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  • $10,000 in Prizes! Free Airsoft Play! 90% Off! AirSplat Appreciation Event 2014
    AirSplat Appreciation Event 2014

    Register NOW!

    It’s our anniversary and we want to show our appreciation! Through thick and thin, our fans have stuck with AirSplat for 13 years! On May 17th, come celebrate with us at our headquarters!

  • To The Edge of Real! APS CAM870 Magnum – RedWolf Airsoft RWTV
    Pushing realism to the edge, the APS CAM870 Magnum’s design is like no other. To achieve such realism is something many would call an unrealistic goal. Yet today, APS has stood and delivered. Find out how APS has achieved this feat.

    Products Link:

  • Are 2nd Amendment Supporters Heartless (I think NOT!)
    Are 2nd Amendment Supporters Heartless (Not at all)

    My appreciation of Firearms is rooted deep in my desire to Protect my Loved ones. It is sometimes confusing that people, Americans, cannot understand this simplest reason to exercise my 2nd Amendment Rights.

    Just thought I would share this little snippet into my Life and the things that are important to me.

    Thanks for watching.

  • CAM870M Target Shooting Gunner Style by APS Airsoft
    Multiple Target Shooting using CAM870M Shot Gun made by APS
  • xcortech X3300W preview no2
  • AO Dave Friday Night Slaughter House Part 2
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  • Gas vs. AEG….. & More! Join us for our Live Show! – Airsoft GI
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    Join us for our live show as we talk about one of the most debated topics in the airsoft industry! Gas vs. AEG! What do you think!

  • TheGearlocker net Reviews and Install of the Talon Grips on Magpul MOE+ Grips
    TheGearlocker net Reviews and Install of the Talon Grips for the Magpul MOE Grips.

    Here we have shwell talk about and install the Talon Grips for the Magpul MOE grips. In this particular video he installs the Talon Grips on one of Magpul’s MOE+ grips.

    Please Check out for more Reviews and pics of the Products you see here. is also on Facebook:

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    Shwell is also a contributor and Co-Host of The Shooters Mindset every Wednesday Night at 9pm EST.. Go Check out The Shooters Mindset for more details on Future shows and guest:

  • G&P Mag Assist – Airsoft
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  • AirSplat Office Prank with Airsoft M18 Claymore Landmine – AirSplat on Demand
    AirSplat Office Prank with Airsoft M18 Claymore Landmine
    CYMA M18 Airsoft Claymore Land Mine $99.99

    Armed with an M18 Airsoft Claymore, Shredded Paper, and a GoPro – our warehouse did some damage around the office.

    No orders were harmed in the making of this video.

  • Gunny & Glock – Wrong Taxi – Extended Version
    This dirtbag picked the wrong taxi to jack! The Gunny & Glock are two great ways to protect yourself!

    This is the winning video submitted by GLOCK fan and GLOCK ID member, Gregory Thomas.

    Wrong Taxi – Starring "The Gunny" R. Lee Ermey and special guest, Clifton Collins Jr.

    Semper Fi!

    R. Lee Ermey

    P.S. Have you got a copy of my NEW book GUNNY’S RULES yet? I personally sign each one you get.

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  • WHOOOAAA! Doesn’t That Look COOOOL?? -ASTKilo23-
    Just received some new items….oohhh myyyy. A slick barrel and sharp rail system from Madbull.

    Madbull 14.5in Afghan outer barrel:

    Madbull 11" Troy TRX rail system:

    And the Echo 1 Platinum Edition M4:

    Also check out Brian from Echo 1’s tech page:


  • Bad Blood 2014 – Airsoft
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  • SR Union Airsoft Real Steel Custom Pistol Slide & Barrels – AirSplat On Demand
    Airsoft Real Steel SR Union Custom Pistol Slide & Barrels
    Coming Soon to AirSplat!

    For more about these models and products from S.R.U

  • Smith And Wesson M&P9 GBB Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol Airsoft Megastore
    If you haven’t noticed yet, Smith & Wesson’s M&P series firearms are quickly becoming the sidearm of choice for many law enforcement and military personnel. Adella Relentless gives the lowdown on the M&P9 GBB pistol by VFC, the same name behind the airsoft M&P9C (compact). The M&P9 airsoft series GBB pistol shoots up to 310 FPS — and translates perfectly into airsoft, sporting the same look, feel and weight of the real steel Smith & Wesson M&P9.

    Smith & Wesson Full Size VFC M&P9 GBB Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol

  • Odin Works eXtended Magazine Release (XMR) Installation video
    Odin Works XMR Installation video

    Adding the Odin Works XMR to my Special Ops Tactical AR in conjunction with the Teal Blue Bravo PDQ this thing is almost complete.


    Thanks for watching..

  • King Arms M4 – Combat Ready & Great for Beginner Players | Airsoft GI
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    For players just starting out, it can be a little difficult to know what guns to get, especially for players on a budget. King Arms has put a lot of effort into making a gun that is both combat ready, and affordable priced. The gun has a full metal gearbox, as well as a laser etched receiver meaning it will preform well and look great. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below, and check them out on our website!

    King Arms M4s:

  • UMP vs UMP | A Tale of 2 Guns – Elite vs Competition | Elite Force | Airsoftology
    So, after hearing quite a few questions on the differences in the Elite Force H&K UMP 45 versions (and what $155 vs $235 gets you) we decided to break it down to show you all the gritty details.

    Bit by bit we go over the Competition and Elite UMP45s to see what makes them tick.

    And after watching, don’t forget to let us know what you think. Is the $80 difference is worth what you get in return?

    For more info visit:

    Airsoftology Website:

  • SJR Loop Tests – Part 2
    In this version the load goes through an outer third winding before going to the rectifier. More info coming soon. See the basic transformer design here:

KA Tommy Gun GBB preview from ACE

Airsoft Community Europe have sent over a video preview for the new King Arms Tommy Gun GBB:

Good morning! Starting today with a exclusive video about the upcoming KING ARMS // Tommy Gun GasBlowBack (GBB)

Tommy Gun GasBlowBack (GBB)
Net weight: 3300g
Overall length: 880mm
Inner barrel length: 10"
Main material:  木,鋁合金。
Power method: 134A/GreenGas
Fire mode : Safe/Single/Full-Auto
Magazine weight: 895g
Target release: 4th quarter in 2014

(Airsoft Community Europe)

New Airsoft GI mystery box & Operation Reclamation 3

Here is all the latest news from Airsoft GI:

NEW Airsoft GI Mystery Box!

The Airsoft GI Ultimate Monster Mystery Box will be going live on Wednesday 04/30/2014 @ 5:00 PM PDT. This mystery box will be featuring an Ultimate Monster Box with products worth over $1700! Be sure to use the Airsoft GI coupon codes to help you save on your next order.


Operation Reclamation 3 is near! Few more tickets still remain! Walk-Ons will NOT be allowed at this event. British Reclamation Forces have seized Richmond, Virginia and territory along the James River; securing their supply lines from there to Hampton Roads and Chesapeake Bay. They are now poised to launch a strike deep into the heartland of their former colonies. However, the continued victories of the BRF have drawn the focus of conventional U.S. Forces away from conflicts elsewhere. The true contest begins now; for despite their victories the BRF is essentially surrounded.


(Airsoft GI)

Huge new range of scopes at Pro Airsoft Supplies

Pro Airsoft Supplies have some new scopes in stock:


(Pro Airsoft Supplies)

A.P.S. M870 & custom tactical version @eHobby Asia

Here is all the latest news from eHobbyAsia:


gp-aeg-eh05-l119_1_markG&P Custom C8A1 AEG (L119)
Price: USD 278.00
— 180mm Free Float RAS Rail Handguard
— 247mm Metal Outer Barrel
— C8A1 Receiver Kit
— Polymer Pistol grip
— 5 Position Stock With Metal Stock pipe
— G&P Stubby Raider Foregrip
— 130 rds M16 Magazine
— 2x 155mm Rail Cover
Read more

APS_CAM870MA.P.S. CAM 870 MAGNUM Shotgun (CO2 Shell Eject)
Price: USD 520.00
— CO2 Gas Power Shotgun (Pump Action)
— Metal Receiver, Real Wood Stock and fore end
— Able to hold 6+1 Shell Cartridge 
— Each cocking will load up 1 Bullet
image— Each time can shot 12 rd BBs
— Include Charger, Wad & Sealing Paper
Read more

aps-cam-870m-tac_2_markA.P.S. CAM 870 MAGNUM Tactical Shotgun (CO2 Shell Eject)
Price: USD 725.00
— Magpul MOE polymer Handguard (Magpul462)
— Magpul SGA Stock (Magpul460)
— CO2 Gas Power Shotgun (Pump Action)
— Metal Receiver
— Able to hold 6+1 Shell Cartridge 
— Each cocking will load up 1 Bullet
— Each time can shot 12 rd BBs
— Include Charger, Wad & Sealing Paper
Read more

tm-gbb-hk45-blk_10_markTokyo Marui HK45 GBB Pistol
Price: USD 148.00
— Semi-Automatic Shooting Mode
— Aluminum slide & ABS Frame (Floral Pattern)
— White Dot Front & Rear Sight
— Extreme smooth slide cycling with metal sound
— 24+1 Rds High Loading Capacity Magazine
— Classic Floral Pattern
Read more

PTS-BAD-ASSPTS AEG BAD Ambidextrous Safety Selector (BAD-ASS)
Price: USD 30.00
— PTS AEG BAD Ambidextrous Safety Selector
— Steel Construction
— Include 3 x Modular Selector Levers 2 x Torx
— Screw with Spring, 2 x Safety Detents
— 1 x AEG Selector Plate
— Suitable for Tokyo Marui / G&P M4 AEG
Black Dark Earth

lbuck-srb-red-01_1_markLITEBUCK Mil-Spec Side Release Buckle Strobe Light (Red, Red LED)
Price: USD 27.00
— High performance strobe light system
— IPX 7 waterproof constructed 30M shockproof
— Suitable for law enforcement & military purpose
— High power LED
— Mil-Spec 1 inch Side-Release Buckle
— Red Color Mount, Red Color LED
Read more


Madbull Airsoft at Airsoft Club

Airsoft Club are now stocking Madbull products:

Good news for all MADBULL AIRSOFT fans.

Airsoft Club in Greece will hold stock on MADBULL AIRSOFT products, you can start ordering now!

MADBULL in stock

Don’t forget, we ship all orders from Greece so your order will arrive directly to your doorstep without worrying about customs  or any other extra charges.

(Airsoft Club)

5.11 reactor full zip hoodie & Helikon wombat shoulder bag

Military 1st have sent over details of two of the products they are stocking:

Available now at Military 1st is Reactor Full Zip Hoodie from 5.11 Tactical.

Warm & durable Reactor Full Zip Hoodie comes with large hood, 2 side zip pockets & single arm pocket, elastic hem on sleeves & articulated elbows. Its casual design, weather resistant construction & bartacking at major stress points make it ideal for all outdoor activities. Buy now at


Helikon Wombat Shoulder Bag in MultiCam camo is available at Military 1st.

Lightweight, rugged & waterproof, Wombat Shoulder Bag goes with a number of useful pockets & MOLLE webbing. Perfectly suited for the city environment, ideal for short day trips or commuting. Buy at


(Military 1st)

Introducing the AM22 – A world first in airsoft

Army surplus store Johnsons of Leeds stock a range of airsoft products including the new AM22:

unnamed (9)unnamed (8)

Johnsons of Leeds are proud to introduce the AM22!  This Airsoft Rifle chosen and used by best selling author and ex-member of the 22 S.A.S. Andy McNab himself.

We have exclusively 1000 limited edition AM22’s which bear an engraving of Andy McNab’s signature.

This truly is a rare opportunity to own such a unique Airsoft Rifle, so don’t hesitate to acquire yours today. Click the button to find out more…

unnamed (10)

(Johnsons of Leeds)

APS: CAM870M coming to "alert"

Here is the latest news from APS:



40%-50% off clearance sale on King Arms Items

Here is the latest special offer from

1 (11) Clearance Sale

– 40%-50% OFF King Arms Airguns Accessories and Internals plus Free Shipping Store Wide

– Offer valid While Stock Last! Buy Now

– No Coupon Code Required

– Check out More Clearance Sale Here, including Brands of FMA, DYTAC, CAA, G&P and Others


RedWolf: Why Magpul’s RM4 ERG might be the last of an era

Here is all the latest news from RedWolf Airsoft:

With Magpul no longer interested in manufacturing licensed replicas for Airsoft, the RM4 ERG might just be your last chance to own an actual Magpul Airsoft gun.  Read our review.


(RedWolf Airsoft)

New milsim film from Basho for Tier 1

Basho has a new film available for pre-order:

Hey Arnie, just dropping a quick note about my new milsim film for Tier 1 Military Simulation ltd; Operation Payback.

This incredibly well played event showcased some of the highest quality effects ever used in milsim. Including RPG attacks, EOD detonations, explosive entry and more.

All captured in the 20 minute film from Outside Context, if you have any interest in milsim then this is a must watch!

Promo here:

Many thanks, Basho

New SRU Gear in stock at the Grange

clip_image002The Grange have some new items from SRU in stock:

New Products from SR Union at the Grange
Yet another exciting new product range has just become available at the Grange. SRU have released a small but very impressive range of pistols and tactical bags.

Rapid Deployment Case


The SRU Rapid Deployment Case is a revolutionary new way of carrying your gear on the battlefield. It allows immediate access to your weapon in even the most intense combat situations whilst providing safe, efficient and unparalleled storage for transportation of your equipment. With plenty of room for a full sized assault rifle, magazines, ammo and extras the Rapid Deployment Case will never let you down when it matters most.
The RDC features auto-folding legs, and is made of nylon fabric for the perfect balance of toughness and lightness. Capable of fitting dual standard AR rifles with magazines, and a total weight of up to 18kg, this case is perfect for a diverse range of situations. The inner dividers are modular and attached with velcro, so can be adjusted or removed to create the right fit for your gear
Dimensions: 92cm(L) x 20cm(W) x 35cm(H)

SR-X Apache


The SR-X Apache is a new pistol from SRU closely resembling the XDM. Features include a CNC floating rail, CNC slide and outer barrel, precision hop unit and inner barrel, ultra bright night sights and a sleek, well finished look. Since it has almost identical dimensions to the WE XDM it will fit into any XDM compatible holster. This pistol comes with its own hard case.
Currently available in Black or Grey.

SR4 Stealth


This impossibly good looking compact pistol is based on the PX4 Bulldog. The SR4 Stealth features a CNC aluminium topslide with built in fibre optics, and comes with 2 spare grips to ensure it sits just right in your hands, and also a second mag. Available in tan/black, black or chrome/black.

If you want to know more about these or any of our other products, check out our website at, contact us by email, or give us a call at 01676 534178.

Don’t forget to like us on facebook to keep up to date with the latest offers and promotions.

(The Grange)

New MG42 AEG model video

Shoei have sent over a new video of their MG42 AEG:

My friend photoed the video of MG42 AEG model put on the market soon at our factory, and contributed it to You Tube.


Airsoft Outlet NW spring sale

Airsoft Outlet NW are having a spring sale:

We’re shedding spring and thinking about Summer, and it’s time to pick up some savings along the way! Our Spring Sale features savings up to 50% Off or more!


With everything from GC16 Full Metal Combat Machines (at the same price as plastic carbines!) to Gloves, Tactical Pants, MOLLE Pouches, and more, it’s easy to find something you need a price you’ll love. For a limited time you can also save on Revision Military eyewear.

Take a minute and go check out our Spring Sale, and see how much you can save.


(Airsoft Outlet NW)

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