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Latest from Firesupport

Frank, (Firesupport) has an update from them – you can find them at either or give them a call at 01733 247171:

We now have back in stock the following Classic Army items:

M249 Mk2
M249 Box magazines
MP5A2 with Tac Light
In stock soon will be the M249 Para stock.

The web site is 99% accurate re items in stock so that you can order in confidence that the item you want will be available. Frank, (Firesupport Ltd )

SVD correction from ATOZ

Kim Young Jun has written in from ATOZ Armaments (based in Korea). They wanted to say that they have just made a contract with a US firm to supply their SVD to the states. I’ll update with the name of the company that they are dealing with when the details are due for release.

They also wanted to set the record straight in regards to their spring SVD. Recently they sold several units of their SVD line to KingArms, which caused some confusion as to who had made it. They wanted everyone to know that ATOZ are the original manufactuer for the spring SVD. KingArms is their partner in the East Asia Airsoft market. You can see more about their products on their website.

Latest news from RedWolf

Keith has emailed in from RedWolf with the latest news highlights from the guys there, including a nice dual tone P226, Wiley glasses/goggles and a custom auto-winding mag for the M14 series:

1.Tokyo Marui M14 440rd MagazineThe LATEST marui M14 440rd hi-cap magazine in our stock now.

2. RWC Dual Tone P226 (Full Metal) Super handsome dual-tone P226 as used by John Travolta in the famous movie Face Off (1997) directed by John Woo. Full aircraft aluminum construction with very detailed engravings and smooth action!

3. Wiley X Glasses & Googles – We are the authorized distribution agent of Wiley X glasses & goggle, please come to our website www.redwolfairsoft to get the one suitable for your own style.

4. RWC Auto-Winding 800rd Dual Magazine for Marui M14 SUPER HOT PRODUCT released!! Hi-capa auto-winding dual magazine for Marui M14, you just need to loading bbs by pressing the pressure switch, very easy and fast. Keith Ng, (RedWolf)

Delta Force Style Conversion Kit at Evike

Ernest has mailed in news about the Delta Force Style Conversion Kit from Evike. I’m told that the kit is being called a “Delta Force” conversion kit because it will most likely have the lighting bolt going through a triangle insignia.

If you have any questions, please send them over to

The pricing is just an estimate because we do not have the exact cost yet. This is just an preview, pre-order will start soon.

KIT INCLUDES: One piece upper metal body with RIS system. Lower metal body, front and rear folding sight, barrel assembly and most likely the crane stock as well and everything else to convert your M4/M16 style Airsoft gun into a super nice rare collector’s item.

THE ANTICIPATED CONVERSION KIT FOR M4 SERIES TOKYO MARUI COMPATIBLE AEG. (Automatic Electric Gun). Very limited availability kit, only 500 made and only a small portion of that will be available in the U.S. with the delta force logo and serial number. A true collector’s item. Availability is at a first come first serve basis. We got our hands on these rare conversion kits and they are very limited collector’s item. More information will be posted here once we review them. Pre-sale will start once all the information are available and finalized. User, (Evike)

M805 at Milsim Labs

The guys at Milsim Labs have have mailed over news about a new product that they have on their site. Here’s the details on the M805 “Event” Grenade/Mine Simulator:

Based on the proven performance of the Mark 3 series we are proud to introduce the M805. While they have slightly less power than the Mark 3, but we feel the improvements and added features more than make up for it. This unit is loaded, check out all the features:

20′ Across “blast” pattern!
Lower price, MSRP per unit is 1/2 that of the Mark 3s
Super Sensitive, even compared to the Mark 3. They don’t get thrown back at you!
“Firing” mode can be set by the user. They can go off on impact or set to fire on a trip wire!
Optional “pull pin” type safety. Up to a 200 BB payload.
Much more user friendly and easer to load!
Zip tie @ the back to allow players to hang it on LBV or mount it to a branch to set up a trip wire.

This is our next step forward in non-exploding grenades for military simulation gaming. Its primary function is to project up to 200 Airsoft BBs but it is also compatible with most standard “paint” type fills.

This unit was designed from the ground up to address weaker areas in the Mark 3 model.

1 The more robust tubing for the Mark 3s (needed so the units could be reused repeatedly) made it hard to load the BB into it
2 When used in a woodland environment more Mark 3s were lost on there first throw than were found and reloaded for a second use. While being reusable, the long search to find it made doing so not practical.

The M805 is sold as a single use item. This allows it to be made out of a lighter, less costly tubing.

This means it is much easer to load and cheap enough to “throw and forget”.

NOTE. The “pull pins” are not supplied with the below products.


M805 “Kit”-Parts to make 8 grenades and the deluxe loading tool (200BB)-$16
M805 “Intro Pack”-Parts to make 2 grenades and a barebones loading tool (100BB) $5

Extra grenades:

M805 “10pack”-Parts to make 10 grenades-$15
M805 “20pack”-Parts to make 20 grenades-$25 (Milsim Labs)

WGC Stock Update – October 2005

WGCShop have sent over a stock update from their shop. To save listing all of it (it’s a long update) you can see the entire update on a new page here.

Highlights for the update include the Tanaka U.S. Model 1897 Trench Gun, the G&P CQBR Airsoft Gun and the King Arms Dragunov SVD and a series of other parts and accessories.

New custom G36 at WarIV

WarIV have sent over news of a new custom pistol that they have in store at the moment.
The Marui G36C Custom (0043) comprises the Marui G36C, Star G36KE hand guard with new outer barrel, Star S-Point Red Dot, and the G&P G36 folding buttstock. Weight is quoted as 4500 grams
and the price is 530USD.

Mapping updated to include UK POIs

GPS geeks can rejoice as I’ve expanded the Find It! system here that I’m using to plot the weblinks database onto the world map. You can now download UK POI (Point of Interest) databases that have been encoded to be suitable for TomTom Navigator from the site.

The easiest way to grab the data is by grabbing yourself a copy of POIEdit and pointing the "autoupdate manager" section to POIEdit will automatically keep your GPS/PDA files up to date for you. It downloads the files either locally, or to your GPS units storage card, you then just enable them in TomTom. If you just want the ov2 files and overlay bitmaps, check in the XML file itself and grab the links you need from there.

Only the UK site/retail/equipment/supplier maps have been encoded at the moment. It’s a relative breeze to code the USA now (after putting the groundwork into generating the code to output the TomTom ov2 fileformat), so they can be added if there’s a demand for them. The data is compiled from the database, and updated automatically when new submissions crop up. Please stick comments/suggestions/nags in this thread in the forums.

New HobbyAsia offer

Francis Leung at HobbyAsia wanted to let everyone now about their latest offer Samurai flashlights that they are currently running. Basically with every lamp bought in this offer, they are offering a free pressure switch in with the deal:

2005-October-30: From now until christmas, buy a Samurai flashlight get a free pressure switch to go!

Offer lasts until Christmas only!

Check out our Super bright LED flashlights, not only are they bright, the tremendous battery life will make these a worthwhile investment

Samurai has also introduced a Xenon flashlight that sacrifices batterylife for amazing brightness! Francis, (HobbyAsia)

October issue of Ballistic online

Click here to read BallisticThe guys over at Airsoft Hawaii have put their lastest issue of their online newsletter called ‘Ballistic’ up on their website for everyone. The October issue of Ballistic includes:

  • An Interview with Haruka Nakajima of ARMS Magazine
  • Side Events at the 2005 ASH BASH
  • Review of the 2005 ASH BASH
  • Review of PDI and Laylax pistons for the VSR-10
  • PDI/X-Fire’s line of VSR-10 upgrade parts

New products from Well spotted

Posted by DirteeRice in the forums was a link to an online resource that has mutterings of UTG’s possible upcoming releases. Mentioned on those pages was a link to who stock a fair amount of the Well and "Both Elephant" gear. I should say form the outset that "Well" gear isn’t UTG (Well’s rep isn’t as good as UTG’s), however it does give you an idea of what to expect from UTG in their upcoming lineup as the releases are similar in design/style.

Over at KocaShop there’s a copy of the TM AK47 AEG listed there that’s pretty typical of the Well style releases (see the MP5 and compare it to the UTG model). The AK also looks pretty much like the model that UTG are likely to release shortly.

Also there is a copy of a TM M4A1. The M4 isn’t quite identical to the Marui model, as it comes with the buffer tube removed in the box, and a quick detach stock. Handily the new M4A1 also has a copy of the new LE stock that TM are adding to their own model.

About the only major change is the previously mentioned stock adapter that you can see in the shots, that allows for quick take down. Minor changes include manuals and warning stickers in English, and no real markings. On the side you’ll find "MB R-6 WELL" and "Made in China" along with an embossed set of warnings.

Anyone looking for an easy way to get an M4 in a bike pannier to their local game will be happy. You can find the WELL MB R-6 over at Affordable Airsoft now for 129USD (pre-order price). opens to the public

Craig Wistow, the owner of ShootingBids has dropped over a line to say hi, and to introduce his new site. is an auction/marketplace site that allows owners of variosu shooting products to advertise and sell their wares. I’ve not looked into the site closly yet, so I can’t tell you if there’s a charge for advertising your goods there or not:

Dear Arnie

I have just released my newest website which you can see at
It is a shooting auction/marketplace and also caters for airsoft products. […]

Kind Regards,

Craig Wistow, (

UHC Tac 9 review at Airsoft Atlanta

Eric, (Airsoft Atlanta) mailed in to say that they’ve added a preview of a sample that they have in their hands of the UHC Tactical 9. The details are hosted on their blog pages for their shop over at

UHC Tactical 9 Review:

Well we got our sample of the latest offering from UHC, the Tactical 9. It is very similar in some ways to the old Super 9 we all know and love, but there are some surprising differences.

Picking up the gun, it seems to be a bit heavier than the original Super 9. You will notice that the stock is almost indentical, but it feels sturdier and there is a nice textured finish applied to it. Picatinny rails have been added to the top of the receiver and also underneath the stock. The outer barrel is a bit thicker and feels like a heavier grade metal.

Here is a closer look at the bipod that’s included with the gun. I kinda like the design, it folds up nicely and stays put. One of the cool things about the new Tactical 9 is that it can take the same shells as the Super 9 and it also ejects them the same way. Very nice!

However, most people will probably want to use the stick magazine for higher ammo capacity. It takes the exact same magazines as the original Super 9 – 25 rounds each.

Here you can really see the textured stock. Scope rings and a nice 4x scope are included. The bolt action is remarkably similar to the Super 9. Cocking effort was minimal.

We chrono’ed our sample at 360 fps with .20gram BBs, but the distributor assures us the final version will be in the 390-400fps range. That would make this the hardest shooting stock gun we sell besides the Dragunov!

I would also like to let you know that all the FPS we post were recorded on an Alpha Chrony. We believe that this unit is more accurate than the paintball radars that some other airsoft retailers use. We should know, we used to use one several years back. That’s why you may notice that our posted velocities vary from some other retailers websites – I’ll let you decide who’s numbers are right.
Eric, (Airsoft Atlanta)

TeamSD news and updates

Mike at Team SD has dropped in a line to introduce himself and his company and to send over the latest from all the guys there. He sent over some PDFs which I’ve included inset in GIF format as well:

My name is Mike Ho, I am the Sales Manager for a U.S. Airsoft distributor/wholesaler known as Specialized Distribution (Team SD) we have been in the business for over 5 years and have over 9 years experience importing Airsoft. We have been specializing with ICS, UHC Airsoft and now have branched out with HFC, WE-Tech, along with a string of China Airsoft manufacturer primarily Double Eagle.

The reason I am emailing you is to introduce you to our company, as well as inform you and the Airsoft community of new products that will be available through us in early November. 2 product so far and more to come in the following months:

TSD Tactical-9 bolt action sniper rifle, unmatched from anything in the current market (PDF details):

  • MSRP @ 170USD
  • 400fps w/.20g BB
  • adjustable hop-up
  • includes a metal retractable bi-pod & a hi-power scope
  • a rotary cartridge mag & 2 – 25rd stick mag
  • heavy bull-barrel, texture finish stock, muzzle thread will accommodate silencer

TSD M4 AEG that will rival the SRC M4 along with Marui as well, MSRP @ 180USD (PDF details).

Please view the attachments for info, feel free to call or write me anytime if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Mike, (Team SD)

Some more shots from ClassicArmyItalia

After the interest in the last photos he sent, Sergio (ClassicArmy Italia) has sent over some shots of the new Arsenal branded AK, the SLR105 A1.

Classic Army are reportedly making some good leaps forward in the coming months, and Sergio has kindly offered to send us more photos of other new and very interesting products we just received and we are packing to delivery to our dealers.

As you can see the Arsenal SL105 looks pretty good in the flesh. Each model is individually serial numbered and marked with correct logos.

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