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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: March 31, 2013

  • Airsoft GI – Tactical Response Unleashed Military and LEO Training Facility and Airsoft Field
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    After TvB 4, AirsoftGI visited Tactical Response Unleashed (TRU) in Richmond, VA. They were very gracious, and gave Bob and Jet an opportunity to run through their program. TRU is a military and law enforcement training facility that opens its doors to airsoft over the weekends. Fortunately for Airsoft GI, TRU is located very close to the East Coast Store! Be sure to check out their website!

    Tactical Response Unleashed
    3701 Hendricks Road
    Midlothian, VA 23112

    (804) 893-1TRU


  • ◀War Thunder – First Person Flight
    I challenge my self to some fulltime cockpit perspective in War Thunder!

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  • Airsoft 1911s and S&W M10 Slow Motion
    Slow Motion of various airsoft 1911s and a Marushin model 10 Smith and Wesson.
  • NBR Field, WA – TAG- March 30th, 2013 -ASTKilo23-
    This was the first game of the day. Watch the intro for game details and rules, and info on the gun I used. Filmed with a GoPro Hero 3 with a head strap mount.
  • Haley Strategic Darkness Solutions
    Travis demonstrates the abilities of popular flashlights/weaponlights and the considerations for lights when it comes to tactics. He also addresses the popular question asked "Why do you have momentary only on the Inforce HSP WML?"
  • Snake Eye Airsoft Mesh Mask Review
    Today we have the video review of the Snake Eye Style Mesh Airsoft Mask; overall, this mask was a lot better than I thought it would be. Built out of plastic and a few metal pieces, the mask is overall very comfortable and fits well, only being a little bulky on the sides. The real advantage to this is it’s wider mesh lens, which allows for a wider field of view. Overall, not a bad mask, the dangers of mesh set aside. Buy it here:
    Thanks for watching!
  • The Cove: To be Held May 17-19, 2013 In Gore, Virginia
    This is a 24 hour, force-on-force, objective oriented, continuous combat simulation at The Cove Campground in Gore, Virginia. This unique piece of terrain has been used by the United States Marine Corps, SEAL Team 6, the United States Army and the Central Intelligence Agency in preparations for deployments worldwide.

    Events to be held: 17 – 19 May 2013 AND 21 – 22 September 2013

    All participants must pre-register.

  • How to Make a Bankei Bar Bracelet by TIAT
    [Book] PFT – Vol. 1: iTunes: Kindle: Nook: The Bankei Bar is a new technique I’ve been toying around with. Generating a firm, interlocking oval pattern akin to a modified Snake Knot, the design is nevertheless very different than any tie I’ve shown before (historical or fusion). Presented here in the bar’s original form, be sure to hang on for the "Challenge Tie" at the end of the video. In short, I show an image of the Divided Bankei Bar. Take what you learn here and information gained from past videos and see if you can make it! Video production by J.D. Lenzen of Tying It All Together.
  • Airsoft GI – Top 5: Tim vs. Bob 4 and 4.5 Special Edition
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    Due to the awesomeness of TvB 4 and TvB 4.5, Bob and Tim wanted to go through some of their favorite things from the weekend. From the set up to the individual players, there were so many stand out players and people, and we wanted to give a shout out to some of the people who made this weekend great.

  • AirSplat – G&G R8-L Combat Machine M4 Airsoft AEG – Infidel Airsoft Team Guest Review
    G&G R8-L Combat Machine M4 Airsoft AEG B

    AirSplat’s sponsored team reviews the G&G R8-L Combat Machine M4 Airsoft AEG!
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  • Evike TV – Army of Two: Devil’s Cartel Fan Film (Behind the Scenes) provides movie props all the time to both big and small productions. Here is a behind the scenes shot from our crew of the Army of Two: Devil’s Cartel Fan Film "Close to Home."

    The film can be found at:


  • Revision WolfSpider Goggle Promotion/Teaser
    Revision Military is having a sale until April 5th! Pick up a pair of their WolfSpider Goggles and get a free gift with the purchase (dead rags, lens cleaners, etc.). Also, use coupon code "WOLF" to get 30% off a purchase of any eye protection. These goggles appear very nice, as one would expect and seem to be a bit sleeker than my other pair. Check out their site here:
    Thanks for watching!
  • Going Up Against A Drone
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    We’ll be the first to admit that we haven’t uploaded a video in a while, BUT this is why….

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  • King Arms Colt M4A1 GBBR –
    Buy the King Arms Colt M4A1 GBBR:

    Buy extra magazines:





    Tominator created a slideshow to show off all the features packed into the King Arms Colt M4A1 Gas Blowback Rifle.

    All music created by Daniel Barachkov, used with permission.

  • Airsoft GI – PTT Block 3 Full Metal M4 Daniel Defense Piston Omega RIS AEG Airsoft Gun
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    PTT Block 3:

    The Airsoft GI PTT Block 3 is another blend of ultra realism from the Airsoft GI Tech Department. The Daniel Defense Piston Omega 7" Free Float RIS is specifically designed for carbines that feature a piston driven gas recoil system as opposed to the traditional gas impingement. To compliment this fabulous rail system is one piece outer barrel and a King Arms Gas Piston Block with a railed top, the attention to detail on this custom gun is unparalleled. On top of the railed gas piston block is a UTG detachable front sight and at the end of the barrel is a Madbull JP flash hider that flows well with the gun’s look. Another great addition to the look of this gun is the King Arms Tactical QD Rear Sight. This gun is wired to the rear and to the battery wires are safely hidden within the buffer tube and the adjustable crane stock. The base gun that this gun is built from is the famous Echo 1 Platinum M4 AEG which is OEM’d by VFC. VFC has one of the best reputations in the airsoft industry for high build quality and materials. Most of the gun is made from high quality aluminum so that they are durable and lightweight. The internals are top notch with VFC’s self-shimming gears, ball bearing spring guide and polymer piston. PTT stands for Perfect Tactical Trainer, an airsoft gun designed to be so realistic it can be used for real steel training.

Para2 Airsoft Easter special

imagePara2 Airsoft have sent over details of their Easter weekend offer:

Easter Holiday Special – 15% off all products & free shipping over £100.00 – ends Tuesday.

(Para2 Airsoft)

Tokyo Model Company stock update 30th March 2013

Here is the latest stock update from Tokyo Model Company:

Dear Customers, Tokyo Marui Biohazard 6 Sentinel Nine Leon Model P226(Limited Edition), Tokyo Marui S&W M19 Series and other new accessories are released.All airsoft lovers, please go to our website to check our latest product.

Tokyo Model Company
Special Of the this week!!

Tokyo Marui Biohazard 6 Sentinel Nine Leon Model P226(Limited Edition)

Product Link

Tokyo Marui S&W M19 Series

Product Link

Our Latest Product (29-3-2013):








For Our News, Promotion and latest update, Please check our Facebook 
Please feel free contact us to check the item please!!!!( Please check for other items please.
Mobile website:

(Tokyo Model Company)

JtechGear sample sale limited quantity offer

JTech are selling off their samples:


JTech gear had an amazing shot show and to show our appreciation for we are selling off our sample items! Supplies are very limited so get these items at unbelievably low prices while you can!

Click for more info >>


Airsoft GI custom guns: CQR series

Airsoft GI have sent over details of their custom CQB series:

The tech’s at Airsoft GI have created this new lineup of custom guns for the player with a budget in mind! By offering the gun with a high quality rail system at a cheaper price than if you were to purchase the two items separately.

The CQR series received its name because of the growing demand for high value close quarters combat guns. As a result the CQR is designed to fire at lower velocities to maximize safety during close quarters engagements. The heart of the CQR is the 2GX gear box, a tried and true design that has won the hearts and minds of airsoft players around the world. The CQR also features an adjustable LE stock, metal upper receiver, removable rear sight (perfect for the use of optics), metal one piece barrel, a 2GX hop up unit and bucking. KWA’s track record for producing high quality airsoft guns continues with the CQR. Get your CQR now and see for yourself that extremely high quality guns are available at amazingly affordable prices.


(Airsoft GI)

Pro Airsoft Supplies Easter weekend offer

Pro Airsoft Supplies have sent over details of their Easter weekend offer:

Hi Guys, We are running a special Easter offer from tonight till end of play Monday.

Easter Offer

If you purchase a G&G AEG you will qualify for 10% off any accessories bought with the RIF.

Simply quote "10%" and mention the deal when buying in store or over the phone.

When purchasing online simply write 10% in the ukara box when you add your ukara number or painting request and the diffrence will be refunded to you once we run the order through at our end.

We have just had in a large re-stock of TM pistols, magazines and Spring Sniper Rifles and those can be found on the usual places on our website. 
On top of the sidearms we have also had in a massive restock of TLSFX pyro so if you are in the need of something that explodes for your games pop in to the store (sadly we can’t ship them in the post)

Best regards, Dan & the team @ Pro Airsoft Supplies

Something BIG is coming to Airsoft Megastore, April 1st

Airsoft Megastore are teasing us with news of something big arriving on April 1st:

Something BIG is Coming To Airsoft Megastore!


On April 1st 2013, 4:00PM PST, something BIG is coming to Airsoft Megastore. We can’t tell you exactly what it is, but we can guarantee that it’s not a joke. What we can tell you is we’ve never done anything quite this big and exciting before. You don’t have to believe us, but those who do are in for a BIG surprise! So stay tuned and you’ll definitely be just as excited if not more than us! Be sure to stay tuned to our Facebook and Youtube pages to get the latest on this event!

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(Airsoft Megastore)

Evike player profile: Scrawny Shades

EvikeTV takes a look at airsoft player Scrawny Shades and his gear:

We’re bringing the player profile back! What better way to start off with Shades…


Shoei MG42 engine video

Shoei have sent over a video showing their new MG42 engine in action:

We will start soon sale of the engine unit of MG42 which increased discharge speed. It is the video of "You Tube" which our friend contributed.

Of course, we also contribute "the official video of Shoei" to "You Tube" soon.


Wholesale SHS Airsoft upgrades restocked @Raptors Airsoft

Here is the latest stock update from Raptors Airsoft:

Raptors Airsoft is a USA Airsoft distributor of airsoft upgrades and accessories. We recently restocked SHS airsoft upgrades. Visit our Wholesale Airsoft page to find out more information about our wholesale program and to apply for a dealer account.









We strive for excellence in customer service. All orders ship within one business day (often times the same day) using USPS priority mail. Our website allows for easy ordering. Just login, add items to cart, checkout, and track your orders. We also have knowledgeable customer service reps on hand to help you with order issues, questions about products, or anything else.

Become A Dealer: To become a dealer, simply fill out our wholesale application and we will approve your account within one business day.

(Raptors Airsoft)

Airsoft Extreme – King Arms Accessories and Parts! Guarder and Laylax Products in stock!

NEW King Arms Accessories

King Arms Accessories vary from the Tan Colored PEQ15 Battery Unit, a "PRESS" Patch, King Arms 7mm Oiless Metal Bushings, 9mm Ball Bearing Bushings, King Arms Small Pin Opener (for mini plugs) and the Large Pin Opener (For large plugs on batteries and AEGs)

Click image to see all the items


King Arms Steel Body Parts

King Arms Metal body parts are in stock. We have M4 parts available from an M4 Carbine Piston System, M4 delta ring, M4 Sling Plate and M4 Big Latch Charging Handle.

Click image to see all the items


King Arms AEG Magazines

King Arms Magazines for the P90, AK and M4’s are now in stock. The P90’s are available in a 300 round hicap and a 100 round 5 pack of midcaps. The AK magazines are available in a 600 round hicap, a 5 Pack of 140 Round Mags and a 5 pack of 110 Round Midcaps. Plus, we have the M16 120 Round Midcaps in stock too!

Click image to see all the items


New Guarder Parts in Stock

Check out the cool accessories from Guarder we just received in stock. We have AK-47S Top Wiring, M4 body pins (like the REAL ones), several airsoft AEG nozzles, Steel MP5 Trigger and an M4 Pistol Grip end.

Click image to see all products


NEW Laylax Items in STOCK

We received a few new items from Laylax. First, we have 2 grips for the Hicapa Series pistol in both RED and PINK! Now you can build that custom race gun with these grips! Plus, for all you Tokyo Marui Recoil Shock Airsoft Gun owners, we have the Next Gen Magazine Adapter! You can install this device and use standard magazine or hicaps with your Recoil Shock AEG! And lastly, we have the PSS10 Aero Chamber Long Seal Packing.

Click image to see all the items


SAVE 20% OFF Thunder B Grenades!

LAST weekend to save 20% on ALL Thunder B Grenades.

Simply enter the coupon code: thunderb20 at checkout.

Click image to see details


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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: March 29, 2013

  • AirSplat OD – VFC Umarex M4 HK416 Airsoft AEG Rifle Ep 139
    VFC Umarex M4 HK416 Airsoft AEG Rifle NOW $432.99

    In this episode of AirSplat On Demand, Jake reviews the Umarex M4 HK416!
    – Velocity: 410 FPS (0.2 g BB) / Range 130-150 Feet
    – Barrel Length: 12 inches / 30 cm
    – Overall Length: 27.5 inches Collapsed / 31 inches Extended
    – Magazine Capacity: 320 Rounds
    – Crane Stock
    – Integrated RIS System

  • Airsoft War M60, 249, VFC 417 Section8 Scotland HD
    Airsoft guns in action One of over 400 airsoft war videos at Filmed by the No1 YouTube video maker in Scotland, over 120 MILLION hits.
    Scout is on FaceBook At SUBSCRIBE SHARE COMMENT & HIT the like button. New Video Every Week. If you still cannot find my videos then just Google "Scoutthedoggie"

    There will be another new video on Tuesday 2nd April and another on Friday 5th

    All of my 2013 videos can be seen in this playlist at

  • Bioshock Infinite – Short Trailer
    A very quick attempt at a trailer to showcase part of the style, setting, theme and combat from the newest Bioshock title.
  • ITS Tactical Discreet Messenger Bag Walk-Through
    Join ITS Tactical as Bryan walks through all the features and functionality of our Discreet Messenger Bag. For detailed photos and purchase information, click here:
  • Gear Review: Comfort Fit Belly Band from The Well Armed Woman
    Join ITS Tactical as Kelly reviews the Comfort Fit Belly Band from The Well Armed Woman. Be sure to check out the full review with photos on ITS Tactical:
  • ROE Airsoft Custom Airsoft Arm Gun Project
    A short test fire video of the ROE Airsoft Arm Gun which is an ongoing concept gun project.

    Read the full story at:

    You can visit ROE at:

  • CORE New Gear SET
    CORE New Gear SET for AEG
    CORE製 電動ガンギアセットの紹介です。 SHS生産終了に伴い、新ブランドとして取り扱いを開始しました。

    お求めは、ORGA WEB SHOP または、全国のShopさんへお問い合わせください。

  • ◀World of Tanks – My Two Cents
    Three more rounds with the Centurion family that you wont want to miss!

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  • Airsoft Player Profile: Scrawny Shades
    Shades shows off his gear of choice.

    Do you want to see more play profile load out videos? The more you hit that like button the more we will bring to you.

  • The ASG 1911 LawMan Co2 and the Z-Tactical 1911
    The ASG 1911 LawMan Co2 and the Z-Tactical 1911 from MainIrishAirsoft

    Check them out and go to –

    Main Irish Airsoft Home

    and if you are on Facebook – check us out

    Cut n Run by Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

  • Blade-Tech DMP Magazine Pouch Review
    A review on another one of Blade-Tech’s finest products.
  • BAS 2013 Stirling Airsoft CQB Village Tactical Walk thru
    Stirling Airsoft’s ‘Tactical Walk thru’ of the CQB Village at The British Airsoft Show 2013.
    more info:
    Review of British Airsoft Show:
    Created By: Yosser @ Airsoft Odyssey
    Follow us on:

    Please take time to visit our sponsor

    Video/Design & edits by Yosser from Airsoft Odyssey
    Checkout the blog
    Pictures/Video Copyright 2013 EllieTDog Studios, Wigan
    Filmed on location at British Airsoft Show part of the British Shooting Show 2013

  • Custom Airsoft CM 0.42 AK-47 firing report
    Just some footage of my custom AK throwing some .30 gram ammo at targets.
  • M4 Tanker Rifle
    Please visit our website for more details:

    M4 Tanker Rifle – BK

    M4 Tanker Rifle – DE

  • EvikeTV [The Training Center] – Greasing AEG Gears
    Welcome to the Twelfth episode of EvikeTV’s – The Training Center!
    This particular series of videos will be talk about the many aspects of different airsoft guns, DIY, tutorials and to address questions that people have. This series will be a weekly episode and it will run all the way until June 2013. We will be releasing [The Training Center] episodes every Wednesday!

    Please feel free to comment below on anything you would like to see covered and the comment with the most thumbs up may be the next episode!

    Stay tuned for more series on EvikeTV this year:

    Monday: The Gun Corner
    Tuesday: The Locker
    Wednesday: The Gun Corner, and The Training Center
    Thursday: Rail Space
    Friday: The Gun Corner

  • MadBull PWS licensed SRX Rail – Installation
    The Madbull PWS SRX is based on the popular primary weapons system design. The PWS SRX (SCAR Rail Extension) is a quad-railed extension rail for the SCAR series rifles. The SRX adds 5" to the length of your Picatinny rails. The top rail is 2.7 long and allows the use of flashlights and other accessories to be mounted at the 12 o’clock position without interfering with your sights or optics due to the Finally, the SRX features 2 QD sling swivel points positioned on the sides of the rail. It’s made of high quality light weight and durable aluminum with a matte black finish. It includes a cut out for the gas block and flip up front site. Add this rail to give the SCAR an aggressive superb new battle length and improved function ability. Madbull’s PWS SRX is exactly the rail extension SCAR users have been wanting and now it’s finally here!
  • ◀The Banner Saga: Factions – Need for Mead
    Rurikhan and I have some FUN with The Banner Saga! This is NOT a first impressions, merely a spur of the moment game between friends.

    Rurikhan’s channel –

    Play FREE –

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  • AEX Skirmish Report Classic Army Sportline SCAR

    This Episode we tested and reviewed the Classic Army Sportline SCAR at Fort Ord in Marina, CA.

  • Revision Military Wolfspider Anouncement
    Precision engineering at its finest, the Revision Wolfspider Goggle streamlines size, weight and design for superior comfort and equipment compatibility. It provides an uncompromised field-of-view, best-in-class ballistic protection and high performance frame technology for comfortable, extended wearability. Plus, with distortion-free flawless optics that ensure what you see is where you see it, and OcuMax® coated lenses for fog-free vision, this is the goggle for tactical and military operators.

    The Revision Wolfspider goggle exceeds both ANSI Z87.1 and military ballistic impact requirements. To find out more about Wolfspider go to

    From now through Friday April 5, 2013, customers will receive 2 Revision kill rags and 2 bottles of lens cleaner for free when they purchase any Wolfspider goggle kit through the Revision online store ( Also, customers can enter the discount code WOLF and receive 30% off all eyewear in the Revision online store.

G&G ladder rail panel set in 3 colours

G&G have a new ladder rail panel set which they are making in three colours:

Ladder Rail Panel Set (3 colors)

Simple, Functional, Portable!

image002 (2)

Follow G&G on  –
Official website:
Facebook page(English):
Facebook page(Français):
Facebook page(Español):


Easter 12% off sale @ RedWolf Airsoft

RedWolf Airsoft have sent over details of their Easter sale:

Waiting for a sale on your favorite AIRSOFT gear? Don’t miss the chance to save big this Easter at!

Easter Sale

(RedWolf Airsoft)

New ACP 601 CO2 pistol from APS coming soon

Jag Precision have sent over images of the APS ACP 601 CO2 pistol they will soon be stocking:


Hello, Need a sidearm that hits hard in performance but not on the wallet? The CO2 powered ACP 601 by APS has what you need! This high quality entry from APS Conception into the gas blowback pistol realm is a real attention grabber. The ACP 601 will soon be available at Jag Precision Wholesale and Retail Stores across the world. This is the prototype model of the ACP 601. The production model should be arriving within a few months.


(Jag Precision)

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