purposes:

Introducing CQB Target Systems…

Imagine the Scenario. "A building is considered occupied by hostile/non-hostile combatants. An armed response team is tasked to neutralize the threat, however its not known how many hostages or hostile targets exist when tasked with clearing the building specifically as the scenario is uncertain".



Close Quarter Battle
(CQB) Target Systems is a new and vibrant business based on the Isle of Wight on the South Coast of the United Kingdom providing Professional Combat Shooting Systems to the ever expanding Sport of Airsoft, and Full Bore Shooting within Europe.

So what do CQB Target Systems offer and provide?

• An extensive Range of Professional Target Imagery that can be adapted for any possible scenario when shooting at speed. For Military and Law Enforcement use, Close Protection Firearms applications, and indeed Airsoft CQB Environments.

• Customers can be confident that their entire range will expand continually for their future Close Quarter Battle needs.

• Target imagery is flexible and can be adapted to the needs of customers for all Close Quarter Battle environments.

• Our custom made stands are manufactured to the highest quality specifically to order for their clients, and are built to last.

• Customers can be confident that they are investing in an integrated system that is fully adaptable to their shooting requirements.

Some of the Endorsements
they have received are from: Police, Royal Marines, Parachute Regiment and Worldwide Specialist Magazine, Airsoft International.

Contact: Contact Rob or Garry via the site: (CQB Target Systems)

Condor: A-TACS kit coming in October

Condor have announced their new line-up of A-TACS patterned kit. Their current list includes a three day assault pack, plate carrier, sling, hydration bladder, drop leg holster, pouches and dump bag:


The new range will be out sometime in October according to their site.

imageFor the past 20 years, Condor has been building feature rich Nylon gear designed with the end-user in mind. Now we are happy to announce they are adding A-TACS camo to their growing product line. With over 1,000 dealers throughout the United States and Canada and a growing base of distributors worldwide, Condor has the distribution to place and ship A-TACS camo gear virtually anywhere.


The introductory product offering will include:

-The Modular Operator Plate Carrier with features that include Detachable shoulder pads, Side release buckles on shoulders and internal waist strap, high tensile strength webbing covered in A-TACS fabric for optimum concealment, one front map pocket with snap, hook & loop closure and armor compartments (front, back & two side) with hook and loop panels.

-The Three-Day Assault Pack with features that include, large load cargo capacity compartment with a separate pocket to fit up to two 3 large hydration bladders, body contour shoulder straps with D-Ring for equipment attachment, sternum strap and waist belt, external side compression straps, two double zipper pulls on the main compartment for easy access, individual form pad back penal for extra comfort and maximum airflow and high tensile strength webbing covered in A-TACS fabric for optimum concealment.

-CBT Bungee Sling with features that include, dual bungee construction, HK snap hook adapter covered with elastic adapter, side-release buckle to release adapter and sling, 1 1/4 inch webbing, with Duraflex buckles, easily converts from two point to single point sling.

-Cobra Single Point Bungee Sling with features including dual bungee construction, HK snap hook adapter covered with elastic adapter, side-release buckle to release adapter and sling, 1 1/4 inch webbing, with Duraflex buckles.

-Triple Kangaroo Mag Pouch with features including, room for three M4/M16 mags and three pistol mag pouches in the front, with adjustable Hook & Loop flaps.

-Double Kangaroo Mag Pouch with features including, room for three M4/M16 mags and three pistol mag pouches in the front, with adjustable Hook & Loop flaps.

-Double Pistol Mag Pouch with adjustable Hook & Loop flaps.

-Three Fold Mag Recovery Pouch that features a rolls up design held closed by with 1 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ hook & loop tab.

-Map/Intel Pouch featuring a removable clear vinyl sleeve for map or documents, removable back straps, front ID or badge holder, pen holder and is alice clip compatible.

-Pistol Holster with features that include additional pistol mag storage with flap closures and adjustable nylon webbing leg straps with rubberized backing.

All products in the introductory offering will be available for purchase through authorized Condor retailers in mid-October with the exception of the Rifle Slings which are now available for purchase. For more information, visit Condor at (A-TACS)

New valves & plates from King Arms

King Arms have some new valves & plates:

King Arms News 28 June 2011(Promotion)

(King Arms)

Thumpy: Airsoft Heroes get a new home

Thumpy has been finding out about an inspirational family of airsofters from North Carolina:

Arnie and guys! Details and Info is in the links from my website on a family of airsofters who are also heroes for many of the reasons you’ll read in the links below…who got a truly life-changing surprise Monday morning on Coast-to-Coast radio in the USA!

Congrats to our buddy and a true American hero, Vinnie "Lifer" Gizzarelli from Airsoft Team RAPTOR 1, a "Wounded Warrior",a hero from two deployments in OIF AND OEF….and a real inspiration to everyone around "South Field" and in the North Carolina Airsoft Community….And his Wife (and airsofter) Jamie and their whole family, as they get some unbelievable news on the nationwide John Boy and Billy Radio Show in Charlotte, NC Monday Morning!


More on the story from our Hometown Newspaper…the Jacksonville Daily News, RIGHT HERE

Coming in JULY…More on Vinnie, the Raptor 1 gang and their friends in "WARRIORS ONCE MORE" Feature story from Thumpy, in the UPCOMING ISSUE of Take AIM Magazine!…available July 12th across North America…


Stay Tuned here at Thumpy’s 3-D House of AIrsoft, as we bring you more of Vinnie’s handiwork in the epic rebuild at "South Field" new videos on Thumpy’s YouTube Channel: AT THIS LINK

To see more on VINNIE as an Airsoft Hero…check out our earlier "People of AIRSOFT" Photo feature…RIGHT HERE

(Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft)

JagTV – Madbull Airsoft fully licensed ACE stocks video

imageJag Precision have a new video of the fully licensed ACE stocks from Madbull Airsoft:

Jonathan from Jag Precision reviews the Madbull Airsoft Fully Licensed ACE Stocks. They come in many versions and are extremely light and strong. They feature a thick rubber butt pad that’s easy on the shoulders. They allow you to fit a LIPO battery inside the buffer tube for clean installation.

(Jag Precision)

Citadel Airsoft outdoor game 10th July 2011

The Citadel Airsoft are holding an outdoor event at Fox 4 Paintball in Upton MA on the 10th July:

We just want to make people aware we are running a rare outdoor game as we are a CQB Facility.


All the info:

(The Citadel)

New look website for Airsoft Megastore

Airsoft Megastore have re-launched their website with a new look:

Hey Guys! We’ve go exciting news! This time around we want to introduce our new site interface to you. We have recently graphically enhanced many of our pages, the most notable being the front page. Take sometime to check out our more user-friendly interface.


While we were upgrading our webstore, we also released plenty of videos on our AMS TV channel. We’d love for you to subscribe to our channel, and more importantly, connect with us either on Youtube or Facebook and let us know your thoughts about the all-new Airsoft Megastore TV. We’d love to hear your thoughts, just comment directly on the video or post up your feedback on our Facebook page.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Airsoft Megastore TV Link:
Facebook Link:

(Airsoft Megastore)

Airsoft Club: Element headsets back in stock

Airsoft Club have the Element headsets back in:

Element Comtac I Style Tactical Headset ODElement Comtac II Style Tactical Headset ODElement ELITE II Tactical Headset ODElement ELITE II Tactical Headset TanElement TASC Tactical Headset ODElement TASC Tactical Headset TanElement Sordin Style Tactical Headset Woodland Camo

Dear All, Airsoft Club are pleased to inform you that all Element tactical headset and PTT unit are now restocked. Please check it out before it goes out of stock again!

For more product details please visit:

(Airsoft Club)


Mike has sent over details of his new website

Hi, I wanted to let you know about my website


This website is very new, so there isn’t a whole lot of content yet.  However, this site will be dedicated to talking about airsoft parts and upgrading airsoft guns.  It will include videos, guides, articles, and maybe even ebooks.  If anybody is interested in contributing articles to, please email me at

Thanks, Mike (

Apocalypse Airsoft summer special, 10th July 2011

imageApocalypse Airsoft have sent over details of their next event, a summer special:

10th July -  Summer Special…

We’re officially in summer now  so it’s probably time to go out in the mid day sun with mad dogs and all that.

However due to technical difficulties with getting actual dogs (mad or otherwise) to play airsoft, we are forced to improvise.

As a result the day will feature the following :-

  • Themed gaming with Players Vs Marshals  (time to get your own back!)
  • Free  supply drops of  pyro / ammunition (so you can shoot the marshals even more)
  • Hardened targets including mortar pits, machine gun tower and Land Rover gunship etc.
  • Plus in addition to our usual hot breakfast and cooked lunch,  we will have free water points at strategic locations for resupply, on the off chance that it’s actually another hot day!

Walk-on fee is £25 per head, and we have a number of rental guns available.

Please book in via our website at

See you there! –Steve (Apocalypse Airsoft)

We may have won the battle, but the war is far from over

Airsoft GI have sent over details of the latest additions to their inventory as well as a timely reminder that the war to preserve airsoft as we know it is not yet over:

We did a good job letting the politicians know that we oppose SB798. However Senator De Leon is going to come back swinging, and we need to be ready. The bill has been granted reconsideration which means the assembly will vote on the bill one more time to decide it’s fate. Be ready to make another push to save our sport.

Airsoft GI recently got a whole bunch of new and interesting items added to our inventory, check them out below!

AGM Full Metal/Fake Wood MP40 Airsoft Gun


Schampa Jolly Pirate Skull Stretch Facemask
Schampa Gordito Facemask
Schampa Hanibal Facemask


OE TECH Stryker Padded Knuckle Tactical Gloves in Black, Sage and Coyote.
OE TECH Combat Nomax Tactical Gloves in Black, Sage and Coyote
OE TECH Shooters Tactical Gloves


(Airsoft GI)

Looking for somewhere?
AMNB Podcast
Gorilla Airsoft Radio
Airsoft Medicine Specialist Swedish Military Experience Group
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