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Happy New Year!

Well I’m finally down to having just one email to reply to (woohoo!) and now have an empty email inbox which is rather bliss. Apologies to anyone with an email or news item that didn’t go up as quick as they’d like but we’re all only human.

Well that’ll most likely be it for news posts from me this year. Roll on 2009! Thanks go out to everyone that makes things what they are around here including forum staff news editors, friendly retailers and our supporters that make this site possible.

I wish you all a prosperous  New Year! Remember enjoy your drinks responsibly.. or something. :)


New KGB site, less mud more bricks!

image With the potential of the KGB guys loosing their swamp they’ve upgraded to a shiny new CQB site (posted by the Chef in our forums):

Hola, A small announcement for our new site. What with our beloved swamp potentially being given planning permission for some wave machine or another, we felt it time to move on.

We have now secured an Urban complex (the first in good old County Kernow) which is pretty mahoosive!

The new site is situated at Tuckingmill, CAMBORNE just off the A30. We at KGB are about to embark on a major building campaign and the plan is to have a purpose built CQB arena, complete with multiple rooms, multiple levels, compounds and all manner of interesting terrain features to complete the Close Quarter Battle zone.

Here are a few pics of the new site. (sorry about the quality, iPhone cameras are poop).

site3 site4 site5
site1-1 site2

The new site will be opening within the next couple of weeks and will be a case of ‘work in progress’ for our regulars, but like at the swamp, we’ll just be building stuff and growling like a boil!

For more info, visit our website at

All prices, rules and other such stuff will remain the same in true KGB style.

Join the forum and get in on the banter. Cheers guys, hope to see some of you soon. The Chef, ()

BB materials cost goes down and thus price at BB King

The cost of the raw materials that go into BBs at BB King has gone down so if you’re looking to import or deal in bulk then you may well be in luck:

Hello Arnie! Long time no see! Now, I tell you a good news that the raw material of airsoft BBs price goes down because of the  finance crisis.So our airsoft BBs price will go down. It is great news for many airsoft products importers and airsoft players.I hope you can post this good news on your news page. By the way. we are still looking for distributor around the world now.Thank you in advance.

Best Regards, Vince Carter

ACM Masada on pre-order at

image have the ACM Masada on pre-order: now list the ACM Masada for pre-order, expected to be released on the 2nd of January 2009.

Information is limited, but so far we know that only 30 are available at the moment, and it uses an A&K Gearbox which produces 330fps.


Price is £129.99. Regards. (

Enforce-Logic December 2008 newsletter

Enforce-Logic have sent out their latest newsletter so I’ll pull out the highlights and post them here:

Nightsearcher LED Cordless Inspection Lamp This versatile LED inspection lamp brings together the latest LED and battery technologies. This is an ideal piece of kit to assist in carrying out searches of vehicles or premises.  It uses 34 super bright LEDs and has a highly polished reflector to enhance the even spread of light output. It is powered by high capacity Ni-MH batteries, operating continuously for 5 hours from a single charge and can be recharged at any state of discharge without any risk of restricted charge memory. £39.99 more info

image image image image

  • Low light mode, high light mode and flashing mode
  • 34 super bright LEDs
  • locks into Rechargeable Ni-MH batteries included
  • Operates for 5 hours per charge
  • Fast recharge in 2.5 – 3 hours
  • Robust oil resistant rubber case
  • Shatterproof, shock and water resistant (IP65)
  • Wall and/or bench mount charging base
  • Fold-away swivel hanging hook
  • Sealed switch
  • Car charger included
  • 230V AC charger included
  • Can be set to turn on automatically when charging in the event of a power cut
  • Low battery warning and charging LED indicator

imageAlt-Berg Peacekeeper P1 original MkIII – Alt-Berg Peacekeeper P1 Original Mk III is Altberg’s best selling police/military lightweight flexible boot – ankle cuff redesigned in 2004 to give better flex control & movement. None steel toe cap, None steel midsole. Tested to BSEN 347 – suitable for a wide range of military, police, rural and urban duties.

£119.99 Free UK recorded delivery more info

Another Great Torch from NIGHTSEARCHER…..Discovery 136 lumenOne of the most powerful non rechargeable LED flashlights available.  Utilising the latest Cree XR-E XLAMP LED this high performance torch produces an impressive bright white beam.


Three operational settings: High, low and flashing, each emitting a different running time of 60 hrs high, 240 hrs low and 200 hrs flashing. Max 136 lumens, 2 x 1.5v C size alkaline batteries (not included), anodized, O-ring sealed for dust and water protection, water resistant, shatterproof lens, DC-DC regulated circuit, carrying strap, size 39mm x 181.5mm, weight 284g with batteries. 3 detachable colour lenses included.  £25.99 more info (Enforce-Logic)

Popular Airsoft Dec 08 Issue: We’ve been good Santa!

Popular Airsoft have sent in their festive update along with details of their new issue. Full details and contents of the magazine after the break:

image Popular Airsoft Magazine / Popular Airsoft Magazine December 2008 Issue: We’ve been good Santa!

Some life lessons that we have learned from Santa, which we believe can be applied in our airsoft lives:

– Encourage people to believe in you. (Show them newbies some veteran moves!)
– Always remember who’s naughty and who’s nice. (Remember the bloke that shared his BBs with you while you’re out there on the field. Never forget the guy that ALWAYS bum a stick of cigarette from you, don’t come near him again.)
– Don’t pout. (Especially when the guy at the other end does not want to call his hits.)
– It’s as much fun to give as it is to receive. (Only when you’re giving them your BBs—via your newly upgraded VFC KAC PDW, harharhar!)
– Some days it’s ok to feel a little chubby. (Yeah, never mind if you’re looking more like a tadpole in your brand new Digital Desert FROG!)
– Make your presents known. (… and your presence felt. Snipers out there, reach out and tag someone.)
– Always ask for a little bit more than what you really want. (This applies more to gear whores out there, hahahaha! You can also wear more than what is necessary. It’s you who’s carrying the weight anyway.)
– Bright red can make anyone look good. (… ‘cept lipstick! Puhleeeze!)
– Wear a wide belt and no one will notice how many pounds you’ve gained. (Right on! Hmmm… Time to get myself a blast belt….)
– If you only show up once a year, everyone will think you’re very important. (… or maybe not. If ever you decide to actually show up for a game, just try and not be late, dear. Ok?)
– Whenever you’re at a loss for words, say: “HO! HO!” (HIT! Will do just fine…)

It’s that time of year again, where good cheers and tidings are in the air. Let us all forget for a moment about the global financial meltdown and give ourselves a much needed break from all the hubbubs of everyday life. As what Brahma has written in one of the cover stories in this December Issue, Christmas is really a celebration of thanksgiving…. thanksgiving for the food on our table… for the shelter over our heads and the clothing on our backs… for a loving family… and, most especially for our mothers and fathers.

Moving on, these past months have been very busy for all of us here at Popular Airsoft Magazine. Our Asia Bureau—with Brahma and Ogre—has been agog with the preparations for Ratratan 2008: B.O.L.O., The Philippine Selection for Rapier 01. Our U.S.-based operator, Shogun, has also been busy with the preparations for Rapier 01 and the Kami Wars. Busy or not, we’re still hell-bent in giving you insightful articles every issue.

We have asked the Popular Airsoft Operators to give their recommendations on what to buy for yourselves these holidays, and allowed our friendly airsoft vendors to make a hardsell on you and your wallets. But then, Christmas is also about shopping and gift-giving, so we might as well allow them to present their products. We hope you’ll like their recommendations.

In our feature section, we have interviewed several airsoft retailers such as Airsoft Elite Essex, Airsoft Buddy, Storm Airsoft Shack, and Airsoft HQ for you to know them well. Optimus Prime interviewed UR Tactical, known for the awesome designs in Multicam gear, a geardo’s favourite website to choose multicam products from. Dom got in touch with Airsoft Austria Television, those funny guys who make awesome airsoft videos, such as reviews, skirmishes, and try to make light of things airsoft.

Ken Jones of Stirling Airsoft gives us an account of the England vs. Scotland Stirling Shield event. As posted at our website, England brought home the bacon, and now you get to know more about the game which will be come a permanent fixture in the UK airsoft scene. Brahma and Ogre follows this with a report account of another big Davao Event, the Busca y Destruir, of course, with a little Side Trip to the city’s best tuna restos.

Not much on gun reviews as we’re looking forward to early next year for some of the latest releases to review. But two custom guns are interesting, the Vityaz custom AK, and Dom’s Woody NS4 Custom. If you’re wondering why “Woody”, then go an read, Dom built it from scratch and now he can’t wait to go long on the skirmish field with it. Optimus Prime and Masterchief give us their take on the JG M4 CQB-R and the SIG P226’s from Tokyo Marui and KJ Works. Mamba doesn’t come far behind with his list of G&P AEGs.

Oh shucks, 2008 is coming to a close. But it’s a year that has brought airsoft to even greater heights with more events players, gears, guns, and even gold! (yes! gold with some airsoft tournaments with cash prizes). For us at Popular Airsoft, it’s a good year for us, and we are hoping that you all had a great one too.

Without further ado, from the bottom of our hearts, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Looking forward to exchanging bbs with you, The Writers, (Popular Airsoft)

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Airsoft GI Season to Remember Sale extended

The Airsoft GI Season to Remember Sale has been extended :

IMPORTANT UPDATE!  The Airsoft GI Season to Remember Sale has been extended to January 5th, 2009!  That’s right! We’re giving you more time to get your orders in and giving you more chances to win FREE stuff.


Mark your calendar on January 5th, you may be getting a call from Airsoft GI telling you what you’ve won! (Airsoft GI)

Leapers EL338 LED Flashlight

Leapers have a new flashlight out:

EL338 Weapon-mount & Handheld Tactical LED Flashlight (LT-EL338)



  • UTG Combat Weapon-mount and Handheld Tactical LED Flashlight
  • Integrated Reflector & Bulb (IRB)
  • Interchangeable Mounting Deck and Handheld Main Body
  • Precision Machined Aircraft-grade Aluminum Tube
  • Anodized Black Matte Finish
  • Twist-on and Momentary Push-on Operations
  • Combat Tactical Self-defense Front Head
  • Preset Optimal Focus Beam
  • Law Enforcement Rated Rolling Stop Shoulder
  • Pressure Switch for Firearm Application (Leapers)
  • Jetboil PCS at Tactical Kit

    The Jetboil PCS is now available at This looks perfect for cooking ration packs while attending any weekend airsoft events!

    Personal Cooking System – Heat, eat, and drink from this ultra-compact 1 liter unit. Ideal for coffee or tea on the go, dehydrated meals, remote worksites, emergency kits.

    image Jetboil PCS – the original Jetboil – has sparked a revolution in outdoor cooking. Boiling two cups in two minutes at 75-80% efficiency, the PCS is twice as fast and uses half as much fuel as conventional stoves. The PCS boils up to 50 cups (12 Liters) of water from only one Jetpower isobutane/propane micro-canister. Such outstanding performance results from the patent-pending FluxRing™ heat exchanger, which captures and focuses the burner’s heat.

    The PCS integrates a 1 liter insulated hard-anodized aluminum cooking cup, high-performance burner base with built-in piezoelectric igniter, drink-through plastic lid, and protective bottom cover that doubles as a measuring cup. With all components, including fuel, packed comfortably within the cooking cup, the entire PCS is smaller than a Nalgene bottle. Stow it in your pack, saddle bag, kayak, fanny pack, or side pocket – take it anywhere. At 15 ounces, Jetboil PCS rivals the very lightest titanium cooksets and micro-canister stoves.

    Jetboil’s line of accessories allows you to personalize your PCS: turn it into a backcountry French press, add companion cups, or adapt it for use with the new 1.5 liter FluxRing pot or conventional cookware.

    Regards, Ian, (Tactical Kit)

    LCT AKM released

    Filou Chen of LCT Airsoft has been in touch with their latest release, expected to available from the 20/01/09 (that’s 01/20/09 for you Americans with your bizarre calendar).

    As this is effectively an Inokatsu-quality rifle at an affordable price, it’s certainly worth considering for anyone after an soviet loadout (click on the image to the left for a larger version).


    Anyone interested should probably check the LCT airsoft website for more information and look on WGC Shop’s site for any suggestion of prices. Based upon the prices of their AMD-65, I’d expect the rifle to be available for around the $200 mark. :)

    Forum news digest for Dec 31, 2008

    The latest news posted by our readers in our forums

    Firesupport 2009 Giveaway

    image Frank (Firesupport) has sent in an update concerning their 2009 Giveaway:

    Firesupport – The Big 2009 Giveaway – 31 days and 32 prizes

    £2000 worth of prizes. Make an internet order for £200 or more to qualify.

    Every internet order over £200 is entered into a prize draw for that day, with a chance of winning one of the fantastic range of prizes including :-

    • TM VSR10
    • TM MEU
    • TM Glock 17
    • KSC Glock 18c
    • KSC USP .45
    • and 26 more prizes

    And to top it all off there is a grand prize draw at the end of the month where all qualifying orders will be drawn. To find the winner of an Inokatsu M60E4 including box mag and battery.

    Non UK mainland winners may be asked to pay the postage for the prize

    Thanks, Frank (Firesupport)

    Spare parts for WE GBB M4 now at Airsoft Buddy

    Airsoft Buddy can now supply spare parts fro the WE M4 (see inset image):

    Dear Arnie, Please help to post the following message about our website’s update on your kindly webpage: Spare parts of WE GBB M4 now is available


    Spare parts of WE GBB M4 now is available at our shop. Please email to to tell us what you need. Please quote the parts
    number to us as well. If you don’t know the parts number, please refer to the following exploded view. Please refer to the attached file.

    Thanks, Airsoft Buddy

    ICS Crane Stock

    ICS have sent over a PDF of their new crane stock, I’ve added it up here in image format so you can easily see it:

    Dear Arnie

    Happy New Year!  Thank you for your support in 2008.

    Before the end of 2008, ICS is glad to announce one more product for our fans, ICS Crane Stock. This new ICS part still follows the superior ICS tradition. ICS Crane Stock has it’s unique features that you don’t find anywhere else. For the detail information, please check the attachment. We are delivering ICS Crane Stock now.

    image image image image
    image image image image
    image image image image

    ICS Crane Stock is compatible with all ICS M4 Series, You could customize a unique style AEGs by combining ICS Crane Stock with different ICS M4 front.

    Feel free to let me know if you have any question.

    Best Regards, Daniel

    ICS Enterprise Co, Ltd
    Tel :  886-4-2525-6461
    Fax : 886-4-2525-6484

    Want to stock Kanzen products?

    image Kanzen Airsoft are looking for distributors and retailers looking to stock their products:

    Dear Airsoft Enthusiasts,

    We are proud to announce the official release of our website dedicated to Kanzen Airsoft products.

    Known all around the world as the number one as far as quality is concerned.

    Our website explains the technological differences between our two Series, Classic and Synergie, as well as giving a list of where Kanzen Airsoft products can be found. You will also find some very cool desktop wallpapers!

    image image image

    We welcome any importer and any shop to become a Kanzen Distributor. Please remind we have the world’s largest lineup for AEGs and AEPs Ball Bearings Sets, and that there is no MOQ to start selling our products.

    Any Kanzen Bearing has a 90 days warrantee.

    We wish you all a Happy New Year!  (Kanzen Airsoft)

    Looking for somewhere?
    AMNB Podcast
    Gorilla Airsoft Radio
    Airsoft Medicine Specialist Swedish Military Experience Group
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