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System “Integrated Mech Box” at AirSplat

Click here to visit AirSplatKent Wu over at has just got word from System called the Integrated Mech Box. From what I can see these are complete gearboxes ready to drop in as an instant AEG upgrade. Here’s the news from Kent:

Hello Everyone,

Exciting news! Just wanted to pass along some information about a new product from Systema that we will have soon. They just notified us that they will be releasing a new revolutionary Integrated Mecha Box. These will be a fully functional drop in gear box for the M16/M4, MP5, and G3 lines. No pictures, but we do have a list of the available models and MSRP.

We will have these gear boxes soon (no exact ETA yet) and will be available in our upgrades section.

For your convenience Ive pasted the blurb inset. Kent, (Air Splat)

Updates from Q-Tech/Q-Project

Jack over at The Q-Project has sent over news of their latest products and happenings for everyone. They’ve started up a new custom lab by the name of Q-Tech Labs, and also have some new products to show off:

1. Q Tech Labs, LLC New Machining and Chemical Treatment Division (new updates to be posted there coming in Fall)
2. Exciting Review with Qs Magic for Upgrades Tokyo Marui M14 Rifle
3. Soon to be released Custom parts > Version 3.1 of the TOP & ANGS compatible Aircraft Aluminum 7077 Piston with replaceable Steel Rack (coming end of Summer)

4. Nice chemical kit for AEGs and GBBs, Q Essentials saves time and money!
5. Upcoming Venue where well be making a guest presentation regarding Airsoft going mainstream along with Airsoft101. This is an innovative venue which prompts us all to think outside of the box and approach Airsoft from a worldview perspective, for more info see Jack, (The Q-Project)

Review/Rating System online

Well I’ve been working on this addition for some time now in the background (including beta testing the new version of the code) . New to the site is a user review database. You can upload any product you like into the system, and then anyone (including yourself) can post your review of the product. Skirmish sites and retailers can also be uploaded and specifically rated and ranked.

Will (R22) has been writing a FAQ for the setup which is online, or will be shortly which will be available in the guidelines section of the forums. All submissions are moderated by the same team that moderates the forums, so submissions don’t appear instantly. You’ve got to be registered to submit content, however anyone can read the pages.

We’ve worked hard to get rid of all the bugs and tidy things up as much as possible but there might be the odd error in there, please just add feedback in the usual place in the forums.

Buy a choccy bar, get an AEG?

Well here’s a random one.. anyone want to take a guess as to how long eBay let this auction slide on the UK section? My guess is about an hour or so after it’s posted here it gets removed.

Doubtless it will get removed (foodstuff with free Airsoft rifles won’t last long as a precedent) , but at least it highlights the fact that anything gun shaped is rather unreasonably (IMHO) banned from eBayUK autions.

New gear coming to Airsoft Elite from Monda Intl

James Tai (over in Taiwan) has sent in shots of a new pistol that AirsoftElite will be distributing in the future. Not much is known at the moment (as there’s no official release news yet), but the GBB is going to be CO2 powered. Named the “Homeland Defender” the pistol is powered on capsules and is full metal.

The pistol look to share some dimensions with the Walther PP/PPK line although I’ve not yet seen an exact real world version yet. Two other GBBs and one new AEG are also coming. Everything is set to be released in September. Monda Int’l Co., Ltd. are the Taiwanese firm that are making the new products, and over on their front page is a photo of a proposed upcoming 8mm sniper rifle:

Reportedly tunable from 300-800fps it looks to be based upon an Armotech style paintball pistol, so most likely is a top feed mechanism with the BBs under the scope rail running horizontally.

More on the new and upcoming KSC GBBs

Airsoft Collector dropped me a line about an article that was in the August issue of Gun concerning the new upcoming KSC GBBs. I’ll paraphraze as he asked me to tidy up the translation a bit.

How they choose the models they are willing to release? KSC just asked Japanese customers through their website, the first three pistols were the M1911, SIG P226 rail and full size HK USP.

The 1911 is working already, the R&D stage is finished and they are under testing. There’s no new system in it instead it uses the same blowback mech as the SW945.

The P226 and USP are still at the R&D stage, with only the external moulding having been done.They dont know yet if they will fit a new GBB system inside or not.

KSC knows that there will be a big competition with other makers, with the 1911 WA and up and coming Marui version announced for this Summer. With the Marui P226, and Tanaka P226 they’ll try to make their model cheaper. The same goes for their upcoming USP given the already existing Tanaka and Tanio Koba versions.

AirsoftSupplier UK opens

The guys at AirsoftSupplier have dropped in a line about the opening of their low cost online shop. Here’s the details they sent over:

We are a small airsoft website set up by enthusiasts looking to offer a low cost online shop specialising in magazines and low cost tactical equipment. We have chosen to have a very short stock list in order to ensure that the lowest possible prices can be offered, and we can source very similar products to those we currently have shown, if you simply email us. We offer free 1st class postage on every item bought from us, although different postage options can be requested if you contact us before ordering. We only currently accept online payments by paypal, we look to be setting up a built in shopping cart system soon but to ensure that our customers feel secure in paying us, we use paypal. Of course, all paypal fees are inclusive of our prices!

We can accept cheques and if you email us an order we can give you the address to send them to and a quote. We can also accept collections of orders from our address, if you travel to the GU6 (near Guildford, Surrey) postcode area. We can also deliver within about 15 miles of the GU6 postcode, subject to previous arrangement by email and a small additional charge (cheaper than a courier!). We believe our prices to be the cheapest in the UK AND inclusive of first class postage.

Just to give people an idea of some of our prices, we offer KSC GBB mags on the G19, G17 and M92 for 20, 21 and 23 respectively, King Arms 165 rnd m203 shells at 41 posted! We also do socom holsters at 25 and sturdy, extremely comfortable and solid PASGT replica helmets at 25. All prices include first class postage remember!

Please have a browse on the site, and see what bargains we have for you, the airsoft enthusiast. Luke and Ben, (AirsoftSupplierUK Team)

WE pistols at Airsoft Elite

David at Airsoft Elite has sent over news to say hello and to let everyone know that they are now going to be carrying the WE full metal GBB pistols under their product lineup. Here’s the news from them:

Presenting the ALL NEW AE Hi Capa 5.1 Model K and Model M available in the US.

These models will be under the Airsoft Elite brand in the US.

Another military model to be released in a month, pictures coming soon.

For more information please visit David (Airsoft Elite)

New GuayGuay gear at AirsoftGI

Walter at Airsoft GI has the new Guay Guay UMG (HK UMP look-a-like) and the new M14 SOC 16 in stock now ready to ship to your door.

The SOC 16 is priced at 472USD whilst the UMG is 280USD. If your’e after one get down to their SoCal store to pick yours up in person.

OP: Broken Talon, 2-4th December CA, USA

Jared over at GamePod has mailed over details of OP: Broken Talon (held by for publication. There’s quite a lot so I’ll stick the bulk of the text in the "ReadMore…" section of this news article. The event will be held from the 2nd to the 4th of December in Oroville California.

Oroville, California, December 2nd through 4th 2005 and Gamepod Combat Airsoft will be holding Orovilles FIRST 3-Day Scenario Airsoft Event at Surplus Citys Combat Zone in Oroville, California. This will be the first of many specialized events produced over a minimum 3 year period where we will be bringing airsoft enthusiasts from all over the United States to compete and play in all-out airsoft simulated scenario combat! is a scenario airsoft production company that specializes in the development, marketing and production of safe, fun, honorable and entertaining scenario events throughout the United States. Scenario airsoft is great for team building and leadership training. It provides great exercise as well as encourages good sportsmanship for all participants. Our events are open to all players (15 and older), skill levels and abilities. All of our productions are designed around the safety of all participants, while providing real-life challenges and a high level of fun and entertainment for all. Whether you are new to the sport, a member of the military or law enforcement looking to have some fun, a veteran airsoft player or a member of an elite airsoft group, all will be able to have fun equally! (OP: Broken Talon)

Airsoft Combat Operations

Ryan has mailed in about ACO who look to be aiming to provide a more serious Airsoft based training experience:

Custom Adventures for the Wild at Heart:

Airsoft Combat Operations (aka ACO) is a Michigan-based adventure company focused on military and tactical simulations. We work with a number of current and former Special Operations soldiers and law enforcement officers to give you the kind of realism youre looking for.

Our action-packed adventures range from four-hour operations to overnight excursions. We supply all of the equipment you need to feel a part of a Special Forces team, and our operations are held in realistic outdoor and indoor settings. “For entertainment and excitement, it is pure excitement. The rush of shooting at the enemy, while dodging his fire can equal any adventure available in West Michigan” Tony Vacha – Revue Magazine

“ACO provides a top notch adventure with an atmosphere for fun and realism”
D. James – JFK Special Warfare Department of Fort Bragg

“If you have ever wondered how it really is in a firefight or being out on patrol while taking sniper fire, or if you just want to see what you are made of, ACO leads the way.”
M. Wolfe – Former 1/75 Rangers

ACO Referral Program Fill out our online questionnaire and get a minimum of 10 players together (including yourself) for your adventure, and ACO will give you a 50% discount off of your personal fee!

Contact us for more information and to schedule your adventure.
Web:, email:, phone: 1-616-292-9404 Ryan Sytsma, (ACO Club)

WASP Team site updated

Karlos has mailed me about their team site (WASP Team). It’s all been updated and refreshed giving their online look a new lease of life:

Just a quick note to let you know that WASPS Team are back online with a new look website.

We’ve been missing in action for almost 6 months now as far a web presence is concerned, but now where back stronger than ever with new members, new galleries and new tales of glory in action.

Take care,
Karlos, (WASP Team)

Updates from Performance Airsoft

John Casement has sent in news from Performance Airsoft covering their latest products and new stock. Here’s the latest from the lads there:

Hey guys! We thought we would update the airsoft community as to our new products, and upcoming announcements from Performance Airsoft. Below are the new products we recently received:

KSC Glock 17, 18C, and 34 23rd. magazine
KSC Glock 17, 18C, and 34 49rd. magazine
KWC Deluxe Sigma SW40F Series CO2 40rd Magazine
KWC G17 Simple Type 12rd. Magazine

Also, we are replenishing our entire inventory this week; replacing sold items and ordering new products. Some of the new products we are planning on ordering are as follows:

TM M14
TM M4-S System
CA G36 Series
Generic Wall Charger
Tokyo Marui Discharger

This is just a rough idea of what we are planning; we will update everyone once the order is actually placed! (Please feel free to contact John Casement if you have a special request that you would like us to have ordered!)

One last item left to discuss is the Price Match Guarantee. We are still proudly offering the guarantee, but due to some recent sales, we must place one limit on the offer. We will match any company in the Continental USA for pricing, and beat their prices by 20% of the difference! Some companies are located outside of the continental USA, and so have much cheaper shipping and customs charges from their distributors. This allows them to set their prices below what is economically possible for us (although they raise shipping charges for each sale).

We hope the airsoft community will continue to place their trust in us – we are rapidly growing, and plan on placing an even larger order for new products very soon! Thank you! John, (Performance Airsoft)

New gear from King Arms

King Arms have again sent over shots of all their latest products, including a new M14 mount, MK23 silencer and a set of patches:

Dear Arnie.

Hello, Thanks a lot of posting our latest product online.
Attaching new product picture.

1. KA-MB-05:
A CNC machined M14 Mount Base for Marui M14, it can be installed on G&G M14. Build material is aluminium.
2. KA-SIL-19:
MK23 Socom Silencer, specially designed for KSC MK23 in which the screw thread is 16mm clockwise.
3. Patches:
Patches with velcro matericals usually placed at helmets, tactical vest, backpacks, cap or BDU… etc.

Thanks for your attention and posting.

Best Regards Sales, (King Arms)

Systema PTW demo movie

Kumi (CEO, Systema Engineering) has sent over a promotional video for their Professional Training Weapon (their mega expensive but rather nice AEG).

I’ve added the movie to the downloads section rather than adding it to the news page, so you’ll need to be logged in and have an account here to view it.

The video is around 13Mb in size and a large portion of it looks to have come from a law enforcement television station in the US. Enjoy.

Looking for somewhere?
AMNB Podcast
Gorilla Airsoft Radio
Airsoft Medicine Specialist Swedish Military Experience Group
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