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Gunman Airsoft newsletter week 40 2015

Here is all the latest news from Gunman Airsoft:

Dear Arnies Airsoft news,

We had an awesome turnout for the end of month Skirmish at Tuddenham, thank you all so much guys, over 100 of you over the weekend!  Gameplay and sportsmanship was fantastic.

We managed to make some more improvements to the Tuddenham site as well this week.  A door has been fitted to the back of the safe zone building and most of the larger holes plugged back up to help make it a bit warmer for the winter.  The area where the old box fort stood before it got torched has been fully scraped up to remove all the nails etc.  Many of the buildings have been swept out and tidied up as well.

This weekend we have our first full day milsim at Norwich on Saturday – a full story based day in the field with limited ammo, medic/bandage based regens as well as meaningful objectives throughout the day, allowing the players to decide how the day pans out.

On the Sunday, we have an open skirmish event to cater for every level of airsofter, from the first timer to the seasoned veteran.
Next weekend we are back at Tuddenham for the mid-month milsim-lite, halfway between skirmish and milsim, this is a game everyone can enjoy.

We are also gearing up for a special night game at the end of month weekend at Tuddenham on Sat 24th Oct.  The game will start at 1900 sharp, so please be there early to ensure you are ready.  Fancy dress is heavily encouraged, the weirder the better!


Josh Smith

Norwich FULL MILSIM DAY Sat 3rd Oct

Somewhere in the former USSR…Present Day…  A small band of rebels are strengthening their numbers and preparing for an attack on a government outpost.  Intel is coming through that they may have acquired some kind of WMD and that this may be deployed in the imminent attack.

Will the rebels succeed in their first strike or will the government thwart their plans?  Only you can decide the outcome…

This is a full day of milsim in the field and is for disciplined players only.  There will be no lunch break and the safe zone will be out of bounds except for emergencies.  Ammo will be limited, bandages will be in use and roleplay is highly encouraged.

Please book in advance to secure your side – team identity will be strictly by camo type/colour with rebels being green/woodland/civvy  etc and government in tan/desert etc.  If you do not book in advance you will be expected to dress for whatever team you get assigned to on the day.

Walk on price £30
Advance price £25 secured by a £15 deposit

Norwich SKIRMISH Sun 4th Oct

Welcome to the second of our re-opening skirmish events at Norwich.  Special offer price of £15 walk on or £35 with rental equipment.

Come and try our awesome site near Stratton Strawless – 65 acres of woodland with thick undergrowth at the moment.  Plenty of features to the site and a great atmosphere.  All abilities are welcome, just come down and let us entertain you.

Halloween Night Game Saturday 24th Oct at Tuddenham

Yes we know it’s a week early, but the chainsaw gimp is out of the country on actual Halloween…

Prepare yourselves for a scary night of freaky weirdness and survivor style action as you take on the eerie building 5 and the rest of Tuddenham after dark.

As a survivor you will be trying to make it through the village in one piece, as a “freak” you will be trying to stop the survivors from surviving!

Game will start at 1900 sharp, so please arrive in plenty of time to ensure this can happen.  We will run up to about 2300 so expect to be up late.

Game is £15 for survivors and £10 for “freaks”.

To qualify as a freak you must be dressed like one and be prepared to spend most of the time without a gun or with very limited ammo.  You must also be able to role-play your freak.

(Gunman Airsoft)

TAG-15 grenade launcher, Revolutionary device!

Airsoft Pyrotechnics have sent over details of their new TAG-15 grenade launcher:

The “TAG-15” ™ (GP-30 style) Grenade Launcher. This GL is allowing you to shoot without using any preloaded cartridges like a TAG “Shells” or “BB Showers”, but by directly inserting a 40mm TAG projectiles inside a “TAG-15” riffled barrel. The special “QRC” (Quick Reload Chamber) system, allowing to replace a 12gr CO2 tank just in 3 seconds without any additional tools. The incredible fire rate, efficiency and accuracy will let you shoot 10-12 shots using single 12gr CO2 cartridge, right on your target.

TAG-15 will be available in the middle of October 2015, and the MSRP is $650.

(Airsoft Pyrotechnics)

Massive savings at Gladstone Boots

Gladstone Boots currently have some special offers on Original SWAT boots:

Just a quick message to let you know that we have some massive sales on the Original SWAT boot range.

The SWAT Side zip boot is reduced to £77.99 with FREE shipping & 3 Pairs of Socks worth £4.99

Also the SWAT lace up boot is on special at just £49.99 with 3 Pairs of socks FREE !

Tell your friends because when the stock is gone it is gone :)

Stay safe people.
Bob Gladstone (Gladstone Boots)

Dave’s Custom Airsoft rail system prize draw offer

Dave’s Custom Airsoft Ltd are running a prize draw for customers buying one of their rail systems:

Super Rail Deal! Purchase a Rail System from the Rail Systems & Handguards Sub Section Of Our Website and You Will Be Entered Into a draw to receive a £100 CASH PRIZE On Us! Winning Customer Will Be Drawn 29/11/2015 5pm GMT

(Dave’s Custom Airsoft Ltd)

Upgraded XT11 @TacLight

TacLight have sent over details of the new Klarus XT11:

THE most popular tactical torch just got more POWERFUL…

The inimitable Klarus XT11 has been UPGRADED to 1060 Lumen and we’re holding it at the the same great price, whether as a torch only or in our EXCLUSIVE Klarus XT11 Black Ops Airsoft CQB Kit.

Klarus XT11 Black Ops Airsoft CQB Kit with XM-L2 U2 LED & 1060 Lumens ONLY £99.95!



Klarus XT11 Black Ops Tactical Flashlight with XM-L2 U2 LED & 1060 Lumens ONLY £74.95!



Order before 2pm for FREE NEXT DAY COURIER DELIVERY! (UK mainland Only)

Visit us here for more fantastic AIRSOFT OFFERS


PTS Syndicate – Unity Tactical – FUSION Mounting System

SK_FusionT_pg02 PTS Syndicate is proud to announce an exclusive licensing agreement with Unity Tactical to reproduce and bring high quality

replicas of Unity Tactical’s innovative products to the worldwide airsoft market.

About Unity Tactical

"Innovative, Adaptive, Decisive" Unity Tactical LLC was created by a group of design engineers and former special operators

to provides innovative tactical products that strives to blend form, function, utility, and technological sophistication into cutting

edge solutions to common problems.

They are not afraid of failure or out of the box thinking but strive for perfection in products that hit production.

It’s that simple, they are proud to serve this industry and work hard every day to improve the tools for the good guys.

They strive to maintain industry leading customer service and continually listen to both their military and commercial customers for product improvements.

PTS hereby inform you that the PTS Unity Tactical – FUSION Mounting System is start shipping on 07 Oct., 2015.

PTS Unity Tactical – FUSION Mounting System

UT011490807 (Black)

UT011490813 (Dark Earth)


The PTS Unity Tactical FUSION™ series is a modular, multi-purpose mount designed to give the end user extreme flexibility in mounting options. It was engineered from the ground up to provide a strong mounting base with the widest range of configurations while remaining lightweight and inexpensive.

The system consists of a base with several accessories adapters. The current offerings encompass a wide range of current devices to include lights, lasers, optics, and ancillary equipment. Because the mounting system is standardized, new accessory mounts could be introduced as equipment requirements and tactics, training, and procedures (TTP’s) change, reducing time to market and maximizing effectiveness.

The PTS Unity Tactical FUSION™ was designed to maximize the use of rail space while remaining lightweight and low profile. The hub is constructed from precision milled 6061-T6 aluminum that is then hard anodized in black or dark earth for durability. The interface points are very strong and provide for a very rigid mount. The picatinny rail hub has 4 mounting surfaces; a top surface, forward surface, and two wing surfaces. All wing accessories are reversible for left handed or ambidextrous shooters. The combination of equipment configurations is immense.


– Fusion™ series set includes:-

  • Backup Iron Sight Folding x1
  • HUB (Rail Mount) x1
  • 1” Light Ring Mount x1
  • HUB Extension x1
  • Forward Rail – Inline x1
  • Offset Wing Mount x1
  • Offset Rail – Short x1

– HUB, the heart of the Fusion system mounted on the handguard rail to which all the other components are attached to, creating various configurations.

– Extension, a rail component used to project the whole system forward and can be applied on any of the three positions of the HUB.

– BUIS, an extremely compact, folding back up iron sight that can be locked in the upright position with a small set screw.

– Offset Rail, attached to either side of the HUB to create a 45° rail placement.

– Offset Wing Mount, attached to either side of the HUB to create a 90° rail placement to the top rail.

– 1” Light Ring Mount, can be used to mount standard 1” diameter handheld lights directly to the HUB, Extension or Forward Rail.

– Forward Rail, extends forward from the HUB at the same height as the top rail.

– Various components to adapt or configure to any combat needs and situations.


· Material – 6000 series aluminium

· Finish – Hard Anodized

· Color – Black / Dark Earth

· Compatibility – 1913 Rail System (HUB)

· Weight – 99g (whole series without packaging)

· Dimension – TBC

Please visit our product page :

AirSplat:Condor Elite review by RJ of Airsoft Gear Guide

Here is the latest AirSplat on Demand video:


New products from Abbey Supply

Abbey Supply Company have sent over details of their latest new products:


READY FOR DESPATCH NOW – Abbey Anti Fog Cloth.
Use on a moist surface.
Breathing on a dry surface will activate the special anti-fogging formula.
The invisible film will give clear vision all day in all conditions.
Simply apply and forget, safe and easy to use.
Kept in its lock-seal bag will prolong the life of your cloth.

COMING OUT VERY SOON – Abbey Airsoft Cleaning Wipes.
Silicone impregnated cleaning wipes remove all dirt from barrels.
Removes residue from jammed BB’s.
Clean barrels shoot straighter, faster and more accurately.
Reduce jamming.
Simply fix to clean rod.
Gently push down barrel with a slight twisting motion.
Stop when you reach the hop up chamber.
Remove and insert in the other end of the barrel and repeat.
Clean until no dirt remains.     
Pk 10

(Abbey Supply Company)

Leatherman Tread at Military 1st

Military 1st have sent over details for the Leatherman Tread they are now stocking:

Leatherman Tread, a travel-friendly wearable multi-tool, is available now at Military 1st! Stylish, functional & fully customizable, Tread is made of durable 17-4 stainless steel & comes with 25-year manufacturer’s warranty. Find all details at


(Military 1st)

15% off all Ferro Concepts products @Tactical Kit

Tactical Kit are currently offering 15% off Ferro Concepts products with a discount code:

15% off all Ferro Concepts products using discount code FERRO15. Valid until the 02/10/2015


(Tactical Kit)

AirsoftPeak: China’s mid-autumn & National Day: 12% off are offering 12% off site wide to celebrate China’s mid-autumn and National Day:


Dearest Customer,

Happy China’s Mid-autumn and National Day!

Enjoy 12% Off On Site Wide!!!

Thank you for your continued support!

The promotion will expire at 24:00 (GMT-4) on Oct 5, 2015

Best regards,

AirsoftPeak Team

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Airsoft Atlanta – September update–new products

Here is the latest stock news from Airsoft Atlanta:


4lD0eAT0qvofjiIGnu4qMoQT_iANf6hdiNO7G1TvS8bJLhXfopkWlEajT3NYq9ovmBCaw35BZtwQ-yz_2oYXAiGxYZ6-pPjFAD6mkfHQ-8iY=s0-d-e1-ftNEW – KWA ‘Metal Receiver’ M4 AEGs
Our Price: $199.95

KWA has replaced its plastic body M4 line with metal receiver versions for the same price! $199 gets you a legendary KWA gearbox and metal receiver gun. Original M4 and the CQB model are both available and ready to ship. 330-350 FPS right out of the box.

JtadFGieDeM_jZghJdzxlApa01W1PU7FlkImllGGB2wizEhQV2jxzsGDYX63gyMDRVGRCc4d9tUqpxZMUkQuxw40w6kd49PRc9yrRJamG1HI=s0-d-e1-ftFNX-45 Black Gas Pistol
Our Price: $250.00

FN makes some of the best guns in the world. Now the FNX-45 green gas pistol is available in all black color. Guns are in stock and shipping, along with spare gas magazines.

eRsdm309AMX-5s8-1DcG_bsCEkIt3Y9Ndp47dLDWOuVOM17Qt_HJfkKW_KmSedMeduGuT63GaXpV1spV6eYb52BvotHYpjITy29uKD1Xashh=s0-d-e1-ftKrytac – Trident Enhanced LMG Keymod
Our Price: $499.99

Krytac’s newest LMG AEG is a keymod variant with a gigantic box magazine. Reliable and high quality right out of the box! One of the best LMGs on the airsoft market.

XxweNpPWw9eBSgLYmbxZIM_UMuLwoMVVsMOaULzbEjV4ZH5BdZfigYyB6hC7ZXchvMe-uw1iosoaI78QKU14UTVjKTf3uz3gYMJ2ZcSDdtiI=s0-d-e1-ftLancer Tactical Jumpable Plate Carrier
Our Price: $65.00

Now stocking more Lancer Tactical gear including their new vests. Several vest styles in various colors are all in stock and shipping.


  • Lower prices on many in-stock products
  • In-stock inventory status on all products online
  • Free Shipping on orders over $99 (lower 48 states only)
  • Lots of newly discounted clearance and ‘Salvage Garden’ guns online – one of a kind deals!
  • See website for more details on shipping HERE


Airsoft Atlanta is now stocking tons of new brands and airsoft merchandise. Be sure to check out our ‘new products’ section for the newest products. As always, we ship same day if you order before 5pm – or next business day after 5pm. We’ve expanded out USPS Priority Mail shipping to save you money. International orders ship via Priority mail to most countries. If you have any questions, feel free to call us as well. Check it all out here Learn More»

(Airsoft Atlanta)

AirSplat airsoft raffle at American Milsim Ironclad 2

Here is the latest AirSplat on Demand video:

The new Airsplat on Demand video is live. Please feel free to like and share!


RedWolf Airsoft: RWA edition mission spec EOC

Here is all the latest news from RedWolf Airsoft:

The GHK M4 Just Got An Upgrade: Get Your GHK M4 Keymod Mod1/ Mod2 GBBR Today


(RedWolf Airsoft)

AirSplat: Elite Force, shotguns 45% off & more

Here is all the latest news from AirSplat:

Check out some of the great Elite Force products AirSplat has in stock just for you! Which weapon would you take out onto the airsoft field?


**APS SHOTGUNS 45% OFF!** Find these and all other APS Products discounted at 45% OFF, only at AirSplat. Which is your favorite?


**35% OFF Coyote Tactical M.M.K. IFAK Pouch**
No coupon code required! Save NOW at!


LIMITED AirSplat Tactical Beard Patches! Now available for purchase!


Airsoft Gear Guide just recently received their sponsored Condor Elite gear from AirSplat! Keep an eye out for a review coming soon.



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