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Tactical Airsoft Arena: grand opening

The team at Maryland (USA) based Tactical Airsoft Arena have been in touch to inform everyone of their site’s grand opening:

Well, we are finally opening! biggrin.gif
Saturday August 4th and Sunday August 5th at 11am till 7pm.
Tactical Airsoft Arena, LLC
20-B Southlawn Court, Rockville, Md 20850 USA

301-838-7474 shop phone

TAA_floorplan The Site:

6200+ sq ft indoor close quarter combat arena and reality based training center.
Rentals AEG’s and Pistols, Shop snacks and beverages + more
40 foot shooting range
Yes, our doorways can and will be changed monthly. Sometimes a door will be open, sometimes closed and sometimes only the top half or lower half will be open. (no, you can not open or close doors, only us).


Tactical Airsoft Arena Team (Tactical Airsoft Arena)


Click on the link below for more information on rules and schedules!

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First & Only back in action

Gucci of the First & Only Skirmish Site has been in touch with good news for all skirmishers in Central / Northern England:


First & Only is back. We have a NEW site and it’s just down the road from the old one just outside Matlock in the Derbyshire Dales.

Here’s a link so you can see where it is.

We are running open days on Saturdays again.. We plan to get some special events running again soon, especially our Vietnam days and WW2, we usually run these on Sundays. The wood is natural, with lots of ground cover and undulating terrain. A good mix of trees, rhodies and ferns. We have started on some objectives and structures around the gaming area. Were currently working on getting a VC inspired bunker complex done. If you want to come down then please book in on the forum or give me a call on 07976 320288 or email

For more info on F&O visit the website at


Gucci (First & Only Skirmish Site)

New Products at Airsoft Direct

Mark from Airsoft Direct has been in touch with details of his newest stock and latest offers:

We have some great new products instock including HFC Full Metal Full Auto Berettas for only £69.99, the new Tokyo Marui P226 Rail Chrome for only £99.99, HFC T77 Full Metal GBB SMG only £99.99, HFC M11 Full Set (ABS Version with Silencer) only £79.99. We also have the latest copy of Airsoft International Magazine, Augusts 2007’s edition along with plenty of back issues!

hfcm190specialforcefullautoHFC Full Metal Beretta 92 (M190 Special Force) Semi/Full Auto Gas Version (HGA-199B) ONLY £69.99! We have received the long awaited shipment of Full Auto capable HFC Full Metal Berettas! These pistols really don’t need much of an introduction; it’s a Full Metal Select Fire Pistol offering both Semi-Auto and Full-Auto modes of fire. Built to the same high standards as all HFC full metal pistols, accepts Green Gas and this version is finished very nicely in Black! All this and it’s Only £69.99! Other retailers sell these pistols at well over £100! So get yours while stocks last! HFC Full Metal Beretta 92 (M190 Special Force) Semi/Full Auto Gas Version (HGA-199B) – Only £69.99! HFC Beretta 92 – 26 Round Magazine (For M190/HG-199 Series) – Only £19.99!


tmsigsauerp226chromeTokyo Marui SIG Sauer P226 Rail Chrome Stainless ONLY £99.99! We also have Tokyo Marui’s latest GBB release, the Tokyo Marui SIG Sauer P226 Rail Chrome Stainless which has all the features that made the standard Tokyo Marui P226 Rail great with the added bonus of an impressive Chrome finish on the gun and magazine! Only £99.99 and spare chrome magazines are only £20.99! Tokyo Marui SIG Sauer P226 Rail Chrome Stainless – Only £99.99! Tokyo Marui SIG Sauer P226 Chrome 25 Round Magazine – Only £20.99!


hfct77 HFC T77 (Full Metal GBB SMG) ONLY £99.99! We the very impressive full metal HFC T77 back in stock. This fully automatic capable gas blow back sub machine gun features full metal construction offering a very realistic and solid replica along with a metal folding stock. This item is excellent value for money which is made even better by the fact it is supplied in a HFC Large Aluminium Pistol Case worth £14.99! HFC T77 (Full Metal GBB SMG) – Only £99.99! Spare Magazines: HFC 40 Round Magazine For M11/T77 Series – Only £21.49!


hfcm11 HFC M11 Full Set (ABS Version with Silencer) ONLY £79.99! Another great HFC GBB SMG is this M11 replica based on the popular KSC version. It features a full metal retractable stock, a 40 round metal magazine, solid ABS construction, a high rate of fire, an impressive silencer and can accept Green Gas. All this for only £79.99 makes it a bargain and not to be missed! Spare magazines which also fit the HFC T77 and KSC M11 are only £21.49 each. HFC M11 Full Set (ABS Version with Silencer) – Only £79.99! Spare Magazines: HFC 40 Round Magazine For M11/T77 Series – Only £21.49!


aimagv3i3 Airsoft International August 2007 Volume 3 Issue 3 ONLY £4! Augusts Issue is here and is packed full of great articles, reviews and guides in one of the best issues to date. For a full list of content please visit the products page or eBay listing using the links below. We also have plenty of back issues, only £4 each and postage is only £1 using Royal Mail 2nd Class Standard and £1.25 using Royal Mail 1st Class Standard, please see below for a list of issues instock:

Direct Product Links: Online Store: Airsoft International August 2007 Volume 3 Issue 3 eBay Store: Airsoft International August 2007 Volume 3 Issue 3 (160141894344)

Back Issues: Airsoft International July 2007 Volume 3 Issue 2 Airsoft International June 2007 Volume 3 Issue 1 Airsoft International April 2007 Volume 2 Issue 11 Airsoft International March 2007 Volume 2 Issue 10

All issues can be viewed using the following links: Online Store – Airsoft International Magazine Section eBay Store – Airsoft International Magazine Section


Guarder G-C4 Polycarbonate Eye Protection Glasses (2007 Version) ONLY £29.99 We have the very versatile new Guarder G-C4 2007 glasses instock which we think are some of the best Airsoft glasses you can get. These G-C4 versions are especially good as in addition to being normal glasses you can remove the arms and replace them with the elasticated and adjustable sport strap, this allows them to be worn more like goggles. As with previous Guarder glasses these come with plenty of lenses to suit all situations along with a nice case! Take a look: Guarder G-C4 Polycarbonate Eye Protection Glasses (2007 Version) – Only £29.99!

New products coming in all the time so don’t forget to check out our website on a regular basis!

Mark Lewis (Airsoft Direct)

PDI release Tactical Block for TM Glock17

What with Tokyo Marui’s G17 being slightly oversized owners of the excellent handgun aren’t able to use real steel options on their weapon. Fortunately PDI through X-Fire is releasing products design specifically for the Tokyo Marui G17.

5HI,this is Tomo.

Today, I have an interesting upgrade parts.It’s Tactical Block for TM Glock17.

Detail: Made of Duralmin,CNC all machined(included a lower block).For TM Glock 17.

Tomo, (X-Fire)

Armed Forces HK products on video

Alex from Armed Forces Co. ( have been in contact for some info about their products along with Tony from PFI ( that was also at the store that day promoting his new products.

The AFC custom blow back system is available as a conversion kit or a complete kit in a VFC AK with the fps adjustable to up to 400fps with .20g ammo. They’re currently working on a prototype that has a similar mechanism to be fitted in a systema with removable bolt system just like the real thing so those of you that are waiting for a higher performance armalite GBB, sit tight! There may be one coming that doesn’t require a gas tank to be carried with you during a skirmish.

AK47gasblowback_b AK47gasblowback_d

afcak03 afcak02
[link to video, here]

More info can be found on this thread. Here

Some of you may remember PFI when they released their PFI toy grenade,
they have also released a smoke cap silencer recently that imitates real steel muzzle smoke.

This has already been posted on the forums by Tinkerbell first, here.

smokes small

It comes in a nice little package as you see in the picture, along with the smoke cap and a molle compatible pouch itself, there are 2 other threaded adaptors, (apart from the 14mm ?ve thread) a 14mm +ve and a 16mm +ve thread as well as a spare set of screws for the adaptors too.

[link to video here]

New Products from Modify.

Modify have released some good gearbox related products in the past and now it seems they are taking some serious steps to bring players not only high quality products but now innovative ones as well.

Not only that but Modify has promised us a exclusive review sample to test just how good it is!

GB-10-01(1)Modular Gear Set.

Modify gear set is patented. A revolutionary Modular Structure design is to allowing the user to load the gears easy, speed and accuracy.

You need not to adjust it with shims. It includes:

1) Modular Gear Set, 1set

2) Tempered Stainless Bushes w/ Double Oil Tank, 6pcs

3) Stainless Bushes, 6pcs (3 types available: 6mm, 6.1mm and 7mm )

4) Anti-reversal Latch, 1 pc


GB-03-33-2Ceramic Ball Bearing.

Ceramic balls are over 100% harder than steel balls. In a hybrid bearing, the extremely hard and smooth Ceramic Ball keeps raceways clear of contaminants by pushing them away from the contact patch. In addition, the ceramic ball remains extremely smooth, preventing ball to race damage. For the end user, this means reduced bearing wear and longer bearing life at high precision.

* Vickers Hardness 10 KG Load: Ceramic = 1550, Steel = 730

Benefits of Ceramic Ball Bearing Attributes:

  • Dissimilar Materials (Steel and silicon nitride)
  • Less Wear
  • Lower Operating Temperature
  • Higher Speed
  • Extended Bearing Life
  • Lower Friction
  • Stiffness
  • Lower Vibration

Thank you and have a good day!

Jane, (Modify Co. )

Madbull Secures Licensing from JP Rifles.

Madbull do it again! While other companies seem content bringing you their own versions of rifles already on the market Madbull are working with real steel companies to bring us not only innovative products but also full licensed versions of weapon systems currently not on the market. This time they have secured the license from JP Rifle works .


MadBull is very honored to have licensing from JP Rifles to make Airsoft version worldwide exclusively.JP Rifles is the “The “Rolls Royce” level rifle in the M4 family.

In the middle of August, MadBull will release 3 versions of JP Rifles convert kits which will let you make “10” different styles of JP Rifles.In the late of Aug., MadBull will also release JP Rifles CNC upper and lower receivers for Airsoft rifles. Here, we would like to share some photos with you.

Best Regards,

Mad Bull Airsoft

Make this airsofter a model – A special request from Dafool, in the name of Wanglin!!1!

Ok guys, this is the deal. Sounds like a stupid favour I know, but this is going big, and funny, for the Swedish airsoft community. The goal is to make Walle, a Swedish airsofter, win the competition, so his face is shown on the front cover of a Swedish magazine called KICKS. The winner become a model for the day simply said, and we’d love your help. If you klick on the link and let the page load, you will see his face on the top ten, you can’t miss it because he is wearing a german military helmet. He stands out among the crowd. Just look for an airofter ! When you found him, please vote 10 (and DON’T vote for anyone else please!).

Please spread this out so we can make airsoft win in the model industry !

Follow this link to vote:





Weapon Mounted Camera by Pacific Concepts/Ravenwood Tactical

We have just received an e-mail from Pacific Concepts/Ravenwood Tactical about an excellent product that is going to be a huge hit with members of the community that what to record ingame footage without carrying around fragile and expensive video equipment that runs the huge risk of being damaged durring play.

kitPacific Concepts/HBD Inc has been providing innovate solutions to Industry and Law Enforcement agencies for over 37 years. After over a year in R&D, we now have a new product to introduce. We developed this camera in partnership with a major video camera maker. This is the first hardened video camera developed for mounting on a firearm. Waterproof to 10 ft, runs off two AA batteries.

gunOur R&D was aimed at producing a camera for law enforcement use, mounted directly on the fore end or barrel of a entry gun for SWAT use. As the prototype was displayed, we started receiving new uses from all directions.

Paintball players have shown a huge interest, along with bow hunters, handgun hunters and shotgun hunters.

On the law enforcement side we have had requests for mounts for ATV’s, bike patrols, water bikes, boats and a hand held, waterproof, easy to use camera for boarding boats. The corrections field is using them for video taping cell extractions, deployment of less lethal launchers and riot situations.

The uses seem to be only restricted by your imagination.

Please contact us if you need any more information

Firesupport updates

Firesupport-large Frank ( has mailed in some updates from his store:

Firesupport now have a limited number of Chinese low cost, copy AEGs. These AEGs have to be seen to be believed. They are high powered and very good build quality considering the cost. Marui compatible.

All guns are tested before they leave the shop.

  • MP5 A4, SD5 £90
  • AUG £105
  • M733 £90
  • SCAR black £120
  • HK33 £155
  • Type 96 (470fps) £155 with cope and bipod
  • AK47 beta with and without stock £90
  • M4A1 £99
  • G36C £105
  • FN2000 £130

Please see for  more information

Thanks, Frank (

WGC Photo Collection Campaign 2007 – last call

pcc2007 WGC are holding a photo competition, the winning shots will be used on their new calendar and the chaps that send in the winning shots will win will receive thank you gifts:

Let’s share your airsoft photos with us!  You have 7 days only!

Blissful & Amusing Airsoft Moments

Get your camera ready and take a picture capturing how airsoft brings blissful and amusing moments! You can also inspire your creativity to edit pictures’ color or design, but please follow our theme – Blissful & Amusing Airsoft Moments. And remember, all pictures used need to be your own creations.

2007pccSpecifications of Photos: Digital Photos in JPEG format. Resolution should not be less than 2480x 1890 pixels. 5.0 mega pixel or above is recommended. Print Photos in 3R or 4R

Methods of Submission: Submit the photo(s) along with your name, address and country

by email:
by mail: Room 1407, Park-In Commercial Centre, 56 Dundas Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong (Attn: Marketing Department)

Submission Deadline: 11 July 2007

12 photos will be selected. They will be published on WGC 2008 Calendars which are distributed worldwide. The twelve photo selected by WGC will be awarded special thank you gifts.

Everyone is eligible to take part in this big event. Let’s take this opportunity to share your airsoft memories with friends all over the world!


  • Each participant can submit a maximum of 5 photos.
  • Photos submitted will not be returned.
  • Selected photos and photographer’s name and country will be published on WGC Calendar 2008.
  • WGC (Hong Kong) reserves the sole discretion on the usage of all submitted photos.
  • The decisions of WGC (Hong Kong) on the results of the campaign are final.
  • Photos submitted to WGC (Hong Kong) by the participants are free of any copyright, intellectual property, trademark or patent violations and are the sole property of the participant. The participant indemnifies WGC (Hong Kong) for any breach of copyright, intellectual property, trademark or patent caused or a result of WGC (Hong Kong) using the photos.
  • For enquiry, please contact


New gear from G&P

G&P have sent in an update from them with details of their latest new gear:

Hello, we have release new products!!

GP677B  Shotgun Sling (Black)
GP677O  Shotgun Sling (OD)
GP677S  Shotgun Sling (Sand)
GP677C  Shotgun Sling (Camouflage)
GP680  35W HID Spotlight
GP544S  SR16 URX E3 Metal Body (Sand)
GP544SB  SR16 URX E3 Metal Body (Sand) (B Type)
GP685  Knight’s Sniper Type Trigger Guard (Sand)
GP686  551 Type Red Dot

Best Regards,  (G&P Industrial Co. Ltd)

Happy 4th of July

Hey it’s that time of year again where you guys over in the states celebrate wrecking loads of boxes of perfectly good tea or something. As apparently said by Thomas “the man” Jefferson (to his wife on the 3rd by all accounts):

The second day of July, 1776, will be the most memorable epoch in the history of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, huge BBQs, humongous hot dogs, and fireworks the size of ICBMs, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more.

Alright it wasn’t quite what he said, but it’s close. Enjoy the festivities!

Marushin M500 – U.S. Version Release News

Arriving this week is the EAGERLY AWAITED [U.S. VERSION] Marushin 8mm M500 Gas Shotgun with Ghost Ring Sights!

This awesome metal shotgun was the hit of EVERY SINGLE convention Spartan Imports attended for its realistic look and weight. Everyone from enthusiasts and players to trainers, law enforcement officers, and members of the military could not keep their hands off the Marushin M500!

This special U.S. Version takes HFC22a Super Power Green Gas and fires 3 8mm BBs at a time! The US Version is exclusively distributed by Spartan Imports.

MadBull KX3 ‘loudening’ tips

Simon over at MadBull has mailed in an update regarding their KX3:


Here are some tips. You can modify your KX3 to adjust volume and make metal punching sound.

We already add this instruction (attached) onto our website.

Authorized Noveske KX3 Modification DSC_0113

Also, we will have more color of KX3. Instead of using “painting,” we use “anodizing.” We will have Multicam (authorized), Tan, Dark OD, and Light Gold very soon.

Best Regards, (Mad Bull Airsoft)

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