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Father’s Day deals from Pyramyd Air

Pyramyd Air are running a promotion in the run up to Father’s Day, tomorrow there will be 6 great deals visible and on Thursday they’ll add a 7th:

Father’s Day deals from Pyramyd Air… the Countdown is almost over!

See 6 great deals tomorrow…
And a 7th on Thursday!

We know what you want!
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(Pyramyd Air)

Op Seoul Survivor video

Outlaw has sent in a video from Operation Seoul Survivor at GMSOG:

Hi Arnie’s, We had an awesome weekend of Airsoft at GMSOG for Operation Seoul Survivor, the camera’s were rolling and got some Epic footage of the land rovers, the Minigun, the Strafer, the RPG, the Helicopter and of the Vermont players.


Propper A-Tacs BDU sets at The Shop at the Grange

The Shop at the Grange have some new products arriving next week:

clip_image004Much excitement at The Shop at the Grange, as we will have A-TACS BDU sets from PROPPER at the end of next week.

To take advantage of our generosity, make sure you order your set, at the discounted price, before the end of next week.

(The Shop at the Grange)

New holsters & helmets at Badger Tac

Here is the latest stock update from Badger Tac:

Hi, We would like to let you know we have some new and interesting items in stock these include the IMI holsters and accessories and the all new L.A.T.C.H Helmet.

The L.A.T.C.H. Light Assault Tactical Combat Helmet is available in Black,Camo,Tan & Green These are excellent replica helmets. They come complete with side rails & 1 picatinny rail, NVG shroud, NVG Retention Bungees. The internals are completed with screws and bolts and everything holds firm and can be adjusted easily to fit all size heads. All the internal pads are removable and adjustable. So if you are looking to complete that Special Forces loadout i would grab one of these while you can.


imageMore Information About IMI Retention Holsters

• Comfortable contoured fit
• Retention with zero time to disengage
• Sits where your trigger finger normally slides at "The Ready"
• Simply depress the lever and remove the firearm
• Fully adjustable for cant
• Rotates 360 degrees for every application (small of back, cross draw)
• Made of durable polymer
• Adjusts with simple Phillips head
• GREAT for civilians, off duty officers & military personnel
• Right handed Polymer Holster
• Protective sight channel

Available In Black Tan And Green and for a variety of models including SIg 226,H&K USP And USP Compact Berreta PX4 and 92, Colt 1911

We also have the low ride belt loops available for these model holsters.

Cheers, Dan and Ratty (Badger Tac)

New products from King Arms

King Arms have sent over details of their new products, click on the small images to view full size:


(King Arms)

Airsoft Global product update 31/5/11

Here is the latest product update from Airsoft Global:

Please check out our new products added daily! Latest Products Update !! Please kind to visit our website ( to obtain more information!


(Airsoft Global)

Razor & Splinter masks at ACM Gear

Here is the latest product update from ACM Gear:

ACMGear product update 31/05/2011

Here at ACMGear we are always striving to bring you the best service and best products around and it is with our great pleasure were able to bring you the brand new RAZOR and SPLINTER masks from Black Bear Airsoft.





We also have the new colours of the Rampage and Raider masks in stock now as well.



We have a lot more Black Bear Airsoft masks to come soon and not to mention we still have a large range of rifles and AEG’s in stock.

If there are any products you want us to stock, you can always post the ideas on our facebook page or even email us in via the contact form selecting product enquiry.

(ACM Gear)

RA-Tech video: KSC M4 vs. WE M16A1

Here is the latest test video from RA-Tech:

We had made a video testing accuracy KSC M4 vs. WE M16A1.


Airsoft Arms Fair 3 montage

Here is Yosser of Yosser’s Airsoft Odyssey’s final video from the recent Airsoft Arms Fair:

Hey Arnies, this video completes the AAF3 series from Airsoft Odyssey:

Its a montage of all the goings on at AirsoftArmsFair3

Don’t forget the blog: also on twitter

(Yosser’s Airsoft Odyssey)

Javelin Airsoft Works – Facebook Photo Contest


Javelin Airsoft Works will be holding weekly photo contests for the month of June on their Facebook page. Weekly winners will receive Javelin Patches and if the participation is good, maybe more.


Contest rules and picture thread are here:

Apocalypse Airsoft training weekend 11th-12th June 2011

Apocalypse Airsoft are running a special training weekend in association with Tier 1:

Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th June – Training Mission : Silent Blade
A special weekend event in association with Tier 1

On Saturday 11th June,  A team of specialists from Tier 1 Military Simulations will be providing training in a variety of key areas including:-  Escape & evasion, sniper tactics, concealment & movement, and field craft. This will be followed by night operations based in or around the Vietnamese village compound.

Sunday 12th June, Tier 1  will also be joining us for the daytime skirmish.

This is an excellent opportunity to receive training from serving/former Royal Marine Commandos, and to put into practice what you have learned.

Price for the Saturday training day will be £15, and for the Sunday skirmish day will be £25.

For those staying overnight, we have an abundance of camping space, alternatively – build a bivi, or bunk down in the village or stockade!

For further details or to reserve a place, visit our website

(Apocalypse Airsoft)

Rebate on G&G rifles from Titan Imports

Titan Imports have a special rebate on G&G Armament rifles:

Dear customers, we are glad to inform that to celebrate our redesigned web-based ordering platform we greatly decreased our prices for the G&G Armament rifles.

imageUntil stock lasts our customers can take the unique advantage of our special prices and enjoy special discount for most of products on our website!

Full Metal, Plastic Blowback and Combat Machine guns are available for you to choose from. Hurry Up! Log in and get them!

imageAll orders will be prepared on first come first served basis. All items on our website are in stock, and ready for delivery. We guarantee the fastest service!

An example? CM16 Carbine Desert color at only Euro XXX  Log-In and see with your own eyes!

(Titan Imports)

DeepFire unveils a new anti-armour weapon

DeepFire have unveiled their new BB shower shell launching anti-armour AT4:

Dear Sir, The AT4 is a joint effort of Saab Bofors Dynamics in Sweden (Combat system development) and Alliant Techsystems in United States (a defense manufacture) to provide a lightweight, manportable, and anti-structure weapon. This is one of the most successful anti-armor weapons that bring the most effective and economical way to achieve one or more of the following objectives: this recoilless rifle can punch a man-sized hole in a solid wall without bringing down the building or can blow up the entire building. It is also more flexible to eliminate or against stationary or moving targets.


DeepFire M136 AT4 project has been running for the past several years and is very successful in building not only an anti-armor weapon replica but with a great performance as the DeepFire M72A2. Our development department utilizes the DeepFire M72A2 launcher system in order to maintain the features of the original real shoulder launcher. We are proud to transfer this great system and excellent technology to the new DeepFire AT4.

We follow the exact physical data and properties of the original AT4 so that our AT4 replica has significant advantages for both appearance and function (i.e. overall length, design, materials, etc.). The only differences are this is not disposable and able to launch BB shower shell instead. The recoilless rifle replica uses a reinforced smoothbore fiberglass outer tube and a polymer smoothbore barrel. The glass fiber outer tube is a one-piece molded construction in a cylindrical and cone shaped. Fiberglass technology has been applied to the outer tube because plastic is not easy to make a perfectly smooth surface and complex shapes. The fire-through muzzle cover and rear seal are made up of soft rubber for excellent protection.


Such powerful weapon always engages the firing and safety mechanism. A person can simply pull out the transport safety pin, push the cocking lever forward (before it was in the SAFE position), hold down the forward safety and press the red trigger. Be sure to read and fully understand all safety instructions shown on the AT4 replica. All these safety and firing features are built-in functions to make sure you enjoy the thrill and excitement of shooting! The color-coded band is the same type of material as the real M136 AT4, which is imported from Germany. Front sight and rear sight will pop up when you press down and pull backward (or push forward) on the sight covers.

This M136 AT4 has been serving armed forces in wars for many years. Soldiers have no doubt that it will serve with accuracy improvement and effectiveness throughout the war. After you play with this anti-armor weapon replica, you will love and understand the reason why military adopted this destructive weapon.

We would like to share a good news with you today. Our development team has been working on a M136 AT4 project for the past several years. This anti-armor weapon replica will be release very soon. To view more information about this new DeepFire AT4, please follow the link below. If you have any questions regarding to our future release product, please feel free to email us. Thank you!


WE Open chamber & EGLM from China at CRW

Here is the latest from CRW:

CRW Update 30 May 2011 News




  • M1014 Shotgun by Double Eagle (M56DL)
  • M3 super90 by Double Eagle (M56A)
  • (CRW)

    Double Eagle shotguns at Hobby e-shop

    Here is the latest product news from Hobby e-shop:

    Hi every one. This time , we are going to introduce some hot items to you guys!! check this out!


    Please come to visit our site Hobby e-shop and Facebook page to get more Items with an extremely economy price (Hobby e-shop)

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