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Airsoft International Volume 4 Issue 5 out now

image There’s a new issue of AI out:

Airsoft International Volume 4 Issue 5

I do believe that this is the best issue we have published to date. We have two new sections.

Gallery: Is yet another way along with our extremely popular Local Load out section for players to get involved with their favourite Airsoft Magazine?

Shop check: Is for all of you retailers out there. If you’ve got something to say about your business then Ai is the place to say it.

image image image

Our photography has improved and we’ve reached new production levels with this issue that no other Airsoft magazine can reach.

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Frontline take on Bobster, Zan, and Ram distribution

Frontline have new tactical gear in (Bobster, Zan, and Ram Distribution):

Frontline introduces Bobster Eyewear, Zan Headgear, and Ram Instruments, Bobster manufactures high quality eyewear inlcluding:

· Sport glasses
· Goggles
· Shooting Glasses

Zan headgear offers

· Bandanas
· Balaclavas
· Hats
· Beanies

Ram Instruments offers various time pieces such as:

· Wrist watches
· Belt watches
· Chronograph watches
· Dive watches

To see online catalogs click below

Please contact me with and questions and pricing.

Thank you, James Willard

Frontline Business Solutions International
8880 Benson Avenue Suite #119
Montclair, CA 91763 USA
Telephone: 909 931 4526
Fax: 909 931 4529

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SOCOMGEAR CE Certified LI-PO Batteries

SOCOMGEAR have mailed in concerning their Lio-Po batteries:

4 models available now. More models coming!
CE Certified LI-PO Batteries.
Real Voltage, Amp, and C value.
Designed for AEG. Not rebrand RC batteries.
Check more details.
– CE [BCT07CC-116E] AND SGS CERTIFIED [EC405564100]


NOTE: The CE marking (an acronym for the French "Conformite Europeenne") certifies that a product has met EU health, safety, and environmental requirements, which ensure consumer safety. (SOCOMGEAR)

BBs from the sky: Get to the choppaaa!

Not quite Airsoft, but it’s close enough:

Hi Arnie! Here is a news you could like:

Wind Toys & Hobby has finally released the Falcom: a radio controlled helicopter that fires BB Balls.


The Falcon is Co-Axial so it’s really easy to control and can flight 8 minutes before you got to recharge the batteries.

I tested the prototype during the Nuremberg Toy Fair and it’s really fun!!


AK-74SU, APS SR-2 and L96 at Airsoft GI

Airsoft GI have some new kit in:

Brand new at is the much anticipated Tokyo Marui AK-74SU. This thing is incredible.  The metal body and blowback action on it is a huge step up from the flimsy/plastic Tokyo Marui we’re used to seeing.  The hand guard is plastic imitation wood but you wouldn’t know it unless you looked really close.  All of these extra features are in addition to the performance and reliability that makes Tokyo Marui #1.


And don’t think we’ve forgotten about you long range players out there. Just in, straight from Japan, is the Maruzen APS SR-2 and the Tanaka L96. These are the guns that the Chinese clones are built off of, and if you’ve seen the Jurassic Park trilogy then you know that nothing is ever as good as the original.  Be sure to check out these great new addition and more at

image image

Airsoft GI

UN Company 29092008

Here’s the latest newsletter from UN Company:

New Items at UN: For this week we have searched for a lot of new items at our shop. I will introduce them as follows:

1) King Arms Galil SAR KA-AG-15

i. It is of 7mm Bearing Version 3 Gearbox
ii. The Magazine is 130 Rounds
iii. The Overall Length is 860mm
iv. The Hop Up System is Adjustable
v. The BB Size is 6mm
vi. The Velocity is 330 FPS
vii. The Batterys is 8.4V – 12V AK Stick Type
viii. The Package includes an AEG, a Manual, a Magazine, a BB Loader & a Box
ix. The Main Building Material is Aluminium Alloy, Steel Alloy, Nylon Fiber
x. There is a 6065 Aluminium Metal Body
xi. There is 7mm Bearing Gear Box with Brand New Design Bolt Carrier Operating Mechanism
xii. There is One Piece Metal Outer Barrel, Adjustabel Front Sight with Dummy Flip-Up Night Sight, Moveable Dummy Selector at Motor Grip, a Pair of Steel Sling Swivels, Full Metal Side Folding Stock, Official Licensed Gali Trade Mark, 130 Rounds Galil Steel Magazine
xiii. It is Capable to Store Up to 12V AK Stick Type Battery
xiv. It is Compatible to Other Brands Reinforce Parts
xv. For this it only costs US$ 432

2) Classic Army Sportline MP5A2 Wide Forearm (SP004P)

i. There is B&T Logo
ii. The Magazine is 200 Rounds
iii. The Barrel Length is 229mm
iv. The Battery is of Sanyo 1300mAh 8.4V Large Type
v. The Charger is 789A Mini
vi. The Package include a Gun, a Magazine, a Manual, a Battery, a Charger and a Box
vii. For this it only costs US$ 138

3) WE MEU Pistol

i. The Built Material is Full Metal with Rubber Grip
ii. The System is of Gas Blow Back
iii. The Hop Up System is Adjustable
iv. The Magazine Capacity is 15+1 Rounds
v. The Overall Length is 218mm
vi. The Package includes a Gun, a Magazine, a Manual and a Box
vii. For this it only costs US$ 92

4) Ares AMP DSR-1 Sniper Rifle

i. The System is Gas Non Blow Back
ii. The Material is Nylon Fiber and Aluminium Alloy
iii. The Overall Length ranges from 1000 to 1500mm
iv. The Shooting Mode is Safety and Single
v. The Velocity is 330 FPS with 134A and 0.2g BB
vi. The Hop Up System is Adjustable
vii. The Magazine is 22 Rounds with 6mm BBs
viii. The Magazine is New Design Separate Available Gas Magazine & Stick Ammo Magazine
ix. The Package included a Gun, two Magazines, a High Scope Mount Base, a Bipod, a BB Loading Tube and a Box
x. There is Ambidextrous Safety and Selector, Adjustable Handguard, Adjustable Butt Stock & Butt Pad, Adjustable Check Piece, Adjustabel Bipod (Auto Return), Extendable Rear Monopod, Aluminium Outer Barrel & Flash Hider, High Scope Mount Base, two Stainless Steel Magazine
xi. For this it only costs US$ 768

For more information please kindly check out our web site at

Forum news digest for Sep 30, 2008

Pipers Precision Products enter M134 agreement with CA

Looks like M134 fans will be happy (source Spartan Imports):


Wapak, Ohio, Sep. 29 Piper’s Precision Products announced today that they have entered into an exclusive agreement with Classic Army to produce Piper’s innovative Airsoft M134 Minigun. Piper’s has granted Classic Army the exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute worldwide the Airsoft M134 Minigun using Piper’s design. The Piper’s Airsoft M134 Minigun will be offered in two complete packages, the backpack “Predator” version and the vehicle mounted “Blackhawk” version.

image image image image

Piper’s Precision Products is the globally acknowledged innovator and leader in rotary, multi-barreled BB guns. Piper’s products are highly sought after by collectors, their functional reliability, and sheer enjoyment value. The Airsoft M134 Minigun is the culmination of years of research and is the finest BB minigun ever made. Using a combination of rechargeable battery power and bottled CO2, the Airsoft M134 Minigun is capable of rates of fire exceeding 70 rounds per second at velocities of up to 450 feet per second using 6 mm 0.2 gram plastic BBs. Almost every component of the Airsoft M134 Minigun is precision machined and designed to perform flawlessly under the toughest conditions.

Paul Piper, the owner of Piper’s Precision Products, owns the utility patent for any rotary, multi-barreled BB gun. Paul has designed and produced numerous types of multi-barreled BB guns, and acknowledges that the Airsoft M134 Minigun is his finest work to date. Piper’s is also the designer and manufacturer of the Strafer Mk IV, a law enforcement non-lethal application BB gun.

Classic Army is global brand leader in premium Airsoft guns. Paul Piper selected Classic Army to produce his minigun design due to Classic Army’s acknowledged reputation as a quality manufacturer and global distributor of high end Airsoft products.

As Paul stated, “Between my tested Minigun design and specifications, and Classic Army’s manufacturing and distribution capabilities, I feel we can offer the discriminating Airsoft hobbyist and collector the finest Minigun replica ever made at a very attractive price.”

The first production Airsoft M134 Miniguns are expected to be released in the first half of 2009.

Spartan Imports will be the exclusive distributor of the Piper’s Airsoft M134 Minigun in the United States.
Source: Spartan Imports, Inc.

RA-TECH WA M4 “dream hammer”

image RA-TECH have sent in news of their latest product:

Hi,we are RA-TECH from Taiwan.

Our new product “dream hammer”for WA M4. The steel hammer with 5 bearings. Can increase the rate of fire,and reduce the gas consumption.


If got any interest in our productions. Please contact to us.

RA-TECH’s website:
RA-TECH’s paypal :
RA-TECH’s email
RA-TECH’s website in English: here

TA Events Newsletter – September Edition

The TA Events newsletter has gone out, please see below:

Welcome to the TA Events Newsletter

As the title says, welcome to the first official monthly TA Events Newsletter.  The aim of the newsletter is to provide you with the latest dates and details about up and coming games by TA Events, from Open Warfare skirmish level games through to the international events such as Phoenix Rising.


PR2 Now taking place at Sennybridge


In case you are not aware already, the bid for Copehill Down Village was lost due to British Army training needs. This was always a risk with a village such as CDV and is the reason why I did not want to open the bookings until everything had been approved.

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Lord of War Tactical Airsoft Supplies opening

  imageThere’s a new Airsoft store to grab your gear at now:

Welcome to Lord of War Tactical Airsoft Supplies

At Lord of War we are dedicated to reliability and quality. That is why we exclusively stock VFC and Tokyo Marui products and can source most Airsoft products of all brands from a large range of UK and Hong Kong suppliers within a week.

Service is important to us so if there are any products you require not currently in stock we can easily get them for you. Where there’s a will there’s a weapon.

Please contact for more information.

Orders are despatched as quickly as possible but may take up to ten days on certain items.

Regards,  Dino & Mike, (

Forum news digest for Sep 29, 2008

The latest news posted by our readers in our forums

Forum news digest for Sep 29, 2008

The latest news posted by our readers in our forums

Forum news digest for Sep 28, 2008

The latest news posted by our readers in our forums

Custom MagPul and Slick Deals at GI

Airsoft GI have set a new record for constructing and selling their own AEGs and have started a new ‘Slick Deals’ Page:

True story: A couple months ago when we the first run of MagPul metal bodies began to hit the shelves the head technician got the idea to build a custom gun out of the different parts.  And thus the Airsoft GI MagPul Experiment M4 was born.  As the final screws were placed and the pictures taken for the website the tech placed his new creation in the custom gun case.  As he was walking away someone walked in the door, looked around for a bit, saw the MagPul Experiment and said he would take it without any further questions.

The gun was tested and sold literally within 3 minutes of it’s construction.  It had sold before our creator had even had the chance to fire it, it holds the record here for the fastest sale on a custom gun.  That was both very gratifying and sad at the same time.  Of course we were happy the gun sold, it’s what we do, if we stopped doing that I’d be out of a job.  However we too like to admire the guns that we build but cannot afford to buy for ourselves.  In an attempt to fill the void created that day we have built another MagPul custom AEG, take a look, it may not be here for long.

image image

Other news: Be sure to keep an eye on the ‘Slick Deals’ Page to stay up to date on the latest discounts exclusive to those who view that page.  New discounts are posted all the time, so if you’ve missed one that you can use just sit tight because it may come back around.  And remember, these Slick Deals are in addition to the FREE SHIPPING offer for orders over $100.00. Airsoft GI

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