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Gunfire Christmas sale ending soon

Here is all the latest news from Gunfire:


These are final days of Christmas Sale! Don’t miss the best discounts at the end of 2017. Our special offer includes products from the latest deliveries. We can offer you a wide range of sniper rifles such as MDT LSS and MDT TAC21 from the King Arms, the Well MB series and replicas from Snow Wolf. The sale also includes replicas of carbines from Specna Arms or APS and Armorer Works pistols. We have prepared for you useful tactical equipment at very attractive prices. We had received a big shipment of new products like pouches, medical pouches, tactical vests and covers with the Scorpion hydration bladder from GFCTactical. In addition, we have discounted selected tactical accessories from other manufacturers such as Clow Gear, UTG or TMC. If you are planning to modify your replica our will be a great opportunity to do that. You can grab nice discounts on handguards or stocks from SHS or buy good quality Theta Optics scopes or sights. You can also reload empty magazines with Specna Arms Ultimate Heavy BBs which are available in the Bio version. Check out our special offer and don’t miss last days of great deals.


More information here:
Terms & Conditions:


Land Warrior Airsoft – Umarex Glocks in stock & shipping

Here is the latest stock news from Land Warrior Airsoft:

Land Warrior now have the the initial range of the amazing and fully licensed Glock pistols from Umarex in stock and ready to go:


(Land Warrior Airsoft)

Jia Dyi & Maple Leaf

Jia Dyi are now working with Maple Leaf:

Jia DyiIt’s time to review your airsoft gears.

Honorable Clients
At the end of 2017, we thank you for your long-term support so that Jia Dyi can be here to serve you for more than 25 years.

People always said the winter is the toughest time for airsofters and stores, but it is also a time to plan and review your gears to see if they need to be fixed or upgraded. Jia Dyi has found a final piece of puzzle to complete our service with the help of Maple Leaf®.

Maple Leaf Monster®/Transformer®/Hot Shot® hop up rubbers

Maple Leaf has long been enjoyed it fame in the patented hopup rubber design, Monster® series. With the inside rubber of diamond construct, the precise position and cumulative pressure of BB to perform its backspin make it the best choice for long range shooting. With the delta structure, the single point gives the BBs excellent grouping. In 2016, Maple Leaf® improved the air-seal by a metal ring on GBB hopup rubber, and launched the colorful series named “Transformer®”, the original diamond construct was transformed into the Autobot series, and the other Decepticons series.

Compared to metal ring, it added four ridges on AEG hopup rubbers to enhance air-seal effect. The hybrid hopup rubbers that can be used both upon GBBs and AEGs were named “Hot shot®” because of its miniature.


Maple Leaf Upgraded parts for VSR sniper gun

VSR has long been viewed as the industrial standard of spring powered gun in the industry. Many manufacturers imitated its design and issued VSR replicas. Maple Leaf provides more than 95% of the stock parts with reinforced material and thoughtful ideas to glory this legendary gun. If you need a final solution to upgrade your VSR, the Maple Leaf will always be the first choice and provide complete sets.


Poseidon’s short length in Air-cushion® inner barrel and softer hopup rubber

With the popularity of subcompact AEG, the Poseidon has just announced the 110mm and 141mm Air-cushion® tubes into its family. Along with 92mm for gas pistol and 172mm for GBB SMG, Poseidon gradually builds a circle to blockade the traditional tighter tube with technological component in the aftermarket. Also a 50 degree of GBB hopup rubber was introduced to the market, the softer material provide more adhesive to wrap the lighter BBs to generate backspin and cumulate enough dynamic for hopup effect in lower FPS.


We are very proudly to announce the master of aerodynamics, the Maple Leaf, has committed to supply its full series through Jia Dyi. We will gradually strengthen the agent portfolio to provide better service to clients. Like “Just Dependable”, Jia Dyi will continue to introduce you dependable and quality airsoft merchandise to meet your interests. Call Jia Dyi at right now to see what will be our idea for you today!

(Jia Dyi)

Pre-Order AW Custom K00 Series A-180 from Crown Airsoft

Crown Airsoft have the AW Custom K00 Series A-180 GBB Pistol available for pre-order:


[Pre-Order ETA JAN 2018!!] — [Free shipping] AW Custom K00 Series A-180 GBB Pistol



(Crown Airsoft)

Introducing AW Custom K00002 & K00003 pistol kit

AW Custom have shared details of their K00002 & K00003 pistol kit:


The whole pistol kit is fully processed and assembled by our staff to ensure to every pistol kits reach the standard and perform as best as it should be.

The pistol and the bull barrel extension are both constructed by machined aluminium and processed through fabrication to minimize the tolerance.

AW Custom™ is making the pistol kit to look as real and accurate as it should be. Get ready to join the Rebellion and get involved into the galactic warfare!


AW Custom™ K00002 & K00003 Pistol Kit
From the depths of AW Custom™ skunkworks division far away once again, AW Custom™ is proud to announce the latest model in our growing range of pistol kits – AW Custom™ K00002 & K00003 Pistol Kit.

The K00002 & K00003 Pistol Kit comes with the pistol and the bull barrel extension as well as all the mounting hardware for simple plug & play installation. The whole pistol features a 6 inch barrel for accurate shooting, adjustable rear sight for long range targeting and integrated sling swivel for extra versatility.

Engineered to be galactic war-ready, AW Custom™ K00002 & K00003 Pistol Kit is one of your weapons for you to join the rebellion!

RnCkAxlvAoSrFN-jYnVmEv1LzNa9UWrBRaNKdoqU7UsTQHHRLAntAFZD_b2cjk2PPr9mEBHS_dWPn46T8A=s0-d-e1-ftAW Custom™ K00002 – Bull Barrel Extension

The K00002 – Bull Barrel Extension is constructed under precise machining and processed through different stages of fabrication in order to minimizing the tolerance. With the unique design of the barrel extension and the high polished chrome finish, it gives the K00003 – Pistol a whole new futuristic look and yet it provides extra weight on the front end to compensate the recoil action.

More Detail

2gt2ilQoEMh0RPHiYldcW7Yfe6RGNvdqUYWFeKQi8t6Z1HsAqsqnxEcysmAXbs4-p9Ejjq8tQxTLv6u5_g=s0-d-e1-ftAW Custom™ K00003 – Pistol

The K00003 – Pistol resembles an old-fashioned pistol and yet it is customized and pre-drilled to fit with the K00002 – Bull Barrel Extension. Comes with 6" barrel for accurate shooting and adjustable rear sight for long range targeting, the K00003 – Pistol together with the K00002 – Bull Barrel Extension is surely one of your weapon choices for the galactic warfare on the go. Get ready to join the Rebellion and fight for the Rebellion!

More Detail

If you’d like to purchase our products, or would like to discuss them in more detail please feel free to contact us, or join the Armorer Works Community discussion group.

Join The Community
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  • Full metal construction
  • Comes with 6" barrel for accurate shooting
  • Unique bull barrel extension give the pistol a futuristic look
  • Simple plug & play installation
  • Integrated sling swivel for extra versatility
  • Adjustable rear sight for long range targeting


  • Length: 240mm

  • Height: 50mm

  • Weight: 160.0g

Package Includes:

  • 1 x K00002 – Bull Barrel Extension


  • Pistol Length: 270mm

  • Pistol Height: 145mm

  • Pistol Weight (No Mag): 680.0g

  • Magazine Weight: 175.0g

  • Inner Barrel Length: 152mm

  • Muzzle Velocity: 350FPS

Package Includes:

  • 1 x K00003 – Pistol

  • 1 x LGMG01

(AW Custom)

Gunman Airsoft newsletter week 52 2017

Here is all the latest news from Gunman Airsoft:

Dear Arnies Airsoft news,

We had a great day on Saturday, with a decent number of players and plenty of people getting involved with the daft Xmas theme!  Thanks to everyone who made it along.

This weekend we are running our ever popular “Who Ate All the Pies?” annual madness at both Eversley and Tuddenham, and both of them are a full weekend.  Short, fast-paced games will give you a chance to shed those extra calories and also to show off any new toys you got gifted.

Next weekend we have a weekend off from open airsoft games, we will return the following weekend with FilmSim at Tuddenham as normal.

We look forward to seeing you all in the new year if you can’t make this weekend.


Josh Smith


Josh & Doug will be having a bit of downtime with their families over the next couple of weeks, so expect email, Facebook and telephone response to be slower than usual during this time.

(Gunman Airsoft)

King Arms x Black Rain Ordnance AEG series @UN Company

UN Company have some new items from King Arms in stock:

King Arms x Black Rain Ordnance AEG series all arrived to UN Company. Let it RAIN for you!

unnamed (36)

(UN Company)

SSMG rule & realism update

SSMG have sent out a little reminder for SSMG Mil.Ex. participants:


Since we have lots of international participants, we will bullhorn this out there.
This is no news, but more of a reminder for all you SSMG Mil.Ex. participants.
2018 is the first year all level five players (only) have to use either (T-BBS) tracer pellets or MFG (Muzzel Flash Generator).
SSMG level five Mil.Ex. participants are and is the fraction that tries out all the new stuff first. Pyro, tactics, gear, equipment, rules, game areas etc for evaluation. All exclusives and news pass through our most professional players before we bring them to the regulars. These participants put up with the toughest just to bring you the best.

…will be assigned our teams nighttime as a requirement with start on Op. Yeti. for all level five players and all SSMG Mil.Ex. events. The reason for this is to put more pressure on tactics for these teams.

You will this way be spotted firing your weapon through your muzzel flash, in darkness – like in real life, with real ammo – meaning that this will force our level five players to think twice about their assaults; giving a realistic advantage to you and your opponents, even without nightvision. Not being able to hide camping in darkness will force our Mil.Ex:ers to act more realistically on the battlefield, by being forced to choose assault and tactics more carefully, finnish the fights faster and not being able to stay in the same position for long. Unless you want to be a magnet for enemy fire that is.
This is just another step from SSMG to deliver one of the worlds most realistic battlefields there is. It is also a natural step now with new technologies available.
So! Night time means the seasonal time for Sun-down/Sun-rise. Search these times in the Internet calender for your event dates.
Of course, questions will rise, we will be happy to assist you. Please feel free to contact us by any means.

Meanwhile watch this classic video and you will understand what we are talking about.

At your service,

Imalent DX80 – one powerful flashlight

Imalent have sent a video of what they call the “world’s most powerful flashlight”. There’s a lot of debate over at places such as the candlepower forums as to what the most powerful is and how the output of a torch or flashlight is measured, that said this is certainly a very bright torch:

Imalent DX80 has been proved again to be the world’s most powerful flashlight. (Imalent)

Merry Christmas 2017

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas this year! Now what are you doing reading a computer screen? Why not go and enjoy a break food and some of your favourite beverage?

AirsoftBAT, Merry Christmas

Just adding a few and here’s AirsoftBAT’s Christmas card:

Merry Christmas!!

For your Christmas time we wish you many blessings, much happiness, and even more love!



LCT Airsoft: new LC-3 parts, rail and battery grip

LCT Airsoft thave two new parts for the LC-3 (their own G3) series including a low profile 8.5in scope mount and a large handguard. We’ve also included the video they’ve sent over detailing the installation of the handguard:

We will release a new LC-3 part, Low-profile scope mount with 8.5 inch Picatinny Rail.

coming soon_123905402_1830795930283930_6465169284787757304_n

(LCT Airsoft)

Merry Christmas from Bolt Airsoft

I know it’s not really news but it’s something I always used to do and quite fancy continuing a tradition of, so: Merry Christmas from Bolt Airsoft!

Dear Friend: BOLT AIRSOFT Christmas & Coming Year Greetings!

With many good wishes for Christmas and the coming year.


Sincerely! Bolt Airsoft =Taiwan=

ADD: No.207, Sec. 2, Wenhua 1st Rd., Linkou Dist., New Taipei City 24457, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
T: +8862-8601-9158 F: +8862-8601-9128


Seasons Greetings from Shoei Seisakusho

It’s (obviously) that time of year again and it’s always nice to add the Christmas cards we receive up here.

Dear Friends, Seans Greetings! Happy New Year! Greetings from Japan


Best regards, Tomio, (Shoei Seisakusho)

Team Blacksheep: Will airsoft in the USA be better in 2018

Team Blacksheep have been looking forward to 2018:

Will Airsoft in the USA be better in 2018?

Yes with the introduction of the Desert Fox Airsoft Events and phone app. Setting the new standard in the sport we love!


Full article

Share with your friends this great news!

(Team Blacksheep)

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