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WGC Christmas surprises

WGC have sent out a Christmas press release, complete with details of their latest competition:


Crown your year as a WGC customer, WGC Shop has prepared you THREE big surprises! Hurry! Special treat from 26 Nov 2007 to 3 Jan 2008 only!


Join our Christmas Draw
Bring Home the Luck

For every order over US$300 at WGC Shop during our 2007 Christmas promotional season, you can earn a chance to win our fabulous prizes! So the more you spend, the more chances you have of winning!

Lucky winners stand to win:

  1. VFC MK43 MOD1 – US$1280
  2. VFC BAR M1918A2 Standard (with carry handle & bipod) – US$1XXX
  3. Magpul PTS Experiemental Airsoft Carbine RAS – US$690
  4. VFC FN SCAR FDE – US$420
  5. G&P M16A4 RAS – US$388
  6. Marui Colt M1911A1 + PGC Body Set ( CKW Special ) – US$3XX
  7. Marui MAC 10 – US$232
  8. A&K M249 Para – US$250

#All gifts do not include shipping, taxes and are non-exchangeable.#


8% OFF for ALL orders
Instant Saving

Purchase during 2007 Christmas promotional season, you can enjoy 8% less for ALL your orders at WGC Shop. Exclude special offer items and Christmas Packs. Not compatible with other discounts.


Special Packs

Thinking about a gift for your friends or for yourself? WGC Shop got you some special Christmas Packs. They are all in special offer! To save your money, let’s check them out! Supplies are limited! Hurry!

click here for more details

Terms & Conditions:

    * This promotion is open to overseas retail buyers only.
    * Orders must be placed during 26 Nov 2007 to 3 Jan 2008.
    * This promotion is subject to the availability of the selected items.
    * This offer is not valid with any other discounts, coupons, membership discount, shipping discount, or other promotions.
    * This promotional offer cannot be transferred or forwarded.
    * Regarding to Lucky Draw, order subtotal (not including taxes, shipping, etc) after discounting 8% must be over US$300 to qualify for the entry. One winning entry for each order.
    * 8% discount is not valid on special offer items or Christmas packs. It applies to item price only, not including shipping, handling, or taxes.
    * WGC (Hong Kong) reserves the sole discretion and final determination.


For enquiry, please contact

ECHO1 Minigun video and custom JP rifle

brian There is a video of the upcoming ECHO1 minigun on YouTube now (on Mad Bull Airsoft’s video pages). 400fps of spinning mega BB fun by the looks of it too.

Included (inset) is the technical diagram of Brian and the new Mini Gun. :)

No word on price or more details, but as soon as there’s more on it I’ll post more up:


This is one of our most exciting moments! ECHO1 Mini gun.

400 fps. Detail to be released soon!

Video here on YouTube. (ECHO1)

While I’m on the topic of Brian, Mad Bull Airsoft sent over another post a few minutes ago, so rather than start a new post I’ll add it on here:


Brian (the crazy guy who played minigun on the previous post) sent me photos about his amazing JP Rifles 308 modification.

This is an example to show what you can do with you JP rifles kits.


I also post it on MadBull’s website. If anyone have this kind of amazing work, pleas send me the email and I am wlling to post on MadBull website. Email:

Link here.

Best Regards, Mad Bull Airsoft

Airsoft Dorset "Spec Ops"

Mike at SpecOps has mailed in about a new site that they have near Bere Regis in Dorset:

Airsoft Dorset ‘Spec Ops’: We have been given the green light to form a new site at Bloxworth, near Bere Regis in Dorset. It will be a site open to all with no load out limits and standard UK site fps limits.It will all be on the ‘Broadreach ‘section which is 2500 acres and encompasses every type of woodland including rivers.

We will only use small sections on a game day,varying the location as and when we see fit.We will be putting in car parks,toilets,shelters and a covered shop/cooking facility,but most importantly we have permission to build bases where ever we wish.These will be a proper military type, i.e. dug-outs with sandbag and camo nets and trench systems .Work will start at Christmas. Mike, (SpecOps)

Echo1USA shotguns – three variants

119_01 In from ECHO1USA are details and shots of their new shotguns. Obviously as you can see in the promotional shots they are made by CAW in Japan and branded under the E1 name. Here’s the details:

Dear friends,

ECHO1 Shotguns available now. 3 models available.

131 a6ff89e88761f1f4ba7eba91f7d377d2.image.407x550 119_04

  • Made in Japan
  • Calibre: 6mm
  • Velocity: 400 FPS
  • Magazine Capacity: 29 (6mm)
  • Link here

Best Regards, ECHO1USA

1-19-2008 Tabor City, NC – Operation: Midas Touch

The guys at National Airsoft Tactical Operations have mailed us about Operation: Midas Touch:

National Airsoft Tactical Operations is proud to present Operation: Midas Touch. This will be an all day (12+hours) airsoft scenario event to be held at Adventure Beach Scenario Paintball in Tabor City, NC (80+ acres) on January 19, 2008. This event will have multiple missions for each team as well as special GPS based missions. This event is sponsored by Airsoft Armory USA, Club International Airsoft (Website coming soon) and SC Army Outfitters, we will be raffling off some great prizes

Classic Army M15A4 Sportline Carbine
Multicam 3-day Assault Pack (MOLLE)
GBB Pistol Package (Bell Beretta M92F GBB, Bag of BB’s, Can Green Gas)
(will update prizes as the info becomes available)  […]

Click the link to read all the details about this event.

Read the rest of this entry »

X-Fire new items

Yuriko has mailed in some updates from X-Fire:

Dear Sir.

Hello. I want to introduce our new items!

“For PTW 04 Inner Barrel” Made of SUS304 (Stainless steel).


Inner Dia.6.04mm.The tolerance is ± 0.002mm. We ready to get 3 size , 509mm,374mm,269mm. We’ll get them on this weekend & start to sell !

main_ad “For Tokyo Marui DETONICS.45” Oval Hole Hammer

Yuriko Mimoto
PDI Co.,Ltd
Tel : (81)736616322
Fax: (81)736616323

Max Tactical shots in the wild

One from MAX Tactical too while I’m doing updates from my email:


We just got a photo from Afghanistan about US soldiers using our Muzzle Cap for their rifles. The toy version is available from ECHO1USA.


The real deal is designed by Johnny, Art Center, which is available from MAX Tactical.

Regards, MAX Tactical

Free stickery stuff from Mad Bull

Post #2 for Mad Bull, get some free stickers!

Ask your local retailers if you need one.

It’s free. For retailers and end users. 16X16CM

Static electricity sticker. Make sure your windows is clean (no dirt, water, oil…) and put inside your window.

Bull-16X16CM-YELLOW-final DSC_0967-2

See photo attached. Best Regards, Mad Bull Airsoft

Mad Bull news from Asia

News in from Mad Bull Airsoft for everyone:


After long biz trip in Asia, I bring a lot of new stuff to you guys!

(1) Handheld Chrono start to ship out this week. MSRP: $99 but price may veried due to custom and shipping charge. Our first production has been sold out. Next production will be available in 2008.

We will provide manufacturer direct warranty to all users for 1 year.

(2) New toy photos attached. Price start from $10.

IMG_0084 IMG_0090

(3) 100% CNC Handguard will be released soon at lowest price in the market.

(4) 3 different metal bodies will be released soon. 2 of them are 100% CNC. Followed by real deal manufacture processing.

(5) 120dB Training Stun Grenade will be available outside USA very soon. CO2 powered.

Best Regards,

MadBull (Mad Bull Airsoft)

Last few spaces available for 24/11/07 Resident Evil Game at Camp Proteus

Res-banner-2 Belladonna has been in touch to let everyone know that there are now 12 places available for Saturday the 24th’s special Resident Evil event at South Yorkshire Airsoft’s Camp Proteus Site in Nottinghamshire:

South Yorkshire Airsoft’s Resident Evil event has last minute cancellations to this previously sold out event!

There are 12 places available now on the Umbrella team! (Black kit only for UBCS side).

Book fast, interest is high!

For further information:
Proteus camp South yorkshire Airsoft:

As I write most likely some spaces are already being booked, so this is your last chance to get a place, most likely. Good luck!

ICS Conducting Research in to new models

sac_needs_you Come one, Come all!

ICS recently announced the release of the new SIG 551, the prototype was made in black and several members raised their desire for the replica to be perfect in all aspects including colour. This means ICS would need to change it from black to gray.

What they want to know is, Do you want it Gray or Black!!!

A poll has been set up so cast your votes, please even if the weapon isn’t on your wish list vote as it will help ICS understand what the trends and feelings are in the airsoft community.


Gunner Airsoft Release M249 Parts for CA and A&K


Just been browsing online retailers based in Hong Kong in preparation for my upcoming trip next week and it seems Gunner Airsoft has got their hands on individual parts for the M249 that are compatible with both the A&K and Classic Army replicas of this weapon.

They currently have the following parts in stock:

What would be great is if they could also release both the MK. I and MK. II fore-grips as well as possibly some RIS/RAS covers as well. But for the prices. Also they now have fake 5.56 belt fed rounds to attach to your M249.

Exclusive Images of the ICS SIG ARMS 551 rifle

P1130535 (Large) Well guys, I finally got permission to release news on the much anticipated ICS SIG 551.

ICS has been working very closely with the SIG team on recreating a perfect replica of the SIG Arms 551 rifle, there are one or two difference between the ICS and the real steel SIG but these have been put in by the SIG team but trust me if you have never seen or used a real steel SIG 551 you won’t know what these little differences are.

So check out all the images here!

Thanks again ICS for allowing Arnie’s Exclusively release this information

MAGPUL PTS to Join Forces with Systema

magpul_pts_logoIn the past few years, Magpul Professional Training and Simulation Division had introduced a series of unique design accessories to the Airsoft market, including PTS M4/M16 Airsoft standard magazine with Magpul Ranger, PTS version MIAD Grip, PTS version Magpul Ranger for M4/M16 Hi Cap magazine, PTS version Enhanced Trigger Guard, PTS version CTR, etc. All these accessories are very popular in the market.

In our continuing effort to achieve our ultimate goal of producing high standard products for our valuable and premier customers, I am pleased to announce that Magpul Professional Training & Simulation Division is planning to put our own unique design AEG into production soon. Meanwhile, Systema Co., the renowned and reputable manufacturer in the market with great professional expertise in the production of Training Weapons, airsoft gun gear box and upgrade parts, would become our major partner in the provision of gear box and internal parts solutions. In future, all our Deluxe Version AEG and Training Weapons will use Systema Mecha-Box and internal parts. I am confident that with the closer co-operation between Systema Co and us, this can greatly enhance our product quality and ensure that each and every Magpul PTS AEG and Training Weapon is of superb quality for all of our prestigious customers


Magpul Professional Training & Simulation Division (Magpul PTS)

MAC10 Performance Update.

Not to be confused, the MAC 10 sports a plastic body on the final product. There has been a small error in the previous news update stating the gun is full-metal which is incorrect.

The body of the gun uses the same ‘blast finished’ coating which is found on the Tokyo Marui’s new series of GBB Pistols and AEP SMGs. The silencer included in the gun has a slight rubber coating for the smooth feel. pdi boc mac

The gun is set at a 45 degree angle in the box to accommodate the silencer, magazine, charger, battery, and other small parts. Roughly the MAC10 as stated  from PDI’s homepage "it is about the size as a WA MINI UZI." 


 hopup mac10

The gun’s hop up is a dial type system which is accessible from the gun’s ejection port by simply pulling down on the bolt. This picture shows the MAC10 upper receiver removed to show the hop up dial which located behind the barrel.  What has been done differently is the inner barrel is a short barrel that cannot be visible from the muzzle and has a nickel plate coating instead of the usual brass colored barrel. This is to ensure the realism in Tokyo Marui’s new SMG. The bolt is also designed to lock when turned in a 90 degree action to prevent the ejection port from opening.

Also in news and pictures from Chameleon Japan, (Chameleon Japan) and Military Blog (Military Blog)




Tokyo_Marui_Compact_AEG_Mac10_003 Tokyo_Marui_Compact_AEG_Mac10_005



  Pictured above is Chameleon’s own custom LIBRA Weapon Pouch. It is like wrap-around holster that uses a fine velcro layer that does not sound loud when you rip the velcro off. It is designed to hold any SMGs and pistols and is strapped on to your Molle vest or web belt. Product information can be found here: Libra Weapon Pouch 

Tokyo_Marui_Compact_AEG_Mac10_017 Comparison between the Tokyo Marui MP7A1 with the Tokyo Marui MAC10 side by side. Not noticeably large, however the MAC 10 does have just as much to offer as the MP7A1.




This is a video made by Chameleon as he shows over the features of the gun. Disclaimer: Video is in Japanese! Nihongo wakarimasen!

Also to add, PDI JAPAN X-FIRE has listed a performance chart comparing the stock inner barrel vs. PDI’s 01 barrel. Currently the MP7A1 barrel is used to test, however later they will test with a longer inner barrel designed with the suppressor.

Velocity Test
Mac10 (normal) / 0.2gBB(Marui)/ Indoor
Average 250.95 ft/sec 、76.51 m/sec、0.59J
Mac10 (01 inner barrel/135mm STD size)/ 0.2gBB(Marui)/ Indoor
Average 259.65 ft/sec 、79.16 m/sec、0.63J
Mac10 (01 inner barrel/242mm Long size)/ 0.2gBB(Marui)/ Indoor
Average 268.40 ft/sec 、81.83 m/sec、0.67J

Much thanks to Chameleon, PDI , and Military Blog.

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