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Airsoft and Milsim News Blog: VFC GLOCK19X Crossover | AMNB Review

The Airsoft and Milsim News Blog have a review of the VFC Clock 19X Crossover online. I’ve linked to their review and included their YouTube video. Thanks go to Christian for sending it over:

The best UMAREX / VFC GLOCK made so far?!

The VFC GLOCK19X GBB is around for some time now and players got their experience with it already. Some say “it´s just another GLOCK” and others think “the best one made so far”! So what is the truth now?

Fact is that VFC did listen to the feedback from the airsoft community about the problems with previous models like the Gen3 and Gen4 17s and 19s to make this special model from the real steel GLOCK series a special one in airsoft too. READ MORE…

(Airsoft and Milsim News Blog)


No Airsoft for Old Men–It’s alive!

No Airsoft for Old Men is back! Find out what has tempted Tim Ellwood back to the blog he first started writing in 1986 here.



Strike-Hold have published a report on Leapfest which you may find interesting or inspiring if you’ve ever considered jumping out of an aeroplane yourself (with a parachute) or not:

Leapfest is the largest, longest standing, international static line parachute training event and competition. Conducted by the Rhode Island Army National Guard, the purpose of Leapfest is to promote international camaraderie and Esprit de Corps among Airborne Soldiers, while also showcasing the capabilities of the Rhode Island National Guard.


Paratroopers are specially selected, trained, and highly disciplined soldiers. They are able to rapidly deploy, land, and sustain a powerful combat force to achieve strategic objectives – such as seizing and holding key terrain or infrastructure. They can also be dropped behind enemy lines to conduct raids and other types of tactical interdiction missions. They are typically used as countries’ rapid deployment forces, with the ability to operate on any terrain in any environment with little warning.

Read more…


Shoei Gewehr 43 video review

Shoei have shared a video review of their Gewehr 43:


Two barrels, one of a kind: The CA DT-4 airsoft gun have reviewed the Classic Army DT-4:

Two Barrels, One of a Kind: The Classic Army DT-4 Airsoft Gun

Hot Take: This may be the most unique AEG ever

There is your hot take for the day. Something many people will write off as just another M4 with an extra barrel, is the most unique AEG to have been released to market in recent memory. The Classic Army DT-4; short for double trouble four, is a not-so-subtle evolution of the standard V2 gearbox design, to engage, excite and enhance your airsoft game experience, but what is it exactly? Let’s dive into the mechanics of this revolutionary BB blaster and find out what makes it tick.


Read more…


PTS ZEV coming soon…

PTS are teasing us:

PTS Syndicate Ltd. – PTS ZEV coming soon…

Shooter are you ready?

Shooter, are you ready? Stay tuned with us and you will know what we are going to launch on 12 March 2019!


The “BB finder” is now live on

Airsoftdb have launched a “BB finder” to help you find the BBs you are searching for:

Hi Arnies Airsoft,


We are now happy to release (what we call) the “BB finder” on Airsoftdb (or AirsoftDB) so you as an airsoft player easily can find where to buy the BB products you are looking for.

This functionality is in early beta (and on experimental basis) just like this website itself so improvements are being made constantly.

Currently you can find BBs from around 40 different brands, but more will be added later on (as well as eg. more detailed tech spec lists).

Also with this, you will see the (indexed) retailers from your country first, per product. If there are no indexed shops in your country (with the specific product or not paired yet) you can choose to see a wider area.

The main functionality is still the search and at this point we have close to 400 indexed shops from around 36 countries (+ several states in the US). The work to add shops is an ongoing process and our goal is to add so many as possible, so visitors from all countries will get a good experience.

We hope that many enjoy what we do for the airsoft community.

Lets try the BB finder:


Olight Warrior X tactical flashlight – AMNB review

The guys at AMNB have been checking out the Olight Warrior X:

The need to see in dark areas is a necessity for safety and environmental awareness in a potentially disruptive environment such as a busy warehouse or when hiking outdoors. Their are many solutions to illuminating dark areas which alternate dependent on the purpose and situation.


Olight believe that no one should be left in the dark and have hence developed products dedicated to helping people illuminate their problems. The Olight Warrior X is a tactical flashlight designed to tackle the need for illumination by emergency services and outdoor enthusiasts who need to see long distances with a small form factor.


Read more…


Specna Arms – EDGE series | AMNB review

AMNB have shared their latest video review:

Our latest review about the Specna EDGE Series with you. This time, a video review has been done from us.



CRW official SIG SAUER (SIG AIR) new GBB M17 review

CRW have been checking out the new SIG SAUER SIG AIR GBB M17:

Hi, We have just review and test fire the Official licenced SIG SAUER M17 (P320) Prototype. Only 4 in the world, 2 in Shotshow last week, 1 in factory, 1 in Hong kong for us to test. It has been shot for over 21000 rd BB.

The design is amazing, truly modular to remove the chassis from frame during disassemble even for airsoft version. We also test the trigger pull, very realistic. Please check this youtube and preorder link.

English review

Link to preorder
co2 version

Gas version


BE-X FronTier One Bivy Bag – AMNB review

AMNB have been checking out the BE-X FronTier One bivy bag:

Here’s our latest review about the BE-X FronTier One Bivy Bag.




APS eSilver Edge Gear Box

APS have shared details of their new gear box:

eSilver Edge poster

eSilver Edge Gear Box

After years of development, APS finally released their first Electronic Gear Box, named eSilver Edge Gear Box. A micro chip (Super Dynamic Unit) S.D.U.  that works together with magnet gears set, reinforced piston, quick change spring guide and micro switch trigger that gives you instant trigger response when shooting.  Below are the features of this eSilver Edge Gear Box:

Outstanding GearBox Specification:

Base on our design and testing, eSilver Edge Gear Box works perfectly under 7.4v to 12.5v. The current are always stable at <11 Amps in any voltages between 7.4v to 12.5v. Low and stable Amps means it drains less battery and the lifespan of the components could last longer.

Use of Advanced S.D.U. chips

The S.D.U. chipset that used in eSilver Edge Gear Box has a unique function that stop the gearbox from further damage if electric current is too high. Simply to say, electric current / Ampere will increase if there is a malfunction inside the gearbox. For instant, bad motor, damaged gears or short circuit. When our S.D.U. detected more than 5 trigger presses in exceed Amps, the whole gearbox will shut down to prevent further damage. User has to disconnect and then reconnect the power supply to reboot the gearbox, we strongly recommended user to check the internal immediately if mal-function happened.

Micro Switch Trigger

eSilver Edge Gear Box standard comes with micro switch trigger works together with the S.D.U.,  providing you an instant trigger response when shooting. Base on our testing, the response time of the switch is just 0.02 sec, with the short stroke design of the trigger, it is unbelievable fast and you won’t feel any trigger delay when shooting.

Reinforced parts

APS standard Silver Edge Gear Box has long been famous in its durability. APS eSilver Edge Gear Box further develop its strength, our electronic parts could works between -20°C to 80°C and our mechanical parts could works between -40°C to 85°C. The gear box shell is reinforced, it works under M190 spring used. The rear wires of the gearbox were braided with PET sleeving provides extra protection for the wires. eSilver Edge gearbox standard comes with full steel teeth piston that increase the durability of gearbox too.

Ambidextrous design

There are several electronic gearbox manufacturers in the market but none of them come with Ambidextrous design. APS eSilver edge gearbox revolutionary made an electronic gearbox that could be used in Ambidextrous guns, it works perfectly on APS Ambidextrous rifle fully compatible with V2 Gearbox in the market.

To conclude, APS eSilver Edge Gear box has so many advance features that it will sooner become one of the best gearbox in the market. The Electronic S.D.U is replaceable, repairing is easy and friendly. It comes with Dean’s plug but optionally convertible to Tamiya plug with EBB / AEG function base on request (MOQ 20pcs). Parts are TM compatible, which means further upgrade is available if needs.

eSilver Edge-ReSilver Edge-LeSilver Edge-part1eSilver Edge-part2eSilver Edge-part3eSilver Edge-part4eSilver Edge-part5eSilver Edge-part6


AMNB Review: UMAREX Glock17 Gen4–as real as it gets?

The guys at AMNB have been looking at the Umarex Glock17:

UMAREX Glock17 Gen4–as real as it gets?

We have a new comparison up at the page. What else as the airsoft Glock itself could be in for it.



New Tokyo Arms RPG-7 airsoft grenade launcher

Here is the latest product news from Tokyo Arms:

New Tokyo Arms RPG-7 Airsoft Grenade Launcher (Imitation Wood)

The new products are available for pre-order now.


(Tokyo Arms)

New Joule limits in The Neterlands

Here is all the latest news from

Airsoft news updates

New Joule limits The Netherlands!


The Dutch Airsoft Assiciation NABV announced new rules per April 1st 2019. No, this is not an April 1st fools joke, these are carefull considerations and discussion. Now after month of testing and arguments, the new rules set has been determined and will be effective soon! Former 2013 rules will be replaced entirely. Main consideration are safety, bringing back fun gameplay and limit joule creep. Foreign players that will visit The Netherlands, please also take these new rules into consideration!

The 4 biggest changes in the new 2019 rules:

• The maximum limits are set in Joule instead of FPS.
• A new class has been added: CQB-only. This makes a total of 4 socalled classes.
• Tests are done with at least 0.30 gram BBs.
• A maximum of 0.40 gram BBs are allowed on all game area’s.

More details on our blog


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