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Hakkotsu grenades at ACM Gear

ACM Gear are now stocking Hakkotsu grenades:

Hello, Here are some ACMgear new products, we are stocking all the hakkotsu grenades:


Don’t Forget to visit our Facebook ( ) page and leave your feedback on our wall, discussions page or our review page. All comments are welcome as without them, we cannot improve our shop.

(ACM Gear)

OnTopAirsoft update 30/4/2012

Here is the latest stock update from

GP2000 Motor Short Type
Description: ‘Commander’ GP2000 high speed motor for AK AEG


GP2000 Motor Long Type
Description: ‘Commander’ GP2000 high speed motor for M4 AEG


Dual pressure pad cutouts for light/laser pressure pads 
Quick-deploying spring loaded mechanism provides a very stable bipod with a wide stance.


Element Stainless Cylinder Type A
Description:Suitable for Barrel Length : 451mm ~ 550mm.Construct by stainless steel for reduced friction & low abrasion.


Element Stainless Cylinder Type C
Stainless Cylinder TYPE C
– For Barrel Length : 301 ~ 400 mm


More items ,please check in


Invader Mag from DyTac

DyTac have sent over details of their latest new products:

Dear Sir, We are gladly to introduce our latest products – Invader Mag


Suitable for ALL profile AEGs


Compact Size for easy drawing with double magazine pouch


  • DY-MAG02-BK   120rd Invader Mag for M4 AEG (Black)
  • DY-MAG02-DE   120rd Invader Mag for M4 AEG (Dark Earth)
  • DY-MAG02-FG   120rd Invader Mag for M4 AEG (Foliage Green)
  • DY-MAG02-OD  120rd Invader Mag for M4 AEG (Olive Drab)
  • DY-MAG02V-BK   120rd Invader Mag for M4 AEG 5pcs Value Pack (Black)
  • DY-MAG02V-DE   120rd Invader Mag for M4 AEG 5pcs Value Pack (Dark Earth)
  • DY-MAG02V-FG   120rd Invader Mag for M4 AEG 5pcs Value Pack (Foliage Green)
  • DY-MAG02V-OD  120rd Invader Mag for M4 AEG 5pcs Value Pack (Olive Drab)
  • DY-MAG02X-BK   120rd Invader Mag for M4 AEG 10pcs Value Pack (Black)
  • DY-MAG02X-DE   120rd Invader Mag for M4 AEG 10pcs Value Pack (Dark Earth)
  • DY-MAG02X-FG   120rd Invader Mag for M4 AEG 10pcs Value Pack (Foliage Green)
  • DY-MAG02X-OD  120rd Invader Mag for M4 AEG 10pcs Value Pack (Olive Drab)

Water Transfer Version


  • DY-WT21-AT   Water Transfer 120rd Invader Mag for AEG M4 (A-Tacs)
  • DY-WT21-MC  Water Transfer 120rd Invader Mag for AEG M4 (Multicam)
  • DY-WT21-ACU  Water Transfer 120rd Invader Mag for AEG M4 (ACU)
  • DY-WT21-WD  Water Transfer 120rd Invader Mag for AEG M4 (Digital Woodland)
  • DY-WT21-DD  Water Transfer 120rd Invader Mag for AEG M4 (Digital Desert)
  • DY-WT21V-AT   Water Transfer 120rd Invader Mag for AEG M4 5 pcs Value Pack (A-Tacs)
  • DY-WT21V-MC  Water Transfer 120rd Invader Mag for AEG M4 5 pcs Value Pack (Multicam)
  • DY-WT21V-ACU  Water Transfer 120rd Invader Mag for AEG M4 5 pcs Value Pack (ACU)
  • DY-WT21V-WD  Water Transfer 120rd Invader Mag for AEG M4 5 pcs Value Pack (Digital Woodland)
  • DY-WT21V-DD  Water Transfer 120rd Invader Mag for AEG M4 5 pcs Value Pack (Digital Desert)
  • DY-WT21X-AT   Water Transfer 120rd Invader Mag for AEG M4 10 pcs Value Pack (A-Tacs)
  • DY-WT21X-MC  Water Transfer 120rd Invader Mag for AEG M4 10 pcs Value Pack (Multicam)
  • DY-WT21X-ACU  Water Transfer 120rd Invader Mag for AEG M4 10 pcs Value Pack (ACU)
  • DY-WT21X-WD  Water Transfer 120rd Invader Mag for AEG M4 10 pcs Value Pack (Digital Woodland)
  • DY-WT21X-DD  Water Transfer 120rd Invader Mag for AEG M4 10 pcs Value Pack (Digital Desert)


RA-Tech a+ rubber test

Here is the latest new video from RA-Tech:


New SocomGear sidearms at Gunfire

Gunfire have sent over details of the new SocomGear products they are stocking:

New Socom Gear sidearms in Gunfire!
We introduced to offer many Socom Gear pistols, including new SG product – Timberwolf.
Price: 147,90 €

Price: 147,90 €

Price: 147,90 €

Price: 123,21 €

Price: 123,21 €

Price 145,43 €

Price: 147,90 €



DG SA58 drop in kit for CA SA58 series @TNK Guns

Daytona GBB have sent over details of the CA SA58 series drop in kit being stocked by TNK Guns:

Please check the website for update info.

DG Drop in kit for CA SA58 / O.S.W

imageModel: For Classic Army CA SA58 series
Internal Build Material: Steel, Aluminium and brass
Magazine: Uses AEG magazines
Shooting Modes: Semi and full-auto
Hop-up: Adjustable via set screw; above the chamber
Power Source : External
Use with standard AEG inner barrels with DG hopup rubber


When you pull the charging handle, the bolt can be locked, but it cannot be locked at the last round.
Pull the release button then the bolt can be released, same as Classic army original design.


Steel bolt blued anodize


This drop in kit with simple modifications, drilling the hopup hole at the top cover and also modify as below.


The selector need to modify as picture shown, the "A" position is SEMI, the position near the
trigger is full auto. The "1" position is ignored.
The pistol grip bottom plate need to drill 2 holes, 1 for locking the grip and other 1 to let the tube out.

Steel trigger group parts with aluminium trigger frame.


Easy and fast assembly / disassembly


Working pressure: 115-120psi
Round per second: 12-13rps
Power output: 1.3 to 1.4j with CA 0.2g BB
Inner barrel: CA 6.04mm high Precision inner barrel
Hopup: Adjustable hopup

Drop in kit price: US$399/set + paypal fee (free shipping in promotion period until 15-5-2012)
Stock: made-to-order, (delivery time within 4 weeks or less)
Payment: By paypal when the kit is ready to ship out.

(Daytona GBB)

SideStrafe: British FV721 Fox armoured vehicle in action

Here is the latest SideStrafe video:

Hey guys, The latest video from the SideStrafe channel featuring a fully functional British FV721 Fox armored vehicle in action! 


This is my Rifle – new section on Strike-Hold!

Strike-Hold! have launched a new reader submission section – ‘This is my rifle’:

We’re launching a new section on Strike-Hold! called “This Is My Rifle”.  The name is taken from the first line of The Rifleman’s Creed that we posted yesterday and the purpose of it is to showcase specially tailored, modified, or customized airsoft and real-steel weapons created by us – and by our readers.

Submissions must be your own work, or work done on your behalf, and you must hold the copyright on any submitted photos (or have the permission of the photographer).  To be suitable for inclusion, the project needs to be special in some way that makes it unique and newsworthy.  In other words, simple sticking a red dot sight and a vertical foregrip on a standard M4 isn’t going to pass muster. ;-)

So, if you’ve got something that you’d like to share, send us an email outlining your project along with some good quality photos to: CONTACT.STRIKEHOLD@GMAIL.COM.

To kick things off, we’re going to look at a special urban / CQB tailored version of a Classic Army CA53A3 built by our founder, Lawrence “Maple-Leaf” Holsworth, a few years ago in the UK.


Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: April 29, 2012

  • Echo 1 Tour ASB Jax Florida.mp4
    Echo 1 USA Tour Stop Number 1 in Florida… Airsoft-Barracks in Jacksonville Florida.. Echo 1 handing out free Swag, as well as raffling off 2 AEG’s, one Custom Built by Brian Holt. This is the first of many Stops in Florida, so go check out their FB pages and let them know what you wanna ssee here in Florida..

    They were looking for Gators today, I wonder if they found any?!/airsoftbarracks!/echo1usa!/BRIANoECHO1

    Also, check out Echo 1 USA’s Tech Support Channel for in depth Vids on the mods and Repairs Brian Holt and the gang see daily.

    Don’t Forget to tell’sm Shwell sent ya.

  • Battalion Airsoft Arena Grand opening Jax Fl .mp4
    The Official Grand Opening of Battalion Airsoft arena in Jacksonville Florida.. Very good turnout and support from the Florida airaoft Community.

    With Teams like:
    ASB eVo

    And many more

    We had Airsoft Barracks, PALCO, and Jag Precision in the house. Along with myself and Jonathan Higgs from Airsoftology..

    Please enjoy the Pics and short Video I shot while there.

  • Tom Sullivan Pole Vaults 15 feet at the LeFebvre Relays
    Tom Sullivan of Galena High School in Reno pole vaults 15 feet at the 74th Annual Placer High School Le Febvre Relays, which were sponsored in part by the Auburn Medical Group, on April 27, 2012. This was Tom’s personal record. This video shows the jump three times. The first is normal speed. The second is slow motion. The third is super slow motion of just the jump.
  • ra tech a+ rubber test
  • Echo42Video – Airsoft In The United Kingdom (UK)
    SkirmishHD have had to change their name for legal reasons. Our new channel is called Echo42Video and can be found here. We also have a new facebook page that can be found here. We would appreciate it if you could re-subscribe to our new channel and like our new page. We will being you more videos soon.
  • CrazyNCman fights the Tominator at SS Airsoft – Pyramyd Airsoft Blog –
    I figured it’s about time to explain myself and the situation that occurred during my visit to the INCREDIBLE SS Airsoft CQB Facility in Atlanta, Georgia. CrazyNCman & I got into a fight. He’s actually a pretty cool dude until you make jokes about his son. I opted to include a few of the photos that Andy Green from Elite Force decided to take instead of backing me up.

    Go say "hi" to SS Airsoft on Facebook & tell ’em Pyramyd Air sent you:

    Go say "first" on CrazyNCman’s page & tell him the Tominator sends his love.

  • WELL G55 Gas BlowBack Airsoft Gun Review
    Today we bring you the video review of the WELL G55/MP5K GBB Airsoft Gun; this is a very cool little GBBR that is blasting at a rate of fire of 25 RPS. If you are looking for an affordable CQB or secondary weapon, the G55 is certainly a cool choice (just don’t expect too much of it)! Buy it here:
  • Airsoft GI – Bob’s BB-Gasm All Over Tim’s Mini Gun & Magpul AKM (Too Hot for TV) Commercial
    The too hot for TV versions of the Airsoft GI Savings Trifecta Commercial
  • EvikeTV- A beard can save your life on the battlefield or so they say…
    Find the article here:

    "The time has come for the Armed Forces to accept the facts, and the facts are that beards save lives. All this time it was speculated that Green Berets were better because of their superior and intensive training while in fact, most of it had to do with beards."

  • intro.mpg
    Intro to
  • Skirmish Report – Javelin M4 CQB Breakage!
    This is an update on the Javelin M4 CQB that has been in the Skirmish Report. If you would like to see more on this gun or the others in the Skirmish Report please visit
  • Airsoft War Echo1 XCR, Tokyo Marui Scar, M4, G36c Section8 Scotland HD
    Im on FaceBook At
    Main Channel
    Alternative Channel

    Many of the players seen in this video are members of Legion-VIII-Airsoft-Team

    Section8’s Facebook page is at

    Filmed at Section8 Airsoft which is located near Glasgow in central Scotland, if you wish to play here the game dates and directions etc are on the Section8 website at

    The players at Section8 arrange their games via a forum at the following link

    If you require Airsoft guns in the UK I advise you use

    For more information on playing Airsoft in the UK and elsewhere I recommend you use the forum on the following website
    You will need to set up a login to use the forums, its free.

    Filmed using a Canon D5 MKII Edited on a 27" Apple iMac using Apple iMovie

    Thanks to all the players and staff at Section8 Airsoft

  • AirSplat On Demand – MAGPUL Masada AKM Airsoft AEG Rifle Ep 99
    MAGPUL Masada AKM Airsoft AEG Rifle BLK
    MAGPUL Masada AKM Airsoft AEG Rifle DE
    On this episode of AirSplat On Demand, Jake and Kristen review the MAGPUL Masada AKM Airsoft AEG Rifle. The MAGPUL Masada AKM has a velocity of 350 FPS (0.2 g BB) and a range 150-170 ft. It has a magazine capacity of 160 rounds and features enhanced ver. III Metal Gearbox, DuPont reinforced polymer lower receiver and interchangeable Parts w/ PTS Masada. So take a look at another awesome review by Jake and Kristen as they field test, chrono, and give their individual reviews!
  • ◀ArmA 2 – DayZ Mod, First Impressions
    One of the most original and intense mods I’ve ever played! DayZ gives us a true survival horror experience using the ArmA 2 engine! Lets take a look!

    Get the DayZ mod!
    Also try Six Updater, a tool to help manage and install ArmA mods.

    Comment, like, and subscribe for more!

New UMG outer barrel extension

Todd has created a new UMG outer barrel extension which he is selling through his Shapeways shop The Plot Against The Giant:

Hi Arnie, One afternoon recently, I was trying to fit a 247mm tightbore to my G&G UMG.  Of course, it’s about 20mm to long for outer barrel.  I didn’t want to pay for the G&G proprietary silencer and I was having trouble finding the threaded outer barrel kit.  Both of them are rare, fairly pricey and add length and weight to what is–for me–mainly a CQB gun.  Enter the modern miracle of 3D printing.  I took some measurements, drew up a model, uploaded it to Shapeways and ordered one.  About a week later, it arrived.


Having received the prototype and fitted it, I thought I’d make it available for other UMG owners to buy.   You can order one from my Shapeways shop: starting from less than 10USD (price is material dependent).  I’ve made them available in a range of materials and colours, but I’ve only fitted the Black Strong and Flexible version, myself. 


As I explain in the model description, buyers will probably have to do a little work fitting it.

It shouldn’t cause any problems if you later decide you want to use the suppressor, but I haven’t tried one, yet.  Also, I think it may well fit the DE UMG. 

Cheers, Todd (The Plot Against The Giant)

Evike: Bad Blood 2012

Evike have sent over details of Bad Blood 2012:


We have officially secured the following sponsors for Bad Blood 2012:
1. Spartan Imports – Raffle & BB Sponsor
2. G&G Armament – Raffle & Promo Sponsor
3. KWA Performance Industries – Raffle & Promo Sponsor
4. Palco Sports – Raffle & Promo Sponsor
5. Condor Outdoor – Raffle & Promo Sponsor
6. Echo1 USA – Raffle & Promo Sponsor
7. ICS – Raffle & Promo Sponsor
8. Revision Eyewear – Raffle & Promo Sponsor
9. – Raffle & Promo Sponsor
10. G&P – Raffle Sponsor
11. WE USA- Raffle Sponsor

This East Coast Appreciation Event will be a HUGE success with tons of awesome prizes for everyone who will be attending! is also providing food & drinks for all 350+ players for the event, just another way to give back to our customers! If you were unable to attend due to how fast we sold out of spots, don’t worry! You will have the opportunity again next year! We are looking forward to coming out to New York to meet some of our awesome customers and spend a whole day Airsofting with you guys!

See you guys all on May 19, 2012!

Don’t forget to check out the weekly releases from EvikeTv!

The REAPS ME3 Hop Up Bucking is designed to "take your range to infinity," according to the manufacturer. It is an improved version of your AEG’s standard hop up bucking that increases the amount of surface area that comes into contact with the bb as it passes through. The purpose of this is to apply a more flat, even backspin on the bb, allowing it to fly significantly further and more accurately. The ME3 bucking is designed to fit Marui-style AEG’s and is recommended to be used with .36g bb’s and with an M130 spring.

(Evike) news from Angry Gun have some new information from Angry Gun and they’ve joined Facebook:

Excerpt: "From Angry Guns, a recoil improving system/ROF regulator for just every M4…"


We have a Facebook page now:


Airsoft Megastore exclusive M4 line ups

Airsoft Megastore have sent over some more information about their exclusive M4 range:

Since we’ve released our two exclusive M4 variant line ups, the Airsoft Megastore Armory (AMA) and SRC x Airsoft Megastore (AMS), we’ve been received a bunch of questions which we hope to clarify in this post.


First up is the AMA line up. This is our premium line of M4 variants which comes with upgrades right out of the box. Designed with ideas from our staff, we came up with 6 M4 variants including a lower price high quality ABS plastic variant. Most of them come in three different colors, black, tan, and foliage green. They are also priced competitively against high end brands like KWA without sacrificing performance and quality. The blow back function and factory upgrades provides a high degree of realism combined with superior accuracy, power, and range. We are so confident in these rifles that we are offering a 60-day product warranty on them. That’s unheard of! With all these features and upgrades right of the box, we are providing you the best bang for your buck with no hassles.

Click here for all the AMA M4′s

Watch our video review on these AMA M4′s


Next up we have the SRC x AMS STRYKE line which is aimed specifically at the budget-minded and beginner’s market. They are designed with player feedback in mind, these Stryke AEG bundles include a battery and charger, something previously unheard of at a sub-$130 price, to provide airsofters with everything they need to start slinging BBs at the local airsoft field, right out of the box. Not to mention they are fully upgradeable as you grow as an airsofter. Don’t let the low price of these rifles scare you away though. They are factory-inspected and tested to ensure the highest quality possible. Performance-wise, Stryke AEGs are lightweight yet durable AEG models with high performance full metal gearboxes that are tuned to deliver 300-330 FPS performance, hence making them legal at both indoor and outdoor airsoft fields. They come in both black and tan.

Click here for all the SRC x AMS M4′s

Watch our video review on these SRC x AMS STRYKE M4′s:

Here at Airsoft Megastore, we strongly believe in providing the community with what they demand and by offering these two lines we are addressing the demand for high quality performance M4 for everyone without emptying pockets.

Like us on Facebook, Subscribe to our Youtube channel

(Airsoft Megastore)

King Arms Blaser R93 LRS1 review

Zach has sent over a video review of the King Arms Bloaer R93 LRS1:

I know that the blaser has been available in Europe for a while now, but it is fairly new to the states. I have a review up on it and I dive fully into the internals and its capability’s, unlike most info on it that is strictly esthetic. Thought it could be useful to readers.



Thanks, Zach / Newbie

Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: April 27, 2012

  • Airsoft GI – Daniel’s Corner – AEG Maintenance, Cleaning Your Inner Barrel
    In this week’s video, Daniel explains to everyone what a hop up is, how it works, and how to correctly clean the inner barrel of your AEG. Proper and regular maintenance can greatly increase the lifespan and performance of your airsoft gun.

    Special thanks to CatchYourFall for letting us use their song "Together" in our video. Check them out at:

    Airsoftrx is ready to roll come on over and sign up for a free account! Also follow us here on youtube and facebook!
  • WE vs GHK PDWs Comparison (HD) – RWTV
    We’ve had a lot of enquiries from you guys about the differences between WE & GHK PDW. Let’s us show you and which one will you prefer?

    Products Link:

  • 中華カート式AK47
  • How to Assemble an AR-15 Lower Receiver
    Jeremy from Ares Armor goes over how to assemble an AR-15 Lower Receiver.
    Visit to learn how you can make an UNREGISTERED / UNSERIALIZED AR-15 while remaining in FULL compliance with ALL local, State and Federal Law.
  • Airsoft Matrix Full Metal M4 Zombie Killer Custom Airsoft AEG Rifle
    You can find the rifle here:

    Matrix Custom Full Metal M4 Zombie Killer Custom Airsoft AEG Rifle
    The Zombie Killer Custom is a M4 Carbine decked out to impress. It is equipped out of the box with a "V-Type" special upper receiver, free float rail interface system, CQB-R one-piece outer barrel, 5-position retractable battery crane stock, ergonomic battle grip, flip-up front and rear sights, 300 round high-cap magazine, reinforced 8mm gearbox, QD sling mounts, high torque motor, and authentic zombie killer laser markings. Looking for an exclusive item, an exclusive deal and an exclusive M4 Carbine? Look no further.

    Full metal unique V-Style reinforced metal receiver.
    Laser engraved Zombie Killer markings
    Full length railed upper receiver for optics
    Full metal free-float R.I.S. for tactical accessories
    Integrated Q.D. Sling mounting points (Sling Swivel not included)
    Front and Rear Adjustable Steel Battle Flip-up Sights
    Functioning Bolt Catch
    Reinforced 8mm Gearbox
    5 Position Retractable Battery storage Crane Stock
    Ergonomic Battle Motor Grip Installed
    300 round high-cap magazine included

    Length: 650mm-735mm (Adjustable)
    Weight: 2860g
    Inner Barrel: ~285mm
    Magazine Capacity: 300rd Hi-Capacity. Compatible with Matrix, G&G, Tokyo Marui and other similar M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG Magazines
    Muzzle Velocity: 350~390 FPS (Measured with 0.20g BBs)
    Range: 90~200 feet
    Thread Direction: 14mm Negative
    Gearbox: Ver 2 Reinforced 8mm gearbox. Full Metal, Fully Upgradeable
    Motor: Long Type. High Torque.
    Fire Modes: Semi/Full-Auto, Safety
    Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Manual
    Battery: 9.6v Small Butterfly Type recommended (Battery not included)
    Hopup: Yes, Adjustable

    Manufacturer: AEG (Asia) 6MMPROSHOP / Matrix (USA Distribution.)

  • WELL G55 Gas BlowBack Airsoft Gun Chrono/Shooting
    Today we have the performance test of the WELL G55 GBB Airsoft SMG. This little MP5K is really blasting ROF wise, and producing a solid FPS for what it is meant for. Accuracy wise, you’re getting what is expected; a little sporadic but capable of hitting an opponent. Buy it here:
  • Airsoft Review Of The JG PDW AEG
    The JG PDW is pretty much the same as the Bravo or Dboys. Not a bad gun for $150!

    Buy this gun.

    Need Ammo?

    Fan Page.


    Airsoft Questions?

  • Echo1 PKM Interview – Part II – The Irrelevant Questions – Pyramyd Airsoft Blog
    Echo1 Airsoft Guns:
    Pyramyd Airsoft Blog:
    Pyramyd Airsoft Facebook:
    Pyramyd Air Twitter:
    Echo1 Tech Support Channel:
    Echo1 PKM Interview – Part II: Tom asks the tough questions of Brian Holt that others are too afraid of. This video really has nothing to do with the Echo1 PKM. Fair warning.
  • Airsoft GI – Top Tech Challenge Compression Test with JG M4A1 Magic Box vs Systema/Modify Parts
    We’ve assigned two of our technicians the same exact gun and the same aftermarket upgrade spring and have told them to choose different compression components to see who can make the most power, who can be more consistent and to see if they can do it all in under an hour. Let’s see which tech has what it takes to be an Airsoft GI Top Tech!

    Magic Box:



    The music in this video is called Simmer Down by Magnum Opera. Show them some love at their Facebook Page Give:

  • Impressive Humans: Honest Ryan Courtright, Mechanic
    This isn’t about a business, it’s about a man. Even today you will find impressive people out there that will do the right things for the right reasons. They generally will make your life better too. Meet Ryan Courtright, the most honest auto mechanic I’ve come to know. Like many people who create something great, Ryan’s not motivated by making money at all costs. Instead Ryan sleeps good at night because he knows he’s honest and provides real service to help people. Having been pressured at a Honda dealership to compromise and sell uneeded services, Ryan was motivated to start his own business fixing cars. He put it all on the line and that’s what he did and it’s grown ever since. Here you will see an American small business done right, through hard work, guiding principles that deliver real value, and a venture that ends up employing other people in the process. Some businesses parade around with service oriented slogans and fill them to less than impressive levels, but not Courtright. He means it. I know this because I’ve been his customer for several years and have seen him do it with my vehicles (discussed). For sure they are other high integrity mechanics out there but this is the best I’ve seen. Take a few minutes to watch these videos I will do and you will be encouraged to know that there are still great people out there doing great things. They are impressive to me. You might be one of them too.///////////////////////// This is a TNP Human Interest piece but I do try to save my audience money whenever possible and I get Ryan to agree to even further discount at his shop by using code NUTNFANCY if you show up. Contact info: Courtright Automotive, 3310 South 500 East, South Salt Lake City, UT, 84106, Pohne 801-953-0146,
    The WE G39C. Is it skirmishable out of the box? In My opinion NO.
  • Tanaka SAA .45 COLT Bisley & Cavalery review by
    Tanaka SAA .45 COLT Bisley & Cavalery review by
  • Meet Arclight at RedWolf UK – RWTV
    Arclight is heading to RedWolf’s UK office and will be helping out our operations there. However, that doesn’t mean he is leaving for good and you can be sure he’ll be back on RedWolf TV in the near future. During his move, Tazz will continue to host RWTV and bring you the latest products and reviews. We hope you can give your support to Tazz!
  • "M1 Garand: Battlefield Warrior" Pt 2 by Nutnfancy
    PART 2 of 2: The M1 Garand appeared on the world stage at a critical crossroads in world history. If it had been a poor design, it was be nothing more than yet another forgettable footnote of World War II as the Allies stood against Axis aggression. But the Garand, a briliiant design of John G. which dominated the competition, was much more. It was easily the best and most influential battle rifle of the war. The Garand provided US forces with superior firepower, a quick reload, high accuracy, and durability under frozen, jungle, and even desert conditions. In TNP I set out to prove this all for myself and the crew in over five months of extensive and expensive testing of five M1 Garands, hailing from the WW II, Korean, and modern era production periouds. As a former drill rifle to me, I needed to gain expertise in the M1 system. It came readily. Not because I’m something special but because the Garand is easy to master and shoot well. The M1 1 MOA adjustable apertures sights are exceptional even today and we shot successfully to 400 yards on man sized targets with them. Don’t expect night capabilities however on the M1, it’s pure 1930s technology. Other ergonomic considerations such as reloading, sling and accessory considerations, stock fit, and safety actuation are discussed. The two stage trigger is not light but it is predictable and smooth, contributing to accuracy. Quality levels in most Garands is superb: each features a forged steel receiver which, when made today, will push prices to $1600 and above. The black walnut stock has character and is durable. It can absorb and hold Cosmoline/oil weight and retain it however, adding to the package. The weight on this .30-06 battle rifle made out of black walnut and steel is substantial: samples shown weigh from 9.5 to 10.5 pounds. Coupled with heavy ammo that weighs double that of an AR-15/M4 loadout, that’s a lot. But its round defeats many choices of cover that your opponent may stupidly rely upon as its power dominates the 7.62x39mm, 5.45mm, and 5.56mm caliber choices. Firepower is limited by modern standards but the eight round en bloc spring steel clips can remain loaded forever and recharging can be fast once practiced. Maintenance with the Garand is generally simple: ensure referenced components are greased/lubed and the op rod spring is sound and the M1 will run near 100% in all weather conditions. Though not a closed action design, I remain amazed at the ruggedness, durability, and resistence to wet weather the Garand action showed in my testing. Accuracy is excellent , targets shown. With good lots of M2 152 gr ball, two Garands showed near MOA groups with iron sights, benchrested shooting at 100 yds. Practical accuracy on the 175 yard steel targets was outstanding. The test subjects are various grades of CMP rifles to include SPECIAL, CORRECT, and SERVICE Grades of Springfield Armory WW II and HRA 1950s rifles. These CMP rifles are available under wide qualification to civilians, shipped direct to your door for reasonable prices. CMP is my top recommended source for your for their value, high integrity documentation, and variety. Other sources exist but exercise care from non-vetted private sourcing. At the time of test and review, TNP purchased the SERVICE GRADE HRA for $625, an exceptional value. In 2012 Special Grades chambered in .308 became available (preferences discussed). The product improved M1 Garand, also known as the M14/M1A is a more capable platform in terms of optics mounting, firepower, and flash suppression but at its heart lies the rock solid Garand. But it’s much more expensive, does not have a forged receiver, and it lacks the history. If money is tight, the $600 Garand my top choice for major caliber battle rifle. POUs are discussed and Recreational use is a top choice. For more serious POUs, I would feel well armed with a Garand in many encounters. Therefore, after thousands of round fired through the M1s here, I answer the question definitively: the M1 Garand is still capable in a modern battle. Some compromises will be made in its choice but it can end the fight with authority just like it did in over three wars. Trusted by generations of American soldiers whose lives it saved, the M1 Garand’s design excellence stands the test of time even today. It is a rifle with history, with soul, and if you listen, each one of these rifles will tell a story…just like it does here. ///////////////////////////////Nutnfancy Likability Scales: 10 out of 10 for CMP SPECIAL Grade, 9 out of 10 for CMP CORRECT Grade (more expensive), 10 out of 10 for CMP SEVICE Grade at quality level shown.//////////////////////////Music licensed from TNPR Bryanisms
  • Airsoft Matrix Full Metal PDW Airsoft AEG Rifle
    You can find the rifle here:

    MATRIX AEG PDW Rapid Deployment Weapon Airsoft AEG Rifle

    This is the newest PDW Airsoft AEG on the market with the best internal and external finish you come to expect by AEG, a new division of JG’s high end line. The PDW is a very compact version of the M4 making it ideal for different tactical situations. The PDW combines the best features of various rifles and submachine guns to create an extraordinarily compact weapon system. This sturdy AEG features a familiar AR-inspired design, one-piece alloy free-floating rail and upper receiver, full metal folding stock, flip-up iron sights and dimpled metal barrel. This AEG is perfect for the contractor or PSD player since it was designed specifically with the confined space of a MOUT environment in mind.

    Specifications :

    Gearbox Type : Tokyo Marui Compatible Version 2 Gearbox
    Magazine: 110~120 round mid-cap magazine included. Use all M4 series Hi-cap magazine.
    Overall Length:438 / 669mm
    Hop Up: Adjustable
    Fire Mode: Semi / Full Auto
    Weight: 2590g
    Muzzle Velocity: 350~420 FPS
    Effective Range: 100 Feet
    Battery: PEQ Box Type (Battery not included)
    Package Includes : AEG, PEQ2 Box, RIS, Manual, Magazine, Cleaning Rod.
    Manufacturer: Matrix AEG

    Features :
    Full Metal Receiver.
    100% Compatible with VFC Version with more reliable / reinforced gearbox.
    Great compact for CQB situation.
    Folding Skeleton Stock.
    Rail Interface System.
    Adjustable Hopup.

    Disclaimer: The charging handle and bolt release is a non-functional / decorative designed for collectors and realism, and will break if you try to do it often, we do offer repair services for $35 a hour if you must show ten people how realistic your PDW is every day.

  • Airsoft Range Extended Adjustable Projection System (REAPS) Test
    The REAPS ME3 Hop Up Bucking is designed to "take your range to infinity," according to the manufacturer. It is an improved version of your AEG’s standard hop up bucking that increases the amount of surface area that comes into contact with the bb as it passes through. The purpose of this is to apply a more flat, even backspin on the bb, allowing it to fly significantly further and more accurately. The ME3 bucking is designed to fit Marui-style AEG’s and is recommended to be used with .36g bb’s and with an M130 spring.

    Manufacturer: A+ Studios
    Model: REAPS ME3 Bucking
    Color: Black
    Size: Fits Marui style AEG’s
    Package Includes: One bucking
    Increased contact area
    Improved range
    Improved accuracy

  • Airsoft GI – G700F Sniper Rifle Accuracy And 250 Feet Range Test
    The G700F is the latest addition to Airsoft GI’s line up of upgraded sniper rifles and it is sure to impress any player. Watch as Aaron and CJ take the G700F to the range to see what it can do! The test was done with Madbull .43 sniper BBs shooting approximately 400-420 FPS.

    The Music used in this video was donated by
    Conqueror, Consumer
    Song Name: With Regards
    Please visit their Facebook and show your support!

  • CQB CITY AIRSOFT ACTION April 15th 2012 (Polar Star Epic Nerf Kill USP45 G36 Shotgun)
    I was finally able to edit and upload this gameplay video after all the other project videos were completed. This day saw a lot of action between both camo and insurgents. As you can hear in this video someone brought out a Polar Star which sounded awesome while on the field. One player even challenged himself to get a nerf bow and arrow kill. Overall great day and I had a blast watching them duke it out.


    April 15, 2012

    Stockton, California


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