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FireSupport £3000 giveaway starts tomorrow

FireSupport are running a £3000 giveaway starting tomorrow:


Starts tomorrow Friday Jan 1st 2010

Happy New Year from Firesupport

FireSupport January 2010 £3000 prize giveaway

  • 2 chances to win a great prize
  • 32 Prizes (total retail value £3000)
  • 1 prize a day drawn from INTERNET orders of £100 or more on that day and a main prize drawn from all daily qualifying entrants.

(non UK mainland winners will be asked to pay postage if they want to have thier prize, guns can only won by UKARA registered players)

List of Prizes:

Main prize Inokatsu MK43

List of prizes for the daily draws:

Ares Cheytac M200
2 x KJ m700
TM 5.7
TM Desert Warrior
TM Glock 17
Tasco Sight
Star Ras 2 Kit
Star battery torch
£100 Upgrade on a new gun
2 x G&P Eotech 551
2 x G&P Eotech552
2 x G&P Eotech553
2 x £50 Voucher
2 x King Arms Chest Rig -Camo
3 x Magpul Pmag x 10 Box 30rnd
2 x hicap
2 x Propane Adapter
2 x Gas
2 x SGM .29 bb

Thanks Frank, (FireSupport)

RAP4 Hawkeye glasses

RAP4 have some video glasses aimed at recording game footage. No ANSI ratings are quoted and given the limited eye coverage it doesn’t sound like these are suitable for filming gameplay, rather the bits in-between games and during stating/setup:

RAP4_Hawkeye_Video_Recorder_Box_TOP_500 RAP4 is proud to introduce a revolutionary product for your action sports lifestyle. The RAP4 Hawkeye Video Recorder Sunglasses are stylish shades that come with a discreet digital video camera built right into the frame. Hit record and instantly capture color video at 30 frames per second with sound, of whatever you’re looking at!

The Hawkeye Sunglasses allow you to capture all the fun around your campsite, in the staging area, or at the pro shop. Mix game footage from your T68 Land Warrior video system with behind-the- scenes action captured by the Hawkeye Sunglasses to make the ultimate scenario videos! Then wear the Hawkeye Sunglasses hiking and biking for hands-free videography, so you can capture the exhilaration of ascending steep mountain trails or flying high over creeks. All the while, you’ll protect your eyes with the 100% UV-blocking, polarized lenses.

To shoot smooth-looking video, you need at least 24 frames per second…and the Hawkeye Sunglasses go a step better: they deliver 30 frames per second at 3.0 mega pixel resolution with full color and sound! The camera is discreet enough that it won’t make your subjects feel put-on-the-spot, and its light enough that after a few moments you don’t even notice its there. The whole system, glasses, battery, camera, and all, weighs only 39grams, and there are no cords or wires to worry about. The battery recharges with an included AC adapter, and the video records to a Micro-SD card.

For a limited time, the Hawkeye Sunglasses ship with a complementary 4gb Micro-SD card, to get in the field making videos in no time! Each pair of Hawkeye Sunglasses ships with everything you need, including charger, Micro-SD card, and carrying case.

RAP4 continues to bring innovative products to change your game, improve your training, and complement your action sports lifestyle. Real Action Paintball – As Real as it Gets! (View demo video). (RAP4)

WE-Tech A.W.S.S. 4168 Gas Blow Back Rifle at eHobbyAsia

eHobbyAsia have the new WE-Tech A.W.S.S. 4186 gas blow back rifle for sale:

WE-GBB-4168_1_mark.jpgNEW RELEASE! WE-Tech A.W.S.S. 4168 Gas Blow Back Rifle

  • Version 2 Steel made nozzle
  • Full Anodized Metal Construction, 1913 Quad Rails
  • Functional Metal Bolt Carrier
  • Powerful Weapon Over 470FPS MUZZLE POWER

WE 4168 Gas Blow Back Airsoft Rifle – Based on WE-Tech patented A.W.S.S. (Advanced Weaponry Simulator System) platform

WE-GBB-4168_6_mark.jpgNew Version 2 Feature

  • Steel made Nozzle
  • Dual O-Ring Sealing
  • Provide better performance of air sealing


  • Full Metal Aluminium Body (No Marking)
  • WE-GBB-4168_2_mark.jpgExcept Stock & Pistol Grip, this AEG is entirely metal
  • Over 470FPS Velocity Muzzle
  • Functional Metal Bolt Carrier (Activation / Deactivation Lever located on top of the magazine)
  • Bolt hold when magazine is empty
  • Full Sides 1913 Quad rail
  • 14inch 2-Piece Aluminium Outer Barrel
  • 4-Position Extendable Telescope Stock
  • Rear Sight with distance adjustment
  • Adjustable HOPUP
  • Aluminium Made 14mm Clockwise Flash Hider
  • Sling mount can be installed with any single point tactical sling

Remember to check out our Store for accessories

WE-GBB-4168_4_mark.jpg WE-GBB-4168_3_mark.jpg

Happy New Year =) (eHobbyAsia)

Forum news digest for Dec 31, 2009

The latest news posted by our readers in our forums

Spartan Imports – Shotshow 2010

EZ Sling Black from Spartan Imports

In from Spartan Imports is the EZ Sling:

1230ezslingpress EZ Sling Black
Product SKU: EZBLK

Price: Contact Your Local Dealer For Pricing

The EZ Sling Features and Benefits:

  • The EZ Sling is NTOA Member Tested and Recommended. These are REAL slings for REAL operators.
  • Is Universal and Ambidextrous – This allows the sling to fit any long gun or fit any user right out of the package.
  • Is a Three Point Carry Sling – This allows for hands free carrying and allows the wearer to transition quickly and easily to their side arm.
  • Allows the User to "Holster" Their Weapon Across the Back – This allows for hands free carrying and lets the user free to be able to do other tasks without the weapon getting in the way, ie: handcuffing or picking up evidence.
  • Is Designed to be Put in a "Backpack" Mode – A more secure version of the "Holstering" your weapon.
  • All IBD Products Slings are made from 1.5 inch wide Polypropylene and Nylon Blended Material – This provides for more comfort and durability.
  • There are no Metal Parts in any IBD Products Slings – This allows the user to be more stealthy.

(Spartan Imports)

CRW-Airsoft MUR bodies and SUSAT replica

Here’s the latest from

Dear Web master, Here is CRW update, we highly recommend SUSAT replica for L85A1 collectors.

Susat Susat1

CRW Update 30 Dec 09


MUR metal body (Mix colour) for AEG by Big Dragon

MUR metal body (Tan) for AEG by Big Dragon (Highly recommend)

Regards, Eddie (Director,
Please visit our video channel.

ARES – M4 steel parts

ARES have sent over the details of their M4 steel part list:

Dear Arnie, We are pleased to send you the [list] of ARES’ SHOOTER M4 STEEL PARTS.


For more information of our products, please visit our website or please don’t hesitate contact us by return. We hope you will be interested in them and receive your order soonest.

Happy New Year! Best Regards, Kerwin, (ARES)

Gerber product update from Intelligent Armour

Intelligent Armour have some Gerber items that might make decent late Christmas presents:

Gerber-Evo-tool--Evo-Jr-300 Gerber Evo Tool & Evo Jr Gift Pack

Gerber Evo Tool

These high-performance tools blend ergonomics, style, and durability with spring action handles, external one-handed component access, and comfortable contoured grip areas.

Based on their knife counterparts, they feature all outboard components, meaning there is no need to open handles to access tools. Each component is lockable, making these tools among the safest out there. And spring loaded handles reduce user fatigue during extended use.

Gerber Evo Jr Knife
The Gerber Evo Jr is a folding pocket knife featuring One-handed opening with a finger flip that doubles as a finger guard. Titanium nitride-coated Gerber 440 stainless steel blade; featherweight anodized aluminum cut-out handle; pocket clip.

Price £38.00 (Plus VAT & Shipping)

Gerber-Recon-Torch-300 Gerber Recon Torch, discreet and stealthy tactical light

Gerber Recon Torch, with D.I.A.L.™ Technology
If you think the concept of multi-tasking is overrated, don’t tell it to the guys who developed the patent-pending Gerber Recon. Because this long-awaited L.E.D format lets you choose from four different colors of light, depending on your needs of the moment.

The official name for this Gerber proprietary technology is D.I.A.L.?, which stands for Diode Illumination Adjustable Lens. Basically, this new design lets you dial in the color that’ll serve you best: White for general situations, red for preserving night vision, blue for identifying fluids, and green for map reading.

Price £23.00 (Plus VAT & Shipping) (Intelligent Armour)

ICS at ShotShow 2010

ICS will be at the 2010 ShotShow this year:

The biggest gun show, ShotShow, is going to be hold in Las Vegas during 2010/01/19~2010/01/22. ICS is going to have a booth in ShotShow to display many ICS new products, such as new split gear box, tri-burst model MX5 pro, high quality and detail crafted ICS FNC, and the very first MGL for airsoft. They are waiting for your visit. ICS will also display the innovation and design capability. You will have better idea of the concept of ICS new product developing; experience the precise developing production procedures. Every ICS new products are developed from market and customer research and made in Taiwan. That’s why ICS could provide you top quality products.


When you arrive ICS booth, the first thing you see is the branding video. We introduce you ICS brand and product features via creative videos. On the right hand side, the first topic is Design Innovation where display the future models and the concepts under developing. The new generation models, MX5 pro, is the top choice of S.W.A.T. team. ICS has received many enquiries all over the world. The hot MGL from U.S. marine satisfied the desire for suppressing fire. And the FNC, from the hundred years old firearm manufacturer, FNH, is so hard to make, therefore there is not many AEGs manufacturers would like to give it a try. Only ICS reproduces the real FNC production process to make ICS FNC AEGs. So many fans are looking forward to these new ICS products. The Product Innovation section shows each ICS AEG models, parts, and accessories. You can recognize the features of ICS products here, such as instant disassembly structure design. You will also see the new Reinforced Upgrade POM Piston Set, ICS original premium precision spring, and ICS precision BBs…etc. We also prepared the products breakdown demonstration and the videos to show you the philosophy of ICS AEG design.

ICS has been on the market for over 20 years. We are customer oriented. For example, the split gear box stimulates the real m4 disassembly way, the functional grip selector on Galil, the design of L86 battery room…etc. All the design combines the functionality and technology ingeniously.

You are very welcome to visit ICS booth to check our new products and new technology.

ICS booth # 4240

Sincerely ICS team, (ICS)

Airsoft International January 2010 at Spartan Imports

Spartan Imports have copies of the January issue of Airsoft International available for purchase:

Just arrived for USA distribution.


(Spartan Imports)

Product update from Airsoft Global

Airsoft Global have sent us a list of their newest items:

Dear Sir, We have got some new items released. Please kind to visit our website to obtain more information!


Best Regards,Sing (Airsoft Global Co)

UnCo video: TM G36K AEG blowback

From UN Company:

Dear All, We would like to introduce a hot new item to you guys – Tokyo Marui G36K AEG (Blow Back).

We just uploaded a new video on YouTube. Let’s check and have fun with our products.

Yin, (UN Company)

Mil-Sim Labs 2010 line up

Mil-Sim Labs have sent over their latest product news:

P1010050Good day, Mil-Sim Labs would like to announce the latest additions to our product line. Much more to come later in the year, but these items are in stock and ready to ship

  • US M-781 40mm “Grenade” for M-203 launchers
  • Cap Firing Claymore Mine
  • Tactical “Folding” Knife
  • US M49 60mm Mortar Round
  • Version 2 M-37 mortar Round with 50% more weight

Regards, Seth C and the MSL team (Mil-Sim Labs)

SRC 2010 catalogue

The SRC 2010 catalogue is now available for download:

How much surprise can you get in 2010 from SRC? Let’s download the latest catalogue and enjoy it!



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