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Well I’m adding this news to the front page from afar, and just downloading all my emails. Sorry for there not being any updates since Friday, but I’ve been busy and I do have my excuses honest. I’ve just finished setting up a terminal where I am so that I can get to my email. Anyone waiting on a news article please do be patient I’m just getting all my mail at the moment. wink

Alamo Airsoft now Airsoft KGB

Dave’s dropped in quick word to say that Alamo Airsoft is now being run by the guys from TeamKGB. You can find dates for the site on their site here. Here’s the news:

TeamKGB have moved hosts – and taken over the running of Alamo Airsoft in Cornwall.

Airsoft KGB is staffed and marshalled by members of Team KGB. Between them they have a variery of Airsoft experience – some dating back 20 years to when Airsoft as a hobby first began!

We also have ex-members of the UK armed and police forces as well as some members on active service with the Royal Marines. We have fully qualified first aiders and a formally trained Health & Safety representative on site.

As such, we offer high standards of marshalling and sportsmanship as well as “on the game training” from those who’ve done this for real. The vast wealth of experience means that we’re able to make this knowledge relevant to Airsoft. We aim to give people an intensely stimulating experience that whilst not fully “mil-sim” is definitely a world away from speedball. We have a policy of actively coaching and aiming to improve people’s CQB, Woodland and team skills.

With 3 specialised Airsmith’s on site you’re also going to be able to draw on their wealth of experience and troubleshooting with everything from blown gears to upgrading your kit.

So please, come and see us and say over at Dave, (TeamKGB)

100 round G18C AEP magazines out May 10

Francis over at Hobby Asia sent over a quick email to say that he’s received a fax from Tokyo Marui with details of the new 100 round extended magazines from TM. The G18C AEP 100 round magazine will be arriving in HongKong stores on May the 10th. RRP for the mags is 22USD each:

Marui has finally given us information regarding the release of the G18C (18+) 100 round Magazine. Hobby Asia is now taking pre-orders for the magazine which we estimate will arrive at our stores on May 10th 2005. Pre-order it now at our special price of $22 USD (16.8 EURO)! Francis, (Hobby Asia)

Anson Tactical Equipment

Jason at Anson Tactical Equipment has dropped over an email to introduce their company to everyone. Here’s the brief from him:

Hi Arnie,

Just to drop you a line to let you know that as well as serving the Police, Military and Private Security / Asset Protection industries we have expanded into the retail side of the market. We supply a high quality range of items including some of the harder to source lines. All of our equipment is designed for professional use and includes many items that your readers may find interesting. The store is online and running, we still have many more products to add – these will be added in the next few weeks as time allows. Jason Blackiston, (Anson Tactical Equipment)

ClassicArmy release news

Mary at ClassicArmy has sent over two press releases from them, and included a poster of the new CA249 release. As you can see the CA249 is imminent and there’s rumors that there’s already some production models with the main CA distributors now and that the CA249 will carry an expected RRP of around 1000-1200USD. The CQB is coming in May/June:

Dear Valued Customer,

Re: Promotion For CA005M CA249 MKII The new model CA249 series will release soon. Among those models, CA005M CA249 MKII which has a large stock will be launched first. The expected release day is May to July.

The standard CA249 models will only include M16 Hi-Cap Magazine (300Rd). In the first lot of CA005M CA249 MKII, you can enjoy a special privilege of getting one piece of P108M M249 Minimi Box Magazine (2400 Rd) for each gun with a special price.

Pre-order is welcome. Please dont miss this chance and get this special offer.

Re: Promotion For Crane Stock Battery and Flashlight As our M15A4 C.Q.B. is expected to release in May to June, we will have promotion for Crane Stock Battery (OP65, OP66, OP68 & OP69) and A091 Tactical Flashlight Black Color. The items for Crane Stock are

OP65 9.6V 3300 mAh,
OP66 9.6V 2400 mAh,
OP68 12V 1600 mAh,
OP69 12V 2000 mAh


Yours sincerely,

Classic Army Mary Choi, (Assistant Manager
Sales & Marketing Department, ClassicArmy)

New fronts and AK kit from G&P

Cat at G&P has sent over news of four new products that they are now carrying in their lineup which include:

GP363 AK Wood Conversion Kit
GP370 CQB/R RAS Front Set
GP371 M733 RAS Front Set
GP372 M4 RAS Front Set

The new wood conversion kit looks rather nice in the photo they have online. No details on prices, but they should be available through your local stockists pretty soon.

Firesupport P226 and tritium sights

Frank, (Firesupport) has just taken stock of the P226 as well today and only have eight left:

Firesupport today took delivery of 24 Marui P226’s today at 10am on Tuesday 19th April.
16 pistols have already been sent to happy customers leaving 8 remaining at 100 including FREE postage.

P226 Spare magazine will be available from 27th April 2005 (25).

For 30 Firesupport are also adding Tritium glow in the dark sights to these and any other pistols / AEGs that can have them fitted. If you are interested in having some fitted to either new or old guns please email us with which gun you want them fitting to and we will tell you if it is possible. Return postage will be beween 5 and 10 depending on weight of gun sent to us (Tel: 01733 247171 Email:
Frank, (Firesupport)

TM P226 now available at Wolf

Click here to visit WolfMax over at Wolf Armouries has dropped in a line to say that they’ve literally just got in their shipment of P226 GBBs:

Wolf Armouries Have just received the new Sig P226. Be one of the first in the UK to get this latest release from Tokyo Marui!

First impressions:

It is quite heavy with a total weight (with magazine) of 0.8kg . The finish on the slide is very nice it is still ABS but difficult to tell from metal. The decocking mechanism works and the slide has a very fast action and a nice kick. And it is quite powerful chronoing between 280-300ft/sec.

Be one of the first in the UK to get it. No need to pre-order, you can have it today at the special introductory price of 109.99. Click here for it on our website

Also back in stock the latest Marui electric rifle, the M4 S System. Dont forget that Wolf is still doing the buy two get one free on FIMO Green Gas but only as stocks last. This amazing deal works out at less than 5 per can. Max, (Wolf Armouries)

MadBull in at AirsoftScotland

Click here to visit Airsoft ScotlandSteve over at Airsoft Scotland has dropped in word from them that they are now stocking Mad Bull products too. Having tested the slug model out myself (shot and been shot) I can vouch for it being an impressive bit of kit; it sure packs a fair whollop on propane at eight meters that’s for sure. The rest of the MadBull range are of equal good build quality come highly recommened. Here’s what Steve had to say:

Mad Bull Gas Grenades:
Brand new from Mad Bull are these seriously funky new gas grenades. The come in a variety of, err, interesting colours and different sizes. There is even a solid ‘training’ grenade.

Build quality is excellent as are the anodised finishes.

The manufacturer recommends the use of lower powered gasses (e.g 134a) however performance appears to be excellent on these.

Damn – these things look soooo good, even Frenchie is considering mounting a 203 under his Fagas just so he can join in too!

Price: 55.00 (Including: VAT at 17.5%) Steve (Airsoft Scotland)

NightHawk Device Class IIIA green laser sight

A factory in Taiwan by the name of NightHawk have sent over word of a new laser product that they have launched. The new laser is a green coloured class IIIA unit. Specifications for the model are:

  • 530nm green laser beam with a 1-mile night time visible range (range during the daytime is half that) .
  • 20 times brighter than red laser units.
  • Visible in broad daylight.
  • Durable 6061 T6 aluminium housing with hard anodised finish.
  • Simple adjustment of elevation and windage.
  • Powered by a single CR123A cell which provides over 8 hours of continuous use.
  • Comes with five inch cable and pressure pad switch.

As promised, you can get hold of NightHawk at, they don’t have a website yet but I’ll list it when they do. Current RRP for the laser unit is 340USD, discounts are available for bulk purchases and dealers.

New toys at RedWolf

Click here to visit RedWolfKeith over at RedWolf Airsoft has sent over some shots of new gear that they’ve got in stock, specifically the Rico Alpha 9 Tac Light and the Tokyo Marui P226 gas blowback pistol. The P226 is well known, but the new Rico light is most likely unknown to most. The Rico Alpha 9 Tac Light is a replica of the Surefire M900 lamp that features a 250W bulb, dual LED illumination too (lots of other replices skimp on that), is powered from 3 CR123A batteries and as a bonus for hamfisted folks such as myself it will also survive a two meter drop.

New Woodland Organics competition

Click here to visit Woodland OrganicsThe last competition at WoodlandOrganics is over (Ken Viveash won), but fear not there’s still a chance to win more goodies as they have a new competition on the go. Up for grabs this time is a Hennessy Hammock that retails for around 100UKP. To win all you have to do is visit their competition page and follow the instructions there:

The Hennessy Hammock is a totally new design for camping hammocks so at last, you will never need to find a level camp site again. No more roots, rocks and puddles coming through the floor of your tent. No more aching muscles and stiff joints from sleeping on the hard ground and no more carrying a heavy tent.

For a chance to win a Hennessy Hammock Expedition Asym Hammock and Snakeskin worth nearly 100, please enter your [details on our competition page].

Suzi Perry ( will be drawing the winner and we will post the name of the winner on the news scroller on the home page on 17th May 2005. Good Luck! Jamie, (WoodlandOrganics) update on politics

I do my best to avoid politics as it’s one subject that no matter which angle you cover it from you’re hard pressed to please everyone all the time; if there was any hair on my neck it’s stand up whenever the word was mentioned in polite conversation. Random burblings aside though, and back to the topic at hand, Steven Kendrick over at Cybershooters has sent out a quick message through the CS newsletter contact list with a couple of links to some pages over at, notably his April update:

[…] assuming shooting is a voting issue for you – who do you vote for? I’m afraid there is no easy answer to this, and perhaps there shouldn’t be, because it gets you involved in the political process. What you have to do is contact all the candidates in your area that actually have some chance of winning, find out their views, and pick the best one. Be it Labour, Conservative, or Liberal Democrat (or someone else). Even if they are all useless, the fact that you phoned or visited and asked will be recalled by the candidate, and that is perhaps one of the most positive outcomes. Steven Kendrick, (Cybershooters)

Personally I prefer episode 808 of Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s South Park cartoon myself as I believe it covers the issue at hand quite well. In all seriousness though Steve makes a good point, if you are interested in shooting matters (in any form) why not get involved in the political process rather than taking an apathetic stance and at a minimum vote for someone that you feel is at least aware of your opinion and thoughts on matters that mean something to you?

Anyway, enough of the serious stuff take a look at this wierd Japanese watch, and the latest in exoskeleton technology (yes, finally there is a solution to allow you to carry two of Paul Piper’s M134’s) – links courtesy Dom’s page over at Epicycle – go on visit his page and read the current news he likes it when his stat counter goes ‘bing’ wink.

M14 SOPMOD shots from Echigoya shop

Pat (Airsoft Hawaii) has sent over some more shots from Echigoya shop in Japan courtesy of Shane. The Star/Guarder M14 SOPMOD is on display advertised as being available sometime in May, most likely to be released at either Black Hole or the Shizuoka Hobby Convention. According to Shane:

The gun is made mostly of a heavy weight plastic and some
metal parts like the outer barrel and upper reciever which really gives it
a good weight. It also comes in semi and full-auto. Cost of it is
estimated to be around 130,000-140,000yen. Shane

Latest shots from Gekishinsei

Pat (Airsoft Hawaii) has sent over some shots from Gekishinsei show in Japan courtesy of Blake. The new photos are of the new Sig 226 Railed version (released on April 14th) and the new TM M14.
According to the Tokyo Marui representive, the official release date for the M14 will be announced at an upcoming show next month in Shizuoka.

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