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Spartan Imports: A&K shipment arriving early September

Spartan Imports have sent in a reminder about pre-ordering items from the A&K shipment they are expecting next week:

A&K shipment arriving next week! Haven’t pre-ordered yet? Do it today or regret it next week!


It’s coming back into stock! The top selling sniper A&K spring SVD!


[AKSPRSVD} A&K SVD Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle
Full metal body
420* FPS with 0.20g BBs
Uses regular AEG type Springs and can be upgraded
200tnd Magazine included

(Spartan Imports)

Wolf’s Bunker 51 Single Action Rules Day on 11th September

Wolf Armouries are hosting a special single action day:

Wolf’s popular London Bunker 51 site is hosting a special single action day on the Sat 11th Sep where only gas and spring powered guns are permitted! This will ensure a new playing experience where tactics & accuracy will count more than ammo.


(Wolf Armouries)

Hot items in September from Smart Team HK

Smart Team HK have lots of S&K products arriving in the next couple of weeks:

Dear valued customer, Are you still preparing your order of A&K’s products? Friendly remind, our A&K’s container will be arrived in the mid of September. Please send us your order if you don’t want to miss the A&K’s popular models.


Should you need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Best Regards, Sales & Marketing Department (Smart Team HK)

Shoei G43 butt plate

Shoei have started selling their G43 butt plates:

Dear Friends, Thank you very much for your continued patronage. We manufactured G43 butt plate which had received many requests, and started the sale. The price is 10,000JPY. We prepared the lid of two types (a stripe pattern and plain).


When there is an order, please tell me about it.  We are waiting for your order. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you always. Greetinga from Japan. Best regards, Tomio (Shoei)

NEW AEP series "quickchange" Battery

imageEagle6 Airsoft have a new quick change lipo battery for the AEP series:

Hi guys, Just thought we would let you know, Eagle6 Airsoft has finished the first run of the NEW quick change lipo battery for the AEP series! This is the first readily available battery which is designed to simply fit straight into your AEP series gun.  We are extremely happy with this product.  It really brings the AEP to life.


Remove the old nimh battery and slide in the new 7.4v 500mah lipo. EASY. And it gives a noticeable increase in both trigger response and ROF! No more having to dismantle your aep to fit custom lipo packs or dremel the gun to fit a lipo in it. Its probably the cheapest and easiest upgrade you’ll ever do to your AEP.

Price is £25 And can be brought from

Cheers, Richard (Eagle6 Airsoft)

Stryke Airsoft – Echo 1 Red Star promotion

image[3]Here is this week’s offer from Stryke Airsoft:

This week only get a FREE smart charger AND FREE extra hicap magazine with the purchase of any Red Star AK aeg from Echo 1! That’s a $65 value!

Watch Boris..I mean Villain’s promo:

Heavy is good. Add us on Facebook! (Stryke Airsoft)

WGC Photo Contest 2010: share your airsoft moments

WGC Shop have launched their 2010 photo contest:


WGC Photo contest has been held for 3 years with the goal of bringing all airsofters in the world together. We are so glad of receiving lots of images from all of you over the past few years. We know that those images are more than photos: they tell stories and rekindle memories. So, we sincerely invite you to share your treasures with us this year. You may win our prizes and have your photo published in WGC 2011 calendar.

Send us your best shot to:


  • Photos must be in high resolution, 5.0 mega pixel (2480 x 1890) or above.
  • Send the photos along with your personal information including your full name, address, country, contact number, email and the place where the photo was taken.
  • Winners will be notified individually via email, so please make sure you have added our email and in your mail list.
  • Photos will be judged on creativity and photographic quality.

Photos submitted are free of any copyright, intellectual property, trademark or patent violations, are the sole property of the participant and are non-returnable.
WGC (HK) Ltd reserves the sole discretion on the usage of all submitted photos.
For enquiry, please contact

(WGC Shop)

New items at Tokyo Model Company

Here is the latest stock update from Tokyo Model Company:

Dear Tokyo Model Company Member & Customer, New item in store now(Tokyo Model Company( please feel fee to check our web-site and below link please. All in store and ready to ship…..

New Item List:
1. Prometheus 6.03mm EG Inner Barrel for WE KAC PDW GBB Open Bolt Long Version(226.5mm)
2. E.B. Galil 550rds Magazine
3. E.B. AK 450rds Magazine
4. E.B. M4 300rds Magazine
5. E.B. M16VN 190rds Magazine(Black)
6. E.B. M16VN 190rds Magazine(Silver)
7. CAW Feeder for M134 Mini Gun
8. First Factory EBR Type Stock for Marui G3 Series
9. VFC MK18 MOD1 Gas Blowback
10. Madbull 235mm Precision Barrel Threaded Set for SOCOM GEAR/WE 1911/MEU
11. Element AN/PEQ-16A Red Laser with Flash Light(Black)
12. Element AN/PEQ-16A Red Laser with Flash Light(DE)
13. RA TECH Steel Tappet(No. 9) for WE M14 Gas Blow Back
14. RA TECH N.P.A.S. Kit for WE Open Bolt GBB
15. DD Tactical Stock Adaptor for Glock 17(DE)
16. Magpul PTS MOE Polymer Rail Section(L5, 11 Slots)
17. Magpul PTS MOE Polymer Rail Section(L4, 9 Slots)
18. Magpul PTS MOE Polymer Rail Section(L3, 7 Slots)
19. Magpul PTS MOE Polymer Rail Section(L2, 5 Slots
20. Custom KSC Glock Steel Parts(No. 253)
21. DD ELCAN 1-4X Red & Green Dot Scope
22. DD Tactical Stock Adaptor for Glock 17(Black)
23. Tokyo Marui VSR-10 Stainless Pro Hunter Wood Color Stock Rifle
24. Tokyo Marui VSR-10 Stainless Pro Hunter Black Stock Rifle
25. Magpul PTS Masada ACR AEG(Dark Earth)
26. Altamont Desert Eagle Wood Grip(Brown)
27. Guarder Desert Storm CNC Aluminum Side for Marui Glock 17 Series(OD)


Please feel free contact us to check the item please!!!! IF any question about the order or item please send E-mail to Enjoy to shopping….. Thank you very much (Tokyo Model Company)

Airsoft GI cares for the kids

Tim from Airsoft GI has been out to meet the kids at Tac City’s Boot Camp:

The younger players are the next generation of airsofters and that’s why Tim made an appearance at Tac City’s Boot Camp For Kids to make sure they get started off in the game right.  Check it out:

Also, there is only one word that adequately describes the VFC SR15 AEGs…AWESOMESAUCE!

Finally, the Get out and Play Promo is still going on, take advantage of these awesome deals!

Best Regards, Tim Seargeant, (Airsoft GI)

“New" Jupiter finish .44 magnum, SAA & more

eHobbyAsia have some new items in stock with accompanying videos:

The Classic’s just got better.

Tanaka Works Model .44 Airsoft Gas Magnum Revolver

a_003— Registered with Smith & Wesson
— M629/M29 4 inch barrel type
— Heavy Weight Version
— Nickel Silver Color / Jupiter Finish (Jewelish Ultra Plated InTEgrate Resin)
— Metallic shine as well as Polish Finish on real gun

a_006Jupiter Finish – revolutionary painting technology (Nickel Silver Color shine like a luxury jewelery)
Gas Injected Revolver (Model29 .44 S&W MAGNUM Revolver)
Authentic look & finishing by Tanaka Works, Japan
Registered with Smith & Wesson
Laser engraved S&W logo on K-Frame
Textured Wood Color grip
Realistic Bullet Type housing chamber stores up to 14 rounds 6mm BBs
Full Polish Steel Like Frame yet weight only >1000g. Actually, it’s ABS Plastic constructed with Metal plated finish.

Tanaka Works COLT S.A.A. .45 Series (Single Action Army)

a_002— Heavy Weight
— 4.75 Inch Barrel Airsoft Gas Revolver
— Nickel Silver Color / Jupiter Finish

Jupiter Finish – revolutionary painting technology (Nickel Silver Color shine like a luxury jewelery)
a_005A classic Colt pistol from the old west replica from Tanaka Works, Japan
Gas Injected Revolver (4.75 Inch Version)
Authentic look & finishing with marking
Realistic Bullet Type housing chamber stores 2 Pellets each
Extraction rod works as a loader tool to store extra 6 rounds BB
Total 18 rounds 6mm BB Loading Capacity

a_008Marushin Winchester Model 1892 Maxi Randall Custom (DX / Gold Plating)
Marushin M1892 Randall Custom 6mm Airsoft Gas Repeater
— Also known as "Mare’s Leg"
— As seen on American Western TV Series used by Steve McQueen
— Gold Plating Frame Deluxe Version
— Full Metal Constructed Barrel & D-Lever Loop with Real Wood Stock

a_004Marushin Winchester Model 1892 Maxi (DX / Gold Plating)
Marushin M1892 6mm Airsoft Gas Repeater
— Gold Plating Frame Deluxe Version
— Full Metal Constructed Barrel & D-Lever Loop with Real Wood Stock
— SSB Adjustable Hop-Up System

aDeluxe Version of Winchester M1892 Airsoft
Gold Plating Frame
Realistic operation with D-Lever Loop Action BB Loading mechanism
Operated by 6mm BB Bullets
a_007SSB Adjustable Hop-Up System
Licensed Winchester marking
Excellent craftsmanship as usual from Marushin
Fun to play around with this master pieces
On Youtube.
On FaceBook

Goodie bag & giveaway details for the Ai500

We’ve just received details of what’s going to be in the Ai500 goodie bags and also some of the in game raffle prizes:

Hi Guys, Just wanted to let you know we have a number of products (thanks to our sponsors and friends) that we will be giving away at the ai500

Each player will receive a goodie bag that includes

  • A pair of Revision Shooting glasses
  • A Ball Cap
  • A pistol Lanyard
  • A military publication from Osprey Publishing
  • A Multi Tool
  • A camouflage AEG net ( especially made for us by Mad bull)
  • 2 Pyro product from Enola Gaye
  • A Tin of Kick Ass gas
  • A copy of either the latest edition of Ai or Raider

The in game FREE raffle includes:

Umarex A G36 AEG, 2 x PDW EAGs, 6 x shot guns, G&G G210 AEG, ICS CXP 08, Enola Gaye box of grenades, Brass Guard Bat Mesh Mask

More will be added to the Goodie back or in game raffle as they come into the office. Never before as a game given so much back to its players. We’ll see you on the skirmish field

For more information:
To reserve your place:

Deepfire: New lower-cost silver series

DeepFire have launched a new lower cost ‘silver series’ of products:

image[6]Dear My Friend, We opened up the new brand in a relatively low-cost series (silver series) recently, The first product of the Silver Series is:
DF-SS001: DeepFire M4A1 Carbine (Silver Series)
This Silver series is more comprehensive than other series and the stability of this brand is better than the others with a reasonable price, so it is absolutely durable.^ ^

The Silver Series products prices are close to the price of entry level product, But the quality is in the high standard of our brand, so there will be a supply shortage. We strongly suggest that you can pre-order as soon as possible if you really interested in our new silver series.

image[10]DeepFire M4A1 Carbine(Silver Series) <<inexpensive basic version>>
Copper Barrel (363mm)
Copper Cylinder (for 200mm – 400mm)
Air Nozzle (for M4)
without O’ring
Steel Gear Set
Piston (Full Teeth)
POM Cylinder Head V.II
Aluminium Piston Head
Metal Spring Guide V.II
Deepfire M4 Flash Hider (14mm Anti-clockwise)
Without Carrying Handle and Rear Sight


Stock update from CRW

Lots of new stock at CRW:

CRW Update 29 AUG 2010


m4a1-gas-blow-back-full-metal-by-agm-1595-pekm556x239ekmm4cqbr-gas-blow-back-full-metal-by-agm066-2016-pekm556x239ekppsh-by-ares-2027-pekm556x239ekmm14-with-real-wood-stock-by-cyma-cm032a-2022-pekm532x240ekmmp5k-by-galaxy-501-pekm556x239ekmg36c-k306--1987-pekm556x239ekm mp5j-full-metal-cm-041j--1082-pekm556x239ekmgbb-mp5a5-full-metal-by-bell-1969-pekm556x239ekmmoe-m4-cqb-tan-by-g-p-2043-pekm556x239ekm

Regards, Eddie, Director (CRW)

New stock at Airsoft Global

Here is the latest stock update from Airsoft Global:

Dear Sir, We have got some new items released. Please kind to visit our website ( to obtain more information!

We have got some available again~ Please kind to visit our website too.


Best Regards, Mujiadam (Airsoft Global)

VFC MK18 GBB rifle at UN Company

UN Company have sent in a stock update:

Dear All, UN Company got a new vfc GBB Rifle this week:
VFC MK18 MOD1 Gas Blowback Rifle


Below China Made Airsoft Guns are restocked
D-Boy KAC PDW AEG (with Marking)
China Made M99 Sniper Rifle (with Bipod & Scope)

Please visit our site for more new hot items. You may also find more airsoft products you need there. Enjoy! (UN Company)

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