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AirsoftDirect end of November updates

airsoftdirectukretailerMark from Airsoft Direct has mailed in their latest updates and asked us to add them up here:

Airsoft Guide DVDs – Airsoft Direct has been the proud stockist of the fantastic Airsoft Guide DVDs for some time now, they really are extremely useful resources for all Airsofters, collectors and players alike. We are continually told by our customers how impressed they are with the quality and usefulness of these DVDs and we have recently received a larger second shipment of the latest AirsoftGuide Volume 3 DVDs, so we have plenty ready to ship. We also have Volume 1 and 2 instock as well, for details on the content of all the Volumes please visit the Airsoft Guide DVD section of our website.


Price as always is the same low special offer price of 9.99UKP (Normal RRP 12.99UKP!) and postage is only £1.95 via Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded for a single copy.

aimagv2i7thumbAirsoft International Magazines – We have recently received our first shipment of Airsoft International Magazines, so we now have all the available issues from Volume 2 instock and ready to ship. This includes the very latest December 2006 issue which has only just been released! The magazines are great value at only 4.00UKP each + P&P, which works out very cheap when you use Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded.

The Issues we have are as follows:

  • Airsoft International June 2006 Volume 2 Issue 1
  • Airsoft International July 2006 Volume 2 Issue 2
  • Airsoft International September 2006 Volume 2 Issue 4
  • Airsoft International October 2006 Volume 2 Issue 5
  • Airsoft International November 2006 Volume 2 Issue 6
  • Airsoft International December 2006 Volume 2 Issue 7

To place an order for any of the issues, simply visit the Airsoft International Magazine Section .

tracerbbthumbTokyo Marui 6mm 0.20g Tracer BB’s – For all those who enjoy night games, we have Tokyo Marui Tracer BB’s instock and they have been permanently reduced in price to only 7.00UKP a box. We don’t expect these to last long, so get them while you can! To place an order just got to the Tokyo Marui 6mm 0.20g Tracer BB’s product information page.

tmtacmasterthumbTokyo Marui Tactical Master – Last but not least, we have the bullet proof Tokyo Marui Tactical Masters at only 89.00UKP each. This isn’t on sale, but it is now our new low price for this great gas blowback pistol. For more information and to place and order, please visit the Tokyo Marui Tactical Master product information page.

Kind Regards, Mark Lewis, (Airsoft Direct)

Airsoft GemTech TALON released

Simon at MadBull Airsoft has dropped in word that their Airsoft GemTech TALON.



  • Rail System + Barrel Extension
  • Rail System: Special 8 faces R.A.S. Including 9 pcs full/ half rails and cover
  • The rail cover color is “Black” instead of “White” in the photos.
  • NOTE: You can just use the rail parts to apply to your M4. (You don’t need to install Trinity Barrel Extension). See Talon Rail for details.

Fitting suggestion: On the real gun, the TALON rail connect with upper receiver by gas tube. The toy Airsoft version doesn’t have a gas tube and TALON can be taken off easily. We will highly suggest you to buy our RAS FIX scope raiser mount to solve this problem. Simon, (MadBull Airsoft)

Latest from the Q

Jack at The Q Project has sent in their latest updates, so I’m adding those while I’m updating the news pages tonight:

5 11517994804 11517979842 11517969191 1151796598

Q’s new Paypal (VISA, Mastercard, Discover) shop cart system has been simplified for easier navigation for those hard to locate upgrade parts for the following installations and power-durability upgrades:

  • December specials for AEG and GBB purchases
  • Specializing in new sniper platforms boasting 600-700fps and incredible grouping capabilities
  • Solid setups and upgrades for the Marui 1911, Glock17, and HiCapA series
  • Featuring our unbeatable Bullet Proof Series of Upgrades for reliable platform AEGs. Check it out here.
  • If you’re looking to standout from the crowd, we are the place to shop for that one of a kind piece making you most distinguishable in the airsoft realm!
  • New updates on our Gallery pages – be the next one to commission us to a special project in your name!

Thank you for your support and warm Holiday Wishes from the Q Family! Cheers! Jack, (The Q Project)

Airsoft International “Top Gun” award

vol2Iss7 125Paul has sent over an email from Airsoft International. The short of it is that I’m given to understand that after their last review of CA’s new AUG CA have started carrying the award on their promotional material and box artwork:

The Power of AI: There are Airsoft magazines e-zines then there is AI. No other Airsoft magazine has commanded so much respect from AEG manufactures than AI. Recently reviewed by AI was CA’s Steyr Aug which was awarded the first AI “Top Gun” award.

Now all new Steyr Aug packaging will incorporate the AI Top Gun award. AI is also in discussions to have a complementary copy of the Premier Airsoft Magazine in every CA AEG sold through out the world. Paul, (Airsoft International)

Repairsoft opens their virtual doors

Mike at has sent in word of their new online store that has opened:

Hello, I’d just like to inform you of a new store that has just opened in the UK, We are a dedicated airsoft shop selling performance upgrades and repair parts/service to the UK and European market.


At the moment out site is just a shadow of what it will be, we will be adding new articles and information daily so please come and check us out!

If you have any suggestions, questions or queries then please dont hesitate to check us out! or email

Thanks again! Mike, ( kits running low

airtronicslogo-1[1]Dave from has been in touch to let folks know that they are running out of stock of their burst fire units:

Hi all, Dave from here. The ATC-3B1 and TBK stocks are running out!

We now have less than 25 ATC-3B1 units left, and only 41 TBK (Trigger Bypass Kit) units left. Whether you are a retailer or a player, you need to get in now to secure your order!

See you soon, over at! Dave ( end of November update

newlogo small[1]Here’s the latest stock update from the guys at

Dear Customer, is pleased to present its latest additions to the selection for winter. All new products are available to view at

dpccs0na500aIn this update, we now have the Arktis sniper smock, one of the most advanced jackets for outdoor shooting and combat on the market today in DPM and Flecktarn. Fully featured for maximum storage and re-inforced patches in all the right places, the sniper smock is a hot tip for Christmas as the one camo outdoor jacket to have whether for military, hunting, shooting, outdoor or airsoft and paintball use. Made in England! Price per smock £249.50

uscgl1na500aJust in, milspec Nomex Flight Gloves in Olive colour. The Nomex knitted material is flame retardant and is highly popular with services which work in or near heat sources or potential heat sources. The palm, fingers and thumb are made of soft leather so as to minimise dexterity loss when worn. A long gauntlet helps to minimise draughts and maximise protection. We are pleased to offer probably the lowest price in the UK for these gloves at only £13.95 per pair.

sppkp1nx500aArmoured knee pads are now in stock in olive green colour. These high quality knee pads are made of dense foam which will shape to the wearer’s knee with use. They have a semi-flexible plastic knee cap protector rivetted to the front. These are only £11.95 per pair.

Genuine British Osprey water bottles are now back in stock. These are extra strong, and world renowned for their durability. The bottle price includes mug and bottle cap at only £8.95 per bottle.

We have three new military products from Magpul Industries in the USA. These are: the M16/SA80 standard magazine floorplate, the long rail protector and the full length XT rail panel.


The grooved floorplate is in use with parts of the US Armed Forces as a low profile grip aid, and has proven very effective. The long rail protector is an essential part of maintaining exposed rails when not in use, and comes in two different colours to help camouflage the gun. The XT rail panel fits over rails to provide a grip surface at the front of the weapon and also helps to protect the rails when not in use. Prices are:

  • Magpul M16/SA80 Standard Magazine Floorplate – £5.95 each (Olive or Black)
  • Magpul Long Rail Protector – £11.95 each (Olive or Tan)
  • Magpul Full Length XT Rail Panel – £11.95 each (Olive or Black)

dpwut5nx500aThe best selling DPM dump pouch is now available in Desert DPM. Adapted for use as a drop leg pouch, or as a belt pouch, the dump pouch allows for rapid disposal of spent magazines and is also useful for utilities which need to be readily accessible. Made of genuine milspec cordura, the pouch is £25.00

uscct7na500aThe new Bulle ACUs are now in stock. The colouration has been updated to match the later issue ACUs, and is more vibrant, adding to the efficiency of the camouflage at breaking up the shape of the wearer. The shirts and trousers are available in all sizes from S to XXL and the price is £18.00 per shirt and £18.00 per trouser.

flctb3na500aLast, but not least, we have new genuine issue German olive trouser belts. These top quality belts close with a box buckle with the German hook and loop system which looks similar to the American box buckle but is far more efficient at holding together. These belts are low profile and will fit with most standard sized belt loops provided on military trousers. Price only £8.95 each.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and wish you happy browsing.

Yours, Team, (

GunsWorkShop Socom AK tactical bolt carrier

Felix at GunsWorkShop has mailed in about a new AK accessory (the Socom AK tactical bolt carrier) that they now have:


Hello. We have a new Socom AK tactical bolt carrier with upswept cocking handle & speed tactical selector lever with bolt locking notch. they are made with steel & will available soon. they will fit Marul & Guarder AK series. we will updates when in stock.

Also have a PBS-1 & PBS-5 silencers in stock, they will fit Marui, VFC & Guarder AK series.

Guarder AK-104, AKS-74U, AKM kits available in special prices. Thanks for your support! Felix, (GunsWorkShop)

SCAR next project at Guay Guay?

According to Guay’s pages and their own promotional material it looks that a SCAR is going to be one of their next projects:


Guay have announced that they plan to attend two shows early next year, one being the Shot Show in Orlando FL in January next year. That combined with their plans to build and release the FN2000, RK95, Micro Galil, Famas, and AUGA3 in 2008 make for some interesting builds to wait for.

Stock update from Firesupport

FSL CA Advert 2006 11 23 smallNews from Frank at Firesupport is a set of stock updates including the FAL and the latest from Classic Army:

The King Arms FAL is now in stock and available at Firesupport £340

Firesupport (01733 247171) have received their latest shipment from Classic Army. We now have in stock:

  • M15A4 SPR £340
  • Steyr AUG A2, Civilian/police £210
  • M15A4 CQB,Compact, SEAL £300
  • M15A4 CQB Compact £300
  • Classic Army Folding vertical grip £20

Also the G36 Magwell conversion accessory is available and back in stock @ 22UKP. Thanks. Frank, (Firesupport)

FAL and MK46 SPW at Wolf

James at Wolf Armouries has mailed in about the latest products in form them:

First up is the long-awaited King Arms FAL: The wait for the King Arms FAL is finally over and Wolf Armouries now have the full-length version in stock. We were very impressed with the sample rifle generously sent to us by King Arms, and if the FAL is your kind on thing, we guarantee you?ll be impressed with it too. For the latest details on the King Arms FAL, check our website:


Next up is the STAR Mk.46 SPW: STAR?s M249 series of automatic weapons have been a great success, providing the wannabe support gunner with a rifle that doesn?t have the full price tag of their metal counterparts. Now STAR have released the Mk.46 (S)pecial (P)urpose (W)eapon as used by US Special Forces groups. The SPW features a full metal RAS unit, railed feed tray cover and a differing bb feed system from the rest of the M249 series, which gives a more realistic look. The 5.56mm round effect belt comes with the AEG and cleverly disguises the magazine?s wiring. Again, check our website for more information:

Airsoft Innovations back online

banner1 small[1]Carl the guru at Airsoft Innovations has droped in an email to say that his site is now back up: is finally back online in a working state.

Sorry, I’m not much of a web developer. My usual webmaster is busy with another project so I had to dive in myself and see what I could do to get things finished and working again. I’m a heck of a lot better making metal chips than wrestling with HTML.

The current site is a temporary site which will offer propane adaptors and silicone oil until a proper sales site comes in to replace it. There’s no way I can launch a serious shopping cart so AI will offer a limited inventory until the new cart comes in.

The upside is that in the downtime, I managed to work on some new products I hope to launch in a month or so. Testing is going well! I’m excited to bring them to the airsoft scene soon! Carl, (Airsoft Innovations )

December edition of AI and a word from Paul

dec coverPaul, ( has sent in the cover for the December issue of AI Magazine and a Christmas word from him:

The future is ours! It only seems like yesterday, that was I sitting in front of my PC wondering what to write for the foreword of the Christmas 05 issue, and now we’re here again.

It’s certainly been a year to remember for us here in the British Airsoft Community; we launched ourselves into 06 not knowing if there would be an industry left by the end of the year? But look at us now. The ABA successfully contested the VCR bill and gains an exception by regulation

The Airsoft scene here in the UK has never looked better. Site operators are reporting an increase in new business as are the retailers and Christmas is just around the corner.

Don’t you just love this time of year? I bet there are a few of you “fair weather” players out there that don’t” come on guys it’s only a bit of mud; get stuck in, the gear your wearing was designed to handle it, so you guys can.

I guess it’s the big kid in me? But I’m always the first up on Christmas morning in my house hold and have gotten in trouble before as I make a s much noise as I can to wake my kids up and watch the delight on their faces as they rip open their presents.

Sadly if like me you have been following the developments of the alleged Carbon Monoxide poisoning of a family on holiday in Corfu. I’m sure like us here at AI you were speechless at the pointless waist of two little life’s (Christianne Shepherd, seven and her brother Robert, six). All I can think of saying at this point is that heaven has two new angles. Our thought (As I’m sure your thought) are with their parents

This month as usual we have an action packed issue for you. Jay continues with project Ghost and takes a look at another two new AEG realises CA’s Full metal Ak and Marui FAMAS, Mark Saxby dips his toe into the world of pistols. Christmas has come early for CJ as he takes a look at an affordable Replica C.I.R.A.S… We send JV on his very first night game, Chris carries on taking a look at things that “Float his boat” Toy Soldiers are here; this month we take you through the stages of turning your figure into something a bit special. We finish off part II of round up of Real deal chest rigs. Wannabe this month jumps back in time to GWI and explores the look and equipment of the SCUD Hunters, plus much much more. We also give away a Full Metal CA AK

The BAPS survey is going great guns and we hope to be able to publish the results in the January issue (on sale the 28th December)

Ai has gone from strength to strength in the past 12 months and that’s all thanks to you guys (our reader’s and supporters)
Where ever you are or what ever your doing forget about the petty squabbles out there on the skirmish field. Or what some miss informed individuals think about the ABA and what they have or have not done. If you play Airsoft your part of the Global Community, so lets all pull together and make 2007 a year to remember for all of the right reasons

So from Me, Sharon, CJ, Jay, Chris, Jason, Mark, Mark, Lawrence and Alex (The AI Crew)

Have yourself a great Christmas and a very prosperous New Year. Paul, (

JungleToy discount for November

jungletoy small[1]One just in from Alvin at JungleToy, who are offering a 10% discount on orders between the 23rd and 26th:

I know this is a short notice, but from Nov 23rd to Nov 26th. All orders above $50 online at JungleToy Online ( will enjoy a 10% discount. That’s anything and everything.

Details can be found at:

Thanks! Alvin, (

New parts at JB-Unicorn

Jeffrey Chen, ( has sent in shots of two new products that they have produced:

Flashider 001Flashider 002Flashider 003Flashider 007

Hi Arnie,

How are you doing? We have two new products that just released. Please check out the following attachments.

The first one is the steel front sight and the second one is the steel attack flashhider.

If you need any further information, please feel free to contact me.

Best regards,

Jeffrey Chen, (

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