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Forum news digest for Mar 31, 2010

The latest news posted by our readers in our forums

New Classic Army parts & accessories at Spartan Imports

Spartan Imports have some new Classic Army products in stock:

New parts and accessories from Classic Army now in stock!

A huge restock of Classic Army parts has arrived, including the following new products. These are available for order immediately.


Massive restock! Many sold out items are now back in stock!

(Spartan Imports)

Server move over next 24hrs – some downtime predicted

imageWe are now progressing to moving all our data to a new server and updating our service for everyone. So that everyone is aware this will mean some downtime while the data is copied over and the site software is all upgraded/updated.

The projected timeline is as follows:

  • 30/03/2010 2200hrs GMT server forums locked.
  • 30/03/2010 2200-0400hrs GMT server data copied to new system.
  • 30/03/2010 0400-1200hrs GMT all services and software upgraded.
  • 31/03/2010 ~2100hrs GMT new server verified and double checked as working. Nameserver/DNS records are then updated to point to new server. Old server traffic directed to new system.
  • 31/03/2010 ~2200hrs GMT server forums unlocked.

There’s a whole heap to do in the new move as we are having a 3 year old software set upgraded. The server core software, the hosting software on top of that and the site code on top of that will all be upgraded and updated.

This will mean (fingers crossed) that we have a much faster and efficient setup, set to expand and support the demands of the ever increasing traffic.

News posts: News posts will be added to the server up until everything is locked for backup (the site will be viewable as normal but we won’t update anything). We will then wait for the backup to complete and afterwards continue to update news on the old server and the service posts to let you know how the update is going.

Send in your news as usual to us, we’ll work on what we can when we can at the usual fast pace.

Forums: Forums will only be unlocked once the new server is up and running. Otherwise any posts made will be lost after the move (we can copy news posts over).

Stay tuned for updates folks!

Product update from Rhino Airsoft

Here is the latest news from Rhino Airsoft:

Dear Arnies, Just a few updates.

The Magpul PTS PMAG-M Version and EMAG is now available at Rhino Airsoft.  There are 3 colours of the PMAG-M Version:  BK/DE/FG and EMAG comes with black colour.
Magpul PTS PMAG M Version (Mid Cap 120 Rounds) – BK/DE/FG
Magpul PTS EMAG (Mid Cap 120 Rounds) – BK

Well, maybe this news is not too exciting because pre-order has already taken for a week.  However, we would also like to announce that we will start ship the Magpul FPG this week, for those who already ordered on, you will get it very soon.  For those who didn’t place order yet, please do it asap if you really love it.  The first batch is really limited in supply.

Rhino also got the chance to have a field test of the FPG and we have taken a few video to share with you guys.

Shooting with FPG

Unfolding the FPG

For more action on unfolding the FPG, you can go to Rhino Youtube Channel at

Last but not least, after supplying the RMW RPG-7B to Japan market in lasts year, it is now returned.  The new batch of RMW RPG-7B is now available in limited supply.  here is the photo of the finish product.


(Rhino Airsoft)

The Citadel – Indoor Airsoft facility in Worcester, MA

image[3]Here is a reminder about The Citadel which has lots to offer Airsofters in New England:

The Citadel in Worcester Massachusetts, is the largest and best Airsoft CQB or Airsoft CQC facility in the New England. Citadel Airsoft strives to provide the highest quality Airsoft experience to our players. We are located in the center of New England in Worcester Massachusetts. Visit our website for all the information about our facility and about Airsoft events and rentals at The Citadel or to register or RSVP for an event.

Tango Down & Friday Night Firefights – The Citadel’s regular weekly night-time skirmish events. TD & FNF are typically a series of small scenarios and skirmishes to keep gameplay fresh and fun. This is a great time to come play in the dark (we will run at least one lights-out skirmish), hone your CQB/CQC skills, practice teamwork, and have a lot of fun in a relaxed skirmish environment.

Sunday Skirmishing – The Citadel is open every Sunday that we do not have a big operation planned for all day skirmishing. This is a great chance to come on down, practice your skills, sort your kit out, have some serious 6mm fun, and stay out of the weather as we are an all-weather facility!

Where: The Citadel, 344 Franklin St. (rear) Worcester MA

When: Tuesdays & Fridays Doors open @ 5pm, Skirmishes from 6-10pm.

Sundays Doors open @ 12pm, Skirmishes from 1pm – 9pm.

What do I need: You, your Airsoft gun, your kit.

Who: Tan/Black versus Green (yellow and green tape will be provided if we need to even teams)

Field Rules and Event Info –

Event Signup/RSVP –

Citadel Forums –

(The Citadel)

Product update from Airsoft Global

Here is the latest product update from Airsoft Global:

Dear Sir, We have got some new items released. Please kind to visit our website ( to obtain more information!

a_002 a_003a_004

a a_005

Best Regards, Mujiadam (Airsoft Global)

A’stan Weekend 2010, 14th – 16th May in Alicante, Spain

Fort West Events & Airsoft Kombat 47 are holding a 3 day event in mid May in Alicante, Spain:


A 30 hours non-stop evento with 4 buggeys, 4 yamaha grizley quads, vans, 4×4 and 1 helicopter Robinson R-44 (depending on the demand could be two) for only 70€ (+50€ if you want to raid on the helo).

The event will be on Alicante (Spain) on May, 14th, 15th & 16th.

Together with the event, airsoft kombat 47 celebrate his anniversary. By this reason, AK47 and his collaborators (Redwolf, Pantac…) will be the main sponsor and the official magazine of the event.

If you want more information please visit: &

(Fort West Events & Airsoft Kombat 47)

New video from Massive Defense Shop

Massive Defense Shop have a new video for you:

(Massive Defense Shop)

JG and Dboy items back in stock at CRW

Here is the latest news from CRW:

Hi, CRW will have an Easter Holiday Break from 1st -4th April 2010, no email will be answered that period of time.

CRW now has JG and Dboy items back in stock.

mp5j-full-metal-cm-041j--1082-pekm556x239ekm mp5j-full-metal-cm-041j--1082-pekm556x239ekm[1] gbb-mp5a5-full-metal-by-bell-1969-pekm556x239ekm

Mp5J Full metal (CM-041J) Mp5J CM-049J Blow Back Ver. GBB MP5A5 full metal

jm-full-metal-kac-sr16-urx-cqb-with-marking-903--1942-pekm55 oem-fn-scar-by-dboy-sc01-black--652-pekm556x239ekm full-metal-m4-ris-by-boyi-bi-5181m--490-pekm555x240ekm
KAC SR16 URX SCAR by DBOY (Sc01-Black) Full metal M4 RIS by BOYI (BI-5181M)

hk416-full-metal-by-dboy-bi-416--1506-pekm556x239ekm p90-red-dot-sd-with-metal-receiver-by-sy-sale-cheaper-shippi sale-hurricane-kimber-desert-warrior-kit-for-marui-was-us190

HK416 full metal by DBOY(BI 416) P90 Red dot SD by SY SALE!!!      SALE!!! Hurricane Kimber Desert Warrior 

kimber-warrior-by-army-r28-black-1977-pekm556x239ekm ppk-full-metal-gbb-by-xdy-1972-pekm556x239ekm glock-18c-aeg-marui-clone-by-cyma-49-pekm557x239ekm
Kimber Warrior by Army R28 Black PPK full metal GBB by XDY Glock 18c AEG (Marui clone) by Cyma

Regards, Eddie, Director (CRW)

No Airsoft for NJ?

Over at No Airsoft for Old Men Tim Ellwood has blogged a worrying read about how the law may change in NJ for Airsoft and the legislation amendment in New Jersey which will classify airsoft weapons as firearms:

I know that this is they way it is to a degree in the UK, but it just starting now in the US

Please see my blog post

(No Airsoft for Old Men)

Quote from the site:

Airsoft guns are already restricted in NJ, we have done training evolutions with a navy unit up there in the past and it is always a nightmare traveling up with the training guns and gear.

If you read the bill, it is a clarification, most areas up there already treat them as firearms,  What I take umbrage to is the fact that they are making a law that makes something that’s not a "firearm" into a firearm… (No Airsoft for Old Men)

Click the link to read the rest of the post over there (oh and checkout the Boomstick poster – awesome!). Thanks go to Tim for the heads up.

JingGong replicas at Cop9Gun

imageForum member LaGoS has sent in this tip off about JingGong replicas at Cop9Gun:

Hi, I am a regular reader of Arnie’s website and I write to inform you that Jing Gong has already begun distributing replicas. Cop9Gun marketing department informed me this morning by email.

You can access through this link

Regards, LaGoS

New video from UN Company

UN Company have a new video and some new photos for you:

Dear All, We just uploaded a new video on Youtube. It is about Nine Ball Gas Route Seal Packing Aero. Let’s check and have fun with our products.

imageAlso, We have just published some photos of Germany IWA 2010 show on our facebook. Click the link below and become our fans:

(UN Company)

Molle pouches at Intelligent Armour

Here is the latest news from Intelligent Armour:

Intelligent Armour Limited has a large selection of Molle pouches in stock, both 5.11 Tactical and Blackhawk.  Most are available in Olive Drab, Coyote Tan or Black.

Here is a selection of what is on offer


(Intelligent Armour)

Sure Fire products at Circuit Airsoft

Here is the latest news from Circuit Airsoft:

We would just like to let all of Arnies Readers that we now have a small range of Sure Fire Products that can be ordered, A few examples are:

X200 WPN Light £196.00ea (Incl VAT)

X300 WPN Light £200.00ea (Incl VAT)

G2 Nitrolon Single-Output Incandescent Torch £33.00ea (Incl VAT)


Enjoy! (Circuit Airsoft)

Forum news digest for Mar 28, 2010

The latest news posted by our readers in our forums

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