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Some updates from the globe

Well TokyoMarui have added news to their site and confirmed that their GBB P226 will be released on the 14 of April, you can see their own page for the release here. If you want to pre-order the piece, AirsoftDynamics are retailing the P226 pistol at 115UKP and are charging 25UKP for spare mags.

Over at Big-Out (Japan) they’ve posted news of a lanyard style power cord for TM’s electric G18C. Not a bad idea I think that one, as with a decent external pack you’ve probably got the most reliable backup piece you could wish for. They’ll be selling the complete kit and instructions to fit one yourself for around 5,000 Yen, and if the Big-Out model doesn’t make it to places that export the the West I’m sure someone will produce a very similar design shortly that does.

ClassicArmy have updated their website with a leaflet for their M15 CQB and also a poster for the CQB.

Over at Craft Apple Works they are selling some custom MEU pistols that they’ve worked on. There aren’t going to be many made available so if you’re lucky enough to be able to order direct you’ll have to move fast. The custom pistols sport accurate decals on both the early and late models including Springfield markings and retail at around 24,000 Yen.

At ClubMichelle there’s two mini reviews of some new replica grenades that are available. I’m not familiar with them myself, however they the designs look to be Japanese in origin (there’s one here, and another here).

Meanwhile over at Depot53’s news and review area they’ve added details that they’ve expanded their site with technical manuals for readers, plsu added some news about some training manuals and details on the GuayGuay M14 AEG.

The guys at Nato-Works are making some custom PA-MAS pistols that are the French variant of the M92. The pistol is based on the KJ Works full metal M9 to make their life easier, which is understandable as there’s no point reinventing the wheel. No details on cost yet, but the pistol shoudl surface at your local HK dealers and suppliers shortly.

Troy Industries seem to be a popular ‘gucci’ firm to copy at the moment, which is quite understandable I guess as their gear is very different and does look quite nice so long as you don’t mind rails. Over at Armored Gallery they have two new productions that are Troy Industries varients by the name of the CQB-SPC A4 and A5.

In website updates the guys at AirsoftRetreat have added a review of a RockMount bipod written by joesnuffie. If you’re looking for a bipod and are on a budget then this could be the one for you.

I’ve just upgraded my VSR-10 to 550 FPS and next on my list was a bi-pod. I was in WalMart looking for new rings for my scope when I noticed a new product on the shelves in the firearms accessories department – the RockMount bi-pod.

I picked it up and looked it over, making sure it would fit my VSR-10. The VSR-10, as well as many other airsoft sniper rifles and real rifles, have a steel sling mount eyelet where you would attach a sling. This eyelet is also where many bi-pods will attach. This particular bi-pod is the type that fits into this eyelet and not a RIS. After seeing that it would be a perfect fit, and that the price of $39.99 was cheaper than anywhere I’d been looking online, I called a friend who also wanted one and I bought the last two.
joesnuffie, (AirsoftRetreat)

there’s loads more to add.. but I’m running short on time. More later (International Airsoft Retailer Association)

So you’re looking to make a purchase and not quite sure where to turn? Well WGCShop had a really good idea back in 2002 and setup (International Airsoft Retailer Association). The idea behind the site’s creation was pretty simple; initially the site was designed to facilitate the sharing of information between members, specifically individuals that were blacklisted from trade normally because of suspected fraudulent activity and to share information about new products.

The system has evolved into more than that though, and has become a form of “seal of approval” for bonafied retailers. Do bear in mind that if someone’s not listed on there it doesn’t mean that they aren’t trustworthy, they might not know about the system or not be interested in the sceme for their own reasons, but for a consumer it’s a handy point of reference.

Details on the grenades from Escort Co.

AS4L (Airsoft 4 Less) have sent over some more details about the new Airsoft grenade that’s coming from Escort Co. of Japan. It’s hard to spot exactly how it works in these shots but the base looks to open up in some way to eject the BB contents:

Here are some photos of the new airsoft grenade developed by Escort. These photos show the stages in the firing cycle and an overall visual description of the grenades design and authenticity. Expect further updates this month including photos, manual, and video. AS4L

Referee vests at D.E.D.

Daniel Hazlehurst (D.E.D. USA) has sent over some more news about the electric hit detection vests that they are going to be stocking over in the USA:

Hello Airsofters, is officially starting to take Preorders for the IDS REFEREE as of 4/02/05!

The IDS REFEREE is a revolutionary gaming vest that eliminates the need for human referees in the sport of Airsoft and Paintball. The T&T IDS REFEREE will identify the kinetic energy of Airsoft & Paintball ammunition the instant the projectiles impact on one of the sensors located in the vest or helmet. When a sensor is hit, the T&T IDS REFEREE activates an acoustic and visual alarm (a buzzer and/a LED) for a time period of 90 seconds. There are three distinct models of the T&T IDS REFEREE. The first model is the IDS REFEREE MOLLE; this model is designed to work in conjunction with all current MOLLE Vest systems. The second model is the IDS REFEREE VEST; this model is a complete vest and sensor system. The third model is the IDS REFEREE HELMET. Each model is designed to activate independent of the other models, but all three models may be combined to form the T&T IDS REFEREE TOTAL GAMER. (Copyright 2004-2005)

MSRPs are as follows:

IDS Referee MOLLE 99.99USD,
IDS Referee Vest (black or camo) 150USD, IDS Referee Helmet 109.99USD

For game promoters and field owners: The IDS Referee now transmits to a PC. This allows fields to:

Host a Wild West quick draw competition and determine who hit who first
Have field tournaments without the worry of human error or persons
Have all AEGs turn off when the IDS Referee is activated
Plus a whole lot more!

IDS Referee Transmitter Vest (black or camo) 299.99USD
IDS PC Game System 234.99USD (must be used in conjunction with transmitter vest)
IDS AEG Shutdown 99.99USD. Daniel Hazlehurst, (D.E.D. USA)

SoftRAM kits now at RAP4

RAP4 are now stocking the SoftRAM kits that we mentioned a while back in their RAP4 Airsoft section. The adapter kit is dead easy to install and converts a standard paint RAM into something a little more useful to your average Airsofter. If you like gas rifle systems but aren’t too keep on external gas systems or the older classic out there this might be for you:

Introducing the next generation of realistic war games and combat training: RAP4 AirSoft Systems and Kits. […] regular AirSoft products are normally manufactured out of plastic unless you willing to pay for an expensive upgrade.

On the other side, standard paintball guns have their own set of potential difficulties. They are typically bulky, and make use of ammunition that immediately changes shape and becomes unusable when exposed to moisture.

Conversely, RAP4 AirSoft Systems have a all-metal construction, giving them the weight and feel of a standard, real-world assault rifle. They are also waterproof, meaning your training or game will be able to continue under any weather or environmental condition. RAP4 AirSoft Systems can even be completely submerged in water and still be fully operable. […] RAP4 AirSoft Systems use CO2 to operate and are capable of putting out more than 400 feet-per-second of power, providing groupings of 7 inches at over 50 yards. This level of power and accuracy – not to mention dependability and durability – will take your training and war games to a whole new level.

This is the long waited conversion kit that convert your RAP4 into a high power AirSoft rifle. The kit comes with everything you need for action.

This kit comes with a RAP4 A1 6mm barrel, all you have to do is swap the barrel and insert the adaptor and you are ready to rock and roll.

Effective range approx. 90 yards.

The package includes:
1 x Airsoft conversion kit adaptor,
1 x RAP4 A1 6mm Barrel System,
1 x 30 rounds magazine
and 1 x manual, taking less than five minutes to install in your own rifle. (RAP4 Airsoft)

First&OnlyAirsoft site details

Gucci over at FirstAndOnlyAirsoft has sent over some details from their site that they have just opened up near Matlock in Derbyshire:

First & Only Airsoft is a brand new Woodland site that has just opened up near Matlock. Derbyshire. First & Only is run by two complete airsofting addicts, Gucci and Mitch. Who decided to open an airsoft site instead of getting proper jobs. Between us we have been airsofting for over12 years. We are also members of the LFO (Lenton First & Only) airsoft team LFO Website .We play airsoft all over the UK, mainly at Lightfighter and Stirling Services plus many other cool sites.

Our site is a pine wood that has been planted on old Victorian Quarry workings, which creates a unique and varied landscape. This helps gives the woodland has a bit of Vietnam feel to it, so we have built structures to compliment that theme. The varied terrain allows for close intension action and longer ranged firefights. It is definitely a sneaky beaky site. If you use the terrain wisely you can get anywhere unseen and set up for the kill. Snipers youll love it.

At the moment we are building a Vietnam style firebase with sunken bunkers and interconnecting trenches. We must have used 750+ sand bags on this bad boy so far and we aint finished yet. We have grand schemes for our site and plans to make the features on our site some of the most impressive and playable features that can be found on an airsoft site.

The scenarios we play are geared towards making the most out of the sites features and thus youll find a lot of long tense games using cool rules such as medic and capture rules. We love ambushes and using booby traps so dont take anything for granted when playing, its intense gaming out there!

As well as the site we also build custom guns and provide a repair and upgrade service for your guns, so if favourite guns gone down dont stress we can sort it for you.

We love our food at First & Only so weve got ourselves a canteen tent and we provide Food and Hot drinks continuously. Be prepared for some huge tasty burgers and man size hot brews.

We are open on Saturdays. We ask all gamers to be on site for 9am and we start the site brief at 9.30am. Games are run through until about 5pm or when it gets dark. We have a private car park on site for our gamers.

Green Fee – 20 (You require you own weapon and equipment),
Green Fee + Hire Gun + Equipment – 35. First & Only can organise gaming days for large parties or corporate events. If you wish to book an event at our site, then please contact us.
Please contact us if you are coming down for a game or want a little more information

For more information please email or You can also call us on Gucci 07976 32028 or Mitch 07843 095902. Gucci, (FirstAndOnlyAirsoft)

Plastic-Shot updates

The guys over at Plastic-Shot have moved to a new host and design, plus the winner of the comic content is online too:

Just wanted to let you know that at Plastic-Shot, we’ve switched website hosts-no more Geocities for us( finally!). The new site, complete with a whole new layout and design can be found at: I’ll set the old site to forward to the new, but I need to transfer a few more files (reviews and bios).

Also, the winner of the Plastic-Shot comic contest’s comic can be seen on the new site, it’s on the front page as of now.
zootso, (Plastic-Shot)

First video of MadBull’s 470 system posted

madbull (head of MadBullAirsoft) has posted a link to short video in the forums showing the first functional prototypes of the new 470 CO2 system that they are pioneering. The video was made at around 0400 by the engineers in Taiwan and there’s lots of apologies all round as the guys making the video aren’t video professionals and were rather tired at the time that they were making it. Thus the realmedia format video isn’t great, but it does give you some idea of the noise you can expect from the new replacement gearbox units.

The mechanism does need the charging handle racking back to load the first shot (just like the real thing) and from what I see is single action only at the moment. Power and recoil look to be superb, with the system due to be available in various forms and power levels in the future.

A full auto version of the 470 needs a three stage expansion chamber, and at the moment there’s not much room for this in the current design. The current version will only be for the v2 M16 AEG series, but other models are coming in May. The first samples will be around in May and trials will be conducted around them to get some feedback on the designs. More details as and when they are available.

First thoughts on the Guarder Shooting Chrony

Are you interested in the Guarder Speeder 2000 chrony? Well Carl (that’s the fella behind AirsoftInnovations) has posted his thoughts over at AirsoftCanada after playing with one of the new models:

First impressions is that it’s pretty nice. It includes an internal rechargable battery which is good and bad. Good because an internal pack makes for a nicely integrated device. Bad because if you forget to charge it for awhile you can’t just put in a fresh 9V, you have to use the wall wart adaptor that they include. At least the adaptor is a nice small switch mode power supply that only occupies one electrical socket. It doesn’t block off two plugs like the big heavy transformer warts that are slowly being phased out.

Of course I pop off the cover in the first 5 min of ownership:

Nicely soldered boards. Clean silkscreened traces and surface mount components. They use a configurable microcontroller that they burn instructions to as opposed to a bunch of descrete components (indiv’ logic chips). Not as cheap or super high run as a custom chip, but a good choice for medium run stuff that you want to launch quickly… Carl (aka MadMax on the AirsoftCanada discussion boards)

Season two of SledgeHammer on the way

Paul up in Sheffield has sent over an important email reminding me that season two of Sledge Hammer is due for release on April 12. So if you want to find out what happens after Sledge destroys most of the civilied world by setting off a nuclear bomb (he did know what he was doing.. apparently), best get in and place your order now. RowdysDVDs are stocking the DVD, and if you want it a bit earlier PlayUSA are showing it as coming in on the 4th.

Not got a clue what I’m on about in this truly random update? Well grab the trailer for series one form the downloads section, or get the series one box set over at PlayUSA.

New products at TheCombatStore

Alun at The Combat Store has dropped in some news form him about a couple of new items of gear in stock:

Multi Compartment Trauma/Ultility Pouch: A Web-tex version of the current issue medics trauma pouch.

Comprises: one large compartment which can be split into, two
double hinged smaller compartments, both with covers
and two side pouchs for pens, scissors etc.
Multi direction metal loops at top of pouch for attaching to front of webbing (ie, can take the place of an ammo pouch)

US Woodland BDU Shirt: Original issue Woodland Shirt featuring four pockets
with re-enforced elbows.

Due to this being an issue item there is a limited stock amount.

**note. This is a Grade 2 item, for details pleae see the ‘Bargain Deals’
home page. Alun, (The Combat Store) reader offer

Adam (aka Telnets) has dropped over a line about a manufacturer, and a new 10% off reader offer for you guys. Here’s the latest read the full article to see how you can claim your discount:

Afternoon Arnie,

I just wanted to inform you, and the Airsoft community that I have been working with a manufacturer (which has contracts with the Canadian military, U.S. military, local authorities and their tactical divisions) which is now offering their products to the public. They are currently expanding to the Airsoft community and the unique thing about them is they dont just carry a select line of products to order from like other manufactures. They can actually custom design and manufacture whatever youre looking for. Its great! I just had them take features from 3 of their vests and combine them all into one for myself and its the best piece of kit I have ever owned! Their prices are amazing too, because they manufacture everything themselves most of their custom work isnt much more then buying a regular product off the site.

I have also convinced them to make a special offer to the Airsoft community (This extends to ALL Airsoft players local, or overseas. Basically anyone reading this post!). Just mention you saw them on Arnies AND the URL in your email when ordering and you will receive an additional 10% off anything you order! They are just getting their website updated to bare with them while they do. Adam (aka Telnets)

New parts from Sheriff

Tuyoshi at Sheriff has very kindly sent over shots of some new products that they are launching. Included in the updates are a new slide for the TM P226 GBB which hasn’t even officially made it to the shelves yet. This should mean an outburst of P226 parts and ultimately a decent P226 GBB for anyone that’s been after one but can’t stick the Tanaka model.

Also newly added we have the DET-1 Gunner Grip, and also two new flashhiders for the M4 series, one being the Rebar Cutter the other a Troy Industries model that’s due out next. Here’s the shots they sent over:

TAX MAN Half Life 2 LAN/Airsoft Event

Jason (aka Hellmutt) over at has sent over word of a LAN and Airsoft party that’s goingto be held over at NW Tactical in Kent, WA. Here’s all the details (images from last event):

We are holding a Airsoft and LAN Party on April 15 at NW Tactical in Kent, WA.
NW Tactical is an indoor military and law enforcement training center that we
have a special arrangement with to hold LAN Party & Airsoft events. Participants can play airsoft games with realistic airsoft weapons or they can play
on their PCs in our LAN. This is a very unique type of LAN party. We think that this
would be a great event for you to feature on your site. presents: HL2 AIRSOFT & LAN PARTY
WHAT: LAN Party and Airsoft Event
WHERE: NW Tactical – Kent, WA
COST: $60-$80 – Airsoft/LAN | $25 – LAN ONLY | $40-$55 – Airsoft ONLY

Gear required: LAN Event: Computer, headphones, power strip, ethernet card and cable Airsoft Gaming: Airsoft gun, Sim Body Armor, Head/Face/Elbow/Knee protection

In addition to several military trainers who will hold a class on entry methods, we also
have 3 developers coming from Valve to the event:

John Morello II – Animator / Game Designer.Originally from Chesapeake, Virginia, John came to Valve via the MOD community.
As lead animator and designer on Day of Defeat, John has spent the majority of the
past few years modeling and animating the objects and characters in the popular
WWII themed online game.

Martin Otten – Software Developer. Martin comes to us from Germany where he attended Dortmund University earning
a masters degree in computer science. He is best known for programming Argus
(for Quake) and Half-Life TV (as a contractor for Valve).

Kelly Thornton – Sound Engineer / Game Designer. Kelly arrived at Valve via the Half-Life mod community. While earning a Masters degree
in Business at UM-St. Louis, he helped develop and did sound work for Day of Defeat.
Seeing video game development and sound engineering as the obvious natural
progression to come out of an MBA and an undergrad degree in biology, he packed
his things and headed west to Valve.

Groups of 4 or more will be extended special pricing of $60 for Airsoft & LAN. So if you can get 4 friends
together you can save $80 on standard admission.

Sign up will begin March 21 and end April 8. Call or email NW Tactical for more information – 425-251-0498 Jason, (NW Tactical)

More TM M14 details coming shortly?

It looks like TokyoMarui may well be spilling some more beans on their M14 AEG project. No doubt the recent announcements from Guay Guay and Guarder/Star concerning their own models have spurred things along at the TM camp somewhat. TM are due to exhibit at an event (ShotShow?) in Osaka on the 2nd and 3rd of April and also at the Spring GekishinMatsuri ToyGun Bazaar on April 16/17. Apparently the SIG P226 and the M14 will be shown off. I should point out that the words "first general release" are mentioned BUT it’s hard to see if they are specifically referring to the M14 or not.

Shown over at TM’s pages is the above image of the upcoming TM M14 AEG, which shows off some prototype parts including the metal receiver and trigger guard. At least there’s proof that there’s more there than just the de-act that’s been seen at other tradeshows so far. Thanks go out to Chuck (aka Stone of TeamStrikers for the link/details)

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Gorilla Airsoft Radio
Airsoft Medicine Specialist Swedish Military Experience Group
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