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AATV Live EP002: Real vs Repro | Clearwater Airsoft

AATV were live a few hours ago, here’s the stream in full:

NPO: disassembly of the 9A-91 by NPO “AEG”

NPO have posted a video showing a teardown of their 9A-91 AEG, always good to see what is inside and how it’s built!

Airsoft replica 9A-91 by NPO “AEG”

Anyone fancy a NPO 9A91? Here’s a new overview of the NPO AEG by the manufacturers themselves:

APS: Phantom Extremis Mark VI

APS have a new video of their Phantom Extremis Mark VI up now:

APS Phantom Extremis Mark VI

  • Power up to 350 FPS
  • Rate of Fire 600-650 (8.4v)
  • CRS Buttstock
  • Dynamic Handstop Type B
  • Sound blaster Type B
  • 6” Evo. Tech. Handguard



Femme Fatale Airsoft: Viper Tactical VX Buckle Up Chest Rig

From Femme Fatale Airsoft has posted a video fo the Viper Tactical VX Buckle Up Chest Rig for everyone to enjoy: Angel Custom Hornet Tracer Unit

Checkout the Angel Custom Hornet Tracer Unit available over at Airsoft Evike!

Kane tries out the ICS XFG

Fancy mask wearing Kane tries out the ICS XFG pistol:


Recover Tactical: NEW 20/20 Stabilizer & G7 holster

Checkout the new Glock accessories from Recover Tactical!

Hi Sir!  I’m extremely proud and pleased to inform you that the Game-Changing NEW 20/20 Stabilizer & G7 holster system are getting ready to ship!Full Recover Tactical product line.

Have a nice day. All the Best,
Romain Lecosnier, (

AMNB overview – Wiley X Rogue Comm

The guys at AMNB have been checking out the Wiley X Rogue Comm glasses:

Protect your eyes well,… you only have one pair!

Eye protection is by far the most important thing. Not only in airsoft. Charge my if I´m wrong! One brand I personally trust is WILEY X. Over the years, I tried out different brands too but these have become my favorite once. Why? They just fit me well and I feel very comfortable with them.

Read more…


Cheap eyewear and sunglasses – SmartBuyGlasses

Screenshot 2020-03-08 at 20.03.24Eyewear is sometimes a must, be it riding motorbikes, driving cars or just when out in the sun at a game or near the field. I come across a few site of interest and tripped over SmartBuyGlasses who have some decent discounts on certain brands. There seems to be discounts for signups and they don’t look like copies or fakes and you can get prescription lenses made up.

Screenshot 2020-03-08 at 20.07.00

APS Thor – This launcher will make your grenades better! – RedWolf Airsoft RWTV

We do like  bait of the old broomstick, and apparently so do RedWolf!

Airsoft Mike reviews the ARCTURUS GR16 MOD5 AT-HT01-BK

Airsoft Mike has reviewed the Arctururus GR16 courtesy of Taiwan Gun. Here’s his latest video:

PTS Steel Shop flash sale–up to 50% off

PTS Steel Shop are offering up to 50% off in their flash sale which runs until Saturday 29th February 2020:

PTS Steel Shop Flash Sales Up to 50% OFF


Up to 50% OFF on PTS Steel Shop Flash Sales

PTS Steel Shop has something good to share with you all! We are going to have Flash Sales on last week of the month!
Up to 50% OFF on this month Flash Sales, we will keep on explore and select more products to our dearest airsoft fans on Flash Sales. Keep an eye on our deals and you will discover more than you expected!
Promotion Date: NOW- 29th February, 2020 (Last 3 days)
*Only on PTS Steel Online Shop

Shop NOW!

Check out the ZEV OMEN review from Joe Lau!

Check out the latest ZEV review from Joe Lau right NOW!
PTS ZEV #OMEN SLIDE KIT and V2 Pro #Compensator are available now in PTS!
Special thanks to Joe Lau and Dragon Walker

Order OMEN Slide NOW!

Order Compensator NOW!

(PTS Steel Shop)

AMNB Review | EPM1 Magazine by PTS

AMNB have added a review of the EPM1 mag, made by PTSto fit M4 compatible magazine AEGs. It’s a madcap that has a handy round indicator window on the side. Have a read!

Happy Valentine’s Day! (from Umarex)

Shared form their Facebook pages, Happy Valentines Day from Umarex. Large balls and a large boomstick, can’t complain! Yes, it’s a paintball revolver, yes it’s .50cal but the T4E HDR 50 is a bit of a beast.


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