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CODENAME: Asylum, Oct 15th 2005

Justin, (Summit Lake Entertainment) has droped in an update about the charity event that they are running. Here’s the press release:

Contact: Justin Brown, Media Relations, Summit Lake Entertainment. Tel: 815-773-0023


September 28th, 2005-Joliet, Illinois- Summit Lake Entertainment announced
today it will once again host the popular CODENAME: Asylum, charity
Airsoft CQB Event on October 15th, 2005. The second charity event will
benefit the Forest Park, Illinois Police Department to assist in acquiring
Airsoft equipment for training purposes. The second CODENAME: Asylum
Airsoft event will be held just outside of Chicago, in Forest Park at a
two-wing, multi-level, abandonded retirement home that has been used by
several law enforcement and fire departments for training in the past.

The Forest Park Police Department and Special Response Team will also
again participate in the event, using it as a training opportunity and a
unique way to familiarize themselves with Airsoft related equipment. We
are excited to be working again with the Forest Park Police Department on
another Airsoft charity event to bring Law Enforcement closer to the
Airsoft community, said Justin Brown Event Organizer for Summit Lake
Entertainment, And we look forward to meeting several new Law Enforcement
agencies that are coming to check out Airsoft as a training tool.

The CODENAME: Asylum Airsoft CQB event will give participants the
opportunity to play in a very unique environment and assist the Police
Department in their training. Participants will be divided into several
groups and go through several different scenarios throughout the day,
including a hostage situation, a terrorist group with WMDs, a worker gone
postal, and regaining the building from terrorists to name a few. The
Forest Park SRT will face off against the participants on one of the
scenarios, while uniformed patrol officers will train on Felony Car-Stops,
with the airsoft participants playing the role of the bad-guys. Our
officers learned a lot from the last charity event and look forward to the
realistic training opportunity, comments Eric Bell, training Officer for
the Forest Park Police Department. Summit Lake Entertainment will again be
filming this event for a future Airsoft video project to be announced.

Always looking ahead, Summit Lake Entertainment will also be hosting an
upcoming 2 day Airsoft event tba, June 10-11th, 2006 and CODENAME: Thunder
III on August 12-13th, 2006 near Chicago Illinois. Summit Lake is
currently in post-production of the CODENAME: Thunder 2 event DVD, the
sequel to its popular original Airsoft DVD, CODENAME: Thunder. The new
DVD will feature intense airsoft action and continue the storyline of the
U.S. incursion into Colombia to take down drug lord Hector Chiro, and is
due out before Christmas 2005.

Based in the Chicago suburbs, Summit Lake Entertainment specializes in
start-to-finish event production of remote location Airsoft and Paintball
related scenario events, as well as setting a higher standard of
cutting-edge action sports videos featuring Freestyle BMX, skateboarding,
Mountain Biking and Boarding, Paintball and Airsoft. SLE videos have
featured William Shatner, Tony Hawk, Dave Mirra and other celebrities and
athletes in the past. Summit Lake Entertainment also produces short films
and is developing other film projects.

For more information go to; email or stay tuned to this website. Justin (SummitLakeFilms)

More Tokyo Hobby Show 2003 shots from 101 Airsoft

Silvia at 101Airsoft sent in an email to say that they have just returned from the hobby show and came back with a selection of new shots and videos from the event.

Tokyo Show Airsoft Release from

The 45th Annual Tokyo Hobby Show (Plamodel Radi-con show) is just ended on September 24, 2005. Our 101Airsoft Team has taken some snapshots and video (live demos) from Tokyo Marui.

Click here to view. Enjoy the photos and video!

Visit us at Silvia, (101Airsoft

Op: Biohazard only 28 days left’s only 28 days left now before the next Operation: Biohazard game commences. Here’s the update from the organisers:

28 Days Left! As of this notice, 26.SEP.05, there are only 28 days left to register for Operation: Biohazard! Registration is closing soon and spaces are filling up fast!
(retailers/wholesalers see below)

Tired of the same old Ops? Want a good excuse to dust off that old gas pistol that’s just rotting in your holster? Maybe you’re just a zombie fanatic looking for something that’s truly unique and scary to do for Halloween. We’ve got your “Survival Horror” right here! If you’re worried about the MilSim aspect, you’ll use it all, from tactics to stealth! The infection is spreading and we’ve got you covered from coast to coast!

Over $1000 in prizes have already been donated by:
Airsoft Advantage, Airsoft Extreme, Kastway Airsoft, Redwolf Airsoft, USG Airsoft, and WGC Shop, with several more already in the works! See here for more info: SPONSORS

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of one of the most talked about events of the year! Again, spaces are limited for each engagement, so don’t wait. Use the link below and register now! (Registration link)

Retailers: It’s not too late! If you have an interest in sponsoring this event, please contact us as soon as possible as registration will close soon and there is less than a month before the Operations start taking place.

For your generous prize donations, you will be featured on the official Operation: Biohazard website under the “Sponsors” link (all year long), “Photos” link, your logo featured in the program for the event, honorable mention in the feature/cover story in Issue #8 of The NAM: National Airsoft Magazine (due out in time for Christmas – 15.Dec.05) as well as featured on the official DVD being produced for the event (also available on 15.Dec.05)!
All this for your generous donations!

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of one of the most talked about events of the year!
Please simply reply to this email or email us at:

Intel forums: Please see banner attached and thank you in advance for posting the information! Staff, (Operation: Biohazard)

Pro-Arms at AirsoftShop

Click here to visit AirsoftShopEddie over at AirsoftShop dropped over an email to say that he’s (well AirsoftShop is) going to be a worldwide distrubutor of a new Airsoft product

under the brand name "Pro-Arms".

So far the Pro-Arms lineup includes a series of red dot scopes, the obligatory M14 RAS mount, and a scope mount. You can find the full list of products on the front page of AirsoftShop.

Francis’ shots from the hobby show #2

Here’s Francis’ (HobbyAsia) shots from the same show that I said I’d add last night when I got a free moment to do so. As usual click on any image for a larger version.

Shots from the Hobby Show #1

Stone has sent over some shots from the recent Hobby Show in Tokyo that are courtesy of Takehiro Yamamoto (based in Tokyo). According to Stone, he had the good fortune of actually attending the September hobby show and he provided these pics to the guys over at Airsoft Ohio.

The pictures are self explanatory, MP7 for Christmas he said.. :)

New Marushin and TM releases

I can’t upload huge files at the moment because I’m on a laptop in the middle of nowhere but Francis at HobbyAsia mailed over a series of photos from the Hobby Show that was on last week in Japan. I’ll add the shots as soon as I can (probably tomorrow), but for now you can find the photos on HobbyAsia’s site.

Airsoft Collector also mailed over some listings that he received via email from Marushin and Tokyo Marui. The new evolution of the Marui M4A1 AEG is mentioned in the release news (it’s about time given that CyberGun, STTi, Classic Army and a multitude of others make better versions with some being much cheaper), as is the 4.3inch HiCapa GBB, a mini AEG SIG SP2340, a mount base and hicap mag for the M93r electric pistol and a series of M14 accessories. Marushin have a load of new gas toys on the way in 8mm fomat, with new versions of the M1/M2 carbine, automag, 1911 and Sig P210 in the works.

ICS looking for more distributors

Patrick Wu at I Chih Shivan Enterprise Co. Ltd (ICS) asked if I could add some information to them to the site here. Following their postings in the forums they are looking for new distributors around the world. They already have distributors in a few countries but are looking for more representation in the western world.

Distributors will receive direct co-operation with the ICS factory itself, and anyone interested should contact:

I Chih Shivan Enterprise Co. Ltd (ICS),
No.34-1, Chyan Liau Rd, Shenkang Hsiang, Taichung County. 429. Taiwan.
Tel: +886-4-2525-6461
Fax: +886-4-2525-6484, Web:

Expo Airsoft West set to provide some good Airsoft exposure

Revy Samia has sent in an email with a press release about a large Airsoft expo that’s being organised by a group that have experience in these sort of events. Here’s the press release:

Pomona, Calif. (Sept. 2005) Expo Airsoft West – a consumer show for the
airsoft industry – will be held on Feb. 25 & 26, 2006, at Pomona,
California’s Fairplex, home of the Los Angeles County Fair. This show will
provide a comprehensive look at airsoft products, services, and safety
issues. All aspects of airsoft will be included for distinctive players,
ranging from the beginner to recreation and scenario players to professional
operators. Participating exhibitors will be showcasing and selling their
products and services to airsoft devotees. For attendees, it is an event
where they can Learn, Shop, and Network with the industry.

Expo Airsoft West (aka Airsoft West) will be co-locating with the 5th Annual
Paintball Expo. “We are pleased to achieve a broad base of consumers at the
Paintball Expo and to see the crossover opportunity to Airsoft West"
, said
Revy Samia, producer of Paintball Expo. Last year, 6,300 enthusiasts
attended Paintball Expo in just two days. "The common denominator of airsoft
and paintball is that they are both action pursuit type sports
", added
Denise Hoy, Paintball Expo, LLC®. She continued, "It’s nothing like having
the perfect venue for the two all under one roof."

Airsoft West is produced by Paintball Expo, LLC®, a company that provides
encircling integrated marketing programs, such as enhancing brand identity,
generating sales, and building product awareness for valued customers and
clients in the airsoft and paintball industry through a trade show

For more information on how Paintball Expo, LLC® can help one achieve
advertising and marketing objectives, please call us at 800.590.4989 or
visit us at


. Revy Samia, (

Updates from JungleToy

There’s a heap of new updates over at JungleToy, Alvin’s also mailed me to let me know that they have opened a new store in Sugarland, Texas, USA.

The address for the new store is 3211 Highway 6 South,
Sugarland, TX 77478. The telephone number for the new store is 281-491-2090
and they are open Tues – Sat from 10am – 6pm and closed on Sunday through Monday. Here’s the other updates:

SRC SR4 Factory Backed Warranty: All SRC SR4 AEGs now come with a 30-day warranty!
Additionally, any SRC SR4 purchased from JungleToy, SRC will throw in an extended warranty that covers an additional 60-days!
This warranty policy is first of its kind in the Airsoft industry. Complete backup from the factory, Star Rainbow Toys Co. (SRC), with the help of the international distributor, Spring Time Taiwan (STTi), and a US based Airsoft retailer, JungleToy, LLC; three reputable international companies, working together to provide quality service to customers in the USA.

Within the first 30-days of purchase, if anything goes wrong with the SRC SR4, JungleToy will provide service and warranty to the customer. (Given that the SR4 is purchased from JungleToy). For the next 60-days, JungleToy will cover all parts necessary to fix the SRC SR4. The user will be responsible for only a $20 service charge. (This service charge includes a return ground shipping.) That is a total warranty coverage for 90-days! A total value worth over $100! Details can be found at:

SRC and JungleToy wants to sponsor teams in the USA: We are looking for well organized teams to be enlisted in our sponsorship program. Benefits include:

  • Special team discounts on bulk purchaseEarly notification on upcoming products and releasesA link to your team’s website on JungleToy.comSpecial individual discounts on personal equipment and tactical gearSpecial coupon codes just for your teamFree stuff
  • Unbeatable deals on AEGs

Contact for more info.

Special Offers: Get 5% off when you purchase over $100. Use the coupon code “septshowdown”.
Valid till end of Sept. ’05.
Details can be found at Alvin Hu, (JungleToy)

HK416 style AEG at

I apologies as this isn’t going to be a particularly picture heavy update as my connection isn’t that fast where I am at the moment.

Felix at has sent in an email to day that they have made a custom HK416 style AEG that’s for sale in their shop at the moment.

For those of you not familiar with the designation it’s an M4 style HK body with an AG36 launcher fited to the underside and a RIS railed front end. CHeckout their website for the shots of their new creation.

News from G&P

Cathine over at G&P has sent in an email covering al the latest with them, which includes a series of new M14 accessories with more on the horizon (including a new G36 folding stock):

Hello Arnie,

We have release many new products!

GP442A M14 RAS Kit
GP442B M14 RAS Kit with Military Type 30mm Red Dot Sight
GP456 AK GP25 Grenade Launcher
GP457 6mm BB Grenade (18rds)

The following products are our new products and will release on around next month!!

GP443 M14 Barrel Top Cover (Carbon Black)
GP444 M14 Barrel Top Cover (Brown)
GP445 M14 Scouting Type Scope Mount Base
GP446 M14 Tactical Scope Mount Base
GP469 G36 Folding Buttstock

Best Regards, Cathine, (G&P)

VCR Bill update

The discussion over the VCR Bill and the issues it brings is still going on. Over at they are asking for real signatures rather than electronic ones, so do take a moment to download the sheet they have there to collect some signatures and send it back in to them.

Also in the same vein is an update from Steve over at Cybershooters. The reinactors and military vehicle collectors have realised that the bill as written may well apply to items such as vehicle mounted equipment on their classic (and newer) military vehicles.

Just a reminder that letters and visits to MPs are still needed to try and stop or more likely get some decent amendments to the Violent Crime Reduction Bill. One thing that was pointed out to me recently by a collector of military vehicles was that technically, he will be prohibited from selling his tank, which has a deactivated gun incorporated into the turret. Because no doubt it will be classed as a "realistic imitation firearm". There are various rumours floating around about proposed amendments to the Bill and various exemptions the Home Secretary may or may not make for certain purposes such as re-enactment, however, it’s certainly not going to hurt to tell your MP that you oppose this prohibition. Steve, (Cybershooters)

A sentry gun that’s not your average PIR mod

Scary things you can do with spare time and a heap of electronics #35b. Aaron at ASR mailed over a link to this project page (written by a different Aaron) for an automated tracking sentry Airsoft gun.

Okay, “quintessential” might be going a little far, but it’s enough to frighten me. The idea of this project was to create a fully-automated sentry gun, capable of picking out a human target and accurately tracking and shooting him or her in the heart. Really, the idea was to find a cool robotics project for the summer while I was working at an advertising agency, and I’d only ever seen sentry guns in movies (like Congo) and video games (Half-Life 1, Half-Life 2, Team Fortress Classic). I couldn’t find any record of anyone building one, even the military, although it seems likely I just didn’t look hard enough. It’s a pretty simple technology. One of my friends did mention the Phalanx anti-missile gun, which is of similar design, but uses radar for tracking instead of an optical method. The Phalanx has been around since the early 80’s. He was also quick to add that there are some pretty good reasons for not building an optical sentry gun, a big one being that it’s generally a good idea to shoot down any missile headed in your direction, but that same philosophy may not be the best when applied to humans. If you’re here just to see my little brother get shot with it, scroll to the bottom. :) Aaron Rasmussen, (How We Built the Quintessential

Sentry Gun)

Latest RAP4 newsletter – SWAT Competition

Click here to visit RAP4 The latest newsletter from RAP4 has arrived in my email inbox here.

The newever real action markers (RAM/RAP17) have now, according to their mail, made their way into a S.W.A.T. "Best in the West" competition in California, which is certainly good for PR in the less-lethal and non-lethal world:

Real Action Paintball LLC is proud to announce the latest version of the RAP17 and RAP4 LE are to be used in the up coming Annual Best in the West SWAT Competition. The RAP17 has been taken off the shelf for six months for redesign and improvement and now the first beta version is unveiled for the first time in this prestigious event. The latest version offers a stronger body, highly reliable and ease of use; it will also have a new exterior design. According to Real Action Paintball LLC "The RAP17 is not available for purchase until November of 2005".

From Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office: Best in the West is the largest invitational S.W.A.T. competition in the Western United States. This event is now in its 15th year. Each year, members of the departments Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team design, physically construct, and run an intensive two-day, 7-course competition, pitting S.W.A.T. teams from all over the West against each other, in a multi-jurisdictional learning experience unequalled in this part of the country. With numerous yearly variations and twists, designed to keep any returning teams from becoming complacent, and to keep all teams challenged to the utmost.

RAP17 and RAP4 LE will be used in the "six-person team". Four officers carrying pistol (RAP17) and two carrying rifle (RAP4 LE). The team must go through an obstacle course of vehicles, at the end of which the officers must engage live “bad-guy” targets. The participants then progress through obstacle testing the team reaction time and target-identification abilities under stress.  The targets presenting "hostage" situations, it requires the team to physically force entry into a fortified stronghold identify and neutralize numerous threats and rescue a real-weight "hostage" dummy.

The RAP17 is designed to replicate the look, feel, and functionality of a real modern handgun.  The RAP17 functions like a real handgun with a strong blowback action. It’s powered by a 12g disposable CO2 cylinder located inside the pistol grip that capable of firing more than 50 rounds. A 10 rounds of paintball can be loaded into each magazine and the magazine is inserted into the pistol grip just like a real handgun

The RAP4 LE is designed to replicate the look, feel, and action of the real M4. With features that mimic the M4, such as shell ejection after every shot, magazine fed paintballs, and a collapsible or solid stock which houses a Co2 cylinder.

More about Best in the West: Members of Sheriff’s S.E.R.T. unit begin planning and working on this annual event in February of each year, the vast majority of this effort occurring on their own time. Only the two days of the actual event are considered "work-time", and even those days usually stretch far beyond the normal 8 or 10-hour day these deputies normally work. Sheriff Smith views this team with great pride, not only for their own standard of excellence on S.W.A.T. operations they have performed, but for their dedication and professionalism in managing Best in the West.
Surviving solely on corporate and private donations, and the modest fees charged to vendors of law enforcement oriented products, Best in the West charges NO fees of any kind to the participating teams. In these days of restricted training budgets, but increasing tactical situations, Sheriff Smith believes firmly that any venue which can serve as a training ground, and as a forum for exchange of ideas and tactics, deserves her utmost support. This event not only gives tactical teams a chance to challenge and learn from each other, but also brings together administrative officers from the 30-plus participating teams, which come from as far away as Texas.
Occurring entirely on the grounds of the Sheriff’s Range in south San Jose, this year the event will be held on September 22 and 23, 2005.

Spectators are welcome: Directions

The facility is located in south San Jose. To get there:

From the North:

– Take Highway 101 or 85 south and get off at the Bernal Road exit.
– Turn right (West) onto Bernal road.
– Follow signs to Monterey Highway, right turn off Bernal
– Turn left (South) onto Monterey Highway
– Go South on Monterey 1.3 miles and turn left (East) on Metcalf Road.
– Go over highway 101 and turn right (South) onto the frontage road, Malech Road
– Go South on Malech 1 mile, the entrance to the range is on the left.

From the South:

– Take Highway 101 North and get off at the Bernal Road exit.
– Turn Left (West) onto Bernal road and go under both Highway 101 and 85.
– Follow signs to Monterey Highway, right turn off Bernal
– Turn left (South) onto Monterey Highway
– Go South on Monterey 1.3 miles and turn left (East) on Metcalf Road.
– Go over highway 101 and turn right (South) onto the frontage road, Malech Road
– Go South on Malech 1 mile, the entrance to the range is on the left.

Staff, (Real Action Paintball)

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