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Lancer Tactical GPNVG-18 at Airsoft GI

Airsoft GI have the GPNVG-18 from Lancer Tactical in stock:

The GPNVG-18 was inspired from the movie Zero Dark Thirty. The GPNVG-18 from Lancer Tactical, now available at Airsoft GI, is a great addition to your Navy Seal load out. Use the coupon code ‘g4airsoft’ to save 20% on your next order!


(Airsoft GI)

Children’s day at Gunfire

Gunfire are celebrating Children’s Day with a discount coupon:

Dear Friends! On June 1st give your inner child a treat!
Type "Children’s Day 2013" into the order notes and you will get a DISCOUNT CODE worth 10€ for your next purchase!
The discount may be used from June 8th until July 7th with any order worth at least 60€.



Military 1st June newsletter

Check out the June Military 1st newsletter for something special:

The June 2013 issue of Newsletter is out this Saturday morning. This time we prepared something really special for all fans of the big outdoors. Are you hiking, trekking or backpacking fan? Don’t miss out: sign up now at website or Facebook page.


(Military 1st)

Coming soon: rail handguard series – TX-1, TX-2, TX-3

LCT Airsoft have sent over a teaser for their new rail handguard series:


(LCT Airsoft)

5.11 watch cap review at A.C.E.

Airsoft Community Europe have published a review of the 5.11 watch cap:

When you have to train or work on those cold mornings a regular cap just isn’t enough, and a warmer solution is needed.


You can use a balaclava, but if you prefer to have your nose and mouth uncovered to breathe easier (especially if your airways are obstructed), or you want to avoid fogging to hit your eyewear then this is perhaps the best solution for you.

Read more…

(Airsoft Community Europe)

Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: May 31, 2013

  • AirSplat OD – G&G M4 CM16 Raider Airsoft GBB Rifle
    G&G M4 CM16 Raider Airsoft GBB Rifle (Available in Tan $149.99!)

    – Velocity: 400 fps (0.2 g BB) / Range 180-190 feet
    – Barrel Length: 10 inches / 24 cm
    – Magazine Capacity: 30 Rounds
    – Overall Length: 26 inches Collapsed / 30 inches Extended

    – Detachable Rear Sight
    – Retractable Crane Stock
    – RIS Forend
    – Reinforced Polymer Receivers

  • AIrsoft War G&G M16, VFC HK417 The Fort, Scotland
    Airsoft guns in action. 1 of over 400 airsoft war videos at Filmed by the No1
    YouTube video maker in Scotland, over 120 MILLION hits.

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  • Airsoft GI – Tim VS Bob Shoot Out & G&G Hangs Out!
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    Tim vs Bob in a shoot out at our new targeting system at the Walnut walk in store. G&G comes back to show off some new products and takes a turn at our shooting range. Bob and Tim get down on some springer action as well!

    Walther Knives –

    G&G –

  • Airsoft GI – Lancer Tactical FAST, MICH, Air Force Recon, and IBH Airsoft Helmets
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    Lancer Tactical Helmets:

    Lancer Tactical has made a name for themselves by providing low cost alternatives to traditionally very expensive airsoft products. They have an entire line up of helmets that are affordable ans suit airsofter’s needs perfectly. Take a look at the entire line up of Lancer Tactical Helmet offerings.

    After a lower reciever swap a rail swap and Stock Exchange she’s finally where I want it.
  • AIRSOFT ACTION – Operation Broken Home II – Day 1 (Elite Force HELO GUN RUN CONTOUR MILSIM)
    *TWITTER –

    #msjnation #milsimjunkie #msj #doitforthefans


    May 25, 2013


    American MilSim’s Operation Broken Home II
    D-Day Adventure Park
    Wyandotte, OK

    ====Special Thanks To====

    American MilSim

    Contour Camera


    Revision Military

    Elite Force

    Mechanix Wear


  • BLACKWATER BW 1911 R2 Full metal CO2 6mm Airosft
    All New Blackwater BW 1911 R2 Co2 full metal Available right now!
  • Even Real Steel Wants This APS UAR RedWolf Airsoft RWTV
    The APS Urban Assault Rifle (UAR) is one of the most ergonomically designed AEGs on the market. Tazz and Tim take a detail look at the unique new Airsoft Gun and what makes it quite so brilliant.

  • Illegitimate Child Between A Glock and a P226! APS Action Combat Pistol – RedWolf Airsoft RWTV
    This is APS’s first attempt on the CO2 GBB as the Action Combat reaches the shores of the Airsoft World. It does bear a resemblance to a very popular GBB but Tim gets into the features of the Action Combat and it’s functionality.

  • Airsoft – This is Airsoft: Lion Claws XII
    Music: Imagine Dragons – Radioactive

    We had a lot of footage from LCXII last weekend. We will be uploading a few more POV videos featuring both Team Regulators who played Somalian, as well as some more shots of our M240 Polarstar turret for our HMWVV. Stay Tuned

  • Airsoft GI – Shopping with AirsoftGI’s Gift System
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    When you shop with AirsoftGI’s gift system, you get great products for free in addition to your purchases. The more money you spend with us, the better free stuff we give to you. Different categories mean that you can have your choice of masks, batteries, tactical accessories, and other very cool stuff. Look for the red label designating which items qualify. Be sure to check it out today!

  • Airsoft GI – ASG LMT MRP Defender AEG Airsoft Gun Review
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    From ASG is their new LMT MRP Defender AEG airsoft rifle. However, this platform is unique because the upper receiver and RIS are made out of one solid piece of metal, making the upper rail uninterrupted and much stronger. Internally, this gun preforms well with a G&P gearbox, and low resistance wires. Additionally, out of the box, it comes with 3 rail covers, a handgrip, iron sights, and a 160 round magazine. This gun is not to be missed. Be sure to get them before they are gone on our website below.

  • AEX Skirmish Reports XF M97 Light
    Check out this in battle review of the XF M97 tactical flashlight.

  • Falcon Ops Group Carbine Manipulation 1.0 – Prone Drills
    To stay updated on my videos, check out my Facebook page or follow the channel on Twitter – &
  • "Christensen Arms CA-10: Full Review" by Nutnfancy
    Is is worth the money? To find out, I launched the Christensen Arms CA10 into our tough testing regime: desert RunNGun and extended range testing. Some initial reliability issues occurred and they are shown and discussed. They vanished in RunNGun using Magpul PMAG 20s. In that testing portion, we found the CA10 to run wel. As you will see, the CA10, available is several chamberings, can be superbly accurate with the right loads. The Fusion load shot into one hole. The 16" CA10’s 7.2 lb naked weight is the lightest of any .308 battle rifle I’ve found. Surprisingly, when equipped with long range glass the CA10 might weigh similar to some other compact .308 rifles (shown). Ergos are for the most part standard AR10 on this DI rifle with the buyer having stock, grip, and trigger options albeit at a price. This CA10 was requested by TNP with the excellent Magpul STR stock and Timney trigger, both discussed. Materials in the CA10, just as in the 2011 TNP reviewed CA15, are top notch and it appears its carbon fiber is very durable. It’s CF wrapped barrel, a proprietary process by CA from its aviation arm, will last 20% longer and dissipate heater better than a steel barrel. Cost is substantial but is grounded when you consider equally overpriced options such as the Knights, H&K, and FN .308 guns (some due to Firearmageddon)./////////////////////////Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 7 of 10; perhaps higher for 18" barrel version
  • 1st Batch MP5 GBB with Azimuth Parts
    The first batch MP5 GBB is garbage? Please take a look。。

    The 1st batch VFC MP5 GBB + Azimuth Loading Nozzle / Bolt Guide / Steel Bolt Head / Copper Cylinder

    Test with Green gas

  • G&P Long Entry Shotgun Overview From Tokyo-Model-Company (HD)
    Thanks to Tokyo Model Company, like all of G&P’s shotgun, this one feels great, looks great and …uhh don’t know if it shoots great yet but I’m guessing it will :). Got it from,
  • SYG Airsoft Roy vs Wall Montage Feb 28, 2013
    Tac City Airsoft with two locations and over 50,000 sq ft, fully stocked pro shops, rental gear, tech services, private parties and the most experienced staff anywhere….why would you go anywhere else?
  • Airsoft GI Tac City South Close Quarters Battle Arena Grand Opening 4 28 2012
    Tac City Fullerton has a fully stocked pro shop, rental gear,tech services and the most experienced staff around.

Tiger111HK newsletter 31st May 2013

Here is the latest newsletter from Tiger111HK:

Nearly 40% off discount for King Arms 200 rounds high capacity BB loader.
Make reloading your airsoft magazine as easy as mechanical pencil.
Let’s go now


New Airsoft Guns are in-stock now

saved_resource(2)CYMA CM.125 AEP (Black)
This CM.125 is a replica of HK USP Pistol. The USP marked the first time Heckler & Koch chose to incorporate many traditional handgun design elements, such as those saved_resource(3)of John Browning’s M1911, in one pistol. Two principles guided its development—the first being the use of a molded polymer frame, and the second being the creation of a "pistol paradigm". Heckler & Koch observed the strong points of its previous successful pistols for insight in developing the USP.
More details

saved_resource(4)G&P M870 Short Entry Shogun (Tan & Black)
– Full metal short length outer barrel with railed handguard
saved_resource(5)– Include a new style CNC AR series pistol grip and rear stock adpator
– Included a QD Stubby Foregrip and a QD Sling Swivel
More details

saved_resource(6)Classic Army SA58 OSW Assault AEG Rifle
SA58 is an US made 7.62 rifle by DSA, which manufactures parts of the Original FAL Rifle and entire FAL Rifle in Semi-auto only for civilian and law enforcement (US market is hard to import entire FAL rifle from overseas because of the US Law).

saved_resource(7)SA58 OSW AEG comes with a shortern carbine front set with rail hand guard and a para folding stock which can make its length shorter.

– Comes with metal frame with DSA marking
– Comes with SAW type pistol grip
– Comes with Metal made Folding Para Style rear stock

More details


12% Off Discount for all Tokyo Mauri Product!


Some of the CYMA product have a special price.


Thank you for your reading.
Find us on


(Airsoft Tiger111hk)

New from G&G: GR4 G26 BP, GR4 CQB-S MINI & more

G&G have released three new products, the GR4 G26 BP, a pink ladder rail panel set and the GR4 CQB-S mini:

G&G GR4 G26 BP available now!
It’s hard to take your eyes off G&G GR4 G26 BP!
We know!
And it’s now available!


Pink Ladder Rail Panel set available!
One more option! Pink Ladder Rail Panel set is available now!

image001 (2)

New release – GR4 CQB-S MINI !
G&G is glad to release GR4 CQB-S MINI!

image003 (1)

Follow G&G on  –
Official website:
Facebook page(English):
Facebook page(Français):
Facebook page(Español):


Helikon-Tex urban tactical pants review

Nuno from Operator7 Airsoft has been checking out the Helikon-Tex urban tactical pants for Popular Airsoft:

I wanted to share with you my latest review on the Helikon-Tex Urban Tactical Pants


(Operator7 Airsoft)

A-TACS FG & Multicam tarp/basha shelters @0241Tactical

0241Tactical have sent over details of their camouflage tarps:

A-TACS FG & Multicam Tarp / Basha Shelters are made from a water repellant product nylon material that is breathable and is face treated with a durable water repellent finish. 100% USA Made material. Basha (referred to in the forces), British idiom for a shelter or a field-expedient improvised shelter. The Basha is normally built using poles, rope, and a poncho, but any tarp or natural cover will suffice. Basha is the same as the American pup tent, a Lean To, or the old shebang Shelter. Our A-TACS FG Tarp / Basha Shelter are 59" X 90" inches with eight (8) tie down points made from 1" webbing.

Multicam Basha (1) addMulticam Basha (3) addMulticam Basha (5) add

Our A-TACS FG Tarp / Basha Shelters are made to order meaning we will build your order once it is received. We typically will have raw material available for immediate production but if we do not, we will order more raw materials and it will be no more than 10 days before your order is shipped. In any case we will email you keeping you informed on the status of your order.

FG Bahsa (2) add 2FG Bahsa (6) addFG Bahsa (7) add

Please visit out store at or visit our eBay store at


Airsoft Extreme – G&G and Action Army items!

G&G FF15, FF16(s), & FF26

NOW IN STOCK! Shoot with style with the G&G Femme Fatale series!

G&G FF15 Raider Plastic Blowback Long PNK

G&G FF16 Carbine Plastic Value Pack PNK

G&G FF16 Carbine Plastic Blowback PNK

G&G FF26 Plastic Blowback PNK

Click image to see more info


AA KJW/TAN M700 CNC Body Kits

NOW IN STOCK! Designed to upgrade your KJW M700 Gas Airsoft Sniper and Tanaka M700 Gas Airsoft Sniper to another level!



Click image to see more info


G&G Barrel Extensions

NOW IN STOCK! Both compatible for the G&G GK16 and the PTS AAC Flash Hiders.

G&G GK16 Barrel Extension CCW BLK

G&G GK16 Barrel Extension CCW tan

Click image to order now


G&G GR16 120rd Polymer Midcap and G&G Pink Forward Grip


G&G GR16 120rd Midcap BLK

G&G Forward Grip PNK

Click image to order now


More Action Army Goods!

NOW IN STOCK! Action Army Goods!

AA 310mm M733/M1A1 6.01 TB Barrel
AA 310mm M733/M1A1 6.03 TB Barrel
AA M700/AAC21 Green Gas Magazine, Long
AA Three Piece Rail Set for AAC21 Kit
AA QD Sling Swivel for AAC21 Kit

Click image to order now



CONGRATULATIONS to FRANCISCO OVIEDO for winning the WE XDM In-Store Raffle during Santa Clara AEX grand opening!!!


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Subscribe to our YoutTube Channel and check out our latest Skirmish Reports on the XF M97 Tactical LED Light, Tech Tips and more!

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Airsoft GI live show & new custom guns

Here is the latest news from Airsoft GI:

We will be having a live show today ( 05.30.2013 ) @ 4:30PM PST. The Airsoft GI Live Show  will be hosting it at the Walk-In store! For those of you that are local, be sure to stop on by!


New Airsoft GI Custom Guns have arrived on our website! Featured on these custom guns are the new Madbull Noveske NSR Rails. Be sure to visit our new products page to check out these airsoft guns as well as other new products on our website.


(Airsoft GI)

Helikon Classic Army fleece with membrane at Military 1st

Military 1st have sent over details of the Helikon Classic Army fleece they are stocking:

Helikon Classic Army Fleece with windproof membrane is available now at


Comfortable & warm Classic Army Fleece is made of quality & strong polyester, and features special 3-layer breathable fabric that insulates & gives an ideal protection against wind. It fastens with a sturdy 2-way zipper & goes with high collar which can be fastened up to the neck, the hood that can be concealed in the collar & secured there through a Velcro patch, 4 zip pockets, Cordura reinforcements on the upper chest & elbows, as well as adjustable waist with drawstring, adjustable wrists with Velcro & armpit ventilation zippers

(Military 1st)

Tokyo Model Company stock update 30th May 2013

Here is the latest stock update from Tokyo Model Company:

Dear Customers, Shoei MG42 Gas Blow Back(New Version), RA Tech CNC Steel TT33 Metal Slide For KSC/KWA TT-33 and other new accessories are released.All airsoft lovers, please go to our website to check our latest product.

Tokyo Model Company 30-5-2013
Special Of the this week!!


TT-33 CNC Steel Outer Barrel
Product Link

Our Latest Product (30-5-2013):







For Our News, Promotion and latest update, Please check our Facebook
Please feel free contact us to check the item please!!!!(
Please check for other items please.
Mobile website:

(Tokyo Model Company)

CAA RONI Beretta M9/92FS airsoft version

CAA Airsoft have announced an airsoft version of their RONI Beretta M9/92FS:

Dear all, Thank you very much for supporting CAA Airsoft Division and we really appreciated it. After the great success of CAA RONI Pistol-Carbine Conversion for Glock & P226, CAA Airsoft Division proudly releases CAA RONI Pistol-Carbine Conversion for Beretta M9/M9A1!

By the July of 2013, you will be able to get your hands on this beauty, the CAA RONI Pistol-Carbine Conversion for Beretta M9/M9A1. We have BK & DE Color.

This conversion will fit Beretta M9/M9A1 series pistols from Tokyo Marui Beretta M9/M9A1.

The CAA RONI for Beretta M9/M9A1 Conversion is ergonomic designed and equipped with ambidextrous front and rear sling mounts, and a large charging handle. Charging the weapon is easy and it is very user friendly to both left and right handed operators. It is integrated with a CNC machined Aluminum top and two side rails for mounting accessories, and a Nylon Fiber lower rail to mount any forearm grip. The RONI is equipped with an adjustable 5 positions buttstock, and features a spare magazine holder for faster reloading. The adjustable cheek rest on the buttstock is removable.

The CAA RONI Pistol-Carbine Conversion for Beretta M9/M9A1 includes a pair of flip-up sights, a detachable folding forearm grip and a charging handle.

Just a reminder, we are looking for distributors in all areas so if you have any suggestion, please share with us.


CAA Airsoft Division Sales Team (CAA Airsoft)

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