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ASG Evo only £299 @Firesupport

Firesupport currently have a special offer on the ASG Evo:

unnamed (7)

ASG EVO only £299 whilst stock lasts



Gunfire stock update 30th April 2015

Gunfire have some new items in stock:

Hi, New deliveries in Gunfire:

Below are the latest deliveries in Gunfire:

Our last delivery of Umarex is full of interesting replicas. You will find there highest quality AEG and GBB replicas, fully licensed by firearm manufacturers like Heckler&Koch, Beretta or Walther.


With our last delivery from Umarex we have received HK417D GBB replicas. Fully licensed by Heckler & Koch!


We’ve just replenished our stocks with SHS and PPS products. Recent delivery contains over 200 products, including internal parts, PPS precision barrels and 40mm grenades.


We have just received a delivery from KWC. In it you can find plenty of interesting GBB pistol replicas.


We have resupplied such products as King Arms VSS Vintorez or Amoeba AM-003.



Esstac Kywi SMG pouches @ Tactical Kit

Here is the latest stock news from Tactical Kit:

unnamed (6)

(Tactical Kit)

0241Tactical PenCott balaclavas

0241Tactical have sent over details of their PenCott balaclavas:

0241Tactical’s PenCott Balaclava’s are made with official PenCott material that expose only part of the wearer’s face but leave enough room for glasses, sunglasses or eye protection to comfortably be worn while using the Balacava. Provide your head complete protection and concealment our Balaclavas which can be rolled into a hat to cover the crown of the head or folded down as a collar around the neck. Available in PenCott GreenZone, BadLands, and SnowDrift!


Available now at or visit our eBay store at


Milsim West

Echo1 are championing Milsim West:

Milsim West is taking the USA by storm! First on the West Coast but not planning a huge OP in the East! Check out the Last OP Road to Rostov from the perspective of Brian from Echo1USA!

unnamed (5)

Check out the montage video here:

These events use Airsoft and Blank Firing Rifles for the added realism!

More info with pictures and videos on the blog here.


Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: April 29, 2015

  • Logun Solo .22 Long Range Shooting
    Long range shots with an 11.4 ft lb Logun Solo air rifle. Myself and my friend Al took turns calling/spotting targets operating the camera and firing. The weapon is .22 calibre, I used Air Arms Diablo Field pellets. Ranges of targets filmed varies from 35 to 100 metres. The targets are day-glow orange and measure 3.5 inches across at the widest part, and are each 5 inches tall. Shots were taken from a rested position. My scope is a fixed zoom 4 X 40 PA wide angle with a duplex cross-hair.

    NOTE: I own the commercial and non commercial use rights to the music. Music by Johobo2 on Newgrounds.

  • GHK keymod
  • GHK KeyMod install
    GHK keymod 安裝簡易 且裝上後不晃動

    GHK Keymod MOD1, MOD2, 8" inner barrel released today.
    CNC processed Keymod, with anodized surface treatment.
    Contact distributors if you have any inquiry.

  • 1Up Box Unboxing April 2015
    crazyncman airsoft review videos.

    crazyncman airsoft on Facebook.

    crazyncman airsoft website and store.

    community airsoft funding.

  • Bingo Airsoftworks Prototype Airsoft Gun @ GI Tactical Virginia
    The MASTER of custom direct-air guns has his own prototype gun that is about to burst onto the airsoft scene. Lots of love and hate, but people have hardly seen it or know the details…until now! Thumpy goes hands on and one-on-one with Rudy from Bingo, who explains what his new baby is, and what is its NOT!

    Get Details at BINGO AIRSOFTWORKS on the web:

    Follow Thumpy’s Airsoft News and Comment:

    Thumpy’s 3D House of Airsoft on SCOOP.IT:

    Thumpy on INSTAGRAM:

  • Live Show w/ KRYTAC Tim – Airsoft GI
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  • Battery Free LED Flashlight Driver – SJR Looper V4
    I have made some more progress with the SJR L circuit. I have some more pot cores coming to test different sizes and materials. I think I need to go back and test using the copper foil within the coil instead of the air capacitor. Those of you who have followed this project will know what I am talking about.
    Schematic coming soon at:
    Ready made prototypes at Tesla Maker:
  • El airsoft de ICS en Discovery Channel
  • RedWolf Tim Interviews Russo – RedWolf Airsoft RWTV
    Russo always has a huge part to play at AMS events and RedWolf Tim was happy to hear that Russo had time for a quick interview.
  • AirSplat at Lion Claws Op: Lighting Strike – MilSim Gameplay Airsoft Footage
    AirSplat sent RJ & Airsoft Simulations out to Lion Claws OP: Lighting Strike IV in Williamsport, MD to represent AirSplat the entire weekend! They did a fantastic job with their AirSplat booth setup and got lots of gameplay footage with the new ARES Amoeba 013 Honey Badger & AirSplat Signature Custom PolarStar MP7 we sent out to them. There were over 250+ players in attendance!

    AirSplat donated over $780+ in raffle prizes and goodies to the event, including a WE G-Force 19 Gas Blowback Pistol STG, Flyye LB Chest Rig Khaki, and Flyye Battle Belt 2 Khaki. Hope everyone had a great time out there at this event and another shoutout to RJ and his team for great AirSplat representation and media coverage! Visit our Facebook Album for more pictures from the event.

    AirSplat @ Lion Claws OP: Lightning Strike in Williamsport, MD

    Posted by AirSplat on Monday, 20 April 2015

    For more information on past events visit our events page at:

  • Tac City 3 Gun Competition
    Come on down and check out Tac City airsoft 3 gun competition on 5/2/2015 8:00 AM at Tac City Fullerton.
  • Ares Breath and EFFIN-A Comps on Full Auto!
    Footage from SHRTW in NH of the ARES BREATH and EFFIN-A Comps on Full Auto!
  • Project Mjolnir KC-02 Beginning Phase (HD)
    Big thanks to GBBC:
    Grabbed kit from:
    Hopefully this project works out!
  • G&G Armament CM16 SR XL (日本語)
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    For more information, please visit our website

    VISIT for more information on Drop Wing mount and light compatibility.
  • GI Tactical Virginia 2nd Anniversary with Thumpy
    Thumpy and the gang headed north to the big GI Tactical Virginia 2nd Anniversary Bash April 25. We spent some time talking with the staff of the store about what’s on tap for 2015, how they are helping to spread the safety message, and grow the community, teams and fields.

    To see more of the GI Tactical coverage:

    Thumpy’s Airsoft News and Comment on

    Thumpy’s 3D House of Airsoft SCOOP.IT News:

    Thumpy on INSTAGRAM!:

    Thumpy on Facebook:

  • Apple Shot Off Volunteer’s Head with Sniper Rifle – ASG M40A3 – William Tell – Airsoft GI
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    Check out the ASG M40A3:

    The legend of William Tell is well known for shooting an apple of the head of a volunteer with a bow and arrow. We attempt to replicate this with an airsoft sniper rifle! Can we shoot an apple off of Marcus’ head from 100 ft? How about 150ft? Or even 200ft? Be sure to check out the ASG M40A3, a VERY accurate airsoft sniper rifle.

    Please Note: Do not attempt this any anyway whatsoever. This video was conducted by trained professionals.

  • TacDaddy Talks Outbreak Shootout 2015 with TGL
    TacDaddy Talks Outbreak Shootout 2015 with TGL

    Description update coming soon.

    Copyright© Shwell11 and Angry Baby Productions

  • Tac City Airsoft 3-Gun Shootout II Competition Teaser – AirSplat Sponsored Event
    Tac City Airsoft 3-Gun Shootout II Competition Teaser – AirSplat Sponsored Event
    Tac City Airsoft is having their second 3-Gun Shootout Competition in Fullerton, CA! Spectators are welcome to attend and cheer for their favorite players! Join us on May 2nd from 9am-3pm.

    Tac City South
    2430 Artesia Ave
    Fullerton, CA 92833
    (657) 888-6111

PSO1 scope mount extender

LCT Airsoft have a new PS01 scope mount extender:


(LCT Airsoft)

New stock at Airsoft GI

Airsoft GI have some new items in stock:

Recently we have acquired a plethora of New Products….. but specifically for real firearms! Airsoft GI now carries rail systems, accessories, and more for real firearm shooters. More custom rifles have been added on with real firearm components. Perfect training rifle in the comfort and safety of your own home. Additionally, on select Echo 1 Platinum M4 airsoft guns, a LiPo and Charger are included for FREE! Limited time only. Be sure to visit the new products page for details.


(Airsoft GI)

Airsoftdb – Product search for airsoft products from shops

Daniel from Airsoftdb has sent over details of a new search site for airsoft products:


Hi Arnies Airsoft!

The new website Airsoftdb ( is a search engine to find airsoft products from your local shop and stores worldwide.

The system automatically detects your location and tailors its search results to show products from shops which are most local to you, by country (or by state if in the U.S.).

The website is in early beta preview version and new shops and functions (and improvements) are added continuously.

We think it’s better to let airsofters try the services the website provides during development than release it later with more functionality since we think it will help a lot of airsofters to find airsoft related products with the current functionality.

The website is a hobby project by people mainly from the Swedish airsoft website We are working on this during our spare time.

We hope that the global airsoft community and the airsoft industry like this website and its services.

Best Regards, Daniel



New Echo1USA polymer XCR

Echo1’s polymer XCR is available for purchase now:

The new Echo1USA Polymer XCR is in stock and ready for any sort of CQB gaming!

XCR Pistol in Black

XCR Pistol in Tan

350 fps out of the box with an 8mm bearing gearbox for 20~ bps with a lipo and it is lipo ready!

unnamed (3)unnamed (4)


PTS Syndicate – Polymer Carry Handle – Compact [PCH-C]

FPG Handle_01_V2 The PTS Polymer Carry Handle – Compact (PCH-C) is a great attachment to any small compact gun, especially with guns like the PTS FPG and the PTS PDR-C/D. The handle not only provides great portability for the gun, it also has built-in sights for quicker target acquisition. The overextended top on the PCH-C adds distance between the front and rear sights for better aiming accuracy. In addition, the front overextension allows other attachments, such as a weaponlight, to complement the handle. The product is made out of very lightweight high strength polymer thus justifying its great portability.  It can be easily installed and detached by simply lifting the two hooks and sliding it off or onto the receiver rail.


•Color – Black

•Material – Dupont™ Zytel High Performance Reinforced Polymer

•Dimension – 198 x 525 x 23mm (approx.)

•Weight – 82g (approx.)

•Compatibility – FPG, PDR-C (AEG), PDR-D (GBB), AR15/M4, MP7, Kriss Vector

FPG Handle_07

PTS Syndicate – Enhanced Pistol Shockplate – G

TM-G_Shockplate_06 The PTS Enhanced Pistol Shockplate – G for Tokyo Marui airsoft pistols are specifically designed to reduce shock to the magazine if dropped thus prolonging the life of the magazine. The overmolded design made from DuPont™ Zytel® Polymer and TPU Rubber equates to a solid product.

The angled face of the shockplate aids the shooter in stabilizing their pistol level to the horizontal to shoot with greater accuracy from a fixed platform. The face of the shockplate also incorporates a recessed dot matrix so magazines can be marked accordingly if need be.


•    Color – Black

•    Material – DuPont™ Zytel® Polymer and TPU Rubber

•    Dimension – 30 x 40 x 11 mm (approx. without packaging)

•    Weight – 20g (approx.)

•    Compatibility – G17, G18C, G26, G26 Advance GBB Gun Magazines

•    Manufacturer – PTS

Specna Arms SAEC system cinematic trailer

Gunfire have shared a new video for the Specna Arms SAEC system:

Hi, Check your YT for the latest movie with new Specna Arms system – SAEC.


Viper Garrison packs @Military 1st

Military 1st have sent over details of the Viper Garrison packs they are stocking:

Viper Garrison Packs are available now at Military 1st.

Made of durable 600D Cordura, Viper Garrison Pack has 35L capacity, large main compartment, mesh vented back, adjustable padded shoulder straps & waist belt, Velcro ID panel, and MOLLE attachment points on front & sides. Complete with Viper patch, two MOLLE compatible V-Locks and single rotatable D-Lock.


Find details at

(Military 1st)

Firesupport ICS news – APE and HOG

Firesupport have some new items from ICS in stock:


saved_resource(1)NEW ICS HOG and APE – NOW in stock


APE features
Keymod rails
SP100 spring 320-340 fps
Ambi fireselector
QD barrel system
Split gearbox for easy spring change
EBB system
Ambi mag release
Ergonomic grip
Enlarged trigger guard
2 models, short and long
in 3 colours, Tan, Black and a black and Tan



HOG features
Keymod rails
SP100 spring 320-340 fps
Quick detach rail
CNC appearance receiver.
EBB system
Interchangeable uppers with Transform 4
Battery in stock tube
MTR Stock system
Split gearbox for easy spring change
New flashhider design
Flip up sights
Enlarged trigger guard
Ambi mag release
Ergonomic grip
Enlarged trigger grip
Sling mount
About 320-340 fps
2 models, short and long
in 2 colours, Tan and Black


Available Now at Firesupport

see and

Videos available




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