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New parts at WarIV

War IV Toys International have added a few new and interesting bits to their website. First up a some new 300/600M flip up sights from J&T, one is an enclosed unit the other is a more open design .

Of more interest (well to me anyway) is the Maruzen mount base for the 870 series. It’s made from metal weighs 350g and only costs 51USD. If you’re after a decent scope mount for your 870 (to go with the full metal body/barrel kits that you just know that you need… no you do) this should be at the top of your shopping list.

GB-Tech M870 parts coming to WGC

There’s a heap of GB-Tech parts coming for the Maruzen M870 series which will be available at WGC Shop shortly.

The new parts cover the receivers that we’ve already seen, but also include an upper railed RAS unit, a new metal barrel, a new magazine tube, plus all the parts look to be available in shiny ‘pimp’ silver as well as the more traditional black that we’re all pretty much accustomed to.

There’s nothing on the GB-Tech website at the moment about the parts (last update 7/12/04), but that’s not hugely unusual as their site isn’t updated that fast.

New issues of SZM out

Phew, nearly cleared the backlog of news emails that need to be published. There’s not one but two new issues of Safezone Magazine on the way out, plus an offer on from them at the moment:

Issues 5 & 6 are now both out.. 5 has been out for some time but thanks to a number of factors it’s only recently gone up online. To apologise to waiting customers everybody who orders before the end of today (23rd) will receive issue six for free. If I say so myself, issue six is the best looking magazine we’ve produced so far. Please bare with us as postal services won’t be too quick at this time.

Anyway, we have an offer on at the moment for everybody else which isn’t too shabby at all :) Order issues five & six now and get 25% off! (for 6 GBP UK = 25 % off!, 8 GBP EUROPE, 12 GBP Rest of world) Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all our readers!

Issue five contents:

  • Hong Kong: An airsofters guide
    – Everything (almost) you need to know about Hong Kong and Airsoft!
  • Interview with
    – Tankbusters final interview of the year closes with the German named surplus store and interesting reading it certainly makes!
  • Practically pistols
    – Introduction to the scene. Looking to get into practical pistol or perhaps just curious as to what happens at one of the events? This is the article for you
  • SAS : Ambush
    – John Mac reports on what you need to know to mount a sucessful airsoft ambush
    Investigation into GBB noise levels from silenced NBB’s to full cycling gas blow backs. Want to know what may well be the quietest gas pistol on the market? read on
  • CO2
    Powerlet adaptor review in part two of the alternative gasses reports
  • SAAV : Review
    The old faithful assault vest, it’d be wrong not to review it!
  • Mac 11 : Maintainance Tips
    It does exactly what it says on the tin! Got a Mac 11? Get this!
  • Female Interview
    In what is becoming an almost regular feature.. if only.. another lady softer steps up to be grilled.
  • Summer Photo Competition Results

Issue six contents:

  • SZM UK Championships
    The UK’s first national team competition, Diary of events, if you’re in a team, read all about it!
  • Enola gaye
    Product range review. BB Grenades, Mk5 Thunderflash and Smoke grenades for airsoft use.
  • SAS O.P.s
    Observation Points, uses, how to’s and whys?! By John Mac
  • Claymore mine review
    M18 Claymore review
  • Throat Mic
    Firefox throat mic review
  • M4 Guide
    What M4 ? Part two of the armalite guide series, what brand M4 do you want? Let us tell you.
  • Competition
    Win an MC51
  • Interview with Matt & Ben
    Stirling staff get the Safezone treatment. (Safezone Magazine)

RAP trade-in offer

Click here to visit RAP4The guys at RAP4 are having a trade in offer on their Real Action (RA) gear. So if you’ve got some old and rather ungainly paintball gear in the closet and want to trade it in towards something a bit more realistic you’re in luck. Real action gear still normally fires paint so might not be of interest to Airsoft purists; yet it is well worth mentioning that all the gear they’ve got on offer will also happily use 40/43/68cal rubber (according to available caliber) making the new RA markers some of the most realistic training gear available to date from the Paintball scene. The larger caliber rounds are arguably less penetrative in nature and therefore safer than 6mm BBs in close quarters – particularly at the equivalent higher velocities (>350fps).

Real Action Paintball Announces First Ever Trade-In Offer:

Santa Clara, CA, 12/13/04 – Car dealers let you do it. Computer resellers let you do it. So why dont other industries let you do it, too? Thanks to Real Action Paintball, after today that question can no longer be asked of the paintball industry.

For several years now, Real Action Paintball (online at has offered a range of realistic paintball markers that are designed to give the customer an experience that is as true as possible. The cornerstone of this mission is the RAP4, the first paintball marker designed like a real assault rifle, the militarys M4. Following in that tradition of being the cutting edge of law enforcement and military training as well as real action and military simulation games, Real Action Paintball announced yet another industry first today: an equipment trade-in program.

Real Action Paintball will take any paintball markers, air soft guns, or bb guns in trade, said KT Tran, owner and operator of Real Action Paintball. They dont even need to be working for the customer to earn $150 in credit. That credit, says Mr. Tran, can be used towards the purchase of a RAP4 Paintball Gun, T68 Paintball Gun, or a T16 Paintball Gun.

We unite and serve several disciplines – including airsoft, paintball, military, and law enforcement training – so we decided the best way to serve our broad customer base is to allow them to trade in the old equipment they already have for new.

The offer comes just in time for the holidays, when people might be looking for that perfect gift either for themselves or a friend or family member. Though the end date for the offer has yet to be determined, Mr. Tran believes that it will be a success since it targets a customer base who have already expressed their interest in real action games and training by investing in equipment of some sort.

We just want to make it easier for our customers to get the newest and best products available.

Terms and conditions of the offer can be found on RAPs website, at, and questions can be directed to or (408) 727-3144. KT Tran, (Real Action Paintball)

Whilst it can easily be argued both ways as to whether a specific RA product is better or worse than an AEG for example (my feelings are that it’s all down to personal taste), the fact remains that RA gear is not only something different but also an improving technology that is reducing the distance between paint and standard 6mm applications. I’d not think of these as specific replacements for your AEG, instead this is a different complimentary item that you can have in your toy cupboard to play with – from my own experience the RAM/T16 range are very different in use when compared to a 6mm AEG.

New gear in at BoomArms

Boom Arms have added some new stock to their pages including the G3 light metal body from CA (anyone who’s fitted an original full metal CA G3 body knows how much they weigh), new G17 slide and barrel, and the ClassicArmy MP5k metal body which has been out for a good while but not found in stock at a store anywhere until recently.

Of interest are two new slides made by Prime Airsoft for the WA Infinity range in both 5 inch and 6 inch size format (designed for the SCW v2 pistols). The symbols on the side elude me as to their meaning at the moment. Anyone out their kind enough to email over what they mean?

G&P M3 lamp and grip

G&P have added a new SPR grip end set and a new M3 Flashlight to their pages. The new SPR grip is nothing hugely special, and will take an EG700 or EG1000 motor and fit to any TM M16 series compatible receiver.

The new M3 lamp comes with two new Sanyo CR123A batteries in the box and features a contoured lamp head and more realistic.

New Cover-Tac vest at J-Tech

J-Tech have added a new Cover-Tac Body Armor Outershell to their website today (they did quickly add a new dropleg holster but that disappeared off the front page for some reason). Made from ‘100% Nylon 1000 Denier’ it’s available in both black and woodland camo.

Click here to visit J-Tech

Handily the accessories and pouches for their Tac-M-7 series will fit to the new Cover-Tac vest. If you’re after J-Tech gear and don’t know where to grab some I know that WGC stock their products for one.

Star Airsoft M16 series HiCap

Star Airsoft are now making their own hicap magazines for AEGs now. They’ve just added to their website a 300 round magazine for the M16 series (B Type – whatever that means).

Price for the new hi cap is 35USD and it should be available at your local stockist shortly. No doubt MP5 hicaps then one for the AK series will follow.

Just a few more Christmas cards

Just a few more Christmas cards that I didn’t get a chance to put online while I (metaphorically speaking) had my feet up over Christmas. First up is a card from the guys at Plastic Shot, and second there’s a card from the guys at ClassicArmy Italia and there’s also a card from Nuno (who kindly helps moderate our forums)

I’m adding them here as the cards aren’t just sent to me, but equally are applicable to all the regulars that make this site what it is.

Star Airsoft M900 replica due soon

Nick has dropped over a line with a reminder that Star Airsoft are releasing their own Surefire M900 copy which should cost a lot less than both the SureFire original and the Laylax copy.

The new lamp looks like what’s you’d expect (being an M900 copy) – it features a QD mechanism and fits standard 20mm mounts. There’s a pressure switch either side of the grip, and from what it says there does seem to be both the standard lamp illumination and working ultra bright illumination from the pair of white LEDs at the front. Price is currently undecided, and the release date is set for the beginning of the coming year.

21C Airsoft updates and news

I just wanted to add an update for Bill over at 21st Century Airsoft. They’re moving servers which will mean an anticipated 24-48hr outage while they physically sort things out their end. The server is likely to be down at or around 4PM EST. Before they go offline, it’s worth mentioning that they have added a guide to understanding an AEG (reproduced with permission of ICS), also don’t forget that there’s a section on their site dedicated to upgrade videos. At the moment there’s only the guide for the CA V2 mechbox – but more will be appearing shortly.

Classic Army Price Madness at the Airsoft Armoury

Click here to visit Airsoft ArmouryAllister’s dropped over the latest news and stock updates from the Airsoft Armoury Ltd where there’s been a huge price crash on Classic Army gear:

Latest stock update from the Airsoft Armoury – all in stock or due in by the 23rd of September: "Classic Army Price Madness at the Airsoft Armoury"
as the New Year approaches we have decided to reduce the prices on all Classic Army models for a limited period – Look at these savings:

Was Now
M15A2 Carbine 249.99 219.99
M15A4 Carbine 249.99 219.99
M15A4 Tac. Carbine 249.99 219.99
M15A4 Rifle £249.99 219.99
M15A4 RIS 349.99 279.99
M15A4 SPC 349.99 299.99
CA33 249.99 219.99

All come with the Airsoft Armoury 12 month parts and labour warranty (see our website for full terms and conditions) and all are in stock at this time however stocks are limited and it is a first come first served basis.

Finally Steve, Allister, Phil, Rob and all the staff at the Airsoft Armoury would like to wish all our customers past and present a very prosperous New Year Allister, (Airsoft Armoury Ltd)

Tactical Torches opens

Tony over at Tactical Torches has dropped me a line with the latest from them. Their new website is now online and updated with prices and details on SureFire, Spyderco, Leatherman, Gerber and Zippo/Windmill products (and more):

Tactical Torches is a UK operation founded with the aim of bringing the worlds best lighting products and other apparel at more affordable prices. All UK import fees/VAT/duty have been paid and items are sent from within the UK. Shipping is included in the price except for overseas orders which are welcome.

Tactical Torches customers range from police and army personnel to tradesmen who want the best tool available or to the avid collector.

Tactical Torches reserves the right to withhold the sale of knives to persons under the age of 18 and proof of age may be required.

If you do not see what you want please ask, please also check on stock level before ordering.

Tactical Torches welcomes your thoughts on what we can order for stock so as we can build our company and pass on some great savings. Please email sales@tactical or go to the contact page and complete the enquiry form there. Tony, (Tactical Torches)

New issue of Ballistic out

Click here to read BallisticThe guys over at Airsoft Hawaii have published their latest issue of Ballistic online. In the new issue there’s a review of the Tokyo Marui VSR, a review of the KWA USP, comparisons of differing BB makes, a rather fun Gerirarira’s Team profile and even more news and information …there’s also some text from me on there. Go on pop on over there and have a read of their latest issue.

More random updates from around the world

Nothing hugely thrilling, but Laylax have produced a lanyard hook point for the TM HiCap 5.1 pistol, it’s a “handy if you’re after one not so thrilling if you’re not” kinda thing. There’s also some shots of the upcoming DET-1 Kimber pistol from Sheriff. The shots show their production work so far on the frame, slide and sights. The parts from Sheriff are listed for release in early January 2005.

For anyone after one WGC have the Academy L85A1 back in stock at the moment for 116USD. The Academy L85 pack includes two magazines, and goggles as well as the usual BBs and paperwork you’d expect. The guys at X-Fire have release two new accessories for the TM G18C MAEG, first up is a new piston head, and second is a tool to disassemble the tiny mechbox inside the G18c to do the upgrade (which strangely hasn’t made it to their english pages yet). Star Airsoft are reportedly working on their own M900 replica, but at the moment their website isn’t responding so I can’t provide any links or info on that other than repeat what I was sent via email.

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